3 Aug 2016


John said,
Posting this information because Billy Moore from Liverpool has inspired me to write my book about Ryanair which should be out by the end of 2017..Shocking account of Ryanair recruitment policy through Shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International which has and continues to wreck thousands of young lives which involves Suicide. Many involved are now worth €millions through Ryanair recruitment for termination which is still going on.Irish,UK Government's and Aviation Authorities turn a blind eye. The book will contain details Ryanair,Aviation Authority IAA and the Irish Government will try to ban which will Fail..Once you read this book "never again will you fly Ryanair..The real Ryanair chief Billionaire US David Bonderman TPG and Michael O'Leary have blood on their hands..."Doomed To Fail Mr O'leary"............... Fund Raising Auction for Billy Moore starts Sunday 7th August at 9.pm and ends Sunday 14th August 9pm.Many great items to bid on.All money raised will go to help Billy's holistic alternative therapies path to help him beat this cancer..Please all share this Auction on Sunday which will be posted on Billy's Facebook Page..

2 Aug 2016


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yEROMAaLVs Ryanair's CEO Michael O'leary not only lying about cabin crew uniforms.He clearly states cabin crew at Ryanair pay for their own uniforms.On BBC2 Jeremy Vine radio show he states they don't..Listen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tm9FQQUxKA Ryanair exploit,cheat and abuse thousands of young cabin crew for profit through their shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce Intrrnational.Recruitment for Termination is the Ryanair way..www ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com will continue to fight this EVIL management at Ryanair 24/7.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tm9FQQUxKA On 19th May 2016 Ryanair 's CEO Michael O'leary was asked the question on BBC2 radio show (Jeremy Vine) do Ryanair charge cabin crew for their uniform.It is clear Michael O'leary is saying Ryanair pay for the uniform and cabin crew even make a profit.Shocking how this man is getting away with the exploitation of thousands of young cabin crew through shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International..Recruitment for the sole purpose of Termination..Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0kFeda55yk&app=desktop and listen to what Michael O'leary said to the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly on 30 March to 1st April 2014 at the 27.49 mark of the video. Cabin crew at Ryanair do pay for their uniforms.We at www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com will continue to fight Ryanair senior management 24/7. John said, Michael O'leary is one men not to be trusted.His LYING over cabin crew uniforms above is a small example of the way Ryanair management work. There are two types of cabin crew at Ryanair.One being contracted through Ryanair with a Ryanair contract only about 1000 cabin crew have this contract.Then we have probationary cabin crew 4000 who are exploited in every way through Ryanair shell companies Crewlink Ireland & Workforce International who all pay for their uniform. Ryanair use these shell companies to make money off these probationary cabin crew with 60% terminated making way for new recruits.Per hour rate of pay Scam being one of the main reasons for termination.We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign call it recruitment for termination..The unions and Government's are fully aware and sit back and do nothing whilst thousands of young people all over Europe have their career's wrecked.The last months salary which is all the finances these young cabin crew have after Termination is kept by Ryanair shell companies sending many of these young people into depression and in some cases suicidal..After Termination salary taken and no Ryanair flight home (many based away from home). They must pay even though they have no money.I myself drove to Dublin from Liverpool to pick my own child up in 2008. TIME TO BOYCOTT THIS AIRLINE AT ALL COST.
Bilderberg member Michael O'Leary CEO exploiter at Ryanair....
David Bonderman TPG the real chief exploiter at Ryanair.

1 Aug 2016

GERMAN POLICE TAX RAIDS ON RYANAIR PILOTS.Michael O'Leary's Pilot and Cabin Crew Shell Companies Must Be NEXT?

GERMAN TAX RAIDS ON RYANAIR PILOT HOMES. ... The Ryanair Pilot Group have information that there are 101 Search Warrants currently in the hands of the German Police/Customs. A large number have not yet been executed and we expect the home raids to continue. John said, Brookfield Aviation and McNamara and Associates need to be investigated by the German Police..Ryanair exploit all crew at Ryanair.Profit priority not safety.If it was safety then "What about the Fake airport ID card a scam involving Ryanair at Stansted Airport".
Ryanair Staff memo warns that signing letter airing safety fears would be ‘gross misconduct'... http://ryanairbrookfielddontcare.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/ryanairs-cabin-crew-had-it-bad-wait-til.html


We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign have found out that the Fake Ryanair airport cabin crew id cards used as Stansted airport in the UK came from a office in Dublin. Crewlink Ireland Ltd a shell company set up by Ryanair gave out these Fake ID cards. The addressis, Unit 19 Grange Parade, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Dublin 13, Ireland let us hope the UK police fully investigate this ID Card Scam. Safety and Security must be priority Ryanair.. Chris Tonge below Email Chris@crewlink.ie has been sacked.Did Ryanair inform British police of this security breach????