3 Jan 2013


                     ''Paul Ridgard''

WE MUST ALL REMEMBER  A Real Important Pilot ''Mr Paul Ridgard'' Liverpool based Ryanair pilot who was abused by Ryanair's management for profit only to commit suicide in 2011 at Manchester Airport.........
NO PRESS COVERAGE OF THIS..Ask yourself why!!!!!!!
SHAME On YOU DAVID BONDERMAN and O'LEARY...How do you sleep at night.... 

Ryanair pilots voice concerns on safety
Professional organisations call for an inquiry
Ryanair pilots regularly fly with less fuel than they'd like according to four Ryanair pilots in KRO's programme, 'Reporter'. They claim that to cut costs they are pressurised into taking as little fuel on board as possible. They see their participation in KRO's 'Reporter' as a wake-up call. "I hope it doesn't take a crash to wake everyone up", says one of them. In 'Reporter', professional organisations call for an in-depth inquiry into the Irish airline's fuel policy. 

"Pilots are pressurised into taking as little fuel on board as possible in order to cut costs for the company", one of the pilots says. According to the four pilots this puts safety at risk. "We're always looking for the margins, the regulatory margins too", one of them claims. "Does this affect safety? Yes, it does", replies a colleague.

The pilots link this to events on the 26th of July of this year when three Ryanair planes all sent out mayday emergency calls due to low fuel levels on the same evening when approaching Valencia airport. During a press conference in Madrid, the Ryanair management claimed correct procedures had been followed. But a Spanish air-traffic controller said they were 'emergency' procedures. A reconstruction carried out by Reporter of that evening's events shows a disaster scenario waiting to happen. The pilots claim the incident was a direct result of Ryanair's rigid fuel policy. "If nothing changes then safety will go downhill", was the reaction of one pilot. "Yes, I'm afraid that something will happen if some issues don't change", another pilot said.

Nico Voorbach, President of the European Cockpit Association (ECA) is very concerned about Ryanair's policy: "It's just a matter of time before an aircraft has no fuel left at all. Voorbach is calling for an in-depth inquiry. The ECA is supported by the Dutch Airline Pilots Association. Its chairman Evert van Zwol says: 'I'd like to call for an in-depth inquiry. Not only in the Netherlands but also Europe-wide in order to take a good look at what's going on there.'

In the programme, the four whistleblowers talk about the deep-rooted fear culture at the company. They say that pilots are barely able to resist the pressure. 'When pilots voice their concerns they are punished', they claim. One of the sanctions imposed on pilots who are too critical is to be transferred to a base far away from home. A former captain described Ryanair's management style as: "A regime of suppression and dictatorship."
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You can read emails below sent to Ryanair from KRO.Some wordings in reply are similar to letters sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign from Michael O'Leary regarding Ryanair's Recruitment for Termination policy.


If the LAN Chile aircraft had blocked the runway,Ryanair;s low fuel policy would have killed many on board their aircraft... Irish Aviation Authority Report into these 3 may days are not true....The Irish Aviation Authority are CORRUPT and have 8 former Ryanair employees on their books.......


Look what lies Ryanair say on their website....no metion of low fuel...


Ryanair, Europe’s favourite airline, today (3 Jan) dismissed the latest false claims by Dutch TV programme KRO REPORTER, which, just like last week’s programme, are unsupported by any factual evidence whatsoever. KRO's latest false claims, again made anonymously by unidentified contributors so that they cannot be tested or verified, is that pilots fly when they feel unwell (“unfit to fly”) or otherwise they would lose money.
This claim is manifestly untrue. Ryanair pilots routinely report being “unfit to fly” and are routinely replaced by standby pilots who are rostered on standby precisely to provide this cover. Equally, since Ryanair pilots can (by law) not fly more than 900 hours per year (an average of just 18 hours per week) they can and routinely do recover these occasional sick days later in the year.
The falsity of these latest KRO REPORTER claims is proven by the fact that in the last full roster year to March 2012, out of a total of over 1,700 contractor pilots, over 1,010 (or more than 58%) reported “unfit to fly” at some time during the year. These false claims are also disproven by the fact that Ryanair rosters over 200 pilots on standby on a daily basis to cover pilot sickness and other eventualities. Over the past 7 days, from Wed 26 Dec – Wed 2 Jan, a total of 169 pilots reported themselves as "unfit to fly" and were replaced by a standby pilot. These factual figures disprove KRO REPORTER’S anonymous false claims.
Ryanair now calls for an investigation into the low standards of journalism exhibited by this KRO REPORTER programme which masquerades as investigative journalism, but has over two separate broadcasts offered no evidence of any wrongdoing or of any safety breaches but has instead based its programmes on false claims from anonymous people whose identities have been hidden by this programme precisely because their claims are untrue.
The contributions by KLM pilots are equally unreliable since they don’t work for Ryanair and instead work for a competitor airline. The only factual evidence in these matters is the official IAA report into the 3 Valencia weather diversions on 26 July last which confirmed that all 3 aircraft took extra fuel on the night in question, and Ryanair’s continuing compliance with all EU safety regulations including pilot hours and sickness provisions.
Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said;
“Perhaps KRO REPORTER should now explain why 169 Ryanair pilots reported themselves “unfit to fly” in the last 7 days if, as their programme claims, Ryanair pilots are unwilling or afraid to do so.”

John said,
Thought this video from KRO is the best done so far.Many more to follow we hope..Ryanair's priority is profit and exploitation of probationary cabin crew is a priority...Contracts of crew through so called agents hourly rate of pay make O'Leary and Bonderman a tidy profit of over 50 million a year,to which shareholders are not aware of..
I will explain the true facts about the article above from Ryanair who are very cleaver in conning the public into thinking pilots only work 18 hours a week which is simply not true..

Ryanair Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Crew,today 3rd January agree with the latest claims by Dutch TV programme KRO reporter,which,just like last week's programme is supported by the pilots who fly Ryanair aircraft.The reason for pilots being anonymous in this programme is to protect their jobs as Ryanair through so called agents will eventually terminate their contracts.Pilots and cabin crew are TERMINATED for sick days which leads to passengers safety none existent if sick crew fly,sick crew can not perform well.Pilots and Cabin Crew by Law can not exceed 900 flying hours a year which does happen at Ryanair.
Ryanairdontcare must point out that pilots work  18 hours flying time,12 hours flight briefing & sitting at controls on turn around which does not include delays(which are many) plus in some cases a pilot can take 10 hours to arrive at a base to fly from. Total being 40+ hours a week with pilots being paid for only 18 hours of flying time....
1,700 contracted pilots are used at Ryanair as a way in making huge amounts of profit as Ryanair pay the so called agents a hourly rate of pay with 50% being paid to pilots/cabin crew and 50% going in the pockets of agents that Ryanair have set up to do...Millions each year going into David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary's pockets..
All crew on home standby which is likely to be 2 times a week are not paid ..
Ryanairdontcare Campaign now call on an investigation into the exploitation of pilots and cabin crew and wrongdoings of Ryanair which has lead to,sickness and suicide of some Ryanair crew. 
As for the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) who have 8 former Ryanair employees working there,report into the 3 may day calls in Spain,we will confirm a cover up by the IAA as Bonderman and O'leary are lining someones pocket.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign call on the EU Commission to throw out the Aer Lingus bid by Ryanair and STOP the chief at Ryanair David Bonderman TPG from buying Stansted Airport.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign must point out that ALL airports in Europe are aware of the exploitation of Ryanair's crew and many safety issues which are broken by Ryanair but are ONLY interested in (profit) landing fees.

Ryanair set up Agents Crewlink and Workforce International to give working contracts out to Probationary Cabin Crew..80% of cabin crew at Ryanair are contracted through crewlink/workforce international who Ryanair pay an hourly rate of pay with 50% going to crewlink/workforce international, shareholders being scammed also.
With up to 3000 euro paid to train as Ryanair cabin crew Termination rate of new recruits is as high as 60%..More  recruits leads to more TERMINATIONS....Recruitment for Termination which is a SCAM...Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been saying this since 2008....Time for a total BOYCOTT of Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of THeir Workforce ''RYANAIR''....
The press will jump on the O'Leary band wagon when the real CHIEF Exploiter at Ryanair since 2004 is Texas Billionaire David Bonderman TPG..... ''SCUM BAG''.... 

RYANAIRDONTCARE PROTESTS will continue.Please donate to  paypal account  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk to help fight Ryanair.
Thank you..

Ryanairdontcare Campaign was sent this email below from a Ryanair Pilot who wanted the truth out regarding Mr Ridgard...

first officer in Ryanair.

His father died, and didn't get leave to go to his funeral and had to work.
after his father died, his mother got sick as well.

he asked Ryanair to have unpaid leave, but off course this was denied. he asked this multiple times, due to personal and psychological circumstances.

Paul, was rejected for his command upgrade.

a week ago, he walked to he aircraft with the base TRE. upon walking to the aircraft the base TRe of LPL told him he had to fail him in advance. with even not doing a official check.
the base tre was told by tony owens, the head of training. RYANAIR already decided that Paul wouldn't get his command. never.
This all, together with his loss of his father, with being bullied by the company, getting no unpaid leave, working on funeral days, not being fit to fly and in the end getting the story that he was kept warm by the company, who didn't give a shit, and in the end told him that he would never get his command upgrade.Paul committed suicide. 

Protest outside Ryanair head office in 2011 in support of Mr Ridgard.

I must make people aware that Ryanair order pilots & cabin crew outside of the UK to open a bank account with  Bank Of Ireland.70%  of crew comply..Bank of Ireland are acting in a corrupt way as a shareholder and making sure salary payments to crew are monitored..Any union payment from your account  will be monitored by this bank and forwarded to Ryanair.....
When Ryanair crew members are  terminated  the Bank of Ireland will freeze the bank account of the terminated crew member at the request of Ryanair...Cabin crew in Europe have opened their own bank account but must transfer their monthly salary payment from Bank of Ireland to their bank ..As for PAYE payments of cabin crew ,Ryanair hold them in a high BOI interest account,earning Bonderman and O'Leary i tidy profit before handing over to the Irish government.
All in all you can see the priority at  Ryanair is profit and not safety of crew and passengers....

As you can see from the KRO interview with O'Leary below, the exploiter was rattled ...


1 Jan 2013


Ryanair Europe's Greatest Exploiters Of Young Cabin Crew will continue to put passenger and crews lives at Risk for profit....
Michael O'Leary was quoted in saying ''We can loose 2 aircraft with all passengers on board before people will stop flying with us''...Do we need to say anymore,TIME To BOYCOTT Ryanair now...
In 2012 Ryanair had 3 may days calls all in the very same day which has never happened before, reason being Ryanair make profit a PRIORITY before human life.Putting less fuel in their aircraft as a way to increase profits is a disgrace. The Irish Pilot Union IALPA have made their views public by saying safety must come before profit.
We now have Pilots saying lives are at risk and the aviation authority in Ireland the Irish Aviation Authority are turning a blind eye..We must point out that 8 former Ryanair employees now work at the Irish Aviation Authority.......


Protest outside the IAA in 2011.