21 May 2011



David Bonderman TPG 333 Throckmorton Street,Suite 912,Fort Worth,Texes, U.S.A ''chief scammer''

Emmanuel Faber 27 Avenue Thierry,92410 Ville D'avry,Paris,France

James Osborne 30 Mountpleasant Square,Ranelagh,Dublin 6 Ireland

Klaus Kirchberger Killermannstrabe,93049 Regensburg,Germany

kyran McLaughlin 4 Argyle Road,Donnybrook,Dublin 4, Ireland

Michael O'Leary Gigginstown House,Mullingar,Co Westmeath,Ireland

Michael Patrick Horgan 1 Tivoli Close,Dun Laoghaire.Co Dublin,Ireland

Paolo Pietrogrande c/o Erga Spa,Via G B Martini 3, 198 Rome,Italy

Juliusz Komorek 11 Thornleigh Road,Applewood Village,Swords.Ireland.. But he is Polish.

These nine above are the full board of ryanair. These guys make alot of profit on shares and are high salary earners at ryanair, but they all are guilty of recruitment scamming our children and exploitation of all CREW at Ryanair......

The chief scammer Bonderman TPG a Billionair and Hypocrite from U.S.A worked at the Attorney Generals office, in CIVIL RIGHTS .HYPOCRITE...
He is not interested in workers,Pilots or probationary cabin crew at ryanair, only PROFIT. His actions at ryanair have wrecked hundreds if not thousands of terminated probationary cabin crews lives......

O'Leary is Bondermans right hand man,O'Leary is the mouth of ryanair. He is a bully boy and staff at ryanair mean nothing to him,profit orintated man.

Juliusz Komorek ryanair company secretary and also secretary for O'Learys business's. This polish guy has helped ryanair recruitment scam so many polish students for years.He worked in Polish Embassy. SHAME ON YOU Komorek. So many polish citizens in dept because of you...

All named above are aware of the recruitment module for Pilots and Cabin crew at ryanair...Recruitment scamming for profit.
Open so called agents to give out contracts to pilots and probationary cabin crew for the sole purpose to scam them..............................................

ryanair directors


Boeing management threatened to sue whistle-blower
over safety issues to their aircraft....See the full report here at Aljazeera.


BOEING Mr McNerney SAFETY FIRST PLEASE.............. - Blogspot - [ Traduci questa pagina ]
5 giorni fa da jonnyenglishLet me get to the point Mr McNerney,i believe Boeing have involved themselves in getting our Blog closed down,instead of Boeing dealing with the real issues given to you by our campaign'safety on board Ryanair aircraft. ...
http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/ - Altri risultati in EUROPE'S GREATEST CABIN CREW TRAINING ROBBERS ...
John Said,
Ryanairdontcare Campaign's post to Mr Nerney of Boeing is listed 5th on Google Boeing Safety.
Let's see how long we can keep this post there....
Message to Boeing is simple, SAFETY of passengers and crew must be priority and you need to act.
Many issues inside Ryanair which crew are effected by and Boeing need to act ''NOW'
Still no reply to my letter to Boeing 10 weeks ago plus many email send last week...I would have thought Boeing would have been greatful for Ryanairdontcare Campaign informing them of this safety issue, Ryanair are breaking....


Mr Michael O'Leary,

Below are details of a Internet con regarding Ryanair cabin crew contracts,which Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been informed of.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign would hope a warning would be placed on Ryanair news and Ryanair Careers on your website.
John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign

Email above sent to mcnamara@ryanair.com  on 21st May 2011.......


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been informed of a internet con were,RYANAIR cabin crew jobs are offered with a Fake contract...Emails to watch out for are  career@ryanaironline.com and hr.ryanair@gmail.com

They are asking for two payments of GBP 2400 = GBP 4800 for a contract which is a complete con.
Below is the contact email which is sent.
John Said,
We will send this information to Ryanair' Head Office in Dublin and would hope Ryanair Post a warning on their website news and employment section, so students can be warned plus inform the authorities as a priority....Basic Monthly Salary: of  GBP 2, 820 cabin crew,as you can tell a con..Ryanair are Europe's lowest paid Probationary Cabin Crew.''.Guaranteed '' Less than 10 Euro a flight earned...Dublin to Liverpool..FACT...

Corporate Head Office
Ryanair Ltd.
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin
Ireland (UK).
Attention: Applicant, Ref File No: RYA/EM/75367/0689AJ:/Online Job Application

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your attached resume details. Presently, we are going through it and would get back to you if all meets our needed requirements (together with the needful requirements demanded in this letter)
Job Location: Ryanair UK; Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin Ireland, Registration No. 104547.

Applicants whose first language is not English must prove they have had extensive education in English at the primary or secondary school level or have acquired English language ability by other means.
Ryanair (UK) holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating License, permitting it to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats. Our airline has been characterized by rapid expansion, a result of the deregulation of the aviation industry in Europe in 1997 and the success of its low-cost business model. Ryanair is Europe's largest low-cost carrier, the 2nd-largest airline in Europe in terms of passenger numbers and the largest in the world in terms of international passenger numbers.

Ryanair is the World’s favourite airline and operates more than 1,400 flights per day from 44 bases and 1100+ low fare routes across 27 countries, connecting 160 destinations. Ryanair operates a fleet of 250 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with firm orders for a further 64 new aircraft (before taking account of planned disposals), which will be delivered over the next 2 years

Ryanair offers a rich mix of employee cultures and backgrounds which makes it a varied and interesting profession. At the Ryanair (UK), we are sensitive to others ideas and beliefs. We are proud of the employees’ longevity record, which illustrates the excellent relationships between staff and departments and is an endorsement of the pleasant working environment at the airline.

Additional Information/Requirement:
You are to complete this online questionnaire/interview as it is mandatory for our mode of online selection/recruitment. N/B: Answering the under listed questionnaire will be an added advantage to your recruitment process.

Available positions in Ryanair (UK) for placement:
Flight Attendant Job [RY0054]
Airline Administrative Support [RY0645]
Operations Agent [RY0147]
Avionics Technicians
Regional Sales Manager [RY0010]
Flight Dispatcher [RY0658]
Aviation Meteorologist [RY0011]
Ground / Airport Station Attendant (Cabin Crew/ Ground Staff) [RY0032]
Passenger Service Agent [RY0120]
Ramp Planner [RY0444]
Reservation Sales Agent [RY0045]
Sales Representative [RY0032]
Airline Station Agent [RY0671]
Airline Flight Instructor [RY0501]
Front Office / Cust. Care [RY0082]
Ticketing / Travel / Documentation [RY109]
Aviation Engnr. [RY105]

1.  Briefly describe your ideal job:
2.  What goals do you have in your career?
3.  How do you plan to achieve these goals?
4.  Do you have reference list?
5.  Why do you want to work with us in UK?
6.  What is your Current Monthly Salary Package?
7.  Can you travel down to UK within one month?
8.  What three Specific Job Positions do you target with us?
9.  Previous Employer/Current Employer:
    Give us full details on the Following;
     (A.) Full Name:
     (B.) Current postal Address:
     (C.) Tel/Mobile Number(s):
     (D.) Country of Nationality (Passport Number Required):
     (E.) Present Location:

Criteria for Employment
Job offer/Employment will be considered on previous job experience, Profile and qualification. Successful recruited expatriate will undergo an intensive six (6) weeks training course covering all aspects of the job from passenger safety to customer services. With successful completion of this course you will receive your wings and be qualified to work on board Ryanair aircraft. This process takes effect as there is no reason for physical interview since we have already scrutinized your CV/Resume.

Actually you will go into contract with the Ryanair (UK) as our new employee, after which the management of the Ryanair shall incur the expenses of your flight, Work Permit/Visa if reached on a mutual agreement that you will abide in this contract never to neglect your job responsibilities upon arrival to the United Kingdom.

The Ryanair appreciates the interest you have shown in our great airline; meanwhile we wish success in your career.

Best regards,
Frank Brian
Human Resources Manager,
Ryanair UK (Extension)
Tel: +44 (0) 70240 33401

For and on behalf of:
Edward Wilson
Director of Personnel and In-flight
Ryanair Ltd.
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin
Ireland (UK).

 Below is the contract which is a scam.....
rd March, 2011.
Anahí Pliner
Executive Summary
After evaluation of your CV/Resume and work experience(s), we found you
qualified to work with our team. Hence, Ryanair (UK) seeks to employ your
services for the provision of expatriate services as stipulated in the following
acts and conditions herein. This document embodies the approved terms for
the purpose of this contract.
Job Designation: Flight Attendant
Job Reference Number: RYA/EM/75367/0689AJ
Start Work Date: 9
th May, 2011
Contract Duration: 24 Months
Job Location: Ryanair (UK) London Base;
Ryanair Main-Hub, London Stansted Airport (STN),
Bassingbourne Road, Essex, CM24 1QW, England, UK.
You are required to work with us for a minimum of 24 Months. Your Contract
will be renewed depending on your performance and services to our
esteemed Organization and this will come with Promotion.
You are required to resume your duty post on
hours is from Monday –Friday, taking your duty off days on Saturday and
Sundays. You will be working on shifts depending on your choice: Morning
Shift 8:00am – 5:30pm; Evening Shift 5:30pm – 8:00am.
9th May, 2011; your working
Salary Indication/ Allowances & Benefits
Basic Monthly Salary: GBP 2, 820
twenty pounds sterling) after tax deduction, plus
pounds sterling) New Joiners Allowance as a full time crew, which is over
(Two Thousand, eight hundred andGBP 1,000 (One Thousand
Ryanair (UK) Ltd.
Dublin Airport,
Co. Dublin,
Ireland, UK.
your first six (6) months. Kindly log on to http://www.xe.com to convert your
mentioned monthly salary (GBP) to your local currency.
This payment will be made directly to your Bank account on the 30th or 31st
of every month as demanded by the British working law. You don’t need to
worry about taxes because all the taxes and rates have been deducted
Article 1 - Accommodation:
The Ryanair (UK) Management have secured an apartment in our staff
quarters close to the Office; you don’t need to worry about shelter as the
Ryanair (UK) Management has already taken care of that. 2 Bedroom flat for
single and three bedrooms flat for family at the Ryanair (UK) staff quarters,
company car and 10 Days Break / Leave after every 90 Business Working
Article 2 - Allowances:
You will be paid
your health, transport and Wardrobe (dressing) monthly.
550 GBP (Five hundred and fifty pounds sterling) extra for
Article 3 - Medical Insurance:
The Ryanair (UK) will provide the employee with comprehensive health care
for the term of contract, and follow-on care for any injuries suffered during
the term of contract for employee and family.
Article 4 - Job Proceeding/Requirement:
Because you did not undergo an oral/ telephonic interview; you shall undergo
a two(2) weeks Induction Training sponsored by the management of the
Ryanair (UK), as this will help get you familiarized with your Designation with
the Ryanair Airlines(UK).
You will be expected to resume your job at Ryanair Airlines (UK) after your 2
weeks training program; you are also entitled to receive salary during your
training program in UK.
Article 4.1 - Visa/Work Permit and Other Travelling Document
Since you have been successfully screened and recruited by the Human
Resources Department, the Ryanair (UK) shall be shouldering your visa and
work-permit expenses.
You shall be required to Sworn an
British County Court of Justice before the management of the Ryanair (UK)
approves to incur your entry document processing charges in full.
The Sworn
in court proceedings. The affidavit sets out the facts as you remember them.
In legal matters, the evidence wanted for court to hear about your matter
must be in a Sworn Affidavit of Oath, Your statutory declaration/statement of
fact to abide in this contract will be made as your name is being sworn. Also
you will incur the necessary expenses of such at the County Court of Justice
here in the UK. (
Before the Ryanair (UK) Management commences on your entry process with
the licensed immigration attorney, you shall be required to furnish us a copy
of the Sworn
Justice as a proof of readiness to join Ryanair (UK) team in the due time as
stipulated for the earliest processing of your visa and work permit. Also, you
shall be expected to personally incur the expenses as related to the
acquisition processing.
All inquiry regarding the Sworn Affidavit of Guarantee/Oath should be sent to
the Ryanair Licensed Immigration/Employment attorney with the below
Affidavit of Guarantee/Oath at theAffidavit of Guarantee/Oath is a written form of evidence usedCourt expenses are duly reimbursed)Affidavit of Guarantee/Oath from the British County Court of
Article 5 - Grants & Loans:
One (1) year service to Ryanair (UK) is required for eligibility to Loan.
Starter’s amount will be GBP 10, 000 which can be re-paid within 2 years
£ 0.68 interest.
Article 6 - Upfront Payment of Salary/ Allowances & Benefits
Two (2) month’s upfront salary (Inclusive of all allowances & benefits) shall
be paid in advance before employee re-locates to new job location (This must
be after the sworn affidavit of guarantee).
All payments of salary after resumption of duty in the UK shall be 75% paid
into an offshore bank account which will be provided by employee while the
remaining 25% paid in cash to employee upon arrival to the UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 75649 00844 | Fax: +44 (0) 7565 911657
: barristergill.adams@lawyer.com
Contact Person
This is in line with the British Expatriate Financial Statutory Laws. Also before
such transfer is made employee's entry document must be ready.
Article 7 - Office Gadget
Blackberry (Bold 9700) Phone, HP Laptop Computer, 2.0 GHz Processor, 1.5
Gig RAM (Core Dual), 24XCD-RW, 150GB Hard Drive, USB, Integrated
Network Adapter, Internal 56K Modem, Spare Battery and necessary
software shall be provided for workers in the administrative, secretarial,
layouts and managing departments. Full time Internet access is available for
all workers.
Article 8 - Safety & Security:
Safety and security of personnel (local/foreign) and facilities on job locations
and communities are no small issues, You will be required to comply with the
requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the
Management of Health and Safety at Work (Amendment) Regulations 1994
to take responsible care of yourself and other persons who may be affected
by your acts or omissions at work. You must not misuse or intentionally
interfere with anything provided in the interests of health and safety.
Article 9 - Additional services:
Recreational/Sports facilities shall be made available at the disposal of all
employees with no expenses to be incurred. Laundry and dry cleaning, chef
and gardener service will be made available to employee by the
managements’ unit on request.
Article 10 - Travel plans/ Re-location:
Expenses made/incurred by the Employee related to job before
commencement of duties shall be substantiated and reimbursed by the
employer on the conditions stated below.
Article 10.1
relocating expense(s) incurred ONLY as a result of relocation, early
termination of leases, storage charges and Immunizations etc.
Reimbursement shall be made upon arrival in Bradford not later than
fourteen (14) working days after submission of employee’s expense
report and receipt from country of origination.
The employee will be reimbursed by the employer for reasonableArticle 10.2
Free UK flight ticket (via Ryanair Airways) will be issued to the
employee by the employer as soon as the work permit and visa have
been endorsed by the UK Home Office via the help of the Company
Licensed Immigration Attorney
Employee must present his/her Affidavit of Oath from the British
County Court of Justice before this.
Article 10.3
Reimbursement shall be made to ONLY those who applied for such.
(e.g. TV, DVD, Desktop computer etc) pets, and other personal assets
shall not be reimbursed.
Expenses made by the employee in relation to house hood equipments
Article 10.4
payment(s) made before arrival to the United Kingdom as
reimbursement applications made without receipt or evidence of
payment shall be denied.
Employee is strongly advised to keep original receipts and evidence of
The Contract Agreement:
and verbal, between the parties and constitutes the entire agreement
between the parties.
This agreement supersedes and replaces all previous contracts, written
agreement to any other person in any circumstances whatsoever
except with the prior written consent of Ryanair (UK).
Neither party may assign their obligations nor rights under this
waiver of any other or subsequent breach. The failure of either party
to enforce any provision of this agreement at any time shall not be
interpreted as a waiver of the provision.
No waiver of any breach of this agreement shall be deemed to be a
Employment Act Bill 2000. A single arbitrator agreed upon by the
parties shall decide any dispute between the parties arising out of this
This Agreement is constructed in accordance with section 6 of British
and agree that the signature is not an impersonation of me and is all
true, legal and I understand that false signature will lead to
termination of my appointment.
In submission to this contract/appointment letter, I hereby confirm
Entirety of Agreement
This Contract of agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties
and all of the covenants and agreements between the parties with respect to
the employment.
I hereby certify and agree on the company policy contained in this
application to proceed with the offer and do hereby accept this job offer with
the Terms & Conditions stated herein.
_________________________ _____________________
Frank Brian Employee Signature.
HR Manager
Ryanair UK (Extension)
+44 (0) 70240 77038
+44 (0) 70240 33401
For and on behalf of:
Ryanair Ltd
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin
United Kingdom.
Ryanair Ltd. (Extension)
Dublin Co., Ireland (UK).
Tel: +44 (0) 70240 77038│ Email: career@ryanaironline.com


This Agreement Is Made on this Day, 23


Ryanair (UK)

20 May 2011



Mia said:
Hi I decided to join Ryanair as cabin crew member. I am from The Czech Republic but past 5 years I have been living in Porto. I passed interview, payed 500e to register to training course, took loan from the bank 2500e to pay the course and almost had my papers done when I finally started to think, calculate and even if I am not the kind of person who sits all days on internet I started to look for some information bout ryanair from people who actually worked there....I discovered terrible things during the week I gave myself to thinking-this is the result of this:
Dear CAVOK administration,
I decided to suspend my candidature and further colaboration with your company.
I have been living in Porto past five years and even though there was a new base openned
in September I was placed for some reasons to the London Stansted as many other candidates.
This did not turn out to be such a problem as the shocking facts I discovered about Ryanair and
all affiliated companies including Dalmac, St,James and Cavok.
Information from newspaper articles, blogs and various Czech, English and international forums
described Ryanair´s policy as a legal yet highly abusive. The name of the company itself has a negative connotation
among the former cabin crews and to my surprise among pilots as well. I found two positive comments
from the cabin crew members among hundreds of those not very pleasant which is striking!!
After long calculation I made a decision not to undergo such a dangerous financial adventure
and stopped all the processes regarding my candidature.
I have to admit I am very sad and
dissapointed but I have not any doubts about rightness of my decision.
Yours sincerely

After they called me and in conclusion called me stupid to base my decision on some comments from internet and other people´s stories. Irresponsible? Irresponsible would be to go and join them...
Nice day to all.

John Said,
As you can see,this student was living in Porto and Ryanair opened a new base but based this student in a different country.The reason why Ryanair SCAMMERS do this is because it becomes more easy to exploit and scam these students...Out of hundreds of comments about Ryanair this student viewed,only 2 were posative.......

Message from Ryanairdontcare Campaign.......THINK BEFORE YOU JOIN ''RYANAIR'' EUROPE'S GREATEST TERMINATOR OF CABIN CREW.............


People dont know the true extent of the cost put on probationary cabin crew.

Ill break a pay slip down for you:This is one I actually had:

Gross Pay(hourly rate and commission): £972
Tax and N.I: 137.42
Uniform deduction: 25.00
Training Fees:261.00
Take home pay:£548.58

That is the true wage of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair,not the over zelious £1000 they advertise on WFI,Stjames,Cavos or Crewlink websites! Yoy might get paid £1000 before deductions but after deductions you will not.
That doesnt even take into account, feeding yourself for a month, rent for a month, GETTING TO WORK for a month!

I've seen crew eating cheap price noodles day in and day out because they cant actually afford to eat right. I've seen crew staying in squalled dumps without heating, without TV, without anything because they cant afford to live in a decent flat!

Some crew end up selling their posessions to cash converters or jewellery to pawn brokers just so they can survive for another month, I'm not joking John, I've seen it with my own two eyes. I even admit, I've bought things that crew have sold out of desperation!

But in the end its one huge vicious cycle with crew, not enough money to look after themselves, they get run down from lack of sleep,decent food etc. They get sick, they cant work,no money comes in,its gets worse, they get sacked....Just like that...everytime without fail!

People need to know that THIS(above) is RYANAIR, when you join, there is no silver lining, its not better then some shitty job in Poland, or Hungary. It puts you in debt, you disimprove your life, you destroy it!

John said,
Comments above are from Ryanair Probationary Cabin Crew.I have changed a wording ''or life in Hungary'' to, or Hungary as a vistitor did not like this wording.


John Said
Below is the spin from Ryanair with regards DAA and Mr Dilger,which i will explain in simple terms..

Resignation of DAA Chairman welcomed


Ryanair today (13th May) welcomed the resignation of the Chairman of the DAA Airport Monopoly David Dilger. Mr Dilger, has presided over the waste of €1.2bn on Dublin Airport’s unnecessary T2 white elephant and record traffic collapses at Cork, Dublin, and Shannon Airports from 30m passengers in 2008 to just over 20m in 2010.

Ryanair also called today for the rest of the failed Board of the DAA Airport Monopoly to resign given their responsibility for the traffic collapse and losses at the DAA’s three airports over the past three years. These resignations should include DAA ‘Fat Cat’ Boss, Declan Collier, who was paid over €600,000 in 2010 despite record traffic losses and financial losses, while also receiving some €40,000 as a ‘public interest’ Director of AIB.

A spokesman for Ryanair said:

“Mr Dilger will be no loss to Irish tourism, and the sooner the rest of the failed DAA Board resign, and are replaced with people committed to traffic and tourism growth rather than building white elephant facilities, the better it will be for Irish aviation, tourism and jobs.”


Ryanairdontcare Campaign Said,
Terminal 2 which provides 19 air bridges for aircraft and is capable of handling 15 million passengers annually, thereby allowing the airport to handle 35 million passengers a year is a great thought from the DAA for the future of Irish travelers and visitors. At peak, up to 2,000 construction workers have been employed to built terminal 2 which are REAL jobs''RYANAIR''.Real people have had real jobs not like ''FAKE'' jobs at Ryanair.
Ryanair are not happy as they lobbied for Terminal 2 to be built as a low-cost facility, and run by a competing operator,meaning ''RYANAIR''.
Ryanair wanted  Aer Lingus plus Terminal 2 at Dublin airport which would have given Ryanair the power to hold IRISH passengers to ransom,ABUSING more young students and gaining more profit for O'Leary and his mob.Being critical of Mr Dilger of the DAA is the only way  Mr O'Leary shows his anger,you can not  get you own way all the time ''MCHAEL'' but thank god the DAA are a greater force than Ryanair.
Dublin airport terminal 2 is a great terminal and a credit to the DAA and workers who built this Terminal,with real jobs for real people and may the Terminal prosper greatly in the future.
Ryanair said,'' Declan Collier   receiving some €40,000 as a ‘public interest’ Director of AIB''. Can Ryanairdontcare Campaign point out Ryanair scammers  David Bonderman and O'Leary received many Probationary Cabin Crew training loans from the AIB,which put students in dept after TERMINATION,''Which Ryanair are the highest TERMINATOR in Europe'', until Ryanairdontcare Campaign pointed this out to the AIB and The financial Ombudsman in 2010. and these loan payments were stopped as a direct result of our Campaign...............
Now a deposit of 1000 Euro and 2000 Euro taken from your salary, is the new way forward for Ryanair to gain from Training and Recruitment and TERMINATION of Probationary Cabin Crew...Once students start working on Ryanair aircraft,the first 2 days of flying  are un paid.....''How many unpaid days did the DAA pay for the building of terminal 2,MR O'Leary...........NONE..............''
Shareholders and Board Members are guilty of abusing so many young students all over EUROPE...

JUSTICE WILL COME VERY SOON........................



Ryanairdontcare Campaign last year wrote to all Ryanair shareholders informing them,what we believe is wrong with recruitment of probationary cabin crew and pilots at Ryanair,,
As shareholders gain from Ryanair, it is only right that Shareholders are made accountable for the damage done to crew at Ryanair.
Shareholders have been informed and they are in a position to ask question in relation to employment matters,but do nothing......

Personal message to shareholders.........You have been informed of the issues regarding probationary cabin crew at ryanair,exploitation,recruitment scamming and Hourly rate of pay for each prcc and Brookfield pilots are not all they seem.

19 May 2011

RYANAIR'S McNAMARA ''SCAM ARTISTS'' "The pot calling the kettle black" RYANAIR..

It amazes me that Ryanair's McNamara ''the puppet'' used the word ''SCAM ARTISTS'' to explain a scam over the internet which involves,winning a car.
Any scam to gain money (PROFIT) is a crime and Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to draw Mr McNamara,s attention to the actions of Ryanair to their own CREW,who are exploited each and every day for PROFIT by Ryanair.
Pilots and Cabin Crews misfortune is investing training fees,many hours worked,not paid at the hands of Ryanair.....(probationary ryanair cabin crew only get paid once air born) ie,they might work 8 hours in one day,fly 5 hours and only get paid for 5 hours....

John Said,
Ryanair HATE anybody making money out of them if they are not invloved...This is the real reason for contacting the authorities............SHAME ON YOU Bonderman TPG capital  and O'Leary...
Article here.... http://www.ryanair.com/en/news/ryanair-warns-about-car-promo-email-scam 


Dear First Minister Mr Alex Salmond,
I saw you on Question Time last month,which i must complement you on.
I am contacting you today regarding Ryanair Training Grant.My name is John Foley from Liverpool who founded Ryanairdontcare Campaign in 2008, which deals with Termination,Recruitment,Training and Probationary Employment Contracts at Ryanair.Priority is given to young students as Probationary Cabin Crew who we believe are exploited by Ryanair for profit and in most cases,these young students are left in a different country without funds to return home.
The reason for my contact is regarding a payment or subsidy the Scottish Government gave to Ryanair for maintenance hanger at Prestwick February 2011.
I have been informed £640,000 in training grants were given to Ryanair in 2010.I feel it is important to establish,''training grant given to Ryanair''for what job training involved inside Ryanair was it given for please.
All information contact is placed on our Campaign Blog.
Thank you for your time
Kindest Regards
John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign

John Said,
We will post any reply recieved from Mr Salmond


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Below is the Crewlink/Ryanair Training Agreement For Hahn Ryanair Training Camp in Germany.
As you can see this Agreement is a sham like all aspects of Ryanair/Crewlink Recruitment andTraining.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign would hope any student who wishes to join Ryanair,please read and get advise on this Agreement before you join Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR''.

Ryanair/Crewlink Cabin Crew Operator Training Agreement :  ''Which Ryanairdontcare Campaign say is a sham''

This agreement is dated the ________________________ 2011 between Crewlink Ireland Limited, and,

NAME: …………………………………………………………………....................................................




To successfully train with CREWLINK IRELAND LIMITED for the position of Cabin Crew Operator for B737/800 aircraft for the purpose of gaining employment with CREWLINK IRELAND LIMITED who have a 3 year contract to supply subcontracted Cabin Crew to Ryanair.

First and foremost, congratulations on being offered a place on Crewlink Ireland Limited training course! We look forward to working with you on the course. Below are all the details of your training contract. Like all contracts it contains legalistic phrasing etc. so if you are not sure of anything contained in the contract please contact me and I will answer any questions that you may have.


1. Criteria for Acceptance to the Training Course:
To qualify for acceptance to the training Course applicants must satisfy the following criteria:
1)  Pass interview assessment
2)  Intermediate + level of English         
3)  Aged 18 +
4)  Able to swim
5)  Height between 5”2 and 6”3
6)  Willing and have unrestricted right to work anywhere in Ireland and the UK
7)  Medically fit in accordance with airline procedures
8)  No previous criminal record
9)  Weight in proportion to height
10) Hold current EU passport valid for minimum of 1 year
11) Complete Pre-course study pack – 40 hours study
12) No Visible Tattoos
* Student must download this pack in advance of the course

Please note all candidates must be proficient in the English language in order to qualify for a place on the course.

2. Medical Exam:
Like a lot of jobs these days a medical examination is necessary. To operate as cabin crew it is a requirement that a medical exam will have to be taken by an aviation approved doctor at the start of the training course. The fee for the medical exam is included in the course tuition fee. It will be necessary to pass the exam in order to continue with the training course (conditions preventing participation in the course include epilepsy and diabetes).

3. Airport ID Application / References Letters:
For security reasons you will need an Airport Identification Card to access the airport to operate as cabin crew. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they have provided the training school with all the relevant details to obtain an airport ID. There are different requirements for different airports. Please note these requirements which you will receive when you base is assigned. You will be assigned your base before you start the course so you will be aware of the ID requirements for your particular base.
These must be provided either before or on the first day of the course in order to provide sufficient time to be processed before the end of the course. If all your references are not submitted and approved by the airport before the end of the course, you will not be able to take up the position.

Police Clearance

A Police Clearance Certificate (from your home country) verifying that the applicant has no previous criminal convictions should be supplied on the 1st day of the training course.  This will be used when applying for each applicants Airport Base ID.  Any expenses incurred in applying for a Police Clearance Certificate will be at the applicant’s own expense. If you have lived in any country during the last 5 years for 6 months or more, you will need to supply a Police Clearance Certificate from that Country. If you do not supply Police Clearance Certificates your ID cannot be submitted and you need to have your FULL ID approved by the end of the course, otherwise you cannot take up the position of Cabin Crew.

4. Training Course Schedule:
The course will run for approximately six weeks generally from 0900 – 1800, five days a week and may include weekend days. The majority of the training days will be completed in the classroom; however, training will also be carried out at an airport base and in-flight. Due to the availability of aircraft this training may not necessarily happen during normal course hours and maybe completed at weekends or during the night. It will be necessary for the Trainees to make themselves available at these times should it be required. The training School reserves the right to change the course plan and move the location of the classroom if it proves necessary to do so.

5. Breakdown of Training Course Schedule:
The course is divided into 3 parts:
Part 1: Service Training, 1 week:
Introduction Day
Airline terminology
Ryanair route information                                  
Passenger Handling / Customer Care
Uniform fitting / Grooming
Service on board
Boarding Duties

Part 2: Safety Training, 4 weeks:
Survival Techniques (this will take place in a local swimming pool)
Equipment Operation on board
Evacuating Procedures
Dangerous Goods
First Aid
Crew Resource Management
Aircraft Visit
Cabin Trainer
Fire Chamber

Part 3: Supernumerary Flights:
On successful completion of the final examination and for the purpose of completion of the training, it will be necessary for each trainee to complete a series of “supernumerary flights” (practice flights) with experienced Cabin Crew Staff operating on Ryanair aircraft.
Supernumerary flights will be organised over two or three consecutive days and are part of the training and therefore unpaid. The base/airport from which the supernumerary flights are operated will be assigned subject to availability and will be at the discretion of Ryanair.
At all times Crewlink Ireland Limited have the right to relocate Cabin Crew Staff to any Ryanair European base/airport.  While every consideration will be given to each Trainee’s base preference, due to logistical and operational demands the cabin crew contract agencies have the right to move staff where Ryanair’s operation requirements dictate.

6. Transport to Off-site Training Locations:     
During the Training Course it will be necessary to complete part of the training in off-site locations (e.g. Dublin Airport / UK Airports). Any road transport required to/from these will be supplied by The Training School. Any air transport required to/from these locations will be supplied by Ryanair.
Should a Trainee fail to take advantage of the transport supplied due to illness/lateness/etc., no subsequent or alternative arrangement will be offered. Failure to attend off-site training may result in expulsion from the Training Course.

7. Accommodation during the Training Course:
Accommodation is supplied during the course on the campus in Hahn, which is beside the training academy. The cost of this accommodation is included in the course fee on a room only basis.  You will be required to sign a separate Agreement in relation to the accommodation.

8. Study Time:
The training course is an intensive programme and will require that each Trainee takes approximately 2 hours each evening to revise what they have learned that day. You will need to do this in order to pass the exams. It is hard work but you will find the training course exciting and fun and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

9. Pre Course Study Pack
The Pre course study pack will be sent to each candidate before the course commences. There is 40 hours of study within the pack and each candidate must ensure that they have covered all the topics before the first day of training.

10. Attendance:
Like any course that you would study attendance is compulsory. In a mere five weeks you will learn an entirely new profession. Each day of the course is dedicated to a specific training technique and cannot be repeated, hence, it is obligatory that all Trainees maintain a 100% attendance record. Absenteeism or repeated tardiness will result in expulsion from the course. There will be no refund of fees should this happen.

11. Behaviour:
Trainee’s general behaviour and attitude will be assessed throughout the Training Course. If your instructor deems your behaviour to be unsatisfactory, (this would include abuse of alcohol/drugs) may terminate you from the Training Course and you will not be offered a position as cabin crew. There will be no refund of fees in this case.

12. Examinations:
Examinations will take place throughout the training. It will be necessary for any trainee who would like to be put forward for a position with Crewlink Ireland Limited to pass all of these exams. There will be no refund of fees should a trainee fail to pass their final exam. An opportunity to re-sit the final exam will be given in certain circumstances. If you are encountering any difficulties on the course it is extremely important that you inform the trainer so that they can give you as much additional assistance as is possible.

13. Wings Ceremony:
Successful Trainees will be invited to participate in the wings Ceremony / Presentation to celebrate all the hard work during the course and will be organised for you by the training school. You will receive your uniform and Training Certificate on this day.

14. Base Allocation:
While every effort is made to meet your preferred base request, please note there may not be any positions available at these locations and as such, you may be offered an alternative base. Base allocations will be assigned during the three weeks before the first day of the course and therefore you can begin your search for accommodation with other students at your base. Your instructor will endeavour to assist you with contact details from crew notice boards and letting agents. You have time allocated in the course plan for a base visit and this includes time to view accommodation. It will be the Trainee’s own responsibility to organise their accommodation at their new location.                                                      

15. Successful Completion of Course:
Crewlink Ireland Limited will employ Trainees who have successfully completed all aspects of the Training Course/Final Exam and the Supernumerary flights procedure and obtain a Full Airport ID for positions of Cabin Crew contracted to operate on Ryanair aircraft.
It will be the Trainee’s own responsibility to organise their accommodation at their new location.
Once assigned to base, Trainees should have sufficient funds to support themselves (rent, food, etc) until such time as their first salary is deposited into their bank account on 10th day of the month.
The minimum sustenance amount is estimated at €200 per week.

16. Deposit:
The course fee is €2,800.00 if paid in full before the course start date.

If the candidate chooses to pay in monthly installments a deposit of €1,000.00 must be paid before the training course commences and the receipt scanned and emailed to Andrew Swan at andrew@crewlink.ie. The remainder of the €2,000.00 course fee, which includes €100.00 in relation to administration costs, will be deducted from your salary each month @ €300.00 per month from Month 2 to Month 5, €500.00 in Month 6 and €300.00 in Month 7. The full training fee will be paid in full by Month 7. Total Course Fee Paid will be €3,000.00.

Please write your name and the course location and date on the receipt before you scan and email to Andrew Swan.

Should your employment with Crewlink Ireland Limited terminate for any reason, or should you fail to take up employment with Crewlink Ireland Limited having successfully completed your training course, the full balance of the course fees due will become immediately payable.  These may be deducted from your final salary, and in the event that further sums are due, these will be recoverable from you immediately as a contract debt.  You hereby agree that the full costs of recovering such debt from you will be owed by you as a contract debt to Crewlink Ireland Limited.  This means that if the company has to pay expenses to a debt collection agency, or issue legal proceedings against you, the full costs incurred by Crewlink Ireland Limited will be payable by you, not just such costs as might normally be awarded by a Court.

This agreement constitutes your prior written consent in writing to all deductions or payments under the Payment of Wages Act, 1991 as are contemplated by your Contract of Employment, this training agreement [or the staff handbook].

17. Refund Policy:

Candidates, who for legitimate reasons must resign from the Course prior to its conclusion, on the basis of written permission by the trainer, may be able to take up enrolment in a subsequent course.  This will only be possible in the case of written permission by the trainer running the course, clearly indicating the possibility for the applicant to repeat the course. The student must wait a minimum of 6 months before commencing a subsequent course. In this case the candidate will be required to pay a further administration fee to participate in an ensuing course instead of the standard deposit fee. After payment of this fee the candidate may begin an ensuing course, under the condition of beginning this ensuing course from the start, regardless of when the applicant terminated studies in the previous course.

The deposit of €1,000.00 is non-refundable if the participant resigns from the course for any reason.

18. Bank Account Details:

Method of Payment: Please pay your Deposit by Bank Transfer to our Bank Account, the details of which are:-

Crewlink Ireland Limited Ltd, Dublin, Ireland,

IBAN Code IE85 ULSB 9850 3010 4479 65

Swift Code ULSBIE2D
Bank Address: Ulster Bank, 79/80, Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Please fax a copy of the Transfer Receipt to Audrey at Crewlink Ireland Limited, Fax Number 003531 2041004, within one week of receiving this letter, in order to reserve your place on the Training Course, as numbers are limited due to large interest. 

19. Confidential Information:
Except insofar as your duties shall require it, you shall not, during the continuance of your training with the Training School or at any time after the termination thereof, without the previous written consent of the Training School , disclose any “Confidential Information” relating to the Training School and/or its associated companies (including Ryanair and the Employer) or their respective businesses, any trade secrets, the knowledge of which you may possess while training with the Training School, not use or attempt to use such information or trade secrets in any way that may cause loss or injury to the Training School, it’s associated companies (including Ryanair and the Employer) or their respective businesses with which the Training School has business dealings.
“Confidential Information” includes but is not limited to all secret confidential information of whatever kind that may have come to your knowledge during or as a result of your training with the Training School, its business plans, finances, staff, customers and prospective customers, suppliers or products, information which has been disclosed to the Training School in confidence by a third party, and any other information of a kind that would usually be regarded as secret or confidential.
You shall not at any time during your training nor at any time after the termination of your training, directly or indirectly gather material about any aspect of the Training School’s operation for use by newspapers, magazines, websites, television or radio stations, or any other media or other third party use.
You are expressly prohibited from making any video, audio, electronic or other recording of any aspect of the Training School’s or Ryanair’s operations whilst on duty or off duty without the express prior written permission of the Training School and Ryanair.
You shall not work on behalf of any media organisation or work on a freelance basis during your training with the Training School. Failure to comply with the above provisions shall be considered grounds to immediately terminate your participation in the training course. In addition, the Training School will initiate legal proceedings against you and/or any relevant third party seeking damages (including exemplary damages) for defamation libel, breaches of confidentiality and invasion of privacy and furthermore shall pursue you for the legal costs of said proceedings.

20. Assignment:
The Training School shall have the right to assign this Agreement to any other person, firm or corporation without the Trainee’s consent. This agreement is personal to the Trainee and shall not be assignable by the Trainee. 

21. Course Fee:

Cost of accommodation during the course
Cost of Medical
Cost of processing your ID
Cost of transport to off-site training locations

Hotel Accommodation when completing base visits
Cost of uniform
Cost of Crew bag
Cost of collection of ID at Airport
Cost of Criminal Record Certificates

Should you successfully pass the training course and enter into an employment contract with the Employer the full training fees will be owed by you to the Employer. If you decide to take the instalment plan option, the balance of the training fees will be deducted by the Employer at the rate of @ €300.00 per month from Month 2 to Month 5, €500.00 in Month 6 and €300 in Month 7 from the salary payment from the Employer. The first installment of €300.00 will be deducted by the Employer from your second salary payment. By signing this Cabin Crew Operator Training Course Agreement you are signifying in writing to the Employer making deductions for the monthly repayment of the training fees from your salary as detailed in this paragraph. If your employment is terminated by either you or the Employer before the entire training fees are paid, the balance owed will become immediately payable to the Employer and will be deducted by the Employer from you final salary payment from the Employer. If your final salary payment does not cover the training fees owed, you will be expected to pay the outstanding amount immediately to the training school with whom you have signed your training agreement. By signing this Cabin Crew Operator Training Course Agreement you are signifying in writing to the Employer making deductions from your final salary for the balance of the training fees owed from your final salary as detailed in this paragraph.

22. Summary:
While Crewlink Ireland Limited currently has contracts of employment for positions crewing Ryanair aircraft at bases throughout Europe, you must clearly understand that your position on the training course does not constitute an offer of employment. Positions with Crewlink Ireland Limited will only be offered to those who have successfully completed all aspects of the assessments and training process.
In order to do this, you must achieve the required pass rate in all examinations throughout the training course and you must also pass the medical examination required by the aviation authorities. Your overall attitude will also be assessed throughout the course. The medical examination will be undertaken by an aviation practitioner and trainees who are found to have illnesses such as epilepsy which may affect the safety of the passengers will not meet the medical requirements for the position and therefore an offer of employment with Crewlink Ireland Limited will not be made.
I, the undersigned, understand and agree to accept the terms of this Training Agreement: - I understand that my position on the training does not constitute an offer of employment and in order to secure a contract of employment with Crewlink Ireland Limited I will need to pass all aspects of my training, including Oral, Practical, Written examinations, a medical examination and reference / identity checks.

23. Good Luck!

Finally, congratulations again on being offered a place on Crewlink Ireland Limited training course. Best of luck on the course and hope everything works out well for you. If you have any queries about this contract please do not hesitate to contact:-

Ashley Caffrey @ ashley@crewlink.ie

Finally, please sign and print your name below.

Signed: (School) ______Michael O'Leary__________                  Date:   __26/11/08_____________

Signed: (Student) ______John Foley _________                 Date:   ________26/11/08_______