22 Mar 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign  had a great St Patrick's day peaceful protest at John Lennon Airport on 17th March 2012..With help from Liverpool Solfed we gave out leaflets and engaged with passengers who were interested in our cause.....Most of the passengers we talked to hated Ryanair for ripping them off...At least it was only a flight they talked about and not a job......Recruitment for Termination of young people wishing to become cabin crew is the Ryanair way.....As you can see from the photo below a group of Irish ladies came over to us and wanted a photo with our banner and they agreed with our words....''EUROPE'S WORST EMPLOYER ''RYANAIR''.

John said,
Thanks you   http://www.solfed.org.uk/ for all your support in our week of action against Ryanair Exploiters........

As a result of my direct action protest at Everton v Manchester City football match Merseyside police have been granted an interim ASBO to stop direct action protests in the UK.It is very important for direct action protests to continue against Ryanair and in Ireland.Protests are planned  in Ireland in April..Donations can be sent through paypal to  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk which will help our campaign against Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young People ''RYANAIR''.


Daniels Silverman Solicitor  is a debt collection agency who Ryanair/Crewlink/StJames use to chase Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew for Training dept. This Liverpool solicitor acts for Ryanair to recover cabin crew training dept which has not been paid by Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew because of Termination..These young students are left pennyless by Ryanair after Termination left in a foreign land with no flight home and have no way to pay this Ryanair cabin crew training dept..As Ryanair Recruit for the sole purpose of Terminate this solicitor has been sending dept letters that threatens bankruptcy to these young Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew.These Terminated students have had their lives wrecked by Ryanair and loose their last months salary which is kept by Ryanair/Crewlink..Daniels Silverman Solicitor SHAME of YOU.......
Ryanair Cabin Crew Training  costs up to 3000 euro..Once Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew start working, a monthly deduction is taken from their monthly salary to pay for this training.Once Terminated, if this training fee has not been fully paid then this training dept is then passed on to Daniels Silverman Solicitor.Up to 60% of Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew are Terminated whilst on probation...Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew level is 4000.... RECRUITMENT for TERMINATION makes Ryanair PROFIT......The more Ryanair Terminate the more PROFIT Ryanair make.......Time to boycott flying this airline and stop the Exploitation of young people all over Europe ''NOW''.

Friday 16th March 012
The second video below from our direct action protest on 16th March 2012 will show a Manageress from Daniels Silverman Solicitor asking me to leave the room and she will talk with me outside....This was done so the employees did not know what all the fuss was about.......Your boss is working with Crewlink and StJames Management who are Ryanair and your boss is involved with exploiting young people for Profit...
The next time you send dept threats to these young people ''THINK AGAIN'' Please.....

John said,
Daniels Silverman Solicitor SHAME on YOU..

As a result of my direct action protest at Everton v Manchester City football match Merseyside police have been granted an interim ASBO to stop direct action protests in the UK.It is very important for direct action protests to continue against Ryanair and in Ireland.Protests are planned  in Ireland in April..Donations can be sent through paypal to  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk which will help our campaign against Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young People ''RYANAIR''.

21 Mar 2012


 Friday 16th March 2012 Ryanairdontcare Campaign with the help of Liverpool's Solfed  targeted the Allied Irish Bank in Old Hall Street Liverpool  who are complicit in the budget airline's Recruitment for Termination of young people wishing to become cabin crew at Ryanair.The Allied Irish Bank were guilty of helping Ryanair exploit young people by giving out a 3,500 euro Ryanair Cabin Crew training loan which Ryanairdontcare Campaign stopped in 2010 after Direct Action protests in Dublin..This bank new about the high levels of Termination amongst Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair who had taken out this loan but continued to do so until Ryanairdontcare Campaign got involved...What this bank is still doing is sending threats of bankruptcy to Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew who had this loan even though these victims have already been scammed by Ryanair and are penniless.....This loan was given under false pretences which were made by Ryanair and a message to Allied Irish Bank '' You need to contact Michael O'Leary from RYANAIR for any loan dept owed '' and stop contacting Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew or Bigger protests will follow not only in Liverpool but Dublin.....

Below is the video  from this protest...

                                                   Below are the photos from this protest...

John said,
The Allied Irish Bank we will be back ''GUARANTEED''

Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Facebook Group  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ryanair-Dont-Care-campaign-RYANAIRDONTCARE/327346637276632

As a result of my direct action protest at Everton v Manchester City football match Merseyside police have been granted an interim ASBO to stop direct action protests in the UK.It is very important for direct action protests to continue against Ryanair and in Ireland.Protests are planned  in Ireland in April..Donations can be sent through paypal to  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk which will help our campaign against Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young People ''RYANAIR''.

20 Mar 2012

Safety probe into Ryanair's £10 charge for emergency exit seats which leaves crucial rows empty as passengers refuse to pay...RYANAIR'S MICHAEL O'LEARY PROFIT MUST COME BEFORE SAFETY '' GUARANTEED ''...''Corruption in the Sky's''. Irish Aviation Authority

As you can see from the report below from the Mail on line...Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman are not interested in passenger safety..
To charge extra to be near an exit door in case of an emergency is a Crime to which Ryanair are guilty of many........all for profit....
A famous Quote from Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary at a senior management meeting in Ryanair's head office '' We could loose 2 aircraft with all passengers on board before the public would not fly with us''.
The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating this £10 charge for emergency exit seats..Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that the Irish Aviation Authority will yet again do nothing against Ryanair and we can confirm many Irish Aviation Authority employees did work for Ryanair....Work this out for yourself ''Corruption in the Sky's''.

The general public must Boycott this airline for the safety of all....

Report below


Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to thank Liverpool Solidarity Federation for this great article in Catalyst.
It gives us great pleasure to say ''this is one of the best and true reports of our campaign so far'' to which the mainstream media have not reported... http://www.solfed.org.uk/
Click on the photo to enlarge.

John said,
Thank you Liverpool's Solfed for this great article.Just a shame the mainstream media do not follow suit.
We must never forget Ryanair spent big money in advertising with the mainstream media and in their eyes money comes first,exploitation is priority with Catalst. .. View Solfed's website below

Mainstream Media SHAME on you all.

19 Mar 2012


Why am I supporting “Week of Action Against Ryanair”?

John Foley from the RyanairDontCare campaign asked me “Why do you want to help me and the Week of Action Against Ryanair?” It’s a legitimate question, that has a simple and straightforward answer.
First of all, let me clarify that I have no business relation or affiliation with Ryanair. I have never sold their tickets, nor received any commission or benefit for listing Ryanair flights on LowCostRoutes.com or on any of my websites. I have never worked directly or as a contractor for Ryanair, Crewlink, St.James, Dalmac or Cavok. I did fly with Ryanair more than 10 times, so I can say I am Ryanair a customer. I am a customer who wants to help Ryanair improve.
I personally like Ryanair’s philosophy that “no publicity is bad publicity” and the strange/crazy ideas Michael O’Leary comes up with, not because he actually intends to implement them, but because he wants people and the media to talk about him and his company, thus providing them with free publicity.
I am a fan of low cost airlines, which is why I built a low cost flights website. During the last 5 years I have only flown low costs. I like the price and the philosophy behind their business model, but I do not believe that they should be cheap&profitable at any cost. I believe in low cost airlines that fly to secondary airports, that charge for hold luggage, for airport check-in and for carrying more than 1 piece of hand luggage. I agree with the prices that increase as the flight date gets closer and with the extra charges for priority boarding and extra leg room. I also agree with reasonable payment fees, as long as the airline offers a payment method that if free of charge and that you can actually use (a generic payment method, like “prepaid debit card”, not like “our costly card”). All of the above services represent costs for the airlines, so in my opinion it is OK for companies that operate a low cost business model to offer them as paid optionals in order to be able to provide a cheaper basic service.
Ryanair implemented many features of the low cost business model and this is a good thing. But it is one thing to cut costs by including less services in the base price and it is a totally different thing to cut personnel costs and to have your employees constantly worried about their job security. This can even  jeopardize safety in the long run. When it comes to flying, I prefer to be on a plane where I’m cared for by flight attendants, rather than in a flying supermarket, run by salespeople who are worried about reaching about their sales targets. I know that Ryanair can afford to keep ticket prices low only if it makes enough profit from on board sales, but this does not mean that they should measure their employees based on how much they sell and not on their actual performance.
The recruitment companies that hire and train crew members for Ryanair advertise a 95% success rate for their candidates, so it’s easy to imagine that the preliminary crew member selection process is very superficial. Also, according to an analysis conducted by Air-scoop, the exams Ryanair crew members take at the end of their training are not very challenging, which is a very unpleasant finding! At the same time, there are many cases in which employees’ contracts were terminated by Ryanair on insufficient grounds, like their taking sick days. Ryanair has a high turn-over of the personnel. This is probably the result of a strategic decision of the Ryanair management team, aimed at increasing revenue from trainings and is probably the main reason why many people are fired by Ryanair without a valid reason and without any warning or chance to improve their performance. This policy causes distress to the people affected by it when they realise that they were not recruited to be kept, but to be terminated for profit. Ryanair treats their recruits just like a meat farm does when they raise chicken with the sole intention of sacrificing them from profit. Ryanair does not give the people they train a real chance to become long term employees. When one realises this, it’s often too late and they wish not to have applied for the job in the first place. That’s why, I think it’s my duty, as a person who works in this industry, to inform people about this practice and to help them make wise, educated decisions!
In addition, Ryanair is also known for discouraging employees from joining trade unions. By participating in this protest, I hope to help bring about a change in Ryanair’s attitude on this issue as well.
I am a strong believer in ethical business models. In my opinion, Ryanair is not only acting unethically by hiring a large number of people as crew members with the obvious intention of terminating them within the first 12 month, but it is also harming those people and the entire low cost aviation industry:
- as a result of this practice, a large number of trained, jobless crew members end up looking for a job in aviation, which makes it harder for everyone to find a good job.
- every person terminated by Ryanair will probably tell their story to friends and family, who will lose trust not only in Ryanair, but in the low cost industry as a whole.
- by continuing these practices, Ryanair makes unfair competition to the other low cost airlines that try to conduct ethical business.
For all of the above reasons, I have decided to take part in the “week of action against Ryanair” and to boycott Ryanair by informing visitors who wish to book their flights of these unethical practices, rather than sending them directly to the Ryanair website. I also encourage other people in the industry to join our efforts of informing travellers about the bad treatment of employees by Ryanair.

Article here... http://flights-blog.lowcostroutes.com/2012/03/why-am-i-supporting-week-of-action-against-ryanair/ 


As you can see the comment below was place today on our Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog..

I  tried to join Ryanair with Crewlink back in nov. 2010. People here mentioned like Andrew Swan were all around. I'm not going to speak for others, I'll just let everyone know my experience.

The course is actually 3000 €, paying 1000 € in advance (not refundable whatsoever), getting "borrowed" the 2000 € remaining from your salary over the first sixth months of your contract. Completing successfully the course will give you the chance to sign a 3 year contract. Not for Ryanair but for Crewlink, the school. Once the 3 year agreement is over you'll be likely out because Ryanair doesn't really care about crew.

Now the course is all about one thing: pressure. Particularly in Hahn, standing temperatures up to -10ยบ, right in the middle of nowhere (closest supermarket is right opposite the highway, so you have to cross it walking). Daily tests forcing you to reach a 85 % mark on every one of them. There are also two important tests, Initial and Conversion, requiring 85 % and 90 % mark on both. Otherwise they send you home.

Half of the students stay in a hotel with no kitchen, neither in common rooms nor in private ones. The other half stay in a tiny 2 room flat some km. far from the school.

Now what happened to me was really unfair. I have a visible tattoo on my right arm, and apparently is in their policies that employees should not have any visible tattoos. However they provide you grooming regulations in which is specified that tattoos may be covered with either plasters, bandages, make up... I hide it and then told them right after the Initial test (that was already a month since the course started), believing I could be fine. Nothing furthest from reality. They automatically removed me from the course, giving me 3 days to pack my things and buy a ticket back home by myself.

When I came back home and I rested a little, I contacted them along with my lawyer. It took them a week to answer me back with a letter saying that they considered the matter to be closed and they would defend any further legal action vigorously.

That's to say, they're freaking Ryanair and I'm only a crying baby with no chances to get my 1000 € back.

Funny to know that many Ryanair CC have huge visible tattoos.

It's also worth pointing out that many of my mates from the course have quit (about 20 of them, some very early) because of the unfair contract conditions.

I have nothing to say about teachers or the educational system they use because I have to recognise it was good though.

I don't really know if Ryanair employees usually have a bad time working there but I do know that there are other three Ryanair schools: St.James, Cavok and Dalmac. Anyone interested in becoming a CC shouldn't try with Crewlink.

And if you're reading this, Andrew Swan, I still remember you. Not in a good way.

Full article and comment here... http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/crewlink-ireland-are-ryanair.html?showComment=1332173648615

John said,
As you can see from the photo above....O'Leary the serial Exploiter will act in anyway to gain more publicity for Europe's Greatest Training Robbers Of Young People ''RYANAIR''.....Dignity and Respect for Ryanair Crew.....


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that Ryanair's main recruitment aim in 2012 is to target and exploit Polish workers more than any other Nationals at any cost...This new recruitment drive taking place to recruit young hard working Polish students will have a damaging effect on the lives of all young people in Europe..It is a disgrace that the Polish Government is keen to work closely with Ryanair when we all know exploitation is priority at Ryanair and Ryanair's Termination rate amongst Polish Probationary Cabin Crew is the highest in Europe..
Ryanair's JULIUSZ KOMOREK  should be ashamed of his actions.....

As we all know the Polish Government have opened more new airports in Poland and are only interested in increasing traffic bringing tourists to Poland without any thought for their young citizens who are exploited by Ryanair.....
"An airport boom".

All new recruited Probationary Cabin Crew and present Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair in Poland are told to sign a new employment contract with Crewlink or Workforce International ''both a front for Ryanair'' which gives them a hourly rate on pay before Tax from 15 euro per hour flight time to 11 euro per hour flight time before Tax.......
At present other European Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew have a 15 + Euro per hour flight time rate of pay .........................4 euro cheaper rate of pay to the Polish Probationary Cabin Crew...The aim by Ryanair is to exploit Probationary Cabin Crew even more by reducing this rate of pay firstly in Poland and then bring it to other European countries..
The law which regulates unions in Poland is different and Ryanair with its operational formula is using it as an opportunity. In Poland when a new company enters the market, the employees of this company have to create their own union so the initiative has to come from within. This is a perfect law for Ryanair. Polish Probationary Cabin Crew will have no chance to organise because as soon as they try to create an union they will be Terminated, anyway no-one will last long enough to create any type of movement. The business of this company and its core formula is based on the Termination of crew......

John said,
All European unions and Governments need to stop this exploitation of young people which is wrecking the lives of so many all over Europe.......
David Bonderman TPG Capital is the main exploiter of these young people and he does this for PROFIT...Shame on you  Bonderman the ''Hypocrite''.

Monthly salary of Probationary Cabin Crew outside Poland for the first 2 month of this Sham contract will be above 1000 euro. This is done by Ryanair management to let new recruits believe they have made the right choice in joining Ryanair,then you will accrue many stand-bys at home which is un-paid before Termination....

Polish new hourly rate of pay of 11 Euro flight time in Poland will accrue a Irish Tax ''high rate'' as Ryanair will delay your paper work in Dublin...This Irish Tax rate will be 42% of your salary for up to 4 months..
Let us say you work maximum flight time allowed in Europe of 100 Hours in one month which is very rare..

100 Hours flown
Your salary will be
11 euro x 100 hours = 1100 euro  before Irish Tax.
42% Irish Tax of 1100 euro = 462 euro.

1100 euro - 462 euro Irish Tax = 638 euro month flight pay.
Out of your flight pay of 638 euro you will pay 30 euro to rent a Ryanair uniform and any training loan which is deducted from your monthly salary....
In all you will be working in Poland as Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew and paid one months flight pay of less than 350 euro after deductions and this is if you fly 100 hours in a month.....

Average 70 hours flown
Your salary will be
11 euro x 70 hours = 770 euro  before Irish Tax.
42% Irish Tax of 770 euro = 323 euro.

770 euro - 323 euro Irish Tax = 447 euro month flight pay.
Out of your flight pay of 447 euro you will pay 30 euro to rent a Ryanair uniform and any training loan which is deducted from your monthly salary....
In all you will be working in Poland as Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew and paid one months flight pay of less than 180 euro after deductions and this is if you fly on average of  70 hours in a month.....

                                                     '' POLISH YOUNG PEOPLE ''