1 Oct 2015


RYANAIR'S DARRELL HUGHES Deputy Director of Personnel is a SCUM BAG.

Darrell Hughes has got blood on his hands regarding the treatment of Ryanair Pilot Mr Paul Ridgard. Hughes 10 years at Ryanair has seen him amused  by his humiliating of Ryanair crew for personal satisfaction. Bullying of others gives him a sense of empowerment. There clearly is a element of personal satisfaction in his acts of intimidation of those who are powerless in the Ryanair system.

       Real Important Pilot at Ryanair Mr Paul Ridgard

                 Ryanair Have Blood On Their Hands


John said,

Have not forgot about you Scum Bag Darrell Hughes...  

Scum Bag Darrell Hughes


28 Sep 2015


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Ryanair being tracked on this blog 32 times since the AGM protest at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin on Thursday 24th September 2015..They are waiting for my report of this protest which was a complete success.The delay in my report is due to family commitments.A full report of this protest will be on this blog in days.

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27 Sep 2015

What if Ryanair conditions were your conditions ..BOYCOTT RYANAIR NOW...

Ryanair Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Young Cabin Crew.Paying probationary cabin crew £10 a flight.Charging £340 for uniform.Only paid when flight is airborne.Training fee of £2000.Termination rate of 60% of new recruited young probationary cabin crew under a 12 month period..46 recruitment days a month.More Ryanair recruit the more Ryanair terminate.Per hour rate of pay Scam through Shell company Crewlink Ireland earning 100's of millions £...Some of the reason Ryanair don't want unions involved.


Change.org Petitioning of Ryanair has worked.Ryanair to carry AEDs (defibrillators) on all aircraft from November 2015..EASYJET PUT PASSENGERS FIRST.RYANAIR PUT PROFIT FIRST.

Change.org Petitioning of Ryanair has worked.Ryanair to carry AEDs (defibrillators) on all aircraft from November 2015...

Change.org are pleased to confirm that Ryanair has posted this welcome news in an article on the media section of its own consumer website.

This important development means that around 100 million passengers per year will now be more 'heart safe' than before while flying with Ryanair. Given the 60,000+ sudden cardiac arrests out-of-hospital each year in the UK alone, it is almost certain that an AED will be deployed on a Ryanair flight at some juncture. If just one life is saved, then your signature on this petition will have been worthwhile, so thank you.

While the objective of this petition will have been achieved once I have seen an AED on a Ryanair flight, I hope that other airlines who still do not carry an AED will now act responsibly, follow Ryanair and change their policy. We can all play our part by challenging them when we catch our flights or make our bookings.

In a wider context, the responsibility for ensuring that the number of deaths from sudden cardiac arrest in the UK is reduced lies with all of us:-

* Government, both central and local; to ensure that legislation is changed to make the provision of AEDs mandatory in all public buildings (just like fire safety equipment);

*Businesses need to take more responsibility for their staff and customers by training staff in CPR and providing access to an AED,

*Most importantly, we as private individuals should all learn how to perform CPR and make sure we know the location of the nearest AED to our workplace, sports or social club and our home. If an AED is more than two minutes away from you, it is too far. You can help to change this by campaigning and helping to raise the funds to obtain one for your community, workplace or social and sports clubs.

Good luck and thank you!

John said,
Ryanair should have followed Easyjet's example in installing a defibrillators on all of their aircraft before the death of a passenger.This will prove to the public that Ryanair put profit PRIORITY not like Easyjet who put the safety of passengers first.So the next time you book a Low Cost flight follow the airline that puts passenger safety first.