19 Feb 2017


The report below came to Ryanairdontcare Campaign from a former cabin crew at Ryanair.We must confirm Ryanair own Crewlink Ireland Ltd which was set up to exploit young people all over Europe with no blame landing at Ryanair,s door.Crewlink was set up in 2004 and the idea of Texas Billionaire,Ryanair chief David Bonderman. Bondo to his friends ,had worked with the attorney generals office in Civil Rights in the USA and is guilty of the exploitation and social dumping of 10,000,s of young people all over Europe for Profit. This blog was involved in this story below showing the wealth of this man Bondo. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2396285/Ryanair-Bonuses-catching-excess-baggage-pushing-e-cigarettes.html
This blog also exposed the Ryanair on board charity scratch card scam. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ryanair-plane-unfair-charity-lotto-5920749
In 2008 the company name was changed to Crewlink Ireland Ltd with current directors Frank Whelan and Judy Byrne in Dublin. Crewlink Ireland Ltd is one of two companies used to exploit these cabin crew with Dalmac /Workforce International being the other. The article below comes from a former Ryanair cabin crew member who worked at Ryanair for four years. The aviation authorities know what Ryanair are doing and for years have been looking the other way. Profit being a priority one could say. Dear Sir/Madam, I just recently found out your web site in which you are pointing several issues about Ryanair. I would like to inform you about how the company is running now, which is it extremely dissapointing from a motivated worker's point of view. I have worked in Ryanair for 4 years. I no longer work for them. I will tell you all my problems during I was working for this company. 0-12 months I was contracted by Crewlink Ltd Ireland (which anyway it is a company created by Ryanair). This agency is the most disorganized and cheating company I have ever worked with. During this first year I realized that my payments of the social welfare were delayed over one month. During the first month of unemployment I was not covered by any social insurance even though I got deducted from my salary the correspondent percentage according to the social insurance. The contracts with Ryanair work in this way: You work on Irish law, with Irish conditions, but the social insurance MUST be paid to the country in which the worker is based or generally operating. This is to comply with the EU regulation 465/12. During my employment with Crewlink the first year I have been addressed so many problems with them that I will list them: - Problems to open a bank account in which I MUST open an Irish bank account, no other nationality is allowed (unless working in the UK) - Forcing us to open the bank account in Ireland, offering a flight (after pressuring them for 2 months ) in your days OFF. - Not being eligible to get unemployment benefits on your unpaid leave, as for other countries this does not apply (only Ireland recognize this kind of leave) 12-28 months I got granted a transfer to Greece. Crewlink did not did its job in this country. We were deducted our percentage of salary for the social welfare in Greece, however in the national offices of employment they did not have any record of the employees whatsoever. We had to pay our doctors and medicaments in full as we were not recognized by Greece as workers. Basically, Crewlink was holding the money without fixing any problem with the Greek government. in this case, Crewlink was doing a clearly social dumping. The staff in Greece advised million times Crewlink of the situation. They were careless. People needed to go to the doctor and no one paid any single payment for the visits in order to have a health assistant. 16.5% of the salary was deducted to give to the Greek government. After 1.5 years fighting with them, threatening Crewlink and reporting them, an inspection in the crew room took place. The company got a fine (apparently) of 10000 euros per worker not declared. After 1 month, all the overdue payments were recognized in the country. Although having a fine of 10000 euros per worker seems a lot, it is not. We were about 50 workers in irregular situation, so that means that the fine was around half a million of euros. Considering that the company does a profit of 1000 euros per annum, 0.5 of a fine represents only a 0.5% of loss, which is not that important. 29 months till the end of the employment This last period in my career in a Ryanair aircraft was really confusing. The company entered in a constant threatening and bullying system towards the employees. As part of your main role as cabin crew (safety and security), sales are an important factor for Ryanair. We used to have an electronic machine to record the sales made on board (the machine was called EPOS). In the past, all the sales made in the EPOS were subject to a commission which was a 10% of the total sold , divided into 4 (the crew members on board). This thing changed on this year. They introduced a new system to record the sales made on-board. It is like a mobile phone. Each crew member receives one. You need to charge it every day. If you get it stolen, you pay it (unless you report this in a police station). If you lose it, you pay it. If you break it, you pay it... All of these, for 400 euros deducted from your salary. By the time this new "machine" arrived to our hands, the system of commissions changed. All you put through your machine is what you are gonna receive at the end of the month (10% of the total sold). So that means, if you put 500 euros you will get 50 euros of commissions. This new system has created hatred, greedy, lack of team work and people fighting to sell for a bunch of euros at the end of the month. This of course, provoked for the low salaries received from the company. Another issue in this last part of my employment was the NO RESPECT of your resting periods. After a flight, you need to have 12h30m of rest and Operations control should not interrupt this period. I lost the count for how many times they called me before my 12h30m of rest, changing me duties at all times. AS well, people are asked to work on the day OFF, with no extra payment and no other benefit back. Not even taxi paid if needed. This practice has been taking in all of the network. The problem is that people accept to work on their days off and the company are taking advantage of this situation . This provokes again a cut in our worker's rights. Since I joined the company, the lack of knowledge of safety has been remarkable. I have seen people totally paralyzed in medical emergencies for not knowing what to do. People not answering the question of how to use of a Halon (Fire extinguisher), people sleeping in the galleys and getting called via the interphone and not answering, people skipping safety procedures at all times, playing on the phone on taking-off and landings (which is strictly forbidden), etc... The new standards to enter in the company have been lowered to a really minimum. The level of English is practically inexistent. There is no psychological test (some people are clearly mentally disordered/ socially misfit). There are so many breaches in the company that I cannot really think about all of them. I just wanted to make you this clear and if you want you can expose this in your web page. Make this known! As I think all people should know that when they are paying a 10 euro ticket, they are paying "slavery" and really bad conditions for workers. If you need to make more questions, please feel free. A ex-Ryanair worker John said, Memo with this article below which will be covered in the next post.A big thank you to this ex-Ryanair cabin crew member for telling their story and I would hope many will Boycott Europe's worst airline, either as an employee or customer. Report has been sent to the Civil Aviation Authority.