25 Jan 2013

Merseyside County Association of Trades Union Councils VISITORS BOYCOTT Flying.... "A regime of suppression and dictatorship." RYANAIR...

"A regime of suppression and dictatorship."

Visitors to the Merseyside County Association of Trades Union Councils: Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh Street, Liverpool.
Please take a little time watching the three Dutch videos below with main stream UK media not interested (apart from THE SCUM) which involve four Ryanair pilots.First two videos will show the concerns of Ryanair pilots,putting a side aircraft being low on fuel or not, you can clearly hear the fear from these pilots and i would ask you what chance have young Probationary  Cabin Crew got. EXPLOITED for profit.Since 2004 with  thousands of young probationary cabin crew  unfairly TERMINATED,left in a foreign land,penniless which has lead to sickness and issues relating to suicide with no help coming from any form of unions..Let us not forget RYANAIR Management are very Anti union with the help of Irish legislation and i would ask visitors today to BOYCOTT and spread the word ''Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR'' BOYCOTT...
Listen to Michael O'Leary who is clearly rattled by the KRO reporter...

Ryanair pilots voice concerns on safety
Professional organisations call for an inquiry
Ryanair pilots regularly fly with less fuel than they'd like according to four Ryanair pilots in KRO's programme, 'Reporter'. They claim that to cut costs they are pressurised into taking as little fuel on board as possible. They see their participation in KRO's 'Reporter' as a wake-up call. "I hope it doesn't take a crash to wake everyone up", says one of them. In 'Reporter', professional organisations call for an in-depth inquiry into the Irish airline's fuel policy. 

"Pilots are pressurised into taking as little fuel on board as possible in order to cut costs for the company", one of the pilots says. According to the four pilots this puts safety at risk. "We're always looking for the margins, the regulatory margins too", one of them claims. "Does this affect safety? Yes, it does", replies a colleague.

The pilots link this to events on the 26th of July of this year when three Ryanair planes all sent out mayday emergency calls due to low fuel levels on the same evening when approaching Valencia airport. During a press conference in Madrid, the Ryanair management claimed correct procedures had been followed. But a Spanish air-traffic controller said they were 'emergency' procedures. A reconstruction carried out by Reporter of that evening's events shows a disaster scenario waiting to happen. The pilots claim the incident was a direct result of Ryanair's rigid fuel policy. "If nothing changes then safety will go downhill", was the reaction of one pilot. "Yes, I'm afraid that something will happen if some issues don't change", another pilot said.

Nico Voorbach, President of the European Cockpit Association (ECA) is very concerned about Ryanair's policy: "It's just a matter of time before an aircraft has no fuel left at all. Voorbach is calling for an in-depth inquiry. The ECA is supported by the Dutch Airline Pilots Association. Its chairman Evert van Zwol says: 'I'd like to call for an in-depth inquiry. Not only in the Netherlands but also Europe-wide in order to take a good look at what's going on there.'

In the programme, the four whistleblowers talk about the deep-rooted fear culture at the company. They say that pilots are barely able to resist the pressure. 'When pilots voice their concerns they are punished', they claim. One of the sanctions imposed on pilots who are too critical is to be transferred to a base far away from home. A former captain described Ryanair's management style as: "A regime of suppression and dictatorship."
 Video 1 below...


Video 2 below...


You can read emails below sent to Ryanair from KRO.Some wordings in reply are similar to letters sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign from Michael O'Leary regarding Ryanair's Recruitment for Termination policy.

Video 3 below...http://content1b.omroep.nl/1a1e6a4017712367be0bffe4d3c90489/50fc85f1/kro/reporter/mailwisseling_reporter_ryanair.pdf

John Said,
The article below from the Daily Mirror in 2011 featured a real hero, James Anderson who was sacked by Ryanair for handing out a unite the union leaflet to a probationary cabin crew member,the very same probationary cabin crew members Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been fighting for since 2008...
                     One True Hero

if any firm was going to try to take employment laws back to the dark ages there was always a good chance it would be Ryanair.
Pilot James Anderson, below, was sacked by the airline because he allegedly "compromised safety".

His offence was to hand a membership form for Britain's biggest union, Unite, to a stewardess.
And that, you suspect, is what the airline really hated. At an employment tribunal this week, Ryanair insisted that as the captain, Anderson held a "highly responsible role" and "He must not be distracted in such a way that compromises safety - he did, and was sacked for gross misconduct."Really? At the time the flight from Stansted to Mallorca was on automatic pilot at cruising altitude with a co-pilot at the controls.The tribunal hearing in London was due to last four days. In the event, Ryanair surrendered within hours and must now pay 45-year-old Captain Anderson, who'd worked for the airline for eight years, £40,000 compensation.In a statement Captain Anderson, who hasn't had full-time work for two years since being sacked, said: "I am delighted with the result and now just want to get on and look after my family."Jim McAuslan, general secretary of the pilots' union BALPA, said: "The union believes that he should never have been dismissed in these circumstances."Ryanair has repeatedly refused to negotiate with unions and an attempt by Balpa to win recognition failed just months before Captain Anderson was sacked.Brendan Gold, Unite's national officer, said: "Ryanair has a record of being extremely aggressive towards unions but Unite will continue to support the right of staff working for Ryanair to organise themselves into a trade union."The airline responded to the case with the grace you'd expect: "We have no problem with pilots distributing leaflets in their own time, but not during a flight, when they should be attending to the aircraft, going through their checklists and prioritising the safety of Ryanair's aircraft, and not the membership of failed BA trade unions."
Newspaper article below.

                   '' BOYCOTT NOW ''


24 Jan 2013

Ryanair Cabin Crew Training ''SCAM'' StJAMES MANAGEMENT & Recruitment. http://www.aviationjobsearch.com

The Ryanair Moto ''Live the high life!''

The Ryanairdontcare Moto ''Live the LOW Life''...

Ryanair Cabin Crew Training & Recruitment scammers StJames Management are placing adverts on aviation sites all over the Internet.

We would ask any person wishing to contact StJames Management regarding Ryanair recruitment to first contact Ryanairdontcare Campaign  lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk.

Ryanair/StJames advert below.


RYANAIR'S Michael O'Leary ..TOLD STOP EXPLOITING FRENCH YOUNG PEOPLE...à force de discount FRANCE 2.. nos vies discount

                    ''nos vies discount''
"our discounted life'' broadcast January 29th at 22H55 (paris time) on the channel France2

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are very please to show this documentary clip which will be aired in full in France 29th January 2013....As you can see O'Leary the exploiter is very happy giving this interview but he never thought exploited cabin crew at Ryanair would be getting a mention,even better given longer than him to speak...
We believe Ryanairdontcare Campaign may be mentioned in the film credits..Watch the clip below


Thank you for putting your face to nos vies discount which will be aired in full in France 29th January 2013...Mr O'Leary let us see how many young French people stay clear of your SCAM cabin crew training/employment NOW.....Doomed to Fail ''MICHAEL''... Look at the credits  Lol......

It is not the first time a French Documentary has covered probationary Ryanair cabin crew.In 2011 Enrico Porsia filmed a Ryanairdontcare protest outside Ryanair's head office in Dublin... 
Video below.... Minute 38.00

23 Jan 2013


Documentary film "our discounted life'' broadcast January 29th at 22H55 (paris time) on the channel France2 which has a very big part regarding Europe's Greatest Training Robber's ''RYANAIR'' and exploiter DALMAC in Rush...


You can see some protests from Ryanairdontcare Campaign below at Dalmac in Rush.
Ryanair use Dalmac and Crelink as a front to recruit and TERMINATE young probationary cabin crew at Ryanair which has lead to thousands of young people's lives being damaged by Ryanair forever.
David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary you are both ''SCUM''.....


John said,

Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue to protest against Ryanair,Crewlink,Dalmac and StJames Management and are grateful for all the publicity being given to our campaign which is helping new recruits decision  NOT to join Europe's Greatest Training Robbers Of Young People ''RYANAIR''.... 

RYANAIR TERMINATION RATE OF NEW RECRUITS 60%...RYANAIR leading the way in wild west practices....

During a debate in the parliament about the one bag rule that many airlines are imposing to exploit passengers, Paul Murphy raises the issue around the practices of Ryanair, who are pioneers of such charges and other anti-worker initiatives.


John said,
Ryanair have a TERMINATION rate of up to 60% of new recruited probationary cabin crew all paying up to 3000 euro to train which could be the largest TERMINATION rate in aviation worldwide.

22 Jan 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that the Irish Government are looking at Dalmac/Workforce International's Exploiter Anne McCrudden which is great news...

As you can see the Irish Government Tracked on this Blog today.

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John said,
Dalmac/Workforce International have a TERMINATION rate of up to 60% of new recruits all paying up to 3000 euro to train.
Young people wishing a career in aviation as cabin crew must stay clear of RYANAIR/DALMAC/CREWLINK/StJAMES MANAGEMENT.Unless you wish to

RYANAIR ARE THE EXPLOITER OF CABIN CREW.http://www.unac.asso.fr .. Union of Civil Aviation Pilots and cabin crew) EUROPE'S GREATEST TRAINING ROBBERS ''RYANAIR''...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are pleased that UNAC (Union of Civil Aviation Pilots and cabin crew)  are pressing forward with our LOGO.


We can confirm that hits to this blog from our Dutch visitors have increased since our KRO posts which is great news...Ryanair will tell you that their Dutch flights have increased since the four Ryanair pilots told the true facts about working at Ryanair with lives being in danger...
We also believe that PIGS can fly ''RYANAIR''....

Union of Civil Aviation Pilots and cabin crew) post below.

21 Jan 2013

RYANAIR MAYDAY MAYDAY.LOW On FUEL..PROFIT PRIORITY....MICHAEL O'LEARY CLEARLY LYING..KRO INTERVIEW WITH RYANAIR'S CEO....RYANAIR Documentary film "our discounted life'' broadcast January 29th at 22H55 (paris time) on the channel France2...RYANAIR PUT LIVES AT RISK..

As you can see  Ryanair's exploiter Michael O'Leary was rattled by the KRO investigation into 3 mayday calls...
Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to thank the Pilots for telling the public the truth about Ryanair's priority.


 did a great job,the best so far...


Not To Be Missed.... Michael
Documentary film "our discounted life'' broadcast January 29th at 22H55 (paris time) on the channel France2.

Doomed To Fail......''Michael''

Safety Breach memo sent to cabin crew in 2011... All airline manufactures regulations state ALL trolleys must be stored away on landing and take off. 
What do Ryanair do, take one away so more storage can be used even though it puts lives at risk..

Stand up for your FLIGHT SAFETY – Sign now!