23 Jul 2014

Ex RYANAIR Cabin Crew Reveals

 The post below is from Ex Ryanair cabin crew in their own words..

For those of yôu who wants. To join ryanair

That´s à professional advice before getting involved in à professional suicide.
  Here are some points And advice through out my 4 years experience in the what they call an airline:
.once you start of course And as everybody knows you have to pay for your Training which i may say it´s acceptable as you pay for your diploma like in à private school.but paying for the uniform .airport ID no assistance or whatsoever for the crew car parking .transportation.no food voucher for the crew if you get stuck in the airport for 7 hours due to tech problem or diversion .happened to me .no food voucher.and what´s worse you do not get paid for these hours .or even à psychological support like " thanks for the hard work" à word of thanks sometimes worth more than money.
No payment for home stand-bys.so basically in winter Time you Will get paid 600 €or less in some bases.the wage Is so low in some countries that you cannot survive.i wonder what job Is that if you cannot have à decent life .rent your place .pay your bills etc...
We were promised to be promoted after one year service.i was 4years And i was still junior no way for progression .no tickets for parents or even à free ticket per year for you to your home country.as staff travel i was denied to travel " u pay à stand-by ticket And you board the aircraft last And in case the flight Is full you do not fly even if u pay the ticket if the pilots refuse !once was denied traveling just the captain said no.we are items of investments for this airline And for the country you are sent to.Ryanair play with your future .they send you somewhere and they leave you by yourself facing administrations.tax offices and health insurance ,they do basically nothing for you .all they do Is complain and whatever you do Is not enough for them
à lot countless things .
For those who said i Will do it for an experience of one year .go ahead .try And make up your minds but just to let you know .fr Is the unique airline in the world that does not have à common sense policy .you cannot ask why if you cannot understand something that they call mémos .the crew themselves not all but most of them are lacking of customer service .,rude ,bossy and nobody Is doing the job with passion .a lot of gréât people worked And Left because Ryanair does not appréciate their skills .they just care about sales no matter who you are,some people, even they donot speak proper English.most crew they just wait for the salary at the end ...how to get the customer service if fr does not provide training for that .you could Never meet à cabin crew coming from another airline to Ryanair but from Ryanair to other companies countless crew are leaving everyday from different bases And for pilots as well
..you Will learn nothing from them. But daily stress ,fear,lack of respect...
Look for à décent airline even temporary contract ...but Never try ryanair.if the crisis Will finish .i am sûre first nobody Will work nor fly with them.
At the end you do what u see Is convenient for you all...just i wonder How EU countries leaving this company swallowing the energy and abuse youngsters hopes and money..
It´s à shame ...