22 Mar 2013

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RYANAIR EUROPE'S BIGGEST EXPLOITER OF YOUNG CABIN CREW HAVE SET UP AELI HÔTESSES MAROC in Morocco to recruit and Terminate young probationary cabin crew...Offering a one year contract..The website below is a SCAM....

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21 Mar 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can conform a report in the Irish Daily mail,RAIDED the wrong address...German revenue Police should arrest  former Ryanair board member Klaus Kirchberger who has been involved in exploitation of so many young German students for profit for years..Klaus Kirchberger was the biggest visitor to   Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog and has noe left Ryanair.....Ryanairdontcare Campaign believe he was running scared....Klaus Kirchberger should be investigated and it should be a priority...


In the meantime this week in Germany (this story featured in Irish Daily Mail and BBC Radio Foyle):
by Gerry Byrne
The homes of some Ryanair pilots in Germany have been raided by that country's revenue police, according to Ryanair union sources. Personal papers and computers have been seized after the pilots were questioned about their financial affairs for several hours. The pilots were served with court orders as the raids commenced, according to the newly formed Ryanair Pilot Group (RPG).
The German raids followed related activity in Italy where the tax authorities earlier this year raided Bergamot Airport and questioned pilots and cabin crew over allegations of unpaid Italian taxes. According to the Ryanair Pilots Group, some pilots have since received demands of upwards of €40,000 from the Italian revenue. Lower paid cabin crew have also been caught up in the Italian revenue trawl and some of them are facing demands for back taxes and fines dating back to 2006 amounting in some cases to more than €8,000.
The Italian authorities have also launched a legal action against Ryanair in Milan claiming that it owes them €12 million for unpaid employer's social security payments dating back to 2006. A similar action is expected to resume in France after Ryanair obtained an adjournment for legal reasons.
The recent moves are expected to be repeated in other EU countries as legal pressure mounts on Ryanair's claim that, because they work on Irish registered aircraft, its employees are only liable for Irish taxes.
Ryanair's 3,000 pilots and almost 6,000 cabin crew have no choice in the matter as their contract of employment requires that they register with the Irish revenue and social welfare system, even if they are foreign nationals, or work in another country. Critics of the system say that Ryanair profits from paying significantly lower employer social welfare costs in Ireland than it would in most other EU countries.
Last month the British Airline Pilots Association was quoted in The Sunday Times as saying that the Ryanair model of employment has cost the British Exchequer €44 million a year.
Less than one-third of Ryanair pilots are direct employees of the company as upwards of 70% are freetlancers who subcontract with Ryanair contractors Brookfield Aviation and Storm McGinley who in turn operate to a template laid down by Ryanair. The pilots are required to form limited companies with two other pilots whom they may never have met, and to offer their services to one of the two contractors who in turn fill Ryanair's pilot needs.
Freelance pilots are often young men and women whose parents have paid upwards of €90,000 to private flying schools for their training and whose only hope of immediate employment in aviation was to enter the Ryanair/Brookfield/Storm McGinley system. In many cases they paid additional five figure sums for further training with Ryanair.
The overwhelming majority of pilots have been tax and social welfare compliant in Ireland, according to an RPG spokesman. In addition to revenue levies in Italy, freelance pilots may also face further legal action because their limited companies, although compliant with Irish law, have not met all Italian legal requirements.
Asked to comment Ryanair replied that it “does not comment on rumour or speculation”. This is a common response from the airline.



John said,
The Irish government are aware of this scam and are turning a blind eye......Lining someones pockets...
This is shocking news for pilots and Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman should be in JAIL....,BOTH ARE ''SCUM''.....Let us not forget the hourly crew rate of pay SCAM which is going into Bondeman and O'Leary's pockets each month....That is why the Boeing deal is all that is mentioned in the press and twitter big time.....Boeing aircraft deal is a TAX scam and Bonderman is in bed with Boeing board members..Shareholders getting conned big time...Thousands of probationary cabin crew and pilots lives wrecked for profit...Let us not forget  Ryanair's real important pilot ''Paul Ridgard''....Time for all to Boycott RYANAIR...