5 Sep 2014

AIR SCOOP The European Low-Cost Specialists..Ryanair Facts Behind Figures...EMPLOYMENT SCAM OF Cabin Crew,,,''RYANAIR''...

Today Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley received an email from  AIR SCOOP the European Low-Cost Specialists which can be viewed below.

Dear John,

How are you doing?

It has been a long time since our cabinet and you did not get in touch.
First, we would like to thank you for your support following a Court's decision that we find unfair.
Second, we would like to offer you the access to our new report "Ryanair Facts Behind Figures" (direct download here)

This report focuses primarily on:
- Tax Optimisation System (with Ryanair affiliates in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Jersey...). We came to the conclusion that the airline only pays 3% of tax in Ireland, not 12,5% like it claims.
- Cabin Crew and Pilots : following your publications on St James, we decided to investigate and we found interesting links between Crewlink, WFI and Cabin Crew International. We'll let you discover it in our publication.

Please come back to us once you've read it. And don't hesitate to share it around (it is on our website too).

Best regards,

Klaus Berger
Chief Editor at Air Scoop

John said,
 Ryanair Facts Behind Figures can be viewed below.


Air Scoop must tread carefully when it comes to Ryanair with fear of Libel.
David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary do not scare me one bit.
I would like to comment about page 38 of this report.
Ryanair on paper outsource cabin crew recruitment and training of its cabin crew when if fact Ryanair set up and own Crewlink Ireland Ltd.As for Ryanair outsourcing (on paper) cabin crew employment this is done for two reasons.Firstly keep the termination rate of new recruits to a high figure of up to 60% which is a profitable model for recruiters (Crewlink and Dalmac) to receive their profit.Secondly and the main reason is the hourly rate of pay SCAM which makes Ryanair Millions each year from Cabin Crew and Pilots with no fall back on Ryanair.
St James Management Services was run on paper by John Mudge ( who i know from my court cases with him) who involved M2 training Ltd in Ryanair cabin crew training and recruitment,setting up one more MAZE with Work Skills Ltd gaining over £1.5 million from UK Government Department Skills Funding Agency for Ryanair cabin crew apprenticeships.
I can say that emails i have received from Skills Finding Agency have confirmed that no more funds will be given to any company or directors connected to St James Management,M2 Training Ltd,Work Skills Ltd and Ryanair for purpose of cabin crew.
Training managers at the Ryanair cabin crew training programme (which cost new recruited cabin crew 3K Euro) are Ryanair employees.
''Doomed To Fail Michael'' AGM Next..................