25 Mar 2015


The message of the video below is simple, confront the person or persons that abused you or your children.
Ryanair recruited and terminated my daughter when she was 18 years of age for profit in 2008 which started my campaign against Ryanair which has been running for over six years.
Next protest in Ireland will be the Ryanair AGM which is held at

The video above was taken today outside Wrexham Magistrates Court.Denis Jones was my foster parent and a social worker.Aideen Jones was my foster parent and former chief executive of Southdown Housing Association and awarded a OBE by the Queen after her arrest in 2013..



4 Mar 2015


The true SCAM involving the Ryanair on board charity scratch card which is making millions each month for senior members of management at Ryanair..
Ryanair have been selling this charity scratch card for 10 years with very little going to charity..
In 2013 with sales of €16.2 million at Ryanair only €55,000 was given to charity,with €20,000 going to Jack & Jill Foundation who by the look of their website http://www.jackandjill.ie/ do a great job provides direct funding to families of children with brain damage.Jack & Jill Foundation's CEO is a man called  Jonathon Irwin who is a former employee of RYANAIR. KEEPING it in the club then Mr O,Leary.....

You will see below the total amount of money given to charities and winners in 2013.. 
Charity Scratch Card winners...
1, 13th March 2013 car given out by Ryanair.
2, 17th May 2013 4 cars given out by Ryanair.
3, 25th June 2013 car given out by Ryanair.
4, 26th September 2013 4 cars given out by Ryanair.
5, 12th December 2013 3 cars given out by Ryanair.
Total number of cars won and given out as prizes in 2013 by Ryanair was 13.....At a car retail price (which Ryanair get at a wholesale price or free for advertising the cars) = €195,000....

Charity money given to charities from the Scratch Card.
Charity money given by Ryanair in 2013 to Charities from Charity Scratch Card...
1, 22nd May 2013 gave  €25,00 to Spanish Foundation "Pequeño Deseo" ("Small Wishes")
2, 3rd September 2013 gave €10,000 to Naomi House and Jacksplace.
3, 18th December 2013 gave  €20,000 to Jack & Jill Foundation.
Total amount given to charities in 2013 was €55,000.

€15+ million profit going in the pocket of senior Ryanair management in one year... TIME TO BOYCOTT THE RYANAIR SCRATCH CARD..

Reference.. http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/ryanair-scratch-card-charity-scam55000.html

 Pictured above February 2015 is crew member José Ferreira who is based in Dublin. After much deliberation, Jose convinced one of the passengers on board the flight traveling to Cologne to buy a scratchcard and she was the lucky winner of €1000!

You can see the fake smile by José compared to the lucky passenger.
PLEASE remember José was paid less than €10 for this 50 minute Cologne flight..

7 Feb 2015


 Ryanair over the last week have seen 1 billion wiped off their share price which is great news to probationary cabin crew who continue to be exploited by Mr O,Leary.
With Ryanair being the largest airline giving out ZERO hour contracts to young cabin crew, Ryanair.s Michael O'Leary is conning the PAYE of probationary cabin crew in a big way..
As you can see below, Ryanair pilot group sent a open letter to Ryanair,s CEO Michael O'Leary on 30th January 2015 regarding the Irish taxation with no mention of the conning of PAYE with probationary Ryanair cabin crew who in many cases are paid a low monthly salary of  below £600.

I understand that Ryanair pilots are exploited in a very big way by Ryanair with many in thousands of £ of dept which will take years to pay off.What the Ryanair pilot group continue to ignore is the foul treatment their cabin crew colleagues are going through and need their help.
New recruited cabin crew are paying up to 42% PAYE rate to the Irish government.

 Ryanair's CEO MichaelO'Leary and his boss David Bonderman for years have been exploiting young probationary cabin crew at Ryanair all for profit.
The media have reported that taxation for crew is much cheaper in Ireland than other European countries were probationary Ryanair cabin crew are working which is simple not true,probationary Ryanair cabin crew have paid up to 42% tax from their salary each month which is millions of Euros in taxes paid each year Thousands of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair who's PAYE has been taken each month has been held in a high interest Bank of Ireland account for an 11 month period earning Ryanair a mighty profit before handing it over to the Irish Tax Office which may not be an illegal practice but how much of the high Tax rate of 42% is kept by Ryanair ??? which is illegal...Tax levels for probationary Ryanair cabin crew in Ireland should be 20%..Ryanair and so call third parties Crewlink and Workforce continue to have a policy of ''recruitment for termination'' of young people wishing to become cabin crew which gains Ryanair bigger profits from Taxation of these new recruits.Probationary cabin crew are being charged the emergency Irish tax rate due to the deliberate misuse and loss of probationary cabin crews p45..
The Irish government is fully aware of these issues stated above and turn a blind eye..
Every part of recruitment,employment and taxation of probationary Ryanair cabin crew is a SCAM with many young people having their lives damaged forever by Ryanair and the Irish governments must act..

Look at the PAYE charges below from Probationary cabin crew at Ryanair..This is going on each month lining David Bonderman and Michael O;Leary's pockets.


Irish Independent - 25 January 2015 talking to Ryanair,s Scum Bag CEO Michael O,Leary..
 SCUM Bag Michael O'Leary's comments in the Independent below..
The salary at which the top rate of income tax kicks in - currently €33,800 - should be increased to €100,000, Mr O'Leary told the Sunday Independent.
"How are you meant to buy a house if you are hitting the top rate of tax - which when calculated with PRSI and USC is now around 55pc - at €34,000? That's not enough to allow you to buy a house or to even save to buy a house.
"I think that segment - and clearly that's where a lot of our people are, in the wage space between €34,000 and €100,000 - the fact that they are in the top rate of tax is a disgrace. I think the personal tax regime here in Ireland is far too penal.
"Not necessarily for rich people like me. . . but I think a much bigger issue here is the rate at which younger people hit the top rate of tax. If you're a single person in this country you hit the top rate of tax at around €34,000. That is a ludicrously penal tax regime.
"Far too much Government time is spent providing for the unemployed or the non-income earners . . . I think young people shouldn't hit the top rate of tax until you get to maybe income of €100,000."
The Ryanair boss joins a growing group of high-profile chief executives, many of them from multinationals, who have openly denounced Ireland's personal tax regime.
The American Chamber of Commerce has been particularly vocal on the issue.
Former AmCham president and PayPal Europe chief Louise Phelan has repeatedly described the current marginal rate as being too high and the level at which it applies as too low. The system is a disincentive for multi-nationals considering Ireland as a base, she said in 2014.

          RYANAIR The Airline To BOYCOTT The Airline NOT To Trust On Safety

6 Feb 2015


Danish unions to drag Ryanair into Labour Court

Danish labour unions have made good on their threats against Ryanair and have told the budget airline that they will meet them in court.

The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, LO, has filed a case in the Danish Labour Court (Arbejdsretten) to determine whether Ryanair should operate under Irish or Danish rules when it begins flying out of its new Copenhagen base. 

You will see Ryanair scum bag Director of Personnel at Ryanair Eddie Wilson the TERMINATOR on the right below.Wilson is guilty of terminating thousands of probationary cabin crew for profit..
 Also look at Wilson when he was confronted twice by Ryanairdontcare Campaign..Wilson one nasty man...

13 Jan 2015


Ryanair are worried about the honesty shown by a blogger who has reported the Ryanair business  model  over the last couple of years.
Ryanair do not like bloggers or websites attacking them with the true about Safety on board,working conditions and money Ryanair make.
 AirScoop sites and twitter account on google have been closed down over the last few months.You can see one of Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog posts related to Air Scoop below.
You can see some of the information below....2010-2012 and 2014 Air Scoop wrote a Business Model of Ryanair in 2012 and 2014 had a great input from Ryanairdontcare Campaign(this blog) and both have been deleted after Ryanair's chief exploiter US David Bonderman (tpg capital) used his power in American and used an American solicitor in October 2014.

In Depth Analysis Ryanair Business Model Air Scoop Nov2010.

 Today 15th January 2015 I was contact by air observer who informed me that he closed done his blog as he had no time available keeping it going and had nothing to do with any contact be Ryanair..Thank you Roman.

John said ,
Ryanair scum bags David Bonderman and Michael O,Leary are very rich and powerful men who use fear and intimidation against any person who speaks the true about Ryanair...I wish to thank Air Scoop for the great work over the last few years which has shown Ryanair are Europe's biggest exploiter of young cabin crew and much more...

1 Jan 2015


Ryanair Europe's largest low cost airline are not all they seem. Since 2004 when US David Bonderman became the Ryanair chief, exploitation of Pilots and Cabin Crew have become priority.
The life of cabin crew and pilots mean nothing to David Bonderman just as long as a profit is made
 as you will see below.

In 2009 Ryanairdontcare  Campaign targeted Mr Bonderman's TPG business for protest in London and Texas regarding is work in civil rights for the US attorney general which was perfect, as Bondo (to his friends) changed his Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bonderman and deleted special assistant to Attorney General in civil rights division. www.gemalto.com/investors-site/agm-site/.../annex3_bonderman.pdf  as a direct result of Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

Civil rights of workers were ready to exploit by Bondo soon as he became involved with Ryanair which makes 10s of Millions £ each year with the majority personally going in David Bonderman and Michael O,Leary;s pockets.

In May 2011 a Ryanair pilot whistle-blower contacted Ryanairdontcare Campaign with information regarding the suicide of a Ryanair pilot named Paul Ridgard. This was not the first time information regarding Ryanair's crew involving suicide was sent, it was talked about among cabin crew who were being bullied and exploited by Ryanair management to the extent that ending your own life may have been the only option.
The senior Ryanair management mainly involved where Eddie Wilson and Darrell Hughes who you can see below being confronted about Paul Ridgard's suicide..


As you can below part of a message that was sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign from a whistle-blower regarding Paul Ridgard a Ryanair pilot based at Liverpool.

Paul Ridgard first officer in Ryanair.

His father died, and didn't get leave to go to his funeral and had to work.
after his father died, his mother got sick as well.

he asked Ryanair to have unpaid leave, but off course this was denied. he asked this multiple times, due to personal and psychological circumstances.

Paul, was rejected for his command upgrade.

a week ago, he walked to he aircraft with the base TRE. upon walking to the aircraft the base TRE of LPL told him he had to fail him in advance. with even not doing a official check.
the base tre was told by tony owens, the head of training. RYANAIR already decided that paul wouldn't get his command. never.
This all, together with his loss of his father, with being bullied by the company, getting no unpaid leave, working on funeral days, not being fit to fly and in the end getting the story that he was kept warm by the company, who didn't give a shit, and in the end told him that he would never get his command upgrade... 

Sadly Mr Paul Ridgard committed suicide at a hotel in Manchester airport in 2011 with a Ryanair Pilot saying Ryanair's management involvement with his state of mind. The two messages below were posted on this blog in 2011 from Manchester Police.

Matthew said...

From Detective Constable Matt Fryer; Greater Manchester Police.

I am carrying out an investigation on behalf of HM Coroner in Trafford, Greater Manchester into the death of Paul Ridgard.

If anyone has any information relating to the circumstances of Paul Ridgard's death I would like to hear from you.

I will be on duty from Mon 13th June - Thurs 16th Junes between 8am and 4pm. If you would like to speak to me in confidence or otherwise I can be contacted on 0161 8567672.

From Detective Constable Matt Fryer

If you wish to correspond with me via email my address is as follows:


From: Joanne Kearsley <joanne.kearsley@stockport.gov.uk>
To: 'john foley' <jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Wednesday, 15 February 2012, 12:43
Subject: RE: Inquest into the death of Mr Ridgard
Dear Mr Foley
Thank you for your email. 
As you correctly state the Inquest is a public hearing however please note I do not consider that you are a properly interested persons as set out in the Coroners Rules unless you can explain to me why I should consider you to be so.
Yours Faithfully
Ms J Kearsley
HM Deputy Coroner

15 Feb 2012

Ryanair's rostering information of pilots is not accountable to any aviation body.Ryanair's Pilot and cabin crew rostering can be changed at any time by Ryanair to suit the agenda.
The rostering information that relates to Ryanairdontcare Campaign's founder John Foley,s daughter Sarah was given over by Michael O.Leary himself in 2012 and was clearly altered to suit Sarah's Termination.

The CPS decided that it would be to expensive to investigate Ryanair's treatment of Mr Paul Ridgard before his death and it would have been hard to prove. Was the full rostering contact from Ryanair to Paul Ridgard  given to the coroner ?????????? by law Ryanair should have given it to the coroner...You can see some of Paul's contact with Ryanair rostering before his death below...

John said,
Ryanair's rostering information regarding Paul Ridgard must be investigated by Manchester Police.

         Time for all to Boycott RYANAIR

23 Dec 2014


You can look below at the funds given for the Ryanair cabin crew  Apprenticeship  below..


            1,Registered Address: 302 Cirencester Business Park, Love Lane, Cirencester,    Gloucestershire, GL7 1XD
3,Registered Address..302 Cirencester Business Park, Love Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1XD
The three Directors of these companies are below.
Mr D. Naylor
Mr J.M.Henry
Mr J. Mudge”
Companies and Directors above should never be given any more government funds. They are involved with Ryanair cabin crew..