17 Mar 2012

13 Mar 2012


Today Monday 12th March 2012 was the start of  the first ever International week of action against Ryanair, who are Europe's Greatest Exploiter's of Young People....Ryanairdontcare Campaign & Liverpool Solidarity Federation disrupted leaflets in Liverpool City Centre with thousands of members of the public hearing our calls ''this summer''....
Don't Fly
Dont't Fly
Don't Fly Ryanair
Because they don't Care
Don't Fly Ryanair...........................Words from Sarah Foley...

Better Fly Easyjet...........................Words from John Foley....

                                           John getting the word out on the streets of Liverpool...

Interview below outside News from Nowhere Bold Street Liverpool were you can see our full protest window display from 13th March 2012.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg-Po4LgpLY
which includes a Ryanair Cabin Crew uniform which is rented to Probationary Cabin Crew by Ryanair at a charge of £25.......       

12 Mar 2012


Eircom ( dalmac  
Ireland FlagRush, Dublin, Ireland    
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John said,
As you can see Dalmac who recruit young people to be scammed by Ryanair as Probationary Cabin Crew have been on our BLOG all day......We are watching them, watching us....


Ryanairdontcare Campaign's boycott has been supported by LowCostRoutes.com who have placed this article below on their website for Ryanair passengers to see before they book a flight.We can confirm that no Ryanair passengers will be sent to the Ryanair website in support of our week of action.
Message to Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman
''Doomed to Fail''
Article below..

How can Ryanair offer such low prices?

Did you know that:
  • 1000s of young people are hired as probationary cabin crew and terminated for profit by Ryanair every year.
  • recruits pay up to 3000 EURO for the training and most of them are laid off without sufficient grounds within a year.
  • Ryanair cabin crew are measured on sales, not on performance. They are required to sell, not to be able to ensure your safety.
  • unlike any other carrier, Ryanair pays cabin crew only for the flight time, not for the flight preparation time.
  • Ryanair employees have to rent for their uniform for £25/month. They even pay for their water on board.
  • Ryanair has no respect for employee rights. They fired an experienced pilot because he handed a union membership form to a stewardess.
  • Ryanair uses their planes almost non stop, but has the lowest number of employees per airplane in the whole industry. They employ 33 people for each plane, half of the number employed by AirBerlin (64) and SouthWest Airlines (65).
All of the above enable Ryanair to cover operating costs and to make profit, while offering fares that are lower than 10 EURO.

Cabin crew member worked for Ryanair starting in 2011 for 4 months, based in London Stansted.
"I was summoned into a meeting room where I was told my sales targets were below average, I contested this as I had received a letter stating I was in the top twenty sales targets for that month. I was then told I must have been late for work, again I contested this as I had not been late and asked for specific dates which weren't provided. I was then told my contract was terminated, I was devastated this was going to be the career of my dreams and I felt like my world had just crashed around me."

Now that you know this, are you still willing to fly Ryanair?


For all of the above reasons, we at LowCostRoutes.com decided to participate in the Week of Action Against Ryanair, between the 12th and the 17th of March, 2012. We decided to inform you about Ryanair's practices instead of directing you to their website so that you can buy your tickets. If you agree with the above practices, you can always google the airline name and go directly to their website.

John said,
Thank you LowCostRoutes.com


RYANAIR INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF ACTION.......12th  March till 18th March 2012...Boycott RYANAIR Till SHAREHOLDERS SACK THE WHOLE BOARD...SUPPORTED BY http://www.anfieldscandal.com/

The main reason why The World's No1 Anti Ryanair Campaign....Ryanairdontcar was set up in 2008 and the reason for a Week of action against Ryanair who are Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young People wishing to become cabin crew.....


I must also point out our original protest Blog was closed by Google early 2011....This is our second Blog which have had over 100,000 hits so far.....We are not selling anything ''MICHAEL O'LEARY''.....


My 18 year old daughter Sarah who has always wanted to become cabin crew from a small age.
She finished her studies and passed her exams with 3 A levels.I thought she was going to university but one day she informed me and her mun that she had applied to a company called StJames Management (scammer)

to become cabin crew at Ryanair.A deposit was paid and training took place for 6 weeks in Bishop Stortford..After the 6 week period Sarah had passed all exams and was now a qualified cabin crew...This was a very exiting time for Sarah who at 18 had taken her own decision to start working.
We were and still are very proud of Sarah.
She was given a contract by Crewlink (scammer 2)


 and was based in Dublin.This was very hard for her parents as she was still very young and was moving to Ireland..At first Sarah thought maybe she would be given Liverpool John Lennon as Ryanair were based there and she lived there.
(Ryanair try to base young students away from their home easier to scam).
Off she went to Dublin working as she thought for Ryanair on their aircraft...After a 7 week period Sarah was called into head office in Dublin with 20 others..They were all Terminated and the reason was The Recession..This was a very hard time for Sarah and she was alone in Dublin by this time and cryed  for days..Ryanair refused to give her a flight back home to UK after Termination even though a free flight was given when Sarah started working at Ryanair..Sarah was told by a Ryanair supervisor,;;YOU DO NOT WORK FOR US ANYMORE,so no flight home....Sarah new she had been scammed.....
Sarah did not know how to explain what had happened to her to her parents.After 5 days she contacted her parents back in Liverpool.Her farther took a ferry to Dublin to pick her up with all her belongings and on the ferry back home Sarah said to her farther ''i think i have been scammed.''

As a few weeks went by i found out that Sarah was not alone,there was so many young probationary cabin crew Terminated..

John said,


A report a few months before from the Daily Mirror had run a story..Ryanairdontcare Campaign was set up and many other Terminated students contacted us and the same pattern was unfolding...Ryanair had set up some recruitment companies and agents to recruit,train and scam our children.....Crewlink,StJames Management,Dalmac and Cavok are all used to scam young students.......
16th December 2008 was my first move in my protests which are in its 4 year this year.This first protest was as St James Management recruitment day for cabin crew at Stansted Radisson hotel were i went dresses as Santa and gain access to the room were 70 students were getting talked to by Ryanair..Live the high Life...
We started to give students a leaflet of what happened only a few months ago in this very same room to which the staff snatched these leaflets off the students,so i started to shout out all about the scam.Police were called,Ryanair always call the police on me as they want to get rid of me and keep me away from the students so they can  continue to scam...
I felt so sad whilst i was in this room for two reasons,one my child had be recruited and scammed from this very same room and most of these young students in front of me were being groomed  to be scammed.

Protests continued through 2009 and 2010 and i was charged and found guilty of  harassment of a JOHN MUDGE who has StJames Management in his name, the start of the scam....
Many letters were sent to the authorities in 2009 and even a personal visit with a Polish student who was scammed.,to Government in London.No one wanted to listen and help other students who were still getting scammed by Ryanair...Roof protests started to high light these issues and let other young people know to stay away from Europe's Greatest Scammers of Young People ''RYANAIR'
In 2011 Michael O'Leary had agreed after one year of asking after a protest at his mansion house in Ireland, to meet me which took place April 2011 in Dublin...I told Michael O'Leary at this meeting,how he had abused and scammed my child...Face to Face...Ryanair supervisor and Management put in place reasons for Sarah'sTermination (attendence issues) as a direct result of Ryanairdontcare Campaign being formed in 2008 to cover her Termination.Ryanair scammers say, Sarah had 9 employment issues in 7 weeks of work..Ryanair Supervisors own emails which were passed to me have 4 and 5 issues...Michael O'Leary himself changed the number of issues in correspondences to me also...This shows how deceitful Ryanair are but also shows how they can slip up....I have the paper evidence to which i put twice to the Irish government in 2011,to which i am still waiting for a reply.
We say as parents we would do anything if our children were hurt...I will go 'all the way'' if needed not only for my own daughter but to stop other young students going through what my child went through.....Protests to continue until the Government UK and Ireland look as Recruitment,Employment and Termination at Ryanair...An Independent Investigation is needed and it was needed 3 years ago.....Many more young students lives are wrecked each week by Ryanair for profit....Millions made on exploitation of probationary cabin crew and pilots at Ryanair and it must stop....Probationary cabin crew have so called agent contracts to which there are 4000 at Ryanair and they can and will Terminated at any time,no reason is needed by Ryanair to Terminate before a 12 month as not legal employment protection is in place until 13th month.. ..Ryanair contracted cabin crew which there are 1000.....
I call on the public to ask, why are flights sometimes cheap,they exploit young  probationary cabin crew,think of this the next time your booking a flight with Ryanair....You could stop this practise by your BOYCOTT.......
Join our facebook group 12th to 18th March week of action below...


Also our Ryanairdontcare Campaign's facebook group below


French press have done us proud..



Just a shame the Irish and English press don't care....Never wanting to look at why a father of 4 should fight Ryanair in this way all alone and never thinking about my child and other parents children who are scammed daily by Ryanair,....Maybe something to do with ADVERT REVENUE ???????????
Ryanair place advert weekly in the Liverpool Echo page 7.As you can see below a recent roof protest at John Lennon Airport by Ryanairdontcare Campaign which lasted 17 hours did not get a mention in the Liverpool Echo,good job i had a photographer there myself.. Look below


John said,
As a parent i must do my best for my own child.I do not want others to go through what we have been through as a family because of the abuse from Ryanair....Suicide and Suicide thoughts of crew are involved inside of Ryanair, the authorities are turning a blind eye to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT ME......................   Michael 'O;leary and David Bonderman (who worked in the attorney generals office in Civil Rights...HYPOCRITE..     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bonderman     ..

Irish and UK Governments must act ''NOW''.

Youtube Videos Ryanairdontcare

Campaign protests  http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=ryanair%2Ffoley%20protests&gbv=2&rlz=1R2ADFA_enGB462&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=2839l10811l0l11216l22l22l0l13l2l0l203l1573l0.6.3l9l0&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi 

            Sarah in Dublin aged 18 getting scammed by Ryanair's David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary.
Who not only broke my heart,wrecked Sarah's career in aviation but abused and still do, so many other young people wishing to become cabin crew '' for profit ''

Ryanair's Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman commercially abuse not only Sarah but thousands of other young people since 2004.

Both of you below will be held accountable.

Exploiter of young people below.
Doomed to Fail ''Michael''

Evil man.

Evil Man.

Week of action against Exploitation of young people by Ryanair
12th March till 18th March
Ryanair's ''Ryanair Chase'' which is held at Cheltenham.Please boycott betting
on this race.
This will send a strong message to O'Leary and Bonderman who are
sponsoring this race for £280,000 but on the other hand are paying 18 to 22 year old £10 as cabin crew to fly from Liverpool to Dublin at 36,000 ft.
A Independent Investigation is needed into RECRUITMENT-EMPLOYMENT-TERMINATION at Ryanair which i put to O'Leary in 2010 and 2011 to which he refused.
The reason why is simply,Ryanair have so much to hide and an Independent Investigation would
open up a large tin of worms inside Ryanair which makes O'Leary and Bonderman ''Millions''each year.
David Bonderman is worth $1.9 Billion and Michael O'Leary is worth 500 Million Euro
John Foley is a working class farther fighting from the heart.
Time for action Time for Change
Ryanairdontcare Campaign will be 100% committed to protests in stopping Ryanair wrecking more young peoples lives.

 Boycott flying Ryanair in respect of exploited Probationary Cabin Crew and Pilots at Ryanair.
We can all send a strong message to David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary


Yet more support for our Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

John said,
Thank you Freedom.....


Week of action on Radio http://radio-z.net/ in German...
John said,this is great news as Ryanair have cabin crew training centre in Hahn Germany.Over 3 minutes on Radio-z.net....
''Doomed to Fail''