21 Jun 2016


Ryanair's CEO Bilderberger Michael O'Leary as you may be aware started the referendum Vote campaign off and to stay in the European Union with the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne as priority.Painting the Ryanair aircraft and Michael O'Leary talking about the loss of job's which is a total lie. Michael O'Leary a few years ago,through shell companies Ryanair set up, St James Management and Crewlink who scammed money from skills funding agency who receive funds of 3 £billion from the EU yearly. Ryanair set up fake cabin crew apprenticeships which was easy money for Ryanair.St James Management recruited these young people through M2 Training with a fake apprenticeship promise which involved £10 million over a period of time.You can look at a blog post below regarding this full story which has never been fully investigated..The public of the UK must make their own minds up either to stay in the European Union or leave and do not listen to Ryanair's Michael O'Leary whos only interest is to continue to exploit cabin crew and pilots at Ryanair for profit..Look at the skills funding article here http://feweek.co.uk/2016/02/26/brexit-possibility-raises-skills-funding-questions/ THEN LOOK AT OUR BLOG POST BELOW WHICH EXPOSED THE RYANAIR APPRENTICESHIP SCAM... http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/ryanair-exploit-apprenticeshipcabin.html
John said, Michael O'leary is the same scum bag who wanted the family allowance given to parents scraped in Ireland.Michael O'leary is the same scum bag CEO who's company holds 80% of their cabin crew & pilots on Zero hour contracts through shell companies..Michael O'leary the same scum bag who hates unions..Unions not welcome at Ryanair so exploitation ofhis workforce can continue..A man not to be trusted...


Due to the fact that a four year ASBO has come to an end today.We can confirm direct action protests against Ryanair's cabin crew recruitment and exploitation practise,which continues at Ryanair,Direct action protests will continue to expose Ryanair's Recruitment for the sole purpose of Termination. Everton FC goalpost Ryanair protest man John Foley given four year anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) on 21st June 2012. Everton FC protest as Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary was in directors box.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign logo.
John's daughter Sarah who exposed the recruitment scam at Ryanair.
John said, It has been a long four years being on a anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) for protesting against Ryanair recruitment scam involving Cabin Crew at Ryanair. The photos below are the court paper that relates to the ASBO.... John Mudge who is listed in this ASBO order, set up a shell company for Ryanair called St James Management in Bishops Stortford to recruit young cabin crew then passing them on to Crewlink Ireland one more shell company set up by Ryanair.This company St James Management went into administration thanks to this campaign.John Mudge before going into administration connected with M2 Training to create a Ryanair cabin crew apprenticeship scam involving Skills Funding Agency which involved £millions..I can also confirm that M2 Training went into administration.You can see the full report below on the apprenticeship Ryanair cabin crew Scam below. http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/ryanair-exploit-apprenticeshipcabin.html ...........

6 Jun 2016


Former Ryanair Cabin Crew talking from the heart to help wannabe cabin crew stay clear of Ryanair/Crewlink/Dalmac.... Why I would have never joined RyanAir. . If I have known..I was thinking for a long time if I should write this or not. I always try to keep good relationships with ex employer because you never know when and if you will need him. I resigned from Ryanair more than a year ago, but memory of this work is harassing me still till today so finally I decided to write how was the work, maybe some of you will change mind before signing the contract. Conditions of work: 1. payment - you are paying for a course - 1750 auro for a course and 500 euro for reservation a place (????!!!!) = 2230 euro plus 700 euro for very low level Ryanair's accommodation in the most depressing place in the world Frankfurt Hahn (which shouldn't call Frankfurt since is about 120 km form it). You can find the accommodation by yourself which is not easy and also very expensive (although nothing to do with absurd 700 euro for sheared room). 2 salary - it depend of the country you will be based in and the hours of flights you are doing a month. There is no basic salary - you are not flying - you are not paid. The flying hour don't depend on you- you are getting your roster and you are flying how much do they schedule you, in my case the record was flying one day out of 5 (four days staying home on unpaid stdby ). You're taking in most of the bases around 14.30 euro for an hour of flight. This means you are payed ONLY for exact time in the air. Assisting passengers on board during boarding and disembarking (which is the hardest part of you work) you are doing volunteered for free. You are not paid also for before and after flight briefing (45 min before first flight this day you need to be ready in the crew room). Totality, if you make four flights a day (which is the most common amount of flights a day) you are staying in work for about 8 hours and you are payed for 4 of them which reduces your salary to about 7 euro for an hour. You are getting bonus for a sale on board - till now totally mysterious calculations for me, have to be 10% of each sold item on board for all crew. Crew is four on board which means you are getting about 2,5% of each item, which gives you in most of the bases not more than 150 euros a month. My middle salary was about 850 euro a month, 250 I was paying for accommodation. 3. uniform - great, blue, ultra sexy and always great fitted, immortal Ryanair uniform cost you for about 300 euros deducting from your salary 50 euros for few first months. Uniform is made from really cheap the worst quality textile and it is not your property although you payed really great money for it. After you resigned you need to give it back to your supervisor.  4. base- happy those which were lucky enough to get the base in their own country. You can not choose the base, they assign you one before joining course- although if there is a place in one of the bases in your country they will probably give you this one. Chance for transfer depends from your base and base you want to be transferred to. In UK great chance to get transfer to or from, the rest of the network rather small. 5. sales -don't be naive thinking that you will be performing cabin crew caring role. You will be just a waiter/ salesman in the air. Sales are first and the most important and your carrier in the company depends on them mainly. You will be very proud and happy to sell 0,5 l of water for outrageous 3 euros or great scratch card for charity (charity is getting all 10% from each sold scratch card!!! the rest 90% is going for your company). 6. labor union - although you will have many reasons to strike you will have no right to do that. Ryanair illegally forbids creating labor union which will supports your worker's rights.  7. Crewlink or Dalmac - your nightmares. These are companies which hire you and than they rent you for Ryanair. They are responsible for all the worst, your salary. For Rynair contract you have a chance only by becoming an adoc (cabin crew trained to become number one in the cabin). This can happen after min a year in the company (only in some bases in UK), in most of the bases you are waiting for this gratification years and you are never sure if and when you will get it.  8. sickness - never get sick. For any sickness you are payed. It means that you are staying in your base in your rented apartment and earning no money, literally 0 euro. If sickness occurred because of work - accident on board or in crew room, most likely they will pay you back working days you were out of roster but be prepared for a war - they will never want to pay you, you will have to present the tones of different papers and push them by calling on and on.  9. transportation from and to work - it is your problem. I was having no car so most of the times I was asking crew I was flying with to give me a ride. Sometimes it was not possible and I was taking a taxi. Although you will get not enough money to take cab everyday, sometimes I had to walk to the airport for about half an hour risking my life (there was no sidewalk). My base supervisor (lovely person) didn't like when the crew was walking to work. Two times I got grooming discrepancy for walking to the airport with flat shoes (you need to have at least 2 inch high shoes), my supervisor passed next to me driving to work and she didn't propose me a ride and than she punished me in the end.  10. people - except of grand stuff at the airport not possible to accept. Most of your colleagues will be great, to good, to much educated for this work, most of your superiors will be unacceptable. They will treat you like you are the United Airlines cabin crew in terms of expectations, in terms of your salary you would not reach even cleaner for United Airlines. They learnt to treat you like that, because they were treated like that when they were juniors cabin crew.  There are thousand of other reasons why I will never rejoin this terrible company but I see as well two advantages - probably because of my experience in Ryanair I got job in much better airlines and you will get really close with your colleagues since you all will be together in the same tragic situation.  If somebody is glorifying this company and work means or 1. that he was never working for anybody else and he has no imagination how the worker should be treat in civilized work by decent employer or 2. he just doesn't want to admit that he was to stupid and naive like me to be their slave for such long time and maybe he still is. I don't know what you have to do to be fired from this work. So maybe sometimes is just being to lazy and comfortable to not change it. This doesn't change the fact, that if you will join this company it will be most likely the worst and the most traumatic working experience in your life. Shame on you Ryanair 

3 Jun 2016


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been fighting Ryanair cabin crew recruitment for seven years now.We not only target Ryanair for protest but also one of their largest Shell companies, Crewlink Ireland which Ryanair set up. Crewlink Ireland recruit young people from all over Europe to work on board Ryanair with up to 60% of new recruits terminated under a 12 month period.This practice is called RECRUITMENT for TERMINATION which main goal is the per hour rate of pay Scam run by Ryanair. Every part of the recruitment/training and employment process is done to make huge profits at every part with no thought to the young lives of these young wannabe cabin crew. In the seven years of Ryanairdontcare Campaign's battle with Ryanair never have i been in contact with a lady so strong and committed in exposing Ryanair's exploitation of young cabin crew.Today the Daily Record newspaper printed some of her story. Even more amazing is Lauren Cusick from Uddingston,Scotland is only 19 years of age.................. Teenager shelled out nearly £2k on Ryanair hostess training course and ended up with nothing.. LAUREN Cusick, 19, said she was kicked off a Ryanair course two weeks before completion – after failing one test by a single percentage point.
A TEENAGE jobseeker and her family claim they were left nearly £2000 out of pocket after she tried to train as an air hostess. Lauren Cusick, 19, said she was kicked off a Ryanair course in Essex two weeks before completion – after failing one test by a single percentage point. By that time, she and her parents, Gary, 47, and Lee, 42, had shelled out for registration fees, flights from Scotland, accommodation and a uniform, all of which were non-refundable. Lauren, from Uddingston, near Glasgow, was delighted when she passed an online application and an interview for Ryanair cabin crew. Crewlink, official recruiters for the budget airline, then contacted her to complete the final stage of the recruitment process at Stansted airport. The six-week course started in January and Lauren was told she would be qualified to start working by March. She said: “It was my dream job, something I’d always wanted to do. But then it was made clear if I wanted it, I would have to pay for it and the bills started coming in.''I was desperate to have a career as an air stewardess so I agreed and paid my deposit, my flights and my rent up front''. “Then I was told I was out – and that was that. “I think it’s ridiculous how much people are being asked to pay and then are walking away with absolute nothing. “There were more than 20 people in my class. Only half passed.” If she had passed, Lauren would also have been liable to repay more than £1900 in training fees from her wages. The teenager claimed initially she was told she would have to cough up that amount despite not finishing the course. Lauren said: “The instructor announced in front of everyone that I’d failed. Then she took me aside and said my course fees would still be due although I hadn’t passed. “I was furious and rang the instructor’s boss, who agreed on this one occasion to let the payment go – but they kept my reservation fee.” Even though Crewlink’s website states that this fee includes a “medical examination”, Lauren said she had to shell out another £120 for an independent examination. She was also told that an additional fee would be deducted from her eventual wages to pay for her uniform. READ MORE: Jet tae! Scots holidaymakers fuming after drunk stag do revellers delay their plane in airport nightmare Lauren borrowed money from her parents as the costs started adding up, all the while believing that at the end of the six-week course she would be a fully qualified flight attendant earning around £1200 a month – before tax and any course fee and uniform deductions. She said: “I studied really hard. I wanted this job so much, I wanted to give it my all – and I really did. “Everything was going well and I was really looking forward to qualifying. “But then I was told I failed an exam by one per cent. I was so shocked because I’d done nothing but study. I’d passed every other one with 97 or 98 per cent. “I asked to see my paper and was told that wasn’t allowed. I asked to resit the test and was told it wasn’t allowed.” Lauren added: “I was willing to work hard and really wanted a career but it ended up costing thousands – and it didn’t just stop with the course fees. “I’d been told I’d be contracted from London for three years after the course. “I was a bit wary at first but on the first day the Crewlink instructor told us that the course had a 99 per cent pass rate. “So I paid my flight ticket and signed up for a room in a house recommended by Crewlink. “I paid my rent for six weeks plus a deposit and ended up sharing with nine people. I put up with it because I thought I was a step closer to my dream job. “Instead I ended up having to buy another flight back home.” When contacted by the Record, Ryanair said our inquiry was a “matter for Crewlink”. The recruitment company’s general manager Andrew Swan said yesterday: “Crewlink offer cabin crew training to the highest EU standards and if students cannot meet these standards, especially in the area of flight safety, then they cannot qualify as approved cabin crew personnel. “The claims made by this lady are false as she only paid Crewlink a 500 euro course registration fee. “No student is forced to make any payments, but those that complete the Crewlink course and qualify as cabin crew will pay a course fee of 2599 euros in eight subsequent monthly installments. “This case is no different to any other student who pays course fees to their university with no guarantee of a job at the end. “Ninety-five per cent of students who attend a training course with Crewlink go on to work as cabin crew.” Crewlink’s online advert makes no mention of any fees due. But elsewhere on their website it gives candidates two options on how to pay for training and states the registration fee is non-refundable. You can read the full article below... http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/teenager-shelled-out-nearly-2k-8104489#Vq8CwDCFvHi4zMpu.97 ........ John said,THANK YOU LAUREN...... Amazing young girl of 19 years of age took on Ryanair,exposed their sham training set up and got it published in the Scottish press. Lauren was not the only person on the training course that failed by 1% and most being from Eastern Europe with some only having little English,all allowed to retake the test but not Lauren.The test paper which Crewlink say Lauren failed by 1% has never been shown to Lauren even though her family have been asking for it for months now. Ryanair/Crewlink have a set up that works well in exploiting these young students.Recruitment for Termination is part of the set up and Ryanair/Crewlink only recruit as many as needed to cover their terminations.I believe Lauren was scammed at the training point of entry at Ryanair and she won't be alone.Most young people blame themselves for failing training or their cabin crew probationary period and do not see the Scam involving Ryanair/Crewlink,not this amazing young girl Lauren Cusick. Look at Sophie Growcoot from Liverpool who worked as cabin crew for the airline after she was employed by Crewlink in 2013 and her exploitation by Ryanair/Crewlink was exposed by MP Luciana Berger During a debate in the House of Commons in UK.
Full story here....http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2326003/Ryanair-air-hostess-blows-whistle-contract-staff-forced-months-unpaid-leave-buy-uniforms.html MANY YOUNG PEOPLE WISHING TO BECOME CABIN CREW WILL SEE LAUREN'S STORY WHICH IS A GREAT VICTORY FOR THE CUSICK FAMILY. Read a comment sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign from a present Ryanair/Crewlink cabin crew member here.................................... This is what a Ryanair/Crewlink cabin crew sent me...Good evening! I'd like to message you, as I am currently a Crewlink employee working for Ryanair and am COMPLETELY unhappy from day one of my training. I'm writing this using a different profile just incase I'm fired before I pursue action against them. I trained last year in appalling conditions. We spent 6 weeks in what can only be described as a modern day concentration camp! Through this time we were absolutely exhausted and weren't eating properly due to the lack of spare time and lack of funds (which we relied on family for as the company didn't care about us enough to find ANYTHING). We signed a contract after being given only 10 minutes to read through it, on the very last day of the training. After 6 weeks, I can tell you I was physically and emotionally exhausted, and after paying all the money is already paid, as well as the exhaustion, it was inevitable that I should sign the contract. We got to our base, and on the first day, had to have a tour of the base from base supervisors. These base supervisors, from the moment we met them outside the airport, were rude and in absolutely no way friendly towards us. This rudeness and very often ignorant attitude from them, has continued even up to this day. There are certain ones who, if you say hello in the crew room, they will ignore you as if you're not even there. We are paid only for flying hours, and nothing whilst on the ground. This means we can easily work a 12 hour day and be paid for just 7 hours work. There are home standby days, where we are paid absolutely nothing. And there are airport standby days, in which we are forced to sell bus tickets, tag bags to be offloaded etc. And are paid just 3.75 per hour (well below minimum wage). I am completely unhappy, but cannot resign until I have paid the money I owe to Crewlink for the training, and also the money I borrowed to make it possible to be employed by this company. I feel disrespected and feel that the work ethic of the company is totally immoral and wrong. Surely there are illegal things going on that can be stopped? Thank you for reading this, A concerned cabin crew member.

29 May 2016


Crewlink Ireland who are a Ryanair shell company used to recruit young people wanting to become cabin crew for Ryanair have canceled London 15/06/2016 and Manchester 17/06/2016 recruitment day's because of a low turn out last Friday in Manchester with Dalmac. A few weeks ago Ryanairdontcare Campaign where informed that our campaign in UK has effected this low recruitment turn out at Ryanair. We all must continue to share this blog on social media so that more young people stay clear of Ryanair.Recruitment for Termination at Ryanair must be investigated by all European Countries government that Ryanair fly too.. John said, This is great news and the fight against Ryanair continues...

24 May 2016


Ryanair's cabin crew recruitment for June 2016 in Europe from Crewlink Ireland a Ryanair shell company.As you can see from 39 recruitment days in JUNE only 3 are held in the UK..Ryanair's Michael O'Leary UK job creation is a Lie..Look at the Ryanair recruitment days here........ Bucharest 01/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Alghero 01/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Milan Bergamo 02/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Porto 06/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Rome 07/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Malta 07/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Palermo 08/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Glasgow 08/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Seville 08/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Pisa 08/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Valencia 08/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Malaga 09/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Naples 09/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Cagliari 09/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Bologna 10/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Dublin 10/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Timisoara 14/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Jerez de la Frontera 14/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Thessaloniki 15/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » London 15/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Sofia 15/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Genoa 16/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Athens 16/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Bari 16/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Madrid 16/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Barcelona 16/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Lisbon 17/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Manchester 17/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Catania 21/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Dublin 21/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Bratislava 22/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Budapest 22/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Milan Bergamo 23/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Cork 24/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Cluj Napoca 28/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Rome 28/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Seville 29/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Bucharest 30/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Naples 30/06/2016 Find out more and Apply Online » Malaga 01/07/2016 Find out more and Apply Online »


The three comments below can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/StrongerInCampaign The public's decision to Stay in European Union or Go out of the European Union must be made without the Lies coming from Ryanair's Michael O'Leary. Michael O'Leary a man not to be trusted when talking about job creation.Ryanair are Europe's kings of Zero Hour contracts and have the largest turnover of crew in Europe reason being the highest termination rate of new recruits all done for profit. When you look at cabin crew getting paid as low as €5 a hour with 4000+ cabin crew contracts given through Ryanair shell companies, Michael O'leary is not the right person to front this debate..US Billionaire David Bonderman TPG the real chief at Ryanair has wrecked the lives of thousands of young cabin crew through Recruitment for Termination. .www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com Staying in Europe or out, voters must not listen to Ryanair's CEO MICHAEL O'LEARY who is a compulsive lier. .The same CEO uses shell recruitment companies for cabin crew with over 10,000 terminated..Most recruited outside of UK with 80% of all cabin crew on zero hour probationary cabin crew contracts,all paying themselves up to €3000 to train as cabin crew at Ryanair..Staying in EU benefits Ryanair's exploitation of it's Workforce and keeps unions out..Voting in or out is your choice but don't take Michael O'Leary's word for it...www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT RYANAIR'S JOB CREATION... RYANAIR Exploit APPRENTICESHIP/Cabin Crew Training After RECEIVING £ MILLIONS from SKILLS FUNDING AGENCY.. http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/ryanair-exploit-apprenticeshipcabin.html Now listen to a Ryanair press conference when a journalist asks about the cabin crew contract.Crewlink who this journalist refers to is a SHELL company set up by Ryanair to exploit the cabin crew.The 80% of cabin crew working at Ryanair have a probationary zero hour contract through Crewlink. Go to 28.00 min of this recording below and listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5dLsPDe24Q

23 May 2016


CALLS FOR “REMAIN” VOTE ON 23RD JUNE TO ENCOURAGE FOREIGN INWARD INVESTMENT & JOB CREATION IN BRITAIN BY RYANAIR WHO TERMINATE MORE CABIN CREW IN EUROPE THAN ALL EUROPEAN LOW COST AIRLINES PUT TOGETHER... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTMxfAkxfQ0 min 35:45 of this movie NEW RYANAIR EUROPEAN TRAINING CENTRE IN LONDON STANSTED WILL BE USED TO TERMINATE EVEN MORE YOUNG CABIN CREW. Ryanair informed the UK Government last week that, 1,000 NEW JOBS (450 IN THE UK) WILL BE CREATED IN 2016 AS RYANAIR INVESTS MORE THAN $1.4BN IN ITS 13 UK BASES. What Ryanair fail to say is they will create Probationary cabin crew jobs through Shell companies in Ireland which will charge a high training fee,a higher termination rate and keep the per hour rate of pay Scam continuing.Ryanair are Europe's Zero Hour contract kings with Termination being their priority.The 1.4BN Investment in it's 13 UK bases Ryanair's Michael O'Leary is saying is not all it seems.All Ryanair do is it places their aircraft in a UK airport but do not spend any money,then they fool the public into believing this investment..Let us ask how many Ryanair cabin crew in UK have Real jobs with a Real contract? The answer will be less than 20%... Michael O'Leary never gets asked this..Listen below to him when he is asked about Ryanair cabin crew contracts .... http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/ryanairs-michael-oleary-not-happy.html