22 Aug 2015


Crewlink Ireland Ltd is a SHELL company set up by Ryanair in 2003-04 and was the brain child of US Ryanair chief David Bonderman..Bonderman (TPG) a US billionaire,who worked in civil rights for attorney generals office in USA, guilty of wrecking the lives of thousands of young cabin crew at Ryanair for profit.
Over 10,000 new recruited cabin crew at Ryanair have been Terminated for profit by Crewlink Ireland.This SHELL company is run by Scum bag Frank Whelan and Judy Byrne who have become millionaires through Termination.

Profit brake down on new recruits at Crewlink/Ryanair......

1,Crewlink Ireland confirm on their website that they have over 3100 + contracted cabin crew at Ryanair.
2,Ryanair cabin crew training fee with accommodation cost €3,000 x 3100 =€930,000
3,Uniform at Ryanair costs  €360 x 3100 =  €111,600
4,Airport ID cards cost €110 x 3100 = €34,100.
5,A 40% PAYE charge on new recruits in first 3 months (as Crewlink always say paper work not ready) If 3100 contracted cabin crew work 100 hours in three months (it is a lot higher) €15.40 per hour = €1,540 x 100 hours = €154,000 x 3100 contracted cabin crew = €4,774,000 at 40% PAYE rate = €1,909,600 which is placed in a 12 month bank of Ireland high interest account.So every 3 months nearly €1 million is created with this high rate of PAYE..To keep this PAYE SCAM going Crewlink must continue to Recruit  more young cabin crew.The more Crewlink recruit the more new recruits are TERMINATED.
Just take a look at (September 2015) next months recruitment at Crewlink Ireland, 

Valencia 01/09/2015
Seville 02/09/2015
Thessaloniki 02/09/2015
Cagliari 02/09/2015
Warsaw 02/09/2015
Athens 03/09/2015
Malaga 03/09/2015
Wroclaw 03/09/2015
Amsterdam 04/09/2015
Cork 04/09/2015
Madrid 08/09/2015
Prague 09/09/2015
Milan Bergamo 09/09/2015
Pisa 09/09/2015
Venice 09/09/2015
Catania 10/09/2015
Bologna 10/09/2015
Bratislava 14/09/2015
Barcelona 15/09/2015
Rome 15/09/2015
Bristol 16/09/2015
Dublin 17/09/2015
Naples 17/09/2015
Lamezia 18/09/2015
Manchester 18/09/2015
Bucharest 21/09/2015
Bari 22/09/2015
Krakow 23/09/2015
Budapest 23/09/2015
London 24/09/2015
Palermo 24/09/2015
Glasgow 24/09/2015
Porto 29/09/2015
Malta 30/09/2015
Valencia 30/09/2015
Lisbon 30/09/2015

That is 36 recruitment days in only one month at Crewlink Ireland.This recruitment is for the low season at Ryanair.Ask yourself why are Crewlink/Ryanair having so many recruitment days, Answer TERMINATION....

6, A 20% commission is paid to each of these 3100 Crewlink contracted cabin crew for on board sales which can be as much as  €300 a month which is of sales of €1,500 for each cabin crew member.No accountability of sales is given to contracted cabin crew by Crewlink?Ryanair, they say what commission you get...

7, The biggest SCAM in this is the per hour rate of pay given to contracted cabin crew by Crewlink...Ryanair pay Crewlink €30 per hour but only €15.40 is given to Crewlink contracted cabin crew.€14.60 is kept by Crewlink and shareholders are not aware.
If 3100 Crewlink contracted cabin crew work 90 hours in one month €1,314 x 3100 which is €407,340 a month over paid to this Ryanair SHELL company..Millions each year since 2004..
Ryanair have one more cabin crew Shell company set up,Workforce International doing the very same as above.
The set up for Ryanair pilots is the very same but we are talking x 10 of the above figures.


21 Aug 2015


        GREAT NEWS For Mr O'Leary ''NOT'' Lol...

A Ryanair plane

Ryanair has lost a test case over flight delays, which could affect compensation claims being made by millions of passengers.
Manchester County Court said Ryanair could not cut the time a passenger has in which to claim from six years to two by adding a clause to its small print.
The ruling sets a precedent for delayed  passengers on all airlines.
Ryanair said the six-year rule was "unnecessary and unreasonable" and that it would appeal against the decision.

'Absolutely furious'

The Supreme Court ruled last year that delayed passengers in England and Wales have six years to claim, but Ryanair says passengers who book with it accept their terms and conditions, and therefore the claim limit is two years.
But at Manchester County Court, Judge Platts ruled Ryanair could not use a clause in its small print to impose a limit.


Analysis by Simon Gompertz, BBC personal finance correspondent

Ryanair disputes the suggestion from some lawyers that it could be exposed to hundreds of millions of pounds worth of compensation claims from customers who suffered delays.
The airline says that even if its appeal against the Manchester County Court ruling is unsuccessful, its maximum potential liability is €5m (£3.6m).
The low figure is the result of the fact that, according to Ryanair, more than 90% of passengers affected by delays make a valid claim within two years.
That means that very few would need to submit one between two and six years after the event, even if they realised that they had the option.
Nevertheless, Ryanair and other airlines are deeply unhappy about the EU-wide system triggering payouts which can be way in excess of the cost of the ticket.
The consumer group, Which?, said airlines should hold their hands up and pay compensation where it is due.


Lawyers say the ruling stands to affect millions of air passengers, because if Ryanair had won, all airlines may have been able to impose a two-year time limit on all existing and future flight delay claims.
Passengers can claim between £180 and £440 for a delay of at least three hours, depending on the length of the wait and the distance to be travelled.
The Independent's travel editor, Simon Calder, said airlines were "absolutely furious" with the ruling.
He added: "They say it's tough running an airline. Things occasionally go wrong, but to give people - as they put it - free money seems totally disproportionate."

Legal firm Bott & Company, based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, which represented the two passengers who brought the case against Ryanair. It says the ruling could potentially total up to £610m of past claims for Ryanair - although the airline disputes this assessment.
The firm's Kevin Clarke said: "We're delighted that the court has dismissed yet another argument put forward by the airlines to restrict passenger rights.
"We fully expect the airlines to continue to fight these cases but we are prepared to hold them to account in each and every instance where the law says compensation is payable, and with the courts continuing to find on behalf of consumers we've real cause to be optimistic that passengers will receive the compensation they are entitled to."

Immediate appeal

Ryanair said in a statement: "We note this ruling which reverses lower court orders that a two-year time limit for claims is reasonable.
"Since we believe a six-year time limit for submitting such claims is both unnecessary and unreasonable, we have instructed our lawyers to immediately appeal this ruling."
Jenny Fletcher has a claim in progress for compensation from Ryanair after her flight from Granada in Spain to Stansted Airport was delayed, and then transferred to depart from Malaga instead.
She said: "It's fantastic news. I'm so pleased that this has finally got approval. Groups of people have had their holidays completely ruined, and now there's finally a bit of hope for us."
Ryanair has told the BBC it would not comment on Ms Fletcher's case, as it is still going through the courts.