30 Nov 2015


Tragic message below which we received from a mother who was about to join Ryanair as cabin crew but changed her mind thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign and send us a kind message.

Hi there, I just want to say a big thank you for bringing this all to light.I had been for my interview and explained why I was not in work for the passed 5 years due to my son undergoing heart surgery and that he had recently passed away they told me then I had the job and I deserved a better chance in life, even though I was very disheartened by the comments on your page I am also very grateful to have found it before I struggled to pay the fees to be promised a life changing experience... So here's a big THANK YOU!

John said,
 Sorry for your tragic loss of your son and it must be so hard for you but thank you for your message.
Ryanair's recruitment shell companies ask for 5 year work history.


john said,
It has been a great last few weeks regarding the fight against the exploitation of cabin crew at Ryanair.As well as exposing the Ryanair on board charity scratch card which is making senior management at Ryanair over £10million profit each year on the pretense of helping a children's cancer charity,last Thursday kicking Ryanair's Robin Kiely out of my home city Liverpool was amazing and the publicity generated has helped Ryanairdontcare Campaign ever so much.
Ryanair recruitment and employment practice really does wreck the lives of young cabin crew with Pilots also suffering..
The comment below came to this blog today which sums up how important this Ryanairdontcare Campaign is to continue to be a thorn in the side of Ryanair.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi John, I just want to say BIG THANK YOU for your work, persistence, dedication and effort you have put into your campaign. You have been protection for many young people and a beacon of compassion in this cruel and dehumanized world of Ryanair. Thank you especially for keeping pilot Paul Ridgard's memory alive. The pilot who was bullied to the point of suicide at work. Yes Ryanair's manipulative, bullying techniques they use to deal with their staff stripe people of their dignity and undermine their self esteem completely. Never ending disciplinary actions towards employees, constant threatening letters, turning employees into squealers, backstabbing, invasion of privacy etc. People who are subjected to this type of practices think about suicide. They do.
So John, I couldn’t be more grateful for your work. Especially that you are opposing not only Ryanair but the whole pro-corporate set up of EC. I am not surprised UK wants to leave EC. Corporate scenario is supported and maintained by EU leaders. The problem is much bigger.

At the beginning of this campaign a few small donations were given which was used to protest in Dublin.No money is generated through this campaign and it has cost me a lot of heartache,money,time,criminal convictions,being assaulted twice once serious and many hours in police cells in Ireland and the UK and i must say i have no regrets.One of the main things that has kept me going for over 6 years fighting Ryanair (and there is many)was the letters i received from Michael O'Leary constantly scolding my own daughter when in reality recruiting young people to be cabin crew for a sole purpose of Termination was a practice set up to which David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary saw a loop hole in making multi £millions each month.
Not only did it involve cabin crew running into 12,000+ but pilots were also effected.
A Liverpool based Ryanair pilot in 2011 committed suicide at a hotel at Manchester airport his name being Paul Ridgard who was abused and bullied by Ryanair management at Liverpool with Ryanair scum bag Darrell Hughes being heavily involved.We must never forget what Ryanair did to Paul and the inquest that took place over his death was not investigated fully by the Manchester coroner office as it should have been.I was involved in this investigation as whilstblowers who new Paul and worked with him contacted Ryanairdontcare Campaign with information which i passed over to the coroners investigation..The frame of mind of Paul Ridgard leading up to him sadly taking his own life was not fully explained in open court.Paul did have serious issues at Ryanair as a pilot and i was told by a reliable aviation source,that went to the inquest that the coroner decided not to go down the the work related story with reference to Ryanair because it would have cost a lot of money with no guarantee of success, which is bloody shocking.
Other cabin crew suicidal related issues and birth terminations are known to me regarding working at Ryanair which will be published next year.Ryanair management are truly evil and will wreck any person working there if it makes them profit.Look below at me confronting Ryanair scum bag Darrell Hughes deputy director of personnel at the Ryanair only a few months after Paul Ridgard's death.Look at his reaction soon as i point out denial.

Publicity for Ryanairdontcare Campaign this year has been amazing with our google racking being on many first pages of Ryanair.Over 1.2 million views to Ryanairdontcare Campaign with many young people wishing a career as cabin crew being shown how bad Ryanair truly is to work for, which surely has helped them and would like to finish on a personnel not to Michael O'Leary.On all of the letters Michael O'Leary would send me he would say ''your campaign is doomed to fail''
                   ''Doomed to fail Michael O'Leary''