11 Jan 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have comment below which came from a Ryanair pilot...

I saw your website by purpose. I got it via google, anyway  i was thinking if you have ever approached the media with the real stories about ryanair.
As an employee, i am daily in it. i know all about the exploitation and illegal practices  .
I work as a contract pilot, and have to work on my toes every day.If ever i speak up, my head will get cut off.

There are so many things wrong in ryanair.
We have to pay for our own typerating, uniform, sim recurrence and hotel, but even more stupid during work we have to bring our instant coffee because we only get warm water from the company.This we can maybe relate to the low cost concepts besides nowadays there is no staff travel possible with checked in bags, 

Other things are that sometimes we fly more than 15 hrs a day, we have to ''play'' with the hours. we have extend duty times which are in the end not legal.
The best thing that can happen and everybody agrees, that there will be a union, which will take care of all the employees....
To prevent this, ryanair had frozen all the bases when there was a vote which means, no command upgrades for first officers, no possibilities to change base and they were hiring new pilots  that had to sign in advance that they were against a union  otherwise they wouldn't get the job.

The cabin crew story on your site is true.
I have been officially told that its ryanair's policy to take as many Cabin Crew as possible for training in a year, then terminate as many as needed. just to make money.In  Dublin at one time management were told that for next month 50 Cabin Crew. with no reason need to be terminated to make way for new recruits.. 

I hope one day this thing will affect ryanair, and someone will get to the media with this and finally someone will have a look at the unfair play of ryanair together and the illegal things they do. 
That is the reason why they make a big profit, and they are not beatable for fair playing legal companies.
I am in the middle of the play and i am happy to provide all things that is necessary to make this a better place for all employees.

just my thoughts...

10 Jan 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign were send the comment below today from cabin crew at Ryanair..Today is salary payment day.Some parts  are changed to protect the identity of the cabin crew member..After reading this you still wish to work at Ryanair,

Great Blog John. Ryanair is one nasty horrible company who exploits good people and thieves them of their money! They force contracts, they make absurd deductions and cost evaluations. It's disgusting. For a month's worth of flying, with 82 flying hours (plus promised commission from in-flight sales) i received a wage slip today. Not least did this wage slip look highly unprofessional and as though a 2 year old (or monkey for that matter) had made it, the number on the sheet was staggering. For 82 hours work i  was paid well under £640. I was taxed by Ireland AND the country i am based in ( unwanted base that i committed to for the job). I left a job at a .............  paying  £1200 a month. So how do you justify this O'Leary? You pig-faced tw.. It's slave labour, your horrible greedy company should be liquidized and you should be locked up for extorting humans. You'll need gallons of Horlicks to sleep at night from now on, because like a lot of other people on here, My partner will now make it a personal vendetta to destroy your company. My partner is a ......... and will can make sure the .........  reveal the truth about you scumbags.