26 Nov 2014


                      SIX YEARS ON STILL GOING STRONG

John said,
It has been six years since i started my campaign against Ryanair who are Europe,s largest Low Cost airline.On 26th November 2008 my 18 year old daughter Sarah was terminated by a so called third party provider of cabin crew for Ryanair CREWLINK.
Crewlink and Workforce International in name at present are used to recruit young people all over Europe to become cabin crew at Ryanair.St James Management Services run by John Mudge was the no1 recruiter in the UK for Ryanair which closed down in 2013,not before making £millions with M2 Training through  Ryanair apprenticeship funding from the UK government.



Workforce International is run by the McCrudden family's company Dalmac,main street Rush in Ireland.Anne McCrudden is involved with Rush council and owns a STREET in Rush Ireland were she runs Fingal Language Institute,Dalmac and Workforce International.With £millions of profit coming from Ryanair each year through exploitation/termination of young cabin crew most being from Europe.

Crewlink is run by Judy Byrne and Frank Whelan in Bray Co Wicklow Ireland.These are the big hitters when it comes to the £millions of profit coming through Ryanair each year off the exploitation and Termination of thousands of young cabin crew.With a turnover of 50+£million in 2012 going up each year 30% guess whose lining their pocket ..


                                                 Scum bag David Bonderman


                                                   Scum bag Michael O'Leary

 I have had three major protests which where televised on national TV. These protests took place to highlight the abuse cabin crew are put through by Ryanair.The aim was to get a high profile on Google so that many young people wishing to become cabin crew would see how bad Ryanair are. JOB DONE...



                                                            RYANAIR'S AGM 2014


12 Nov 2014

Luggage theft from Ryanair's aircraft making €20,000 a month is kept quite...

Luggage theft from Ryanair's aircraft (Hold) making €20,000 a month  is kept quite...
Information received from Dublin is that Ryanair management could be involved or turning the other way  (not wanting bad publicity) as thousands of € worth of passengers goods are being stolen from their checked in luggage at Dublin airport. 

Dublin airport authority DAA are aware of the theft from Ryanair aircraft returning flights targeted from  Poland,Czech and Baltic Republic.

As you can see the photo below. Empty cigarettes and camera boxes from the belly (HOLD) of a Ryanair flight in Dublin airport.


30 Oct 2014

Ryanair.s €8.3m penalty for breaching French labour laws..Exploitation and social dumping by the world's best RYANAIR...Ryanair's Israeli-American boss David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary should be in JAIL.

Ryanair's £6.5m penalty for breaching French labour laws was paid to the French Government in May 2014.

Exploitation and social dumping by the world's best RYANAIR...

For many years now Ryanairdontcare Campaign have posted on this blog information that relates to Ryanair,s breaching of labour laws which relates to probationary cabin crew working at Ryanair.The lack of legal workers protection in Ireland  has helped Ryanair make £ millions each year with no legal threat whatsoever to Ryanair.

Ryanair use companies called Crewlink Ireland (owned by Ryanair) and Workforce International that deal with recruitment,contracts and TERMINATE of thousands of young cabin crew.

It has taken three years to fight this claim by the French,which is great news even though Air France had a massive interest.

Ryanair have said Taxes PAYE were paid to the Irish government even though these workers were working and living in France.The true about the Taxes PAYE which involves Ryanair,Irish Government and The Bank Of Ireland are much deeper.

The media have reported that taxation for crew is much cheaper in Ireland than other European countries were probationary Ryanair cabin crew are working which is simple not true.Probationary Ryanair cabin crew are paying up to 42% tax ( 'E' meaning emergency tax) from their salary each month which is millions of Euros in taxes paid each year,even though young probationary Ryanair cabin crew have filed tax forms with Crewlink and Workforce.Delays make profit.
Thousands of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair who's PAYE has been taken each month have also been held in a high interest Bank of Ireland account for an 11 month period earning Ryanair a mighty profit before handing it over to the Irish Tax Office which may not be an illegal practice but how much of the high Tax rate of 42% is kept by Ryanair ??? which is illegal...Tax levels for probationary Ryanair cabin crew in Ireland should be less that %20.
Ryanair continue to have a policy of ''recruitment for termination'' of young people wishing to become cabin crew which gains Ryanair bigger profits from Taxation of these new recruits.
The Irish government is fully aware of these issues stated above and turn a blind eye..
Every part of recruitment,employment and taxation of probationary Ryanair cabin crew is a SCAM with many young people having their lives damaged forever by Ryanair and the Irish governments continue to turn a blind eye.

Ryanair's Israeli-American boss David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary should be in JAIL.

Letters to the Irish Government two years ago below...   


 Ryanairdontcare Campaign  founder John Foley;s daughters wage slip.

A wage slip below from Crewlink  Limited which was liquidated.E rate of tax in taken because of the delay with Crewlink Ireland Limited.

Crewlink Ireland Limited is the new company dealing with thousands of new recruited probationary cabin crew at Ryanair..

It must be said Ryanair use so called third party agents who pay probationary cabin crew their salary,deduct taxes and continue to go into liquidation every few years. 



20 Oct 2014

AVIATION JOBS IRELAND RYANAIR CABIN CREW RECRUITMENT https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006370201858&fref=nf

We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign have spent a lot of time over the years tracking the Internet for sites which advertise Ryanair jobs.Priority being cabin crew jobs.All we have done is comment with a link to this blog so that young people wishing a career in aviation as cabin crew can see the other side of working with Ryanair.
You may not be aware but Ryanair tell lies through Crewlink Ireland Ltd on their recruitment days and this blog is a way in helping young recruits see the WHOLE picture.
Ryanair with help from Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac (which are both based in Ireland) place JOB adverts on 100,s of JOB sites which most being paid adverts.
A Facebook group called Aviation Jobs Ireland a few days ago posted JOB offers for Ryanair... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006370201858&fref=nf
My main comments attack Ryanair with no personal attack towards Aviation Jobs Ireland but as you can see the founder of this blog John Foley is attacked personally.This is nothing new to John as it has been going on for nearly 6 years now.
When it comes to speaking the truth about Ryanair cabin crew recruitment you will be attacked.....

Wording below is from https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006370201858&fref=nf
Inflight Crew Planner with RYANAIR. For more information see below

Corporate Ryanair.com/careers/vacancies

CareersWorking for RyanairPilot RecruitmentCabin Crew RecruitmentEngineering RecruitmentDigital and IT RecruitmentVacanciesAdministrationEngineeringInflightSales
  • John Foley Many place job adverts on their sites/blogs not knowing the true value of the job which is fine.Problem being when they know or suspect a job to be misleading then that is wrong...If Ryanair is run by gangters we must suspect, www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com to find out.

    ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com|By Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley....

  • Aviation Jobs Ireland Im sorry John but I dont want your negativity on my page. Also, you are using my posts as a way of promoting your website. I wll block you if this happens again.
  • John Foley Sorry Aviation jobs Ireland, with just under 500,000 visits to my blog,clearly not promoting here.But I must agree negativity may effect your job adverts,i hope.
  • Aviation Jobs Ireland Then John you can kiss my lovely ass. Michael O Leary, as controversial as he may be, supports 9500 jobs in Ireland and Europe and thousands more indirectly. Hes doing more for this country then you are.

    One more ridiculous comment from you and I will block you. #Troll
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  • John Foley Glad you quote 9,500 jobs..Let me inform you that a company Crewlink Ireland Ltd recruit and supply probationary cabin crew to Ryanair.This very same company have TERMINATED over 10,000 new recruited Ryanair probationary cabin crew all paying up to 3,000 euro to train.As well as making a high profit in training,P A Y E ,Hourly rate of pay most of these young TERMINATED probationary Ryanair cabin crew are left penniless.Michael O,Leary has made Ryanair Europe,s biggest terminator of crew all for personal profit and not something the Irish people should be proud of..As for blocking me you are not the first Ryanair friend or the last to remove Ryanairdontcare Campaign.Thanks for your comments.
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1 Oct 2014


Ryanair exploiters of young cabin crew are very busy recruiting for the next four weeks with the help of Crewlink and Dalmac.As you can see 43 recruitment days all over Europe for a FAKE job as cabin crew.With a large training fee plus a large TERMINATION rate of new recruits we can all see why Ryanair have 43 recruitment days in one month even though Easyjet have only One.
The peak season for Low Cost Airlines is over with the quite months approaching but still Ryanair increase recruitment days.Let us not forget a three month un-paid leave comes into effect soon for probational cabin crew but still Ryanair recruit high numbers.
Young people all over Europe need to understand that Ryanair are professionals when it comes to RECRUITMENT for the sole purpose of TERMINATION.

               ASK YOURSELF WHY


10:00Oct 3rd 14Lisbon, Portugal
10:00Oct 6th 14Bratislava, Slovakia
10:00Oct 7th 14Budapest, Hungary
10:00Oct 7th 14Bucharest, Romania
10:00Oct 10th 14Porto, Portugal
10:00Oct 17th 14Lisbon, Portugal
10:00Oct 24th 14Dublin, Ireland
10:00Oct 29th 14Prague, Czech Republic
10:00Oct 29th 14Warsaw, Poland
10:00Nov 5th 14Gdansk, Poland


City Date  
Bratislava 06/10/2014
Bucharest 07/10/2014
Naples 07/10/2014
Budapest 07/10/2014
Rome 09/10/2014
Porto 10/10/2014
Manchester 10/10/2014
London 10/10/2014
Szczecin 14/10/2014 
Milan Bergamo 14/10/2014
Bologna 14/10/2014
Bari 15/10/2014
Brno 16/10/2014
Catania 16/10/2014
Lisbon 17/10/2014
Genoa 21/10/2014
Pisa 21/10/2014
Cagliari 22/10/2014
Perugia 23/10/2014
Dublin 24/10/2014
Bristol 28/10/2014
Prague 29/10/2014
Thessaloniki 29/10/2014
Warsaw 29/10/2014
Athens 30/10/2014
Las Palmas 30/10/2014
Chania 31/10/2014
Glasgow 04/11/2014
Bournemouth 04/11/2014
Limassol 04/11/2014
Amsterdam 05/11/2014
Gdansk 05/11/2014

30 Sep 2014


Thursday 25th September 2014 was a special day for Ryanair's Michael O.Leary.
Not only was it the Ryanair Annual General Meeting, it was held for the first time in the NEW Ryanair head office in Swords Dublin.O'Leary was expecting a large turn out of shareholders when in reality only a small number arrived. The press like all Ryanair AGM's were plentiful.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley was outside from 8am till 12pm with his banners and mega phone to highlight the foul treatment of young probationary cabin crew by Ryanair (RECRUITMENT for TERMINATION)...
A six year campaign fighting Ryanair and their so called third party cabin crew recruiters Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac has had many protests with this AGM protest being the best.
As you will see from the videos below Ryanair tried their very best to stop this peaceful protest. An aggressive eight guard army put in place by Ryanair to intimidate and stop banners being placed outside the AGM which FAILED miserable  ''Michael''...
The police (Garda) were called by Ryanair at 8am one hour before the AGM started. The police informed Ryanair's junior management (Ryanair always send out to our protests)  that the protest could take place as it was on public land .Police did monitor this protest by driving past every 15 minutes till 10.30.
Ryanair junior management spoke to me and informed me that I was expected (It was posted on this blog beforehand ) and Ryanair checked shareholder listings to see if John Foley is a shareholder or sent any form of proxy...
The protest was a complete success with a journalist from The Times twitting on her arrival
 Deirdre Hipwell@DeirdreHipwell Sep 25
Arrived at Ryanair HQ in Dublin for AGM &sole man standing outside with sign reading "Europe's worst employer in Europe boycott Ryanair now.

We can confirm 13,000 views on twitter to this protest in three days which was amazing.

Time for a total boycott of Ryanair (Senior Management) who are a bunch of gangsters with priority
being the exploitation of young cabin crew...

                                Outside main entrance to Ryanair Head Office.

                                Banner Outside main entrance to Ryanair Head Office.
                                Outside main entrance to Ryanair Head Office.
                                                        Police Arrive

  Four of the eight guards Outside main entrance to Ryanair Head Office.

   Four of the eight guards Outside main entrance to Ryanair Head Office.

 Four guards/Junior Ryanair Manager Outside main entrance to Ryanair Head Office on my arrival