20 Jan 2018

MPs call for Ryanair cabin crew pay inquiry as airline denies failing to adhere to UK employment law 2018.

Wow this is great news for probationary Ryanair cabin crew...GET IN THERE....Mr Michael O'Leary "DOOMED TO FAIL".... PLEASE SHARE THIS GREAT NEWS.... Ryanair has been referred to employment and tax authorities for investigation by two parliamentary committees, citing the airline’s “refusal to cooperate” with inquiries over crew pay and conditions. Frank Field, chair of the work and pensions committee, and Rachel Reeves, chair of the business select committee, have written to HMRC and the director of labour market enforcement asking them to investigate Ryanair and the agencies that supply its cabin crew. Late last year, Ryanair declined to answer further questions about pay and employment practices, after an initial response failed to satisfy MPs. The committees sought more information after reports that cabin crew were required to work for free, pay for training and uniforms and take significant periods of unpaid leave, which suggested that agency workers were receiving less than the living wage. A letter from Ryanair’s HR director, sent on 21 December, said crew earned between €24,000 [£21,150] and €40,000 [£35,250] a year, double the legal minimum for the work carried out. However, MPs said that the letter ignored many of their questions while the pay figures did not tally with a contract they had seen. Ryanair to face select committee investigation over working conditions Field and Reeves have told HMRC and Sir David Metcalf, the government’s director of labour market enforcement, that despite Ryanair’s assurances, it appeared that cabin crew were being paid in a confusing and opaque way, that could mask low pay and poor conditions. They wrote: “We believe it is vital that potential poor employment practices are examined not only to ensure the rights of Ryanair cabin crew are protected, but also to ensure that there is no ‘race to the bottom’ across the aviation sector.” Field said: “We and the public can draw our own conclusions about Ryanair’s comprehensive failure to answer allegations on its pay and employment practices.” They had requested that HMRC extend its current investigation into Ryanair pilots to look at cabin crew, he said. Reeves said she hoped that HMRC would look at the airline’s practices as a matter of urgency. “Ryanair might want to dodge our committees’ questions and hide behind excuses, but the UK is the largest provider of workers to the company and we must be sure that everyone working for Ryanair is receiving fair pay and reasonable working conditions.” A spokeswoman for the airline said: “Ryanair has already confirmed to this committee that its pilots earn between €130,000 [£114,550] and €180,000 [£158,600] per annum and our cabin crew between €24,000 and €40,000, which is more than double UK national minimum wage, and since we also comply fully with UK employment law, we have no further comment in response to this committee’s inaccurate press releases.” Earlier, the airline said that pilots across its 15 UK bases had voted to accept pay increases of up to 20%, while talks continued with British pilot union Balpa over recognition. Talks with Irish unions are also continuing, after the airline announced last month it would reverse previous policy and recognise unions. https://amp.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/18/ryanair-referred-to-hmrc-and-labour-market-tsar-over-pay?__twitter_impression=true PLEASE SHARE AS RYANAIR WILL NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION. THANK YOU... John said, This news is amazing and a big thank you to the Daily Mail team,Rt Hon Frank Field MP,Rachel Reeves MP and the present and former Ryanair cabin crew who helped to expose Ryanair.. Personal message to David Bonderman (real chief at Ryanair and Michael O'Leary ) "DOOMED to FAIL "...


RYANAIR'S PROBATIONARY CABIN CREW RATE OF PAY "SCAM"....... The letter from Ryanair to Rt Hon Frank Field MP on 21st December 2017 is a great sorse of information about Ryanair's cabin crew numbers and Flight hourly pay.. RYANAIR HAVE TWO TYPES OF CABIN CREW CONTRACTS. 1,Ryanair Contracted Cabin Crew. 2,Probationary Cabin Crew Contracted through Crewlink Ireland & Dalmac's Workforce International. Ryanair's Chief David Bonderman and Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary in 2004 decided to make multi €millions out of Ryanair Pilots and Cabin Crew.Not only through Social Dumping, Exploitation and PAYE but through per hour rate of pay Flight Time. Two shell companies appeared Crewlink and Dalmac's Workforce International giving out Probationary Cabin Crew Contracted. Let's look at Crewlink only. Crewlink are the largest of the two with over 5000+ probationary cabin crew at Ryanair. Ryanair have confirmed their contracted cabin crew are paid per hour flight time €26.67 to €44.44 With a maximum of 900 hours flown a year. Crewlink Probationary cabin crew of 5000 x 900 hours flown a year = 450,000 hours flown. So 450,000 hours flown with flight time pay being €26.67 a hour =€12.1 million 450,000 hours flown with flight time pay being £44.44 a hour =€19.9 million Crewlink Probationary Cabin Crew pay. Crewlink pay Eastern Europe €11.40 to Dublin €16.40 per hour flight time. Ryanair pay Crewlink their contracted cabin crew pay per hour flight time of €26.67 to €44.44 Ryanair pay Crewlink €26.67 x 450,000 a year = €12.1 million Ryanair pay Crewlink €44.44 x 450,000 a year = € 19.9 million Crewlink pay Probationary Cabin Crew €11.40 x 450,00 a year = €5.1 million .... €7 million kept by Crewlink Crewlink pay Probationary Cabin Crew €16.40 x 450,00 a year = €7.3 million .... €12.6 million kept by Crewlink WHO DO YOU THINK OWNS CREWLINK ??????? The very same happens with pilots at Ryanair but x it by 4... Their are many ways to scam money off probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair with the help of their shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac's Workforce International that generate multi € millions with the per hour rate of pay scam being one of many. RYANAIR SHAREHOLDERS ARE NOT AWARE OF THIS. Ryanair is a maze to Audit and the high levels of termination among probationary Cabin Crew support this maze..... Please Share. https://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/work-and-pensions-committee/news-parliament-2017/ryanair-correspondence-17-19/

16 Jan 2018



John said, I will reply here to this letter in 24 hours.


MPs accuse Ryanair of 'fobbing them off' over how much it pays its cabin crew.. Ryanair was yesterday accused by MPs of ‘fobbing them off’ over how much it pays its cabin crew. Two Commons select committees are investigating the budget airline over the payment of cabin crew hired by third-party agencies, which could be in breach of minimum wage laws. Ryanair stewards claim they are forced to work unpaid for as many as five hours a day. The revelations came from an undercover investigation by the Daily Mail, which found that hours worked on the ground – cleaning, security checks and during flight delays – are unpaid. New recruits pay £2,000 to be trained, they are charged a fee if they quit within the first 15 months, and they must be available for airport standby days, where they only get paid £3.75 per hour. Last month, Rachel Reeves, chairman of the Commons business committee, and Frank Field, chairman of the work and pensions committee, wrote to Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s chief executive. They asked him what cabin crew are paid for all their hours worked. They also asked for an explanation of the termination fee, and clarification on how many cabin crew were hired for Ryanair via third-party agencies Crewlink and Workforce International. Ryanair responded saying it was ‘disappointed’ that the committees ‘would give credence to inaccurate content, false claims and sensationalist reportage’. It argued that its cabin crew ‘earn between 24,000 euros (£21,300) to 40,0 The airline – Europe’s largest – said its ‘direct recruits are paid a combination of basic pay, flight pay and commission’. But it would not state the earnings of its agency-recruited cabin crew, nor how many of its workforce are third-party workers. Yesterday Mr Field said: ‘I am not sure where the impression has come from that you can fob off two select committees with half and non-answers, but these are serious issues and we expect a serious response.’ And Miss Reeves said: ‘Evasive responses to serious allegations about failure to pay the national minimum wage, of hours of unpaid work, of fees being incurred to leave just isn’t good enough.’ Last night a spokesman for Ryanair said: 'Ryanair has already replied to this Committee in December confirming that our cabin crew pay is more than double the rate of UK national minimum wage. 'Ryanair complies fully with all UK and EU employment law. Ryanair will not be replying to the detailed information requested in this letter which would require us to disclose confidential employment information which would be of benefit to our competitors. As an Irish company, Ryanair is under no obligation to do so.' Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5264581/MPs-accuse-Ryanair-fobbing-crew-pay.html#ixzz54NfROylT Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


John said, Ryanair's Darrell Hughes was involved in intimidation of pilots in Liverpool which was calculated,premeditated,intentional and organised by him which lead to the death by suicide of a Ryanair Liverpool based pilot in 2011. Look at Darrell Hughes in denial... https://youtu.be/ea7v5MQKXnY .... Daily Mail.... Ryanair has hit back at MPs for repeating “false claims” about the company’s working conditions, urging them to drop a parliamentary investigation into the firm. The company’s director of HR strategy and operations has written to MPs Frank Field and Rachel Reeves – chairs of the Work and Pensions and Business select committees – in an effort to counter claims of staff being underpaid, having to fork out for their own uniforms and incurring fees when they leave. “We are disappointed that your committee would give credence to inaccurate content, false claims and sensationalist reportage,” Ryanair’s Darrell Hughes said. The letter went on to counter allegations that staff had to pay £25 per month for their uniform in the first year of employment and stomach a £175 “administration cost”, taken from their salaries, if they leave in the first 15 months. Ryanair cabin crew earn between 24,000 euro (£21,000) and 40,000 euro (£36,000) per annum, which is more than double the UK national minimum wage (NMW). We are not, as you reportedly claimed, ‘squeezing’ these well-paid crew members,” Mr Hughes said He added that it was “not necessary” to conduct NMW auditing since none of its cabin crew earn less than £5.60 to £7.50 per hour while working hours are legally limited to less than 900 flight hours and 2,000 total duty hours per year. “We do not, cannot by law, ask our crew to work ‘long hours’.” The HR director also said that training courses for cabin crew – running between 2,400 euro (£2,100) and 3,000 euro (£2,600 ) – were offered by third parties and paid for directly by students, and not factored into cabin crew pay as the airline only recruited staff once fully qualified. As for uniforms, it said that qualified cabin crew pay £25 per month towards the cost, which is paid back on their one year anniversary at the airline. “On the first anniversary of joining Ryanair, they receive their first annual uniform allowance of £307.50 (which is then paid to them every year), which fully refunds the £300 uniform contributions they make in year one, and any further uniform costs they may have in subsequent years. Ryanair crew do not pay for their uniforms, Ryanair does.” Mr Hughes also said there were no repayment of fees or allowance when contracts were terminated, though some contract agencies may charge administrative fees of 200 euro (£177) if crew members leave or resign during their probation. Ryanair moved to discredit a former employee involved in making the claims, saying “many of them were made by a former cabin crew member who lost his Border Force security clearance for repeated breaches of UK security rules”. The airline is now calling on MPs to drop their investigation. “We trust that your committee, now that it is aware of the factual position of these matters – namely that Ryanair crew pay significantly exceeds (by more than double) UK NMW – will disregard the many false claims made.” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/pa/article-5203071/Ryanair-hits-MPs-false-claims-staff-working-conditions.html#ixzz54NblHlcR

11 Jan 2018


Crewlink Ireland a shell company set up by Ryanair to run their Recruitment for Termination for young probationary cabin crew. Even though the Daily Mail exposed the exploitation, recruitment days have increased for January 2018. Ryanair / Crewlink have 65 recruitment days all over Europe this month. Ryanair Moto "THE MORE WE RECRUIT THE MORE WE TERMINATE ". In the same period Easyjet have One recruitment day in Luton. HAS THE PENNY DROPPED. .. Frank Field chair of Work /Pensions Select Committee at present is investigating Ryanair Recruitment. Do not be fooled by Ryanair. Please share so young people all over Europe are aware.

30 Dec 2017


A flight attendant was accused by agency bosses of making 'false claims' when she blew the whistle four years ago. Sophie Growcoot, now 25, felt so passionately about the alleged exploitation of young workers that she contacted Luciana Berger, her local MP for Liverpool Wavertree. Miss Growcoot said cabin crew were only paid for time in the air and could be forced to take up to three months unpaid leave from work each year. She also discussed the monthly fees deducted from wages for uniforms, fees for leaving the job and having to pay for a mandatory safety course. At the time, Ryanair dismissed the allegations and Crewlink, the agency which employed Miss Growcoot, challenged her account and criticised Mrs Berger. The firm said her allegations about payments for training and having to pay to leave were 'untrue' and a false claim'. Miss Growcoot's claims have now been supported by the Mail's investigation. She said: 'It was never clear what we were going to get paid for. They worded things in funny ways so we didn't know what was going on.' Miss Growcoot was based at Liverpool Airport from January to April 2013 and now works as a live-in carer in Edinburgh. During her tenure with Ryanair she also raised concerns about unpaid 'home standby' days, describing one morning when she was called in to the airport from home at 4am only for the flight to be cancelled. 'I got ready and paid £11 for a taxi because obviously there was no public transport and ended up getting the first bus back home – meaning I had paid £13 altogether – and wasn't paid anything for the day. 'I didn't even get an apology. I felt their attitude was: 'It's tough.' When Miss Growcoot resigned she received letters from Ryanair demanding thousands of pounds to cover training and uniform costs. The firm dropped the requests when Miss Growcoot said the ordeal was leaving her suffering from stress and anxiety. She added: 'I was only 20 and some were 18 [years old]. I think 18 is too young to be a flight attendant anyway because they are young and naïve.' Last night Mrs Berger said Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary should be called to Parliament to 'face the music'. A spokesman for Ryanair said: 'We don't comment on hearsay rumour or speculation.' John said, Sophie Growcoot at such a young age tried to exposed the high level of exploitation by Ryanair of teenagers which was brought up in the house of commons.At last she will get her justice and Ryanair at last will be held accountable.. Ryanairdontcare Campaign covered this story and the Daily Mirrors /Ryanair PR Spin was a crime in itself.See here. http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2013_05_12_archive.html I did a week protest outside echo office regarding the PR Spin. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K5dnKQk1GGo http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5192355/Ryanair-bosses-dont-treat-crew-like-humans-say-staff.html

21 Dec 2017


RYANAIR MEMO YESTERDAY. . They simple don't learn how not to intimidate Cabin Crew.As you can see this is a threat from Ryanair. How can cabin crew not feel intimidated by this memo from Andrea Doolan who we are told is personally responsible for hundereds of Termination of Probationary cabin crew at Ryanair. PLEASE SHARE...



20 Dec 2017


John said, UK Government response to Chief Exploiter at Ryanair Michael O'Leary.. Great Christmas Card Michael for you. Doomed To Fail ....Remember Ryanairdontcare Campaign never goes away and more to follow. Sleep well Michael because I do.

Ryanair agrees to new rights for cabin crew after investigation reveals appalling working conditions endured by staff

Ryanair agrees to new rights for cabin crew after investigation reveals appalling working conditions endured by staff. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5196213/Ryanair-agrees-new-rights-cabin-crews.html This is great news for the thousands of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair.The future and career aspect of young cabin crew's lives could be about to change at Ryanair.This has got to be a posative move and a big thank you must go out to the whole Investigations team at the Daily Mail who did an amazing thing here. Things in the past ,we can learn from so can Ryanair, and I would hope the employment agencies Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac's Workforce International would now be close down. As well as the foul treatment by Ryanair of my own daughter and thousands more like her,the death of a Ryanair pilot Paul Ridgard in 2011 must be exposed and those management Scum at Ryanair involved,be held accountable.. Commons’ work and pensions committee we would hope will now do a full investigation into Ryanair's employment set up which should have been done in 2009 when I first exposed the Recruitment for Termination scam at Ryanair..
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