26 Mar 2017


Frank Whelan and Judy Byrne have been used by Ryanair since 2004 as one of two companies (Dalmac in Rush being the second ) to recruit young want to be cabin crew from all parts of Europe. They set up a second company called Crewlink Ireland Ltd in 2008 Southern Cross Business Park in Bray, Co Wicklow. What they don't tell you is that their recruitment set up is not all it seems. With priority being RECRUITMENT for TERMINATION as a way in generation £Millions each year with no blame landing at Ryanair's door.
For many years now this blog has exposed this scam,you can see three of many blog posts below. http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/ryanair-mobsters.html http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/ryanair-stjames-management.html http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/ryanair-crewlink-recruitment.html In 2012 Ryanair/Crewlink would hold on average 15 recruitment days a month.In 2017 the average recruitment days are 40. To put this in context, EASYJET held 6 cabin crew recruitment days in 2016. The more cabin crew Ryanair/Crewlink recruit the more cabin crew Terminated. The photo below is my first protest in 2009 against a recruiter in UK set up by Ryanair/Crewlink called St James Management..St James Management were heavily involved with Ryanair/Crewlink in Scamming my 18 year old daughter Sarah. In 2014 after scamming so many young people for Ryanair/Crewlink, St James Management closed down.I do believe the pressure and protests i did was a factor. http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/ryanair-stjames-management.html
The profits generated through exploitation of cabin crew run into the £millions and the Irish Government employment section is FULLY aware of this practice and does nothing.
The comments below have just been sent to this blog regarding the Ryanair/Crewlink training set up in Hahn Germany. The student has asked me to publish their comments as a way in helping other young people wishing to become cabin crew, to stay clear of Ryanair. STUDENT TAKING RYANAIR CABIN CREW TRAINING COURSE SAID,,,, Hi!! I'm currently in HAHN GERMANY for RYANAIR TRAINING COURSE. BEING RIPPED CLEAN OFF. I HOPE YOU CAN SHARE MY STORY TO STOP THIS AIRLINE EXPANDING RECRUITS!!!! If there is also any contacts or information or help/advice to gain any reimbursement of the awfulness I have been through please help! Basically It's all a scam. I don't like the company it's a rip off. My hotel won't refund me. In the interview and on my training agreement we were advised that the registration fee would cover airport ID ETC. Well I arrived in Hahn they wanted another 50 for the ID when the registration was supposed to cover this. They advised in interview they will help with Irish bank account changes and give us a accomodation pack and letting agencies for base. When we got there they basically said "we don't deal with you once you leave Hahn regarding base information it'll be yourselves" first day Adam from crewlink spoke to everyone like a piece of shit. 250 registration fee was supposed to cover airport ID. To top it off they wouldn't accept my reference as the signature on it was printed and not in pen. THEN they said I needed new shoes just for the course! The course alone was 3000! I flew over from edinbrugh baring in mine I live in Newcastle so had to drive and stay over night before hand. Fly from Edinburgh to Düsseldorf in Germany, then another flight to Thessaloniki in GREECE then back into Hahn. 3 flights in 1 day!! Flew me into Germany then back out again as there was no direct flight into Hahn from Düsseldorf!!! I've found direct flights for 104£ from Edinburgh to Hahn and they made us travel and sit on airports for over 12 hours when a direct flight takes 1 hour 30 mins. On arrival the accommodation was awful I took it upon my self to get my own accommodation called HOTEL BAJAZZO who made me transfer 200€ via bank transfer on FACEBOOK to secure the room when in fact I found out that this hotel DO NOT take payments to secure any rooms at all. Then 500€ on arrival. €700 in total. Ryanair keep asking for additional costs and Ive payed 700 for 4 days as I am leaving because of the way I was treat. The woman at hotel only agrees to give me a 50 deposit I paid back, the police advised me to get a lawyer once back in Newcastle to try FIGHT for MY MONEY!!! After I've spent over 1500 just getting here!!! Now I had to pay my own flight home. CREWLINK couldn't even help with me printing a study pack off email and advised me to find an Internet cafe to print as the library couldn't print it for me as it's needed on the first day, this is NOT AMERICA. We do not have Internet cafes in U.K.! They demanded this printed for the training. Most people turned up unorganised to start with. Once deciding I'm leaving crewlink advised they cannot tell me if there was any flights home and couldn't reimburse a cost for flight neither my registration fee! Advised me to just look on the Ryanair website and book myself. I have been totally ripped off and disgusted with Ryanair. Crewlink and Hotel Bajazzo. Me and my family are not leaving this here. Thank you for your response. Hope to hear soon. JOHN SAID, I wish to say a big thank you to this student for telling their true story of training as cabin crew at Ryanair training camp in Hahn Germany.