21 Apr 2012

Dalmac Language School SCAM...SPANISH STUDENTS.... Anne McCrudden Recruits for Termination for RYANAIR...FOREIGN STUDENTS NOT TO TRUST Dalmac Language School...SCAM Your MONEY...They are IRISH EXPLOITERS Of YOUNG PEOPLE... http://www.dalmaclanguage.ie/ http://www.workforceintl.com/ http://www.dalmac.ie/ Escuela de idiomas en Dalmac Rush Irlanda son criminales..

Ryanairdontcare Campaign must inform any foreign students mainly Spanish students wishing to learn English to please stay away from Dalmac Language School in Rush Ireland....This company is working with Ryanair to Recruit and Terminate thousands of young people all over Europe that wish only to become cabin crew...Dalmac will charge these young people up to 3000 euro to train as cabin crew which will lead to termination...
Also the quality of English may not be suitable.Below is a article about Dalmac which foreign students must read and Dalmac was set up by Anne McCrudden....The three website below to avoid...




 Article below from a European Journalist......

We shall set up the questions about employment practise's Ryanair cabin crew, which, although legal, the stench of exploitation. While we all want cheap fares, do we really want them back The crew has been working for € 15 flight?Certainly not. The way these people are recruited, trained, tied to bank loans, contracted out and denied the basic salary seems to be little more than the combined form of slavery. If this is the true price of flights, and this - in our opinion - not worth it. YOUNG Eastern Europe lured WORK HERE AIR steward forced to work six weeks days to pay off the loan TRAININGNo sick pay for their own meals and uniform cleaning costs and earn a € 15 flightWhat is less likely to hear about some other ways that Ryanair cuts costs. In order to cushion profit margins from rising fuel costs and to offset increasing competition from rival companies, the airlines have the company to attract tens of Eastern Europe in this country. In places such as Latvia, where the average monthly salary is 300 € - one fourth of that obtained by the Irish workers on minimum wage - it is not difficult to convince young people, burning with desire to escape from poverty, grinding away the hills really greener. They are seduced by the promise of earning an annual salary of around € 20,000, or four or five times more than they could earn at home lifestyle jet-set, which guarantees them a premium for every time an aircraft, a 12-month contract with the internationalairlines, airline tickets and transfers to Ireland to train airline stewards, rooms with Irish families during training in Ireland, the health insurance reimbursement.Competition for a chance in life he wants. When recruiters come to the Hotel Radisson in the Latvian capital of Riga to interview potential candidates, they can see as many as 500 to 700 applicants a day. However, only 50 are selected during the five weeks to complete the course, which helps them qualify to work as an airline cabin crew. Applicants are represented in Latvia calls to Ryanair and recruitment company in Dublin, Dalmac. Based in Rush, Dalmac runs language courses that are approved by the Ministry of Education. Since opening the doors for business 15 years ago, the company became one of the leading players in the language, bringing vast numbers of young Spanish students to learn English every year.Dalmac is run by husband and wife team of Anne and Desmond McCrudden and their daughter, Laura, was also involved. The couple are also directors of a company called Workforce International Contractors Limited, which is a three-year contract for Ryanair cabin crew. This arrangement is of course turned out to be profitable for McCruddens. Anne and her husband own fleet of vehicles, including vans and two black eyes 04 Audi A4 convertible two-door sports car worth over € 50,000. Business blooms so that the couple have decided not to put their spacious house with four bedrooms, located on the main road leading to the house of Mrs. McCrudden town of Summit, on the market so that they can move on to more upscale neighbourhoods. The asking price for their home, situated on almost three quarters ², is € 650.000.Although the career woman, jet-setting, Ms McCrudden, 48, still manages to find time to play an active role in the local theatre group. She appeared in a major role in various productions, such as dancing at Lughnasa from Millbank Theatre in Rush Company. Flyers encouraging young Latvians in Ireland to train air stewards are distributed by the company Jartes. And according to Workforce International Director Anne McCrudden, Jartes is a medicine for your company. Training costs up to € 3000, said candidates must submit a completed registration form, four-colour photos, medical certificate, police certificate, two copies of passport and CV documents must be submitted in English, but the price of € 114 has Jartes provide English. Potential candidates are also said training costs € 2800 for a loan. However, until the signing of contracts of training recruits in Latvia with Dalmac were informed that the cost of the course is € 3000 and that they can cover premiums, using the 3000 € loan from Bank of Ireland. The loan is repayable over 12 months and must pay monthly instalments of € 276. However, the finer details of what they sign are lost on many of the application due to their poor command of English and the overwhelming enthusiasm for the good life for themselves.Not until I signed a contract with sister company Dalmac in Workforce International, to realise not everything is as it seems. The contract offered to them, that:. "This position is at any time, subject to the holding company contracts with Ryanair Ltd. In the case of a company losing a contract to provide personnel to the customer, the contract is automatically terminated," also discover that they are locked to work for Ryanair until they are Bank of Ireland loans are removed. But Bank of Ireland insists that this system is not valid.
Bank spokesman said: "This is the unsecured loans. It is organised in a different way than normal, and all parties are happy." It is difficult to determine what is irregular. This may not be a regular credit card. These people do not have a record of payment with you. This innovation in relation to how it was created, "he added. Meanwhile, after beating stiff competition to get a place on the course, candidates must pay to free flights to Ireland to them. They can fly for free only on Ryanair only when they are on your way to the base of Ryanair. As a result, some of the recruits end up paying as much as € 100 for the trip overland bus to connect with Ryanair. Furthermore, they must pay a € 750 deposit before leaving Latvia to cover accommodation and other costs, this study. This is refunded only if the trainee successfully completes the course. Those who have not suffered the same fate as travellers who yearn for your Ryanair flights. There are no refunds available. Then, on arrival in Dublin, trainees discover that their charming sounding international airline steward school is nothing more than a Portacabin. located on the back of the tongue in school Dalmac Main Street, Rush, conditions are not essential, the student forced to sit almost shoulder to shoulder in cramped classrooms. They are so closely packed, that those on the fight, of course, keep your eyes open, while many hard to concentrate due to lack of fresh air. Most of these students spend only a short lesson on board the aircraft prior to their final exam - but it qualifies as an airline steward, must They also spend three days on the practise flights with Ryanair. All interns must cover their own travel expenses to board the aircraft - which must come from a base outside of Ireland. "Do not pay a penny on stand-by" Once these young Europeans from the East finally complete training and practise, flights are offered an employment contract with Workforce International - and their working conditions are shameful. Instead of getting or € 800-1000 basic monthly salary that many of their counterparts in Ireland will receive € 20,000 salary, or thought that is, they are paid only for the actual flights they work - and the rates are dismal. They are paid miserly € 15 for flights of less than 105 minutes - an hour and three quarters - and they are only entitled to an additional 8 € for flights. However, do not have the right to pay for: at the airport an hour before the scheduled departure, the time they spend reporting to the office of Ryanair's head at the end of each working day, while sitting at home in full uniform waiting on stand-by to be called to work, "Force Majeure" non-working day . These days are allowed for absences due to unforeseen circumstances, in accordance with Irish law, all employees are entitled to five such days off per year with full pay, and is off work on sick leave. Instead, the workers have sickness benefit from social welfare, the cost uniforms clean air, which rent from the company for 30 € per month. Also, do not drink water, tea or coffee on board, and must pay for meals. They are, however, the commission earned on the sale of flight, are entitled to 30 € per eight-hour day can spend waiting Ryanair base at the airport in readiness for work, and they are paid a € 60 annual leave days. source stated: "These people work in continuous operation for six days.Waiting at home dressed in full uniform, waiting for the phone to ring and call on them to work, is part of their usual working week. "I do not pay a penny for it. It's only once in a blue moon that they will be on standby at the airport and it is because the company has to pay them for it. I think these people are completely used up." Both Ryanair and Workforce International denied that the Latvian workers to work below the national minimum wage. In a statement issued this weekend, Ryanair said the Workforce International employees contracted to work with the airlines insisted they were earning an annual salary of € 20,000. The company is not exposed to the fact that the Latvian workers are paid only on the basis of a-flight. Ryanair also denied that workers do not enjoy the same legal rights as Irish workers, who are five fully covered by 'force majeure' days. It was emphasised that the employees can get free water at Ryanair bases but not reported, or they could get free drinks on flights. Their employment contract must clearly specify that they look after their own cost of food on board. Meanwhile, a company spokesman said that, regardless of nationality, the employees are not paid for stand-by time spent at home waiting for a call to work. But the director of Workforce International Anne McCrudden not confirm that the people of the work commissioned by Ryanair did not receive a basic salary, which some of their Irish colleagues paid.She also said that the payment of € 750 deposit by Latvians before she completed the training course "for their own protection" "I said no unpaid" Jartes we mediator in Riga. We are not associated with them. They send people to talk, "said Ms McCrudden." I'm shocked, if they say in the literature that people get a basic salary. I did not tell anyone that they will receive a basic salary.Jartes better contact on the matter. The cost of training is € 3000 and do not know why you say € 2800. There is no one for less than minimum wage. Almost all of them will go out of € 19.000 or 20.000 €, she added. "We put 750 € deposit to their own protection. Loan will come into force until the last day of the course, and if they fail, they lose only € 750 instead of 3000 €. Deposit pays for accommodation, airport transfers, food, etc. These gains. We lose this, "she said.Ms McCrudden also denied that the conditions in the training centre were tight.
John said,   Join our Facebook Group below.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ryanair-Dont-Care-campaign-RYANAIRDONTCARE/327346637276632 Also look at the video of my last peaceful protest outside Dalmac in Rush Ireland in 2011 below.Students wishing to learn English,this video is a car trying to end my peaceful protest... Escuela de idiomas en Dalmac Rush Irlanda son criminaleshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07glwX5eJCY

20 Apr 2012

Ryanair shareholders need to know...JP Morgan could be involved with Ryanair Employment scam

Unfortunately for JP Morgan, in May of 2010, a number of whistleblowers stepped forward, telling stories of falsifying loan performance data, and senior traders pocketing cash that should have gone to investors.
In January of this year, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon said it would take years to get through all the mortgage litigation risk that the bank has inherited when it bought Bear Stearns, and that they had set aside $9 billion for litigation related risk.

John said,
As you can see from the post above ''falsifying loan performance data'' is the Ryanair way to.....
JP Morgan are a big Ryanair Shareholder.....

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RYANAIR SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE 1.5 Million Grant.NO SCOTTISH JOBS....Prestwick Airport....Prestwich Aircraft Maintenance is it a SCAM?????

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Scottish Enterprise have sent a reply to our last correspondence to them regarding a 1.5 Million training grant given to Ryanair in 2010.
Red words are their reply to our questions....

Dear Mr Foley

Please see SE's response to your further queries.  For ease of understanding these  have been embedded in RED in your original e mail.

yours sincerely

Imelda Molloy
Corporate Office

From: john foley [mailto:jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 26 March 2012 20:38
To: Karen Hannah
Subject: Ryanair Grant

Dear Karen Hannah,

Thank you for your email dated 20th February 2012.

My concerns mainly are with the 640,000 British Pounds which was paid to Ryanair Limited for the training of technical/mechanical/maintenance engineers.As stated in the final offer this training grant was given to Ryanair Limited over a period of time with training been given in the creation of 140 engineer jobs to which Scottish Enterprise  state is on target.

I must inform you that these engineers which are involved with this training grant are charged a training fee which is paid by themselves.Pilots,Cabin Crew and Engineers involved within Ryanair or a Ryanair subsidiary company all pay a training fee.

I do believe Ryanair Limited have been misleading Scottish Enterprise regarding this training grant and the creation of 140 job engineers are in place as a direct result of fees being paid by these 140 engineers themselves,as a result payment twice is being paid for this training.

Please note that the company has confirmed to SE that no individual is paying fees for training included in the training plan that forms part of the support package around training plus and linked to their contractual requirements.  Please note also that the breakdown of jobs being created by this project is not 140 engineers and is:

Deputy Hangar Manager
Quality Assurance Engineer
Check Supervisors
A&C Supervisors
Avionics Supervisors
Lead Mechanics


If Scottish Enterprise were aware of training fees being paid by the 140 engineer job applicants involved in this protect,would this training grant have been granted.

Not applicable - as no training fees being paid.    

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are asking the Scottish Enterprise/Scottish Government to please investigate the whole 1.5 million grant which was awarded to Ryanair Limited and Ryanair Holdings Plc as a way to create jobs in Scotland.

There is no reason to do so.   The funds allocated are subject to close monitoring both during and after the payment of the grant.  SE will require a report 2 years after the date of payment  of the final instalment and a further report 5 years after this date to check that the terms and conditions of the letter of offer have been maintained.   

I would also like to point out that no levels of Scottish jobs that have been created have been forwarded to either myself or Scottish Enterprise...

Please note that, as at 31/3/2012, I can confirm that the number of jobs so far created at the Prestwick PAM facility is 138.

A copy of this email will be posted on our blog and forwarded to the Scottish press.
Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards

John Foley

Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

John said,
As you can see i am making enquiries about Ryanair in Scotland..Message to Ryanair ''I will continue to do so''. Doomed to Fail ''Michael''.....

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19 Apr 2012

European Court Of Justice.........RYANAIR PILOT Scam.....BROOKFIELD AVIATION....

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18 Apr10:12:14

John said,
As you can see above the European Court Of Justice are looking at our Ryanairbrookfielddontcare Pilot blog which is great news...

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As posted first on Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog yesterday before The Irish Times,Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew will pay social security in which ever country they work in and not to the Irish Government.
This is great news as long as your names not David Bonderman or Michael O'Leary.....
This new rule will spread all over Europe as we speak.Recruitment for Termination profit at Ryanair will suffer...

John said,
THIS IS A GREAT DAY..............Ryanair's Exploitation of young people will decrease...
This is great news for Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair.As you can see Ryanair's Muppet Stephen McNamara not very happy,maybe he can post this great news for Probationary Cabin Crew on Ryanair's website news under the heading  '' Ryanair's Cabin Crew  Social Welfare Tax Fiddle In Europe Is Over''.
As for it being another blow for free movement of labour McNamara,it is one more blow for Ryanair Exploiters.....   http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/0418/breaking38.html

PAYE Tax fiddle of 42% being charged for 3 months to new recruits at Ryanair must stop.The Irish Government must be aware of this scam..Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair  will be charged 42% Tax.... Irish Government SHAME On You............

18 Apr 2012


The European Parliament passed a law ending situations such as the Belgian Crew of Ryanair.They were to present enrolled in social security in Ireland,where the company is headquarters.
This reform, widely approved by MEPs in plenary session in Strasbourg, will take effect within weeks. It will end with situations such as hostesses, stewards and pilots of the low-cost airline Ryanair based in Charleroi, Belgium. They were to present enrolled in social security in Ireland, where the company is headquartered.
The text approved on Wednesday establishes the concept of "home base" of employees, that is to say where they begin and end their service. If this is based in Belgium, the employer will now be required to pay all payroll taxes in this country, even in the context of an employment contract under Irish law. Consequence: the hostesses Belgian resident in Wallonia, will no longer be forced to deal with the Irish health insurance to get reimbursed medical consultation in Charleroi.
The new rules will end the "chicanery" committed by companies "unscrupulous", which allowed them to give their employees' minimum social security coverage to reduce their costs, "said the elected British ecologist John Lambert. Moreover, the text approved Wednesday gives self border access to unemployment benefits in the country where they work, even if they live in a country that does not grant such benefits to independents.

John said, 
Above is a  great article at L'EXPRESS.Fr  http://lexpansion.lexpress.fr/entreprise/ryanair-ne-pourra-plus-offrir-de-protection-sociale-low-cost-a-son-personnel_291631.html
which will make Ryanair and the whole Irish government unhappy....This is great news for our campaign and we hope all European Governments will sit up and take the same action.....Get your  social welfare contributions TAX....
Social welfare contributions  Tax from Probationary Cabin Crew working in the whole of Europe for Ryanair scammers (exept UK) to date go to the Irish Government...Like we have said before on this blog,Ryanair hold this Tax in a high interest account before giving it to the Irish Government,even charging probationary cabin crew up to 42% Tax on their earnings....SCAM TAXING is the Ryanair way and the Irish Government turning a blind eye...

John said today 19th April 2012,
As you can see the Irish Times has covered this story and Ryanairdontcare Campaign were quicker than this newspaper below,....


MEPs have voted to close a legal loophole that allows low-cost airlines such as Ryanair to avoid paying social security contributions in some of the countries in which they operate.
Under new rules adopted today by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, cabin crew and pilots will be subject to the social security rules of the country in which they routinely work rather than in the country in which their employing airline is based.
Air crew staff working for Ryanair at the Charleroi base in Belgium, for example, will now be able to acquire social security rights there rather than being subject to Irish labour law as is currently the case.
The new rules confirm the concept of a "home base" as the place from which a flight crew member carries out the majority of their work. Such home bases will be used to establish which country's social security system is used by airline staff in the future.
The legislative resolution was adopted with 540 votes in favour, 19 against and 30 abstentions.
Ryanair has come under widespread criticism in the past for employing foreign crew members under Irish law contracts. The Belgian trade union CNE announced last year it was to take legal action against the airline over its treatment of cabin crew workers employed by Ryanair through its Irish-based recruitment agency partner Crewlink.
The union alleged the carrier engaged in practices such as docking employees' pay to cover the cost of uniforms and not offering sick pay, all of which it said were violations of Belgian law.
Ryanair, which closed its Marseille hub in 2010 following a similar dispute with French authorities, denied the union's claims.
"Today's vote is another example of how the EU introduces regulations which serve no purpose other than to increase the cost of air travel and reduce competitiveness between EU states. This is also another blow for the free movement of labour which was one of the founding principles of the single market," said Stephen McNamara, head of communications at Ryanair.

"Presumably ferry and cruise ship operators will now be required to pay tax and social insurance in every departure port in Europe as well. Presumably EU bureaucrats will also now pay tax and social taxes in their home country instead of the low rates they all enjoy in Brussels," he added.
The airline has previously said it fully complies with the European Directive on Transport Workers that allows all employees to pay income tax and social insurance in the country they work or where their employer is resident and where they are physically paid - which in its case is Ireland.
The new regulations agreed today in Strasbourg also clarifies the rights of self-employed people who work in other member states.
Under the agreed changes, a self-employed worker who contributes to the social security system in one EU country but then moves to another that does not provide unemployment benefits will be able to claim assistance from the first member state in which they were working before becoming unemployed.
"The new rules will improve the functioning of the single market by enhancing the social protection of a high number of mobile workers in the EU such as aircrew members and cross-border self-employed workers," said Milan Cabrnoch MEP, who steered the legislation through parliament....

John said,

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RYANAIR BLOG.......RECORD Ryanairdontcare Campaign's BLOG...Michael O'Leary...Eddie Wilson ...EXPLOITERS.........

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been informed that this IP address below is the PC used by Michael O'Leary and Eddie Wilson...These two are the main exploiters of young people in the Ryanair head office at Dublin airport...Click on the pages below to see what they are looking at...

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John said,
Glad to keep these two exploiters busy looking at our Blog......I would like to say they are two of over 100,000 people who have visited Ryanairdontcare's Blog and continue to do so....
''Doomed to Fail '' David Bonderman TPG Capital and Michael O'Leary..