29 Sep 2012


The Testimonial which is placed on the Ryanair/Crewlink website can be seen below...Ryanair are not so clever and sometimes slip up..''Liars always do''...Ryanair set up Crewlink a few years ago as a way to scam probationary cabin crew..Not only terminating and exploiting the workforce but conning shareholders on the hourly rate of pay paid to Crewlink by Ryanair for probationary Cabin Crew....Millions each year paid extra by Ryanair for crew's hourly rate of pay'''''' all paid to Crewlink....WHO DO YOU THINK OWN Crewlink ????? Ryanair DO....... Same SCAM is used on Pilots....
As you can see below Testimonial is to show NEW RECRUITS how great Ryanair are which is not true.
Ryanair are exploiters and use new recruits as a tool to earn millions with hourly rate of pay....
Lazio Liotta below informs you he has been at Ryanair for 6 years.So he started in 2006 ...
He states he was placed on the training course at Hahn Training Center ( HTC )....In 2006 when Lezio started his training with Ryanair/Crewlink, the HTC facility was not built in 2006..It was built and completed in 2010.........LIE ;LIE LIE............. and you are expected to believe the rest of this Testimonial .Direct contract by Ryanair......Ryanair can and do make millions each year on probationary contracted cabin crew so why would they offer you a Ryanair contract ? No hourly rate of pay would be given by Ryanair to Crewlink if you were given a Ryanair contract....

Completed in 2010, this specialised Training Centre is located approx 1.5kms from Hahn Airport near Frankfurt. The HTC has 4 Classrooms, Study Rooms, Fire Chamber, Cabin Training Simulator, including aircraft escape slide training. Comfortable 80-room residential accommodation is within 100 metres of the HTC.

Testimonial Lezio Liotta

Testimonial Lezio Liotta
My name is LezioLiotta, after graduation in high school I decided to follow my dream job!
I sent my CV to Crewlink and after attending the interview process I got a place on the training course at the HTC to become a cabin crew with Ryanair.
After attending my initial training and passing all the exams I signed my contract with Crewlink.
After 6 months Ryanair offered me a direct  contract with the airline.
1 year later I was promoted to Cabin Crew Supervisor. I was in charge of 3 Cabin Crew on board, a big responsibility and after 6 months I was appointed as a Line Checker. I have enjoyed flying and I still do!
In 2010 I applied for the position of Safety and Emergency Procedure Instructor. After attending an intense training course and passing all exams and assessment I got the position. Currently I am teaching new potential cabin crew, doing refreshment courses for experienced crew and pilots all over the Ryanair network and at the same time I still operate my job as Cabin Crew  Supervisor.
I have been working now for Ryanair for almost 6 years and I am enjoying it a lot, meeting new people and seeing  new places.
Working for Crewlink and Ryanair gives a lot of new possibilities and often new positions are available to staff to be able to progress with their career!
See you all on board!

'Careers Take Off with Crewlink'

28 Sep 2012


''Siemens boycott Ryanair''

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Siemens Europe's largest electronics company have announced a FULL Boycott of their staff flying Europe's Greatest Exploiters of young people...
This is great news for Ryanairdontcare Campaign as we have been asking for a boycott over safety and employment issue for two years now......
At last a major company with a workforce of over 400,000 as took action......

John said.
Full report below...
The German industrial group Siemens, with 400,000 employees worldwide, has decided for a global boycott of Ryanair. But Ryanair threatens legal action. 


March 2011 we informed the IAA and Boeing of 3 safety issues Ryanair were breaking to generate more profit.This included a fire risk which involved rubbish being placed in plastic bin bags in the toilet on board Ryanair and fire cart not being used.All but one waste bin being sealed up.The most damaging was a memo from Ryanair to all cabin crew with regards the 4 trolleys (they are called bars) which are used to service passengers with products.This not only broke Boeing safety issues but put passengers and crews Lives at Risk.
The trolleys (bars) are to the rear of the aircraft (called back gallery).4 are used and on take off  & landing all 4 must be together locked.If one is taken out then the other 3 become loose and could fall into the aircraft which could cause injury or even kill.
Photo evidence was placed on our first Blog regarding these serious safety issues and within hours Google closed the Blog down...

As you can see Ryanair are ''SCUM'' and put profit before safety every time....  YOU STILL WANT TO FLY WITH THEM ?

                       Boycott Ryanair Now
As you can see below Siemens looking at our campaign today.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to send a very big THANK YOU to Siemens...
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As you can see this is the contracts new recruits at Ryanair,Crewlink,Workforce International are asked to sign when joining Ryanair ''EXPLOITERS of young people wishing a career in aviation'...LOOK how many times TERMINATION is written....

This is a fixed term contract between Workforce International Contractors Ltd (‘the
Company’) whose head office is located at Lower Main Street, Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland and
«Title» «Name» «Surname».
You will be employed by the Company and contracted to Ryanair Limited as Seasonal Cabin Crew. This position will
commence on «Online_Date» ("the Commencement Date") and will end no later than «Contract_End_Date». This is a
three year fixed term contract during which you will  be required to work for approximately nine months during our
Client’s flight year between April and March annually.
This position is at all times subject to the Company holding a contract with Ryanair Ltd (herein referred to as the
Client) for the provision of Seasonal Cabin Crew.  In the event of the Company losing the contract to provide
personnel to the Client this contract will automatically terminate.
Employees will be able to end their contract with Workforce International Contractors Ltd before
«Contract_End_Date» as long as the required notice period is given in advance and that all outstanding financial
obligations have been met.
The term of this contract is from «Online_Date» to «Contract_End_Date». The Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 as
amended, will not apply to the termination of your employment where the termination consists only of the expiry of the
term of the contract without its being renewed.
In circumstances where Ryanair and Workforce International Contractors agree to extend their corporate
arrangements this contract may be extended (subject to satisfactory assessments) however an extension of the terms
and conditions of this contract is not guaranteed.
As follows the Company can terminate your employment at any time by giving you the statutory period of notice;
Period of Employment    Period of Notice
Up to thirteen weeks    Nil
Between thirteen weeks and two years  One week
Between two years and five years   Two weeks
You may terminate your employment at any time giving the Company one months’ written notice.
The Company reserves the right not to require you to work during any part of your notice but alternatively to make a
payment in lieu of any notice or termination of employment.
The Company has the right to terminate your employment without notice if you breach the terms and conditions of
your employment and/or in the case of gross misconduct.  A non-exhaustive list of the examples of gross misconduct
is contained in the Company’s disciplinary procedure.
3.1. The company has a lesser demand for cabin crew  during the winter flight schedule between November and
March inclusive. You are required to work for approximately nine months during our flight year between April to March
annually. This nine months will typically be in the form of normal working between April and October with unpaid leave
for three months (i.e. usually between November and March inclusive). Any period of unpaid leave will be rostered at
the company’s discretion and will not necessarily be in consecutive months. There is no guarantee that you will not be
required to operate flight or ground duties during the winter season, and the period of time when you are not required
to operate flight or ground duties may occur at other times during the year, subject to operational requirements.
3.2. You will receive written notification of your allocated seasonal unpaid leave prior to the commencement of the
leave. During any periods of unpaid leave;
• your continuity of employment will not be affected;
• you will not receive any payment (including basic pay, flight  pay, sales bonus, monthly allowances etc.);
• the company will not make any PRSI contributions on your behalf; and
• you will not accrue annual leave.
3.3. Since this is a seasonal contract periods of planned winter unpaid leave will not constitute a lay off period under
the Redundancy Payments Act 1967-2007. 4. PROBATION PERIOD
You are required to complete a probationary period  of 12 months duration from the commencement date (‘the
probation period’). The purpose of the probation period is to enable the company to assess your performance,
attitude, conduct and general suitability while you are being trained / learning your new job and becoming familiar with
the rules, regulations and style of the company. You will be informed in writing when you have successfully completed
your probation. If during the probationary period the company is dissatisfied with your performance or conduct, your
employment may be terminated by the company giving  you the statutory notice period or payment in lieu  thereof.
Absence from work, other than for approved holidays, will be unpaid.
You will report to the Client Airline’s Head of In-flight and to any authorized agent of the Client or their designated
deputies. The Company or the Client reserves the right at its absolute discretion to change the person or persons to
whom you report.
In your position of Seasonal Cabin Crew, your duties will include all work normally covered by your job title and you
will carry out such duties and comply with such instructions consistent with your position and status as the Company
determines from time to time.
Your main responsibilities will include: passenger safety, assistance and control; boarding and ground  duties
(including passenger marshalling and announcements); on board sales on aircraft; cleaning of aircraft interior, security
checks and any other relevant duties that may be allocated to you by the Company or the Client.
As the Client’s aircraft are registered in the Republic of Ireland and as you will perform your duties on these aircraft
your employment is based in the Republic of Ireland.  You will be located initially at «Assigned_Base» Airport and at
such other place or places, as the Company reasonably requires for the proper fulfillment of your duties and
responsibilities under this Agreement.  It is a condition of your employment that you comply with any such
requirement.  Our client airline operates from various locations and the number of aircraft in each location can change
throughout the year. For the avoidance of doubt, you must be flexible to transfer to any of our Client’s bases at any
time without compensation.
It is a condition of your employment that you live one hour travelling time of the designated airport to which you are
Earnings will be in the form of Flight Pay as outlined below.  Flight pay will be paid one month in arrears and directly
into your bank account on the 10
 of each month.  The Flight Pay rates will be fixed for the duration of this contract.
Flight Pay
Per Revenue Flight
Ireland, Belgium, Sweden,
Cyprus, Malta, Denmark, Norway,
€16.20 (Per Scheduled Block Hour)
ORK €16.00 (flights <1hr 45m) / €27.00 (flights >1hr 45m)
Hungary, Poland, Lithuania €11.34 (Per Scheduled Block Hour)
PSA, BLQ, BGY, CIA €14.93 (Per Scheduled Block Hour)
VLC, MAD, BCN €14.37 (Per Scheduled Block Hour)
€13.52 (Per Scheduled Block Hour)
UK Bases  Stg £13.07 (Per Scheduled Block Hour)
Flight pay is calculated on scheduled block hour basis, and includes a premium for all hours associated with flight
duty; including but not limited to pre and post flight reporting, delays and all onboard duties including the use of the
handheld EPOS system. Your rate of flight pay also includes a premium for Sunday and Bank holiday working. Flight
pay is only paid for revenue flights. Flight pay will not be paid when you are unavailable to fly no matter what the
circumstances. An allowance for Seasonal Cabin Crew meals is incorporated in the 'Flight Pay'. It is therefore your
responsibility to provide your own sustenance while on duty. In all instances, salary will be paid net of the relevant
payroll taxes, levies and social insurance (which may change from time to time). 9. SALES BONUS
You may be entitled to receive a Sales Bonus award on in-flight sales in accordance with the agreement between
Ryanair and Workforce International Contractors Ltd. The Bonus is non contractual in status and is not intended to be
incorporated into your contract of employment by reference in this agreement. The sales bonus award may be varied,
amended or withdrawn at any time by Workforce International, giving you at least one month’s notice of such
changes. Workforce International Contractors Ltd Seasonal Cabin Crew are required to take the utmost care when
dealing with bar allocations and accounting. Your Sales Bonus will be calculated on a flight-by-flight basis which is
currently calculated as 10% of onboard sales less any adjustment for any shortages in stock at selling price and any
shortages in cash for any flights on which you operate as a crew member. The bonus figure shown on your monthly
wage slip will be based on this above calculation.
Sales Bonus is paid one month in arrears (i.e.:  bonus earned in January will be included in the March 10
Once notice to terminate employment has been given by either you or the Company, you will not from that date be
entitled to receive any payment of Sales Bonus for in-flight sales whatsoever. For the avoidance of doubt this includes
any accrued but unpaid Sales Bonus due at the date notice to terminate has been given.
Due to the nature of your employment and the business sector in which the Company operates, there are no formal
hours of work and the Company can require you to work at such time and on such days as the Company may specify
from time to time which may include Saturdays, Sundays and public bank holidays.
Your remuneration has been calculated to take account of this and includes a premium for Sunday/bank
holiday work.
You must be prepared to work shift duties and additional hours when requested by the Company, without additional
remuneration, in order to meeting the requirements of the business and ensure the proper performance of your duties
(including rostered shift work).
The holiday leave year runs from 1
 April to 31
 March each year.  Holiday leave cannot be carried over from one
year to the next, hence, any untaken holiday leave at 31
 March will be forfeited.
Since you are not required to work for the full year you will accrue 1.66 days annual leave for each month that you
work e.g. for nine months you will accrue a total of  14.94 days plus any public holidays that fall in your working
months.  The dates of your holiday must be approved beforehand by the Company and at all times the allocation of
annual leave will be strictly governed by the requirements of the business. You accept that you may be required to
work during peak periods, which for the avoidance of doubt includes Christmas, Bank and Public Holidays.
Payment for holidays is paid at a rate of €(see below) per day
Holiday Pay
Per day
Ireland, Belgium, Sweden,
Cyprus, Malta, Denmark, Norway,
ORK  €60.00
Hungary, Poland, Lithuania €42.00
PSA, BLQ, BGY, CIA  €55.31
VLC, MAD, BCN  €53.24
UK Bases  Stg £60.00
Where holiday leave has been agreed beforehand by a manager, but operational requirements necessitate  your
attendance at work the Company reserves the right to cancel your annual leave and require you to rearrange holiday
time in the future (this step will only be a last resort).
On the termination of your employment, where you have taken more or less than your holiday entitlement  as
calculated above, an adjustment based on your normal rate of pay will be made in your final pay.  You will be entitled
to paid holiday pro rata to the number of complete calendar months worked by you in the relevant calendar year.  The adjustment will be either by way of deduction if you have taken more than your entitlement, or by way of an additional
payment where you have taken less than your entitlement.
Seasonal Cabin Crew will be required to work a number of “Stand By Day” per month, whereby they must be available
to work within one hour of being called.  If called to work remuneration will be in way of the standard scheduled block
hour pay rate.  If you are required to complete standby in uniform at the airport you will be paid €(see below)
attendance rate.  Otherwise there is no pay for standby duty.
Airport Stand-by Pay
Attendance rate
Ireland, Belgium, Sweden,
Cyprus, Malta, Denmark, Norway,
ORK  €30.00
Hungary, Poland, Lithuania €21.00
PSA, BLQ, BGY, CIA  €27.65
VLC, MAD, BCN  €26.62
UK Bases  Stg £30.00
If you are absent from work due to illness or injury or for any other reason you must let Ryanair Crew Control know at
least TWO hours prior to the start of your working day or shift that you will be unable to attend.  You must also keep
the Company advised regularly if you continue to be absent and of your likely return date.
If you are absent for three or more consecutive days (including Saturdays and Sundays) due to illness or injury you
must obtain a doctor’s certificate and comply with the company’s published absence reporting procedures.
Thereafter any further absence must continue to be supported by doctor’s certificates.
There are no Company provisions for sick pay.  It is your responsibility to claim statutory benefits for any absence.
The Company will be entitled, at its expense, to require you to be examined by an independent medical practitioner of
the Company’s choice at any time (whether or not you are absent by reason of sickness or injury) and you agree that
the doctor carrying out the examination may disclose to and discuss with the Company the results of the examination.
All medical reports and results from any such examinations will remain the property of the company.
14. PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account)
In accordance with Irish Law, Workforce International Contractors Ltd will furnish all employees with information
regarding PRSA facilities.
15. EHIC (Euro)
An EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) should be obtained from your country of origin before training
commences.  On commencement of employment (or once PPS number has been issued) employees should apply to
the Irish Health Service Executive for an Irish EHIC.  EHIC's provide emergency health cover while on a temporary
stay/visit for work/pleasure in another EU country.
15.  EHIC (UK)
An EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) should be obtained from your country of origin before training
commences.  On commencement of employment (or once NI number has been issued) employees should apply to
the UK Government for a UK EHIC (www.dh.gov.uk/travellers).  EHIC's provide emergency health cover while on a
temporary stay/visit for work/pleasure in another EU country.
Upon you supplying satisfactory character and employment references you will be provided with an airport identity
(ID) card. You will be required to pay the fee for this ID card (and any other ID card issued to you during the course of
your employment) either directly to the issuing authority or by salary deduction depending on local arrangements.
Should you move to any other of our client airline’s bases you will also be required to pay the cost of the new airport
ID. ID cards must be returned to your manager on termination of employment, or if for any reason the Company
decides to withdraw them. (For crew who completed their training with Dalmac Aviation & Recruitment Services the fee for this initial card is included in the Training Course Fees, however, charges for any subsequent cards through
loss, renewal or relocation will be incurred by the employee).
You must hold a valid ID card for your designated station with the appropriate access level to allow you carry out the
duties attached to your position. It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the necessary documentation
correctly and in a timely manner to ensure that you obtain (and subsequently maintain) the relevant ID card. Failure to
obtain or maintain an ID may result in you being removed from duty and your employment being terminated.

You must keep your identification cards on your person at all times whilst in attendance at any airport. You must
comply with any rules or regulations issued to you in respect of the identification card. You must not, at any time
access any area of the Airport which you are not authorised to enter and any failure to adhere to these requirements
will be treated as a misconduct offence which may lead to disciplinary action.

Should you require an airport identity card for any UK airport during the course of your employment you will be
required to obtain and pay for a criminal record check certificate (CRC).
Should you elect to use the airport staff car park or should you elect to have the facility placed on your airport swipe
ID card, you will be required to pay for this by way of a deduction from your earnings. The first deduction will be made
from your first payment, and monthly deductions will continue thereafter for the duration of the period that you use the
staff car park.  The Company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to your vehicle whilst parked
in the staff car park.
It is a requirement of your employment that you attend and participate in training that is arranged for you by the
Client/Company from time to time.

You will be provided with a Client uniform and the cost of this uniform will be deducted from your earnings. Deductions
of €30.00 (Euro) / £25.00 (UK) per month will be made from your monthly payments and deductions will commence
from your first monthly payment and will continue until 12 deductions have been made.
Should you leave the Company prior to the full cost of your initial uniform being recouped from you by the Company,
you agree to return your uniform to the Company and the balance of monies owed to the Company for your uniform
may be deducted from your final payment.
As the uniform is distinctive it is easily recognizable, you must always remember that you are projecting the image of
the Client.  It is therefore imperative that the uniform is maintained and worn in a clean and presentable fashion.  You
must not act in a way, which brings or is likely to bring the Client’s name into disrepute.  If, after reasonable
investigation by the Company, you are found to have been culpable of bringing the Company’s or Client’s name or
reputation into disrepute, this will be treated as an act of gross misconduct (for which the normal sanction will be
dismissal without notice).
You must wear the full uniform at all times when on duty.  If you wear your uniform travelling to or from work the full
uniform must be worn.  Under no circumstances should the uniform be combined with non-uniform clothes. You are
not permitted to wear items of uniform outside working hours or for off duty purposes, such as shopping.
Drinking alcohol when in uniform is strictly prohibited, including being present in licensed premises, and doing so will
be considered gross misconduct (for which the normal sanction is dismissal without notice). Uniformed staff must not
smoke or chew gum in the Customer Services Area.
Comprehensive rules and regulations issued to you in respect of uniform must be strictly complied with at all times.
The Client is under a duty to provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees, subcontractors  and
customers.  You agree to comply with any alcohol substance abuse policy introduced by the Client/Company  and
agree that you may be subject to screening exercises (in accordance with screening policies introduced from time to
time).  All testing will be carried out by the Company’s medical advisers and analysis carried out by a specialist
laboratory, any reports generated from such analysis or examinations will remain the property of the Company.
Staff (particularly Flight Crew, Cabin Crew and Engineers) are responsible for the safety of passengers and have a
duty to be alert and aware at all times. The use of illegal substances diminishes crew’s capacity to work safely and will
not be tolerated.
The Company and the Client’s drug policy is simple – anyone who takes drugs, whether during duty hours or not, is
jeopardizing the safety of the Client’s passengers and will face immediate dismissal. The possession, sale, transport
on aircraft, use or being under the influence of drugs is absolutely prohibited and will lead to immediate dismissal. 21.  CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION
Except insofar as your duties shall require it, you shall not, during the continuance of your training and / or
employment with the Company or at any time after the termination thereof, without the previous written consent of the
Company, disclose any “Confidential Information” relating to the Company and/or its associated companies (including
client airlines) or their respective businesses, any trade secrets, the knowledge of which you may possess while in the
training and / or employment of the Company, not use or attempt to use such information or trade secrets in any way
that may cause loss or injury to the Client or the Company, its associated companies or companies with which the
Company has business dealings.
“Confidential Information” includes but is not limited to all secret or confidential information of whatever kind that may
have come to your knowledge during or as a result of your training and / or employment by the Company, its business
plans, finances, staff, customers and prospective customers, suppliers or products, information which has been
disclosed to the Company in confidence by a third party, and any other information of a kind that would usually be
regarded as secret or confidential.
You shall not at any time during your training and / or employment nor at any time after the termination of your training
and / or employment, directly or indirectly gather material about any aspect of the Company's operations for use by
newspapers, magazines, websites, television or radio stations, any other media outlet or other third party use.
You are expressly prohibited from making any video, audio, electronic or other recording of any aspect of the
company's operations whilst on duty or off duty without the express prior written permission of the Company.
You shall not work on behalf of any media organisation or work on a freelance basis during your employment with the
Company.  Failure to comply with the above provisions shall be considered gross misconduct and you shall be subject
to instant summary dismissal. In addition, the Company will initiate legal proceedings against you and/or any relevant
third party seeking damages (including exemplary damages) for defamation, libel, breaches of confidentiality and
invasion of privacy and furthermore shall pursue you for the legal costs of said proceedings.
Because of the uncertainty of the airline business circumstances could arise where the client has excess capacity. If
the Client is required to reduce their activity level for any reason, it is a condition of the job offer that you accept the
right of the Company, at its sole discretion, to give you compulsory unpaid leave for the duration of the period of
excess capacity or to terminate your employment.
You will not during your employment, except with the  written consent of the Company be directly or indirectly
engaged, concerned or interested in any other trade, business or occupations whatsoever.
Further, you must not during your employment except with the Company’s written consent, introduce to any  other
competing business orders for goods or services with which the Company is able to deal.
You must comply at all times with the Company’s and Client’s rules policies and procedures relating to equal
opportunities, harassment, health and safety, compliance, external interests and all other rules and procedures
introduced by the Company from time to time.
For the avoidance of doubt such rules, policies and procedures are not incorporated by reference into this Contract
and they can be changed, replaced or withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the Company or Client.  Breach of
any of the Company’s/Client’s rules, policies or procedures may result in disciplinary action.
It is a fundamental term of this Contract of Employment that you strictly comply and follow all standard operating
procedures of the Company and the Client in the course of your duties and any other rules and regulations applicable
to your employment which are communicated to you (including any airport regulations and procedures) to ensure the
health and safety of passengers, staff and other persons.
On request and in any event on termination of your employment for any reasons you are required to return to the
Company and or the Client all company / Client property including your security and identification passes, all keys,
computer hard and software including discs and all documents in whatever form (including notes and minutes of
meetings, customer lists, diaries and address books, computer printouts, plans, projections) together with all copies
which are in your possession or under your control.  The ownership of all such property and documents will at all time
remain vested in the Company/Client.
The Company and the Client reserves the right to conduct a personal search of you and your belongings, including
bags, hold alls and personal or company vehicles during the course of your normal working day or when you are
arriving on or leaving the Company’s or the Client’s premises or aircraft at the end of the day. 28. DEDUCTIONS
You hereby authorise the Company to deduct from your pay (including holiday pay, bonus and pay in lieu of notice)
any amounts which are owed by you to the Company, which, for the avoidance of doubt, may include (but is  not
limited to) monies for staff car parking (following  the issue of a parking permit), the provision of your uniform,
outstanding training cost repayments and the provision of new or replacement ID cards.
You agree that if there is insufficient pay due to you to recover the full sum owed by you to the Company then you will
repay the total outstanding amount within 14 days of receipt of notification of the amount due. If you fail to repay
monies owed by you to the Company in full, any additional costs incurred by the Company in pursuing you to recoup
the outstanding amounts (including legal costs and  debt collection agency fees) will be added to the total monies
owed by you and must be repaid by you in full.
Your normal retirement age is 65 years and should you reach this age prior to the conclusion of this contract your
employment will automatically terminate.
Prior to commencing employment with the Company you will be required to successfully undergo an initial medical
examination, conducted by a medical practitioner acceptable to the IAA, in accordance with the requirements of Jarops 1.995.
You are required to maintain your fitness (as specified in the Ryanair Operations Manual) to carry out your duties as a
Seasonal Cabin Crew member.
It is your responsibility to notify the company should you become unfit to fly, in which case the client may require you
to undergo a subsequent medical examination conducted by an IAA medical practitioner.
You must be prepared to be examined by the Company's Medical Officer or his nominee at any time during the course
of your employment at the request of the Client’s Chief Pilot, or his nominated deputies. Any medical report generated
from that medical examination will be the property of the Company.
Because of the nature of the Client’s business as an international transport company, you must agree to be
vaccinated and/or inoculated by the Company's Medical Officer, or by a medical practitioner nominated by the
Company, at any time during the course of your employment, if and when it is considered necessary by the Company.
Should unforeseen circumstances arise which prevent  the Client from fulfilling its obligations to the Company, this
contract will be terminated.  For illustrative purposes such circumstances include, but are not limited to; a lack of
positions for personnel due to the grounding of aircraft by regulatory authorities, war, acts of terrorism, civil
disturbances, etc…
The Company has a disciplinary procedure, which is detailed in the Workforce International Contractors Ltd. Terms
and Conditions Booklet. The disciplinary procedure is not incorporated by reference into this Agreement and therefore
does not form part of your contract of employment. The Company has a grievance procedure, which is detailed in the
Workforce International Contractors Ltd. Terms and Conditions Booklet. The grievance procedure is not intended to
form part of your contract of employment.
Should there be any interruption of service in this agreement due to labour disputes, strikes, work to rule, etc. then
any agreement with those Personnel concerned will be terminated.
Your employment is subject to satisfactory performance assessments, which will take place at regular intervals, and to
the regulations now in force or from time to time introduced by the Company affecting your particular job or the staff
as a whole.
Prior to the Commencement Date you will be required to complete and sign a Personnel Details Form.  This
document will then be filed with the copy of your CV produced at the interview stage.  If, after the Commencement
Date, it is found that relevant information has been omitted or given incorrectly in either of these documents your
employment may be terminated under clause 32 above.
You are required to give your correct name, address, details of dependants and contact telephone numbers when
joining and to notify the Personnel Department of subsequent changes as they occur.  In addition to supplying the information referred to above prior to the Commencement Date you must also supply the following documents to the
Company’s Personnel Department: -
• P.45 Income Tax Form (if you have previously worked in Ireland)
• Irish Bank Account Details  (as your salary payments will be made directly into  your bank
account, it is essential that you have a bank account – if you do not already have one this will be
arranged during the first week of your training course)
• Current telephone number and emergency contact telephone number
Prior to the Commencement Date you will be required to complete and sign a Personnel Details Form. This document
will then be filed with the copy of your CV produced at the interview stage. If, after the Commencement Date, it is
found that relevant information has been omitted or given incorrectly in either of these documents your employment
may be terminated under clause 32 above.
You are required to give your correct name, address, details of dependants and contact telephone numbers when
joining and to notify the Personnel Department of subsequent changes as they occur. In addition to supplying the
information referred to above prior to the Commencement Date you must also supply the following documents to the
Company’s Personnel Department: -
P.45 /P46/P86 Income Tax Form
 Bank Account Details (as your salary payments will be made directly into your bank account, it
is essential that you have a UK bank account and that you supply the details to the Personnel
Department on joining as failure to do so will result in a delay in your salary payment, which will
only be paid by bank transfer– if you do not already have one this will be arranged during the
first week of your training course)
Current telephone number and emergency contact telephone number
For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003 by signing this Agreement you give your consent to the
holding, processing and accessing of personal data provided by you to the Company for all purposes relating to the
performance of this Agreement including, but not limited to:-
i) Administering and maintaining personal records;
ii) Paying flight pay and commission;
iii) Carrying out performance appraisals and reviews;
iv) Recording the commission or alleged commission of any offence.
The employment relationship between the Company and you shall at all times be governed by the laws in effect and
as amended from time to time in the Republic of Ireland. Irrespective of the social security regime to which you are
attached your contract is governed by Irish labour  law and your entitlements will be those set out by laws of the
Republic of Ireland (including but not limited to maternity / paternity leave, sickness absence, redundancy and
retirement entitlements).The Irish courts have jurisdiction in all matters relating to the execution and termination of this
contract. In the event that this clause becomes inoperable due to legislative changes, legal directive or any other
change that the Company determines as material, then this contract will become null and void and your employment
with the Company will cease and you will be paid the statutory amount in lieu of notice.
This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The
parties to this Agreement submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of England and Wales in relation to any claim,
dispute or matter arising out of or relating to this Agreement.
This offer of employment is conditional upon you providing two satisfactory references from previous employers. In
the event that satisfactory references are not forthcoming this contract will be null and void and your employment will
be terminated.
During the course of your employment certain instructions, information and updates of company documents (including
operations manuals) will be issued electronically via CD ROM.  You must therefore have access to a computer with a
CD ROM drive for the duration of your employment.
Copyright 2004. Workforce International Contractors Limited. All Rights reserved. All news releases and
communications provided by Workforce International  Contractors Limited are copyrighted. Any form of copying without express written permission is prohibited. Further distribution of these materials outside Workforce International
Contractors Limited and authorized personnel is strictly forbidden, which includes but not limited to posting, emailing,
faxing, archiving in a public database, redistributing via a computer network or in a printed form.
This contract constitutes the only agreement between you and the company and replaces / supersedes any previous
agreement, written, verbal or implied. In the event of any conflict between verbal agreements and this contract then
the provisions of this contract will prevail. Any amendments or additions to the terms of this contract shall be
confirmed in writing by the Company and unless so confirmed and agreed shall not be binding on the parties.
Please confirm your acceptance of this offer, under the above stated terms and conditions of employment, by signing
these documents and returning the original in full  to the undersigned as soon as possible. We will be  pleased to
answer any queries which you might have.
Finally, congratulations on this appointment and we look forward to working with you.
I «Name» «Surname» have read, understand and accept all of the terms and conditions of my employment, as stated
in this contract of employment and the “WFI Rough Guide” and I will abide by them for the duration of my employment
with the Company.
I also confirm that I will commence work in the above position on «Online_Date».
Signed by:
________________________________________________ ________________________
«Name» «Surname»  Date
I «Name» «Surname» have read and understand the  “WFI Rough Guide” and understand how it affects my terms
and conditions of employment.  I understand that amendments to this booklet are made periodically and  I should
ensure that I am familiar with the most up to date version and the relevant sections which apply to my employment.  I
have also read the attached “Ryanair Operations Safety Policy and Objectives Statement” and clearly understand
that our primary objective is to conduct our air transport activities safely.  I also accept that the “WFI Rough Guide”
does not form part of my contract of employment and is not intended to become incorporated by reference.
  Signed by:
_________________________________________________ _________________________
«Name» «Surname»  Date
_________________________________________________ _________________________
Sylwia Woloch  Date
Signed on behalf of Workforce International Contractors Ltd.
Two unsigned copies of this contract of employment are enclosed, both of which require your signature.
Please sign both copies and return to:
Workforce International Contractors Ltd.
Ryanair Cabin Crew Division
This contract of employment will only come into effect when it is countersigned on behalf of the Company and
returned to you.

John said,


25 Sep 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Ryanair are calling the IAA internal document an official report to con us all...
This internal document which Ryanair want the world to see is floored.
No official investigation has taken place by the IAA and more importantly is the IAA  failed to address why all three aircraft from the same airline were involved.The internal document concentrates on the sufficient fuel to depart,to which is not in dispute.What is in dispute is why they did not have enough fuel to complete a flight all they way to their destination and then divert.The second two diverted without descending to Approach level.This is the only reason that they did not end up with less than minimum reserve,as did the first aircraft which did descent to start an Approach.
This is what should have been investigated and yet again the IAA are again and again for Ryanair and ignoring serious issues...

John said,
Yet again i must point out 8 former Ryanair employees now work at the Irish Aviation Authority....