7 Aug 2015

Ryanair Cabin Crew New Recruits Must Read..Ryanair's Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs child prodigy Juliusz Komorek .Aviation Employment REPORT EU Committee ..

Letter from  Ryanair's Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs child prodigy Juliusz Komorek of 11 Thornleigh Road,Applewood Village,Swords.Ireland.
Polish Terminated probationary cabin crew Komorek has a lot to answer for.

 Ryanair's legal department scum bag Juliusz Komorek has yet again threatened legal action at the recent aviation EU Employment and Social Affairs Committee
Letter below.
 John said,
Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary is a Sociopath not to be trusted..


When i first started this campaign off many Polish Terminated cabin crew approached me with their stories of depression and in some cases suicidal thoughts.
Juliusz Komorek is fully aware what Ryanair are up to and his salary is very high.
Read the full report below..
We at Ryanairdontcare are mentioned in 2 Airscoop articles which have been used in the report above.Doomed to fail ''Mr O'Leary''..

Personal message to any young person wishing to become cabin crew.
Zero hour employment schemes contracts are set up by Ryanair through their shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International.Solely paid only for flight time duration.These contracts do not give annual leave,pension funds,maternity leave or any form of sickness benefits but Easyjet do...Ryanair cabin crew training will cost you £ thousands with Easyjet being FREE..
Ryanair are Europe's greatest exploiter of you cabin crew guaranteed..

Test case could see delayed Ryanair passengers claim up to £610m in compensation..Let's Hope So..

Test case could see delayed Ryanair passengers claim up to £610m in compensation. Let's hope so.

More than 2.3m passengers could be able to claim for delays depending on the outcome of a test case at Manchester County Court.

A test case which could lead to Ryanair paying out more than £600m to delayed passengers has been heard at Manchester County Court.
The case - brought by two passengers - aims to ensure compensation can be claimed within six years of a flight.
But budget airline Ryanair says they should only have to pay within two.
It is likely all other courts in England and Wales will follow the case’s decision - meaning that if Ryanair loses, it could face potential claims from more than 2m passengers.
The case revolves around two passengers who travelled on the same delayed flight in 2009. Both are from abroad, but many key aviation cases are heard in Manchester.
Flight regulation entitles passengers to claim compensation of up to £440 each for delays of three hours or more, so long as it was not caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’.
Ryanair argues that by accepting its terms and conditions when they buy a ticket, passengers agree they only have two years to take a claim to court.
However the Supreme Court ruling in a previous case, Dawson v Thomson Airways, clarified passengers in England and Wales have SIX years to take a claim to court in October 2014.
Ryanair is now defending its position in court - insisting their passengers waive their right to the six-year limit.
The decision stands to affect around 2.26million passengers and potentially total around £610m in compensation, calculated on the basis that 2pc of flights on average are delayed.
Kevin Clarke flight delay lawyer at Bott & Co, which is defending the passengers, said: “The last 12 months have seen a series of landmark judgments obtained by Bott & Co on behalf of millions of passengers and this case is as important as any of those that precede it.
“We fully expect the airlines to continue to fight cases such as this one but we are prepared to hold them to account in each and every instance where the law says compensation is payable. We look forward to hearing the Judge’s decision so we can assess what our next steps will be.”
A Ryanair spokesman said: “Ryanair does not comment on pending legal matters, deals with each claim on a case by case basis and fully complies with all EU261 legislation.”
The ruling has been reserved for two weeks.

What is flight delay compensation and Regulation EC 261/2004?:

Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 provides compensation for passengers in the event their flight is cancelled, delayed, re-routed or they miss their connection.
Passengers are entitled to claim if they reach their final destination three hours or more after the
scheduled arrival time and can be entitled to up to €600 per passenger. The flight in question must be leaving an EU country or landing in an EU country on an EU airline.
The compensation payable is a fixed amount based on the flight distance and length of the delay and is to compensate you for your loss of time and inconvenience, not the ticket price.
The regulation also makes provisions for the airline to provide care at the airport by way of refreshments, food, telephone calls and if appropriate, overnight stays.
The airline has one defence to compensation claims – ‘extraordinary circumstances’. Examples of these are political instability, meteorological conditions incompatible with the operation of the flight concerned, security risks, unexpected flight safety shortcomings and industrial action.

6 Aug 2015


 On 23rd July 2015 at the Jurys inn hotel in Manchester Ryanair's cabin crew recruiter Dalmac who set up Workforce International shell company for Ryanair had a recruitment day which was interrupted by Ryanairdontcare Campaign...The message below is from one of the students who went along to this event.
Video of the protest below.

 Student at this recruitment day.

Hiya john! I didn't even get a chance at the interview as the moment you left the woman with the white jacket singled everyone out of whom had a tattoo (including me) before the presentation started, I stated I was in the process of having it removed and it should have gone within the end of the training course but she basically didn't take that into consideration and just primarily fobbed most of us off! (blessing in disguise if you asked me). The women began to start the presentation when she apologised for the incident regarding yourself, and said she didn't understand your situation of why you was so angry with the company as she had never seen you before and that it's not essential that they can please everyone so they shall move along and start the day... Now to me this didn't sound very enthusiastic as a company to be honest as I believe in itself, every single company has its aspirations to please every customer they serve to stay loyal and continue such an effective business. With me working presently for a company, I believe that it is my main priority to make sure the customer is happy with the service we can provide, so they will either pass on the valuable customer service we offer to others and come back. She then stated that you was outside staring (pointing at you through the window whilst laughing and encouraging the students to stare, whilst she stared at you) which was yet again extremely unprofessional and how it's pathetic that you have come today to spoil such a day, with that her colleague closed the curtains through the window also laughing at the students while doing so. As soon as I left I actually youtubed "Ryanair assessment days" and found your videos which led me to read your websites and other links on you tube regarding "Ryan air Dispatches" which is also extremely ideal to watch if you get the opportunity! I'm so glad people like you are here to support the young people out there and there future careers! Once again I would like to thank you on behalf of us, as you really opened up a lot more aspects for me, and I will definitely not only be learning the companies facts and figures, I will definitely be looking more in depth at the company I plan to work for and what actually goes on behind the scenes of employment! Keep up the hard work! ....... xxx

Dalmac web site directs you to shell company Workforce International click the middle box.http://www.dalmac.ie/

John said,
It is amazing that these recruiters from Dalmac do not know me.Look at the many protest below.
First protest against Dalmac /Workforce in 2010.

Youtube protests against Dalmac/Workforce which are many below


 All these protest above are at Dalmac/Workforce head office in Rush Ireland
If your wishing to have a career in aviation as cabin crew then BOYCOTT Ryanair.


This next post relates to the post below.Michael O'Leary will always boast about how well Ryanair cabin crew are paid,how well their pension and health care is which is a LIE.
Mr O'Leary has only 20% of an estimated 5000 cabin crew with the conditions above which leaves 4000 probationary Ryanair cabin crew ready to exploit.Mr O'Leary can not exploit money from the 20% of cabin crew because they have REAL Ryanair contracts.
The 80% which is 4000 are recruited by shell companies set up by Ryanair, Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International  with a PROBATIONARY contract.Ryanair continue to have a large flow of new recruits every few months who are very young and to be honest want to make their parents proud or in a lot of cases wish to provide for their family back home which is wonderful for Ryanair.
The more probationary cabin crew Ryanair's shell companies recruit the more probationary Ryanair cabin crew are TERMINATED.Don't forget these new recruits have paid thousands of £ to train as cabin crew with Ryanair with most being based as fare away from their home as possible because Ryanair find it much easier exploiting these new recruits this way.
Going back a few years Ryanair's Crewlink and Workforce International were TERMINATING hundreds of probationary cabin crew each month.From 2004 to 2010 over 10,000 probationary cabin crew had been TERMINATED by Crewlink alone..
From 2004 to 2008 it was Crewlink Limited who liquidated in 2008.From 2008 till 2015 it is Crewlink Ireland Limited.

The wage slip below is the final wage a TERMINATED probationary Ryanair cabin crew member will get from either Crewlink or Workforce.

 This wage slip is from Crewlink Limited.As you can see the flight pay is €745.04 with commission 273.43 and holiday pay of 259.20...Deductions PAYE is at the higher rate of 40% which is €523.84...Month 1 AL is €300.00 which is the new joiners allowance..The total cross pay of €1277.67 is paid into your Bank of Ireland account who are informed by Crewlink & Workforce of your TERMINATION.The Bank of Ireland FREEZE yes FREEZE your account so no money can be withdrawn and Crewlink & Workforce take the lot.The Bank Of Ireland are involved with Ryanair in many ways and make sure your last month salary is not withdrawn.
The high rate of PAYE of 523.84 is kept in The Bank of Ireland high interest account set up for Ryanair and held for 12 months before handing it over to the Irish Government.Ryanair PLC are given generous tax breaks by the Irish Government because of the large amounts of PAYE given by these probationary cabin crew.With so many probationary cabin crew being TERMINATED only a small number claim any form of tax break even at the 40% rate paid.
The Bank of Ireland and the Irish Government are fully aware of these large TERMINATION rates at Ryanair but do nothing as long as the money keeps rolling in.
So looking at the probationary Ryanair Terminated cabin crew members wage slip,it is clear TERMINATION is PROFIT not only for RYANAIR but Bank of Ireland and Irish Government.

4 Aug 2015


 Last month in Denmark has been never interesting indeed.Ryanair cabin crew and pilots have been in the news regarding working conditions and salary payments in Denmark.As we all know Ryanair are Anti unions for the sole purpose to exploit their workforce which is racking in Millions of £ each month and makes it a priority to keep the unions out of Ryanair.
Cabin crew talk to press about working conditions below.Please use Google translate.
Ryanair have now closed their base in Copenhagen in Denmark due to threats of strikes which were allowed by the Danish courts .What this means is Ryanair still fly to Copenhagen but no Ryanair aircraft will stay there over night.These aircraft need to fly in and fly out of Copenhagen.
Will this help probationary Ryanair cabin crew from being exploited by Ryanair the answer is NO, not until there is a Real collective agreement set up.
Michael O'Leary in the tape recording below is talking about cabin crew who hold a REAL Ryanair contract.Out of 5000 cabin crew on board Ryanair only 20% that is 1000 have a Ryanair contract which have sick pay and have a decent monthly salary.
80% that is 4000 cabin crew at Ryanair are on probationary contracts through shell companies set up by Ryanair, Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International.These are 2s 3s and 4s cabin crew.
These are the contracts the reporter is asking Mr O'Leary about.
If Ryanairdontcare Campaign where invite to this press conference we could have prooved O'Leary to be a lair.
80% of cabin crew working on Ryanair aircraft have no rights and low wages.VERY LOW.See a workforce international wage slip below.
Reason why 80% of cabin crew on Ryanair are paid low is the SCAM.Per hour rate of pay of 50% is kept by these shell companies set up by Ryanair which generate £ millions each month.
Listen to Michael O'Leary talking from 26 minutes in this tape recording.O'Leary states there is numerous Ryanair contracts out there which is a lie.Only one Ryanair contract exists which is given to 1000 cabin crew.The two other contracts are with Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International who are shell companies set up by Ryanair..

Ryanair set up bogus press conference, listen below. 


 Workforce International wage slip above of £591.88. The monthly salary at Ryanair unless you have a Ryanair contract.This exploitation of young cabin crew continues at Ryanair today. (words have been taken out of wage slip to protect the identity of the cabin crew member)
If you look at the top left of this wage slip you will see one Standby which is up to 10 hours at the airport helping to load passengers at the gate and recover baggage unless you get called to work. So 10 hours Ryanair pay £30 by the time you take the tax off that (Ryanair agents delay tax code for up to three months so a 40% higher rate is taken out of this £30)..SHOCKING £18 for a 10 hour shift on airport standby with Ryanair. Something else we found out when we visited the Dublin tax office in 2012.They informed me Ryanair can keep this PAYE that they take off all crew for up to 12 months which is placed in a Bank of Ireland high interest account.Even more cash in O'Leary's pocket..Would you guess O'Leary is a qualified accountant and knows nothing about Pilot and Cabin Crew work. 
The Bank Of Ireland are deeply involved with Scamming young Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew.  

                   If you care about young people being scammed by Ryanair
          It could be you son or daughter


John said,
The lowest monthly salary i have seen in the 6 years of our campaign is £460 a month.Yes you heard that right.Cabin crew at Ryanair working 38,000ft earn this low salary.In some cases it works out £10 a flight.I hope people viewing this post consider this the next time you book a flight with Ryanair.The public have the power to stop this.''BOYCOTT RYANAIR''...






3 Aug 2015


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This post below relates to CHIEF exploiter of probationary cabin crew Ryanair CHIEF David Bonderman.
If you all are not aware of late, a lion named Cecil we are being told has been killed in Zimbabwe by an American dentist called Jan Casimir Seski a bowhunter.The whole world is talking about this lion which has been beamed On To Empire State Building in America.An autopsy has been conducted on Cecil the Lion (7/7 victims have not) ..Let us talk about CHARITIES later..So let us bring in Sabrina Corgatelli who had nothing to do with Cecil the lion but funny how all wildlife is top of the news,by the way her facebook page was set up 4 months ago...If people are not aware how some charities nowadays work, with a small % going to the charity but a private company can be set up and be a so called agent for this charity.Like World Wildlife Fund (World Wildlife Fund )who have Scum Bag, Ryanair Chief David Donderman heavily involved.Not only a professional in Ripping passengers off with extra charges but TERMINATING thousands out young probationary cabin crew for profit and great in setting up shell companies (agents),(Crewlink and Workforce International for Ryanair)..The sort of guy needed to get money out of the public for FREE...
TheWorld Wildlife Fund are asking for monthly donation through your bank accounts to help protect and care for wildlife animals which a small % of money collected through agents go towards..Most of the money raised go to these agents and wages for setting up stalls in shopping malls (UK) . You need to see the pressure selling from these guys working with World Wildlife Fund to get the standing order set up.(worse than a Ryanair cabin crew recruitment day''live the high life'').Anything from £3 a month can be donated to World Wildlife Fund..
Today i witnessed 4 groups of 4 leaving Liverpool city center to set up stalls all for  World Wildlife Fund charity which has been happening since Cecil was killed and i can bet you it will be the very same all over UK...Stop one minute,did i tell you you can buy Cecil the lion from a London company charges £1,580 for gold-plated phone with lion on its back,(showing money generated over lions death),NOT related to World Wildlife Fund i must say.
So lets get back to money,in the first 24 hours one charity agent in the USA generated $150,000. As for the UK i would have a guess 10 major animal charities are set up with 100s of agents working off these major charities in the UK.All in shopping malls up and down the country talking about Cecil the Lion, Sorry i mean standing orders.The World Wildlife Fund  are in most countries so what is going on in the UK will be happening all over the world.If one charity agent can generate $150,000 in 24 hours how much can 1000 agents world wide generate in 7 days $50,000,000, $100,000,000 $500,000,000 your guess is good as mind.Money from agents to World Wildlife Fund are called (promotional income from companies) which only a small % is given..So before you think to give your charity money away over Cecil the Lion please think again......

                                     Ryanair Chief exploiter David Bonderman
Taken from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10232004/72-per-cent-increase-in-executives-paid-over-100k-a-year-at-best-known-charities.html

''Other big payers included World Wildlife Fund UK, which increased the pay for its chief executive David Nussbaum from £120,000 to £140,000''.

World Wildlife Fund set up in Lime street Liverpool in 2014.They have set up again with a bigger stall last week after the death of Cecil the lion.



Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Daily Mirror article.