11 Feb 2012


Below is the tracking of this blog today which was visited by the Irish Government....This is not the first time the Irish Government have been here....Ryanairdontcare Campaign must inform the Government of Ireland that we have details of all your visits and information you have been sent regarding Ryanair's exploitation of not only young Irish students but all young people ALL OVER EUROPE....You do nothing to help.

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Ireland FlagDublin, Ireland    

John said,
The Irish Government should be ashamed of what they have not done regarding employment issues at Ryanair which have and continue to wreck young students lives....
You have turned a blind eye to the exploitation of so many for Profit..TAX to Dublin and MORE....We ask the question ARE MEMBERS OF THE IRISH GOVERNMENT INVOLVED WITH RYANAIR.??????????
11 Feb16:23:44



Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Storm McGinley recruitment,head office below,are now working with Europe's Greatest Exploiter of young people ''RYANAIR''. This company ''STORM McGINLEY can not be trusted by pilots......You have been warned.....THEY WILL EXPLOIT YOU...

Ground Floor
The Edward Hyde Building
38 Clarendon Road
01923 696 627

John said,
Pilots should stay away from Storm McGinley.They will scam you for every penny and are not to be trusted..


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Dalmac Recruitment & Aviation Services also known as Dalmac Language School
Website http://www.dalmaclanguage.ie/contactus.html  They will scam you...
Website http://www.dalmac.ie/                                     They will scam you...
These two above are the very same company recruitment scamming young people wishing to become cabin crew at Ryanair....They recruit for Ryanair - They scam for Ryanair- week of action March 2012 will include these 2 scamming companies above....
Protest Address
Iona House,
 Main Street
Rush Co,

John said,
As you can see recruitment days at Dalmac are very low at only one a month for the next 3 months...THANKS TO RYANAIRDONTCARE CAMPAIGN......Young students wishing to become cabin crew are staying away from Ryanair.....  THANK YOU.....

Recruitment List below...
10.00Feb 18th 12Rush, Co. Dublin, IrelandOpen
10:00Mar 3rd 12Rush, Co. Dublin, IrelandOpen
10:00Mar 16th 12Rush, Co. Dublin, IrelandOpen

This same period in 2011 there were 3 recruitment days a month.....Very soon it will be ZERO...

AEROTOXIC...WISHING TO BECOME CABIN CREW or PILOT for ANY Airline'' WARNING''...... http://aerotoxic.wordpress.com/

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been contacted by Aerotoxic Blog with information which Airline Crew should be aware of....We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign do not place other blogs here but we feel this blog
http://aerotoxic.wordpress.com/ is to important not to...

John said,
All crew at all airlines must make it a priority to visit this site below....Your health is important
http://aerotoxic.wordpress.com/  Email for more information  john@aerotoxic.org
O'leary and Bonderman are not interested in the health of crew at Ryanair,their only interest is taking  money from your salary..........

FUNNY VIDEO....SANTO,SAM and ED'S Cup Fever....Australian TV....Ryanairdontcare Campaign...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign would like to point out this video below has not told why the protest took place at Goodison Park which is fine as many have used Google to find Ryanairdontcare Campaign thanks to SANTO,SAM and ED'S Cup Fever Down Under and must say ''Your Protest was much better than John's'' Lol...Watch the video below....

John said,
Saw the funny side of this TV Clip.......Thank you Australia....

10 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Politicians in Dublin and all over Europe are guilty of turning a blind eye to the Exploitation on so many young people at Ryanair.These governments know what Ryanair are up to and some Politicians are making money from their silence...This is a very sad that money comes before human life..The press know all about these issues and have continued to keep silent.
We can confirm Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue to be the voice of exploited crew at Ryanair and Protests will be stepped up in March...

Ryanair. Flight attendants have no rights. The new forced labor The two articles below are translated from Italian to English..........

Article below from Italy.....

ROME - In the Ryanair once we almost closed the doors on Irish soil, but this small detail becomes impossible to interpret unambiguously when it comes to flights operated exclusively in Italian airspace. It is not clear, in fact, why the Scratch easily be sold on board even domestic flights, despite the State Monopoly prohibit foreign lotteries in Italy, and always on the same guidelines, then made ​​in our country, you can buy other products such as perfumes, watches, necklaces, even earrings, all brands of so-called "fashion", a savings that can even reach 18.50 euros compared to the cost in stores on these airports.

But with a difference. In this case the sales service on board is accompanied by a receipt. It would seem, in fact, that the Italian state has forced Ryanair to issue a receipt when the tax representative figure to be the Meridian Vat based in Naples, Italy. A company calling itself-as he wrote in his web site - a leader to manage the repayment of VAT paid on services used abroad. So far so good. But a question arises: why the products sold in domestic fiscalizzati are mandatory, while the Italian employees of Ryan Air, which reside in our country, have no rights with respect to their colleagues in other Italian carriers? There are perhaps two weights and two measures? Or rather regular workers and ghost workers? It seems that the legislative powers to a dispute are all there. However, to better understand this contradiction, we think of an Italian businessman who decides to relocate production in England.
Possibilissima operation, provided the new company will comply fully with all laws of the host country, especially in regard to hiring and employment contracts. But for the workers of the Italian  Ryanair is not the case. One question this, searching for answers from the distant 2006, when the union SDL (intercatergoriale Workers Union) urged the Italian authorities, labor inspectorates to anti-trust, so we proceeded to an examination of contract law and adopted by the Irish company . A request was also raised among others by the same Ryanair flight attendants, who anonymously for fear of repercussions by the Irish company had reported a working condition outside of any statutory provision, to which each company operates in the national soil should follow. At the time, exactly 24 January 2006, three members of the coalition government of then deposited a parliamentary Prodi, whose contents at a glance asked to clarify the conditions under which they were placed on the workers of Ryanair Italians who worked as a flight attendants and were not settled according to Italian. Some time passed, but the request fell into oblivion. A year later, in April 2007, provided the union dell'Sdl asked for an investigation on the condition of low cost Irish carrier's employees residing in Italy. In this regard, the union presented a petition to the court by which he denounced a situation of extreme insecurity and - in their view - the "illegality" of the Ryanair staff who work in Italy: "Ryanair can be fired at any time - he wrote the ' sdl - do not pay taxes, but do not pay health contributions benefit the health service as unemployed, and not the health service of the sailors as the flight attendants and pilots Italian, ENAC are not subject to regulations regarding safety and limits of flight and the service provided for the crew, do not pay social security contributions and thus do not enjoy retirement.'' For the latter, while undergoing a state of exploitation, just think of the ban to join a union, for the Italian State has not existed as such are unemployed and receive compensation from a third country, with the consequent avoidance. Complaints were sent to public prosecutors in Bergamo, Rome, Velletri and Pisa, a city where the Irish company opened His first operational bases. Now four years later the situation remained unchanged. And so the low cost carrier is not in fact obliged to comply with Italian laws and regulations with regard to his personal use in Italy. Indeed, Ryanair continues unabated to increase the operational bases in Italian soil. Today there are even ten: Ciampino, Pisa, Bergamo, Bologna, Brindisi, Bari, Trapani, Alghero, Cagliari, Pescara, and finally with a passenger traffic in 2009 amounted to 20 million passengers only in Italy, of a total of over 66 million. One wonders how can this happen. Ryanair also in France adopted the same treatment for the staff, but the French Council of State in July of 2007, after a battle with strokes of appeals lasted 9 months, definitely imposed on the carrier to apply to his Irish sailors deployed in the country the law, social law and the French Labour Code. For this reason, the Irish company is about to leave even the 'last base of operations, one in Marseilles. In Italy, however things go the other way around. The Ryan Air, in fact, continues to widen his horizons, while on the job seems to operate under the protective cap of concessions from which it draws enormous advantages. And there are even those who exalt the low cost carrier defining the future of aviation. marketing strategies, you could venture, since the fantasy is not lacking in this company that often manages to spark heated debates. not least of which is pronounced by Michael O'Leary expects that in coming years even to passengers traveling on routes up to short-range fraction of the cost of 4 euros. And then there are special offers and a range of options such as the "last minute" that further lowering the cost of the ticket. But if you save on the ticket of course the voice of the cost of staff should maintain a favorable condition for this vector. Starting from the so-called operational bases, declared such by Ryanair, but only on paper, to avoid the contract and regulations for sailors under Italian law. Yet RyanAir flights originate just from Italian airports to return after 3 or 4 sectors on the same airport.
                                  The paper above turns to a flight attendant based in Ciampino
This means that its flight attendants and pilots reside in the Italian cities appointed to base weapons in all respects, just as Alitalia, Meridiana or Air One. With the difference that Italian sailors of the Irish company despite being used at home, work in the absence of protections and rights.
Just a small influence of season or a small injury to notice that the flight crew to Ryanair does not have any type of medical care in Italy as part of their deduction is for the welfare of Ireland. In payroll, which includes a salary of 12 months the amount of which is frozen until 2011 because of the economic crisis, a voice says: "Uni / Med / ID" equal to 27.08 euros, which is paid to assistants flight to cover any costs of medicines, uniforms and plastic ID card that employees are required to exhibit inside the airports
 Just a small influence of season or a small injury to notice that the flight crew to Ryanair does not have any type of medical care in Italy as part of their deduction is for the welfare of Ireland. In payroll, which includes a salary of 12 months the amount of which is frozen until 2011 because of the economic crisis, a voice says: "Uni / Med / ID" equal to 27.08 euros, which is paid to assistants flight to cover any costs of medicines, uniforms and plastic ID card that employees are required to exhibit inside the airports.
And in the face of privacy if a doctor makes a flight attendant a medical certificate must be presented at this company not only with prognosis indicates that the days of illness, as provided by law, but also with the diagnosis, because of justify the pathological cause of absence.
 In Italy there is the Cassa Marittima for all sailors whether airport or shipping. And always in Italy, as in other countries, the law provides that airlines comply with the directive from WHO (World Health Organization) issuing a booklet for international vaccination. A must is the prevention of yellow fever for all persons serving in flight, regardless of operating a flying medium-haul flights or even on intercontinental destinations with a high risk to health. But there is no trace of the flight attendants.

Not to mention the so-called patent for flight attendants in Italy that is released prior permission Civilavia, the body responsible for the Ministry of Transport, through an examination that evaluates both the technical preparation of each flight attendant in case of emergencies occurring on board, both the first aid procedures for a possible passenger. Patent to be maintained during the subsequent years will need further testing and especially the medical technicians, whose body controller is the IML, the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Air Force states that the psychophysical ability of each mariner. Do not forget that we're talking about a work that takes place in 10 thousand meters of altitude in an environment so not totally compatible with being human. They know well the stewards and stewardesses of Ryan Air, which during the turnaround, that is, transit, must attend the landing and subsequent departure of passengers, clean the cabin and then check the integrity of safety equipment on board (safety check-ed). All in just 25 minutes, and often, but this does not happen in Italy because otherwise dilaterebbero times, with the refueling process under way. So a load of responsibility exasperating, considering the importance and complexity of these operations require. A job at the limit of tolerance for flight attendants, tells us who has tried, paid by the Irish company in two tranches, 28 and on 14 of each month, respectively, the "basic", or the basic pay and the pay of flight hours. A sum of between 1,200 to 1,500 euros per month, unless there are no sick days that they relieve the payroll because of deductions. The sum is paid into a bank account of the Bank of Ireland Italian that every employee is required to open up if it wants to receive the fees. It does not end here. Why in Ryanair employees have to pay everything. From the training course which costs around 1,500 euros, the uniform that will be repaid, but only when the employment relationship is extended with the Irish company indefinitely. 500 euros for 2 pants, 1 jacket, 5 shirts, 1 tie, and a trolley travel. It was just that. Once hired employees go in the airport parking is charged at their expense, and icing on the cake even though they work 12 consecutive hours, the company is not covered eating, so that caregivers are forced to bring home even water from drinking. So the twenty-first century Italian slaves residing in their country, but it is as well not exist. Yet looking at the receipts of Ryanair all you can say, except to be a vector verses in dramatic economic conditions, despite the crisis. In March of 2010 closed the year with over 2 billion collected on tickets sold and a profit which is around 319 million euros. And in late 2011 Michael O'Leary , boss of Ryanair has already estimated to reach 73 million passengers and then provides a significant increase in fleet and personnel.

"All this is happening - we have explained some flight attendants - in an atmosphere which reigns in constant fear of being fired at any moment. Just a prolonged illness, a negative report of the supervisor who pretend to assess passengers' actions of employees, or wanting to join a union to protect only those few, but sacred rights to be thrown out from morning to night. "

Former flight attendant talks about his experience in the Irish company: "For us no rights"
ROME - Andrea, 30 year old assistant of Ryanair, the no longer made. And so after three years spent waiting for a final contract that never arrived, bearing the same treatment to an employee of series B, or rather a beast of burden, he decided to give a final cut. So in the end the experience with Ryanair to Andrea has inevitably ended a few days ago after having seen clear day after day, his dignity as a worker, without guarantees and safeguards. Yes, because many of these workers are Italian, and depart regularly occur in one of 10 bases of the peninsula, but for their rights like their compatriots do not talk about their own. A very unusual situation, that despite the complaints from employees, questions tabled in Parliament (the first was in 2007 ed) all remained unchanged forever. Certainly if we were one of those countries where there is an obligation to recognize any citizen a decent treatment would not have happened. As in France, where on 11 January, Ryanair after legal action against its employment policies will be forced to leave his only source of Marseille. Reason? Pilots and flight attendants pay taxes and contributions in Ireland, but operate on French territory. In Italy, however, things go very differently.
As Andrew told us that after three years living in exasperation decided to be fired. "I deliberately opened disease without sending the certificate first, and so I have convened three times the base Dublin chiarissi so my position and eventually they fired me. " Why did you come to a decision so striking? I knew that would be enough for one day of illness negatively affect my professional conduct. Because getting sick, although it is a legitimate right to risk their jobs. In practice, Ryanair does not accept at all that his employee can become ill, so much so that the certificate is required to justify the absence of communicating the disease to the company, the face of the privacy law that applies in Italy. no longer was holding the grueling pace of this company that treats you like a slave, as a number. I was especially tired of waiting in the vain hope of gaining a permanent contract, which would never have given, given that within a year and a half had already been calls for open only five days of illness and this has fact - according to them-irreparably compromised my ability to get an appointment fixed. So ill be banned? Pretty much. You've just taken a forward contract, renewable annually. And if in this period also opened a single disease, or arrive late to your job opportunities for stable intake is greatly reduced. But not only. It 'also important that during the fixed term contract the employee bring concrete results of the company in economic terms. Or rather that it can sell more to the passenger. Whether it's a perfume, phone cards or scratch cards does not matter, because the only priority is to increase the company's revenue. And if you do not recalled well come from Ryanair, a worker becomes useless because it does not produce. For this reason, the Irish company secretly sent on board the "mystery passengers" that control without your knowledge and your ability to relate to the vendor company. In short, a continuous pressure relentlessly, because this company, think only in profit, even at the expense of safety. In what sense? Just think about that just a few minutes of conversation, during which it is a must even the slightest knowledge of the language English to join the group. In the work of Ryanair flight attendant is often chosen as an alternative remedy to rampant unemployment. There are a lot of people recruited from eastern Europe and, for the condition from which they are willing to accept everything. However an emergency situation on board un'aeromobile could prove fatal because of the lack of an understandable communication between the same colleagues. And that says it all. A special not just irrelevant for an airline ... In fact, in my opinion, and in reference to what I said before, the fact that safety is not just the priority of this troubled company, and indeed should open a serious discussion because in Italy the flight attendants should refer to specific safety regulations issued by the Ministry of Transport. And do not forget that this work involves a very high stress for the kind of life you carry 10 thousand meters of altitude. And do not talk about economic gratification. For example, the stand by mode, during which you must be at the disposal of the holding for 12 hours a day, is not even paid. As they are not even paid service hours. This means that if a failure or a sudden storm must stop for several hours at an airport for delayed departure not perceive anything. In France, Ryanair goes why not honor the contract beyond the Alps. In Italy, however, how are things? bad, even worse. If I think about my personal experience I almost threw away 3 years of my life. I worked in every respect in my country, but I never paid a penny of contribution in Italy, but in Ireland. Even join a trade union is effectively banned, and those who wanted to challenge this rule often had a hard life, so much to end up in some remote desert base. So Ryanair has seen fit to elect its workers a kind of representative who in theory should mention the problems of workers and bring them directly to the Dublin office. But paradoxically, the vote took place verbally in separate locations, without anything in writing. And so once again the Irish company is the host, ignoring the discontent felt in the Italian bases. So at this point I have said it better unemployed than a slave of a company that thinks of humans as a factory that soldiers should not and can not think. I lost my job but I recovered my dignity.

John said,
As you can from the two post above from Italy....Ryanair are guilty of so much,wrecking so many lives for profit and Government turn a blind eye....Shame on you ALL...........


Liverpool man charged after handcuff protest

A man who handcuffed himself to a goalpost during an Everton match was staging a protest on behalf of his air hostess daughter who was sacked by Ryanair.

Jeweller John Foley, 46, halted play at Goodison Park for around five minutes in a one-man demonstration aimed at Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary, seated in the grandstand.

Liverpool fan Mr Foley was released on police bail after spending a night in the cells following his arrest for pitch invasion.

After his release he issued an apology to Blues fans, through a blog, and explained that his protest was the latest in a series aimed at Ryanair.

Liverpool fan Foley ran onto the pitch at Goodison Park shortly before half-time and chained himself to a goalpost of the visiting goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Dressed in a baseball cap and jeans, he wore a t-shirt which read: "Europe's greatest training robbers. Ryanair. Lowest wages guaranteed. Stop. Recruitment scamming our children."

Everton captain Phil Neville tried to convince Mr Foley to leave the pitch but his request was ignored and police used bolt-cutters to remove the handcuffs.

Mr Foley was charged with going on to the playing area at a football match and bailed with conditions to appear before Liverpool Magistrates Court on 17th February.

The protest did not affect Everton's play, as they went on to beat the league leaders 1-0 thanks to a Darren Gibson goal.

Mr Foley updated his campaign blog with an apology to both football clubs.

But he blasted Ryanair's chief executive officer Michael O'Leary who was thought to have attended last night's match.

He said: "Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley staged a peaceful protest last night at Goodison Park were Michael O'Leary was in attendance, as horse racing and Manchester City is his Passion.

"Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to apologise to Everton F.C ,Manchester City,Stewards and all fans Except O'Leary the scammer for any upset caused by this protest.....

"John Foley has many family and friends who support Everton but he himself is a Liverpudlian.

"The issues of young people being recruitment scammed at Ryanair needs to be told..."

It emerged that Mr Foley has staged previous protests against Ryanair over the treatment of his daughter Sarah who worked for the airline in 2008.

In February 2010, he climbed onto the roof of the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Liverpool John Lennon Aiport brandishing a banner criticising Ryanair’s training programme.

Sarah, who was 18 at the time, was allegedly recruited by St James Management who train cabin crew for Ryanair.

She paid a deposit to the company and trained for six weeks in Bishop Stortford, before being offered a contract from Crewlink, another recruitment company.

Sarah was then required to move to Dublin, but her contract was terminated along with 20 others after seven weeks.

On his blog, Mr Foley described how the cabin crew were told that they were being dismissed due to "the recession".

He said: "They were all terminated and the reason was the recession.

"This was a very hard time for Sarah and she was alone in Dublin by this time and cried for days."

Mr Foley claims Ryanair refused to give Sarah a flight home, and that he had to get a ferry over to Dublin to collect her.

Mr Foley blasted the dismissal as a "scam" by Ryanair to get money out of young people.

He said: "An 18-year-old scouse girl had seen through this scam and after being refused a flight home had told Ryanair supervisors never to forget her name ''FOLEY''.

"How true was these words."

Ryanair's rejects Mr Foley's claims.

European Communication Manager Daniel de Carvalho has said: "Ryanair can confirm that this person was never directly employed by Ryanair, she was employed by Crewlink which supply contract cabin crew to Ryanair.

"Crewlink confirm that this woman failed her probation as within the first seven weeks she had a number of occasions of lateness, a large number of uncertified leave days and one occasion where she did not report for duty.

"At Ryanair we maintain very high standards of professionalism among our cabin crew and people who are unwilling to work hard or turn up for work will not continue to be employed either by Ryanair or by any of our contractors."

Report here from Click Liverpool  http://www.clickliverpool.com/news/local-news/1215202-liverpool-man-charged-after-handcuff-protest.html 
John said,
I can confirm the comment below from Ryanair was given in 2010 after a protest by me.It was not the comment after the Goodison Park protest..They were asked for a comment on 1st February 2012 and were unavailable for comment...Not like O'leary to be SHY.....Article below from Daily Mail...

European Communication Manager Daniel de Carvalho has said: "Ryanair can confirm that this person was never directly employed by Ryanair, she was employed by Crewlink which supply contract cabin crew to Ryanair.

"Crewlink confirm that this woman failed her probation as within the first seven weeks she had a number of occasions of lateness, a large number of uncertified leave days and one occasion where she did not report for duty.

"At Ryanair we maintain very high standards of professionalism among our cabin crew and people who are unwilling to work hard or turn up for work will not continue to be employed either by Ryanair or by any of our contractors."


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Essex Police are interested in our Week of action March 2012.
Below is the blog visit today from Essex Police...

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10 Feb07:44:56


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm today that over 100.000 hits have been made to our BLOG.Ryanairdontcare Campaign is the World's No 1 anti Ryanair Campaign to which Michael O'Leary continues to say ''doomed to fail'. As you can see Mr O'Leary we are not selling anything but we are hitting levels of cabin crew recruitment at Ryanair which is great news..Many young people are not being commercially abused as a direct result of this BLOG...

Hits 100,261

John said,
This is a great day today..It is hard to believe so many have visited our Blog and i am sure so many young people wishing to become cabin crew have decided ''NOT'' to join Ryanair......Ryanair have figures on recruitment and will never admit Ryanairdontcare Campaign have effected this figure in any way....
which makes me feel very humble....Thank you to all who have helped and continue to do so...March 2012 will be the month Ryanair will be hit the hardest and they will never forget ''RYANAIRDONTCARE CAMPAIGN''......How Far Would You Go For Your Child..?????????????????????????????????
Below is what O'Leary wants Ryanairdontcare Campaign to do !!!!!!!! NOT A CHANCE...

9 Feb 2012

Aerotoxic - the best kept secret in aviation + Ryanair - probably the worst airline in the world.Aerotoxic Syndrome

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been asked to place this blog about Aerotoxic Syndrome on our site which we are please to do.All crew and passengers should visit the site below.


John Hoyte,
Chairman Aerotoxic Association
Former BAe 146 Training Captain
T / F: +44 (0) 1295 770808
Company Number: 6168333
Registered at BM Aerotoxic Association, London, WC1N 3XX
For further information about Aerotoxic Association

8 Feb 2012


 The article below is from Lowcostroutes.com .As you can see Ryanair are not only wrecking so many young lives but the whole Low cost industry.... New cabin crew jobs with Ryanair. Hurry up… or not?....Look at the link below...


John said....In less than 8  hours of this article going on facebook lowcostroutes.com can confirm over 2000 hits....... ''DOOMED TO FAIL MICHAEL''.....
All i can stay is Ryanair are Europe's Greatest Training Robbers and exploiters of young people ''FACT''.
Shareholders need to sack the Full board ''NOW''.

JOIN OUR WEEK OF ACTIN AGAINST RYANAIR 12th March till 18th March 2012.....Teach these explitors of young people a lesson........
A personal note to the Public....After reading this story and our blog ,if you still book a Ryanair flight whilst O'Leary and Bonderman are still on the board you need to look at your own family morals....You will be contributing to this exploitation....

WE NEED PEOPLE TO POST THIS ARTICLE ON ALL AVIATION FORUMS... Repa -  http://www.pprune.org/   - and No 1 http://www.cabincrew.com/   Cabin Crew .Com and Pprune have banned Ryanairdontcare Campaign from placing comments... Both of these aviation site are monitored by Ryanair scammers and cabincrew.com is helping Ryanair recruit young people for advert revenue.


Ryanairdontcare Campaign again today took part in a peaceful protest outside Allied Irish Bank in Old Hall Street Liverpool....The bank took on extra security and the police were present...
We will continue to target this bank in our week of action in March 2012...
A bank worker came to talk with me and understood my point of view and even pointed out ''RYANAIR'' should pay these cabin crew training loan depts not students.....These loans which have now been stopped thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign should be paid by Ryanair and not terminated probationary cabin crew who were conned into this loan.....We all know Ryanair are scammers and only after your salary....

John said,
The Allied Irish Bank who are Shareholders at Ryanair should stop sending threatening letters to Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew...Protests will continue and will be stepped up.


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have sent a letter to Merseyside's Chief Constable regarding an article which appered in the Daily Mirror on 4th February 2012...Article below....

Dear Chief Constable Jon Murphy,
My name is John Foley founder of a Campaign called RYANAIRDONTCARE which deals with employment issues amongst mostly young people at Ryanair.We do have some very serious issues which involves suicide.
I was the protestor who staged a protest at Goodison Park on 31st January 2012.
On the 26th of July 2011 in Rush Ireland outside a Ryanair cabin crew recruitment office a car was used against me.This incident is getting investigated by Skerries Police (Garda).
As the above incident took place as a direct result of this Campaign i have become more concerned for my safety.On 4th February 2012 an article appeared in the Daily Mirror from a Brian Reade,which has myself and my family very worried for my safety.As we are aware violence is not unknown among football supporters and this article could be interpreted as a exhortation to fans to have me killed.
i do believe these comments from Mr Reade have exposed me to a risk of attack.
Thank you for your time.
Enclosed is the article in question.

Kindest regards

John Foley

John said,
Look below and see what happened on my last visit to Dublin outside Ryanair cabin crew recruiter's office...

Letter to the Daily Mirror,

Dear Mr Richard Wallace,
My name is John Foley founder of a campaign called Ryanairdontcare which deals with exploitation of young workers wishing to become cabin crew at Ryanair.
On 31st January i took part in a protestor at Goodison Park. On the 4th February an article appeared in your newspaper  from Mr Brian Reade under the head line ‘’Blues Freeze Out Protester’’. Which has got me and my family worried about my safety.
As you are aware violence is not unknown amongst football supporters and this article could be interpreted as a exhortation to fans to have me killed.I do believe this article from Mr Reade has exposed me to a risk of attack and it is very upsetting.
Thank you for your time.
Kindest regards
John Foley

A letter has been sent to The press complaints commission......

7 Feb 2012

RYANAIR EMERGENCY DESCENT...KEPT UNDER RAP FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA YET AGAIN... Ryanair B738 near Zurich on Feb 6th 2012....Michael O'Leary protected by police

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DCK performing flight FR-4523 from Milan Bergamo (Italy) to Brussels Charleroi (Belgium), was climbing through FL360 out of Bergamo about 40nm southeast of Zurich (Switzerland) when the crew donned their oxygen masks and initiated an emergency descent to FL100 (average sinkrate about 4300 feet/min) reporting a rapid decompression of their aircraft. The aircraft continued on FL100, later FL080 to destination for a safe landing on Charleroi's runway 25 about one hour after initiating the emergency descent.


John said
Below is O'Leary the exploiter of young people....

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary protected by police after protest from sacked rival airline staff


O'Leary the scammer  at a press conference at the airport, which was interrupted by a group of workers Spanair accusing the Irish company "corporate terrorism"...It is not the only thig O'Leary the scammer is guilty of...Ryanairdontcare Campaign would ask any person wishing to work for Ryanair to think again as they are Europe's Greatest Training Robbers.......O'Leary and Bonderman are Guilty of so much...
They do not have jobs they have training courses....................Recruitment for Termination is the Ryanair way...
Full article here  http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.europapress.es%2Feconomia%2Fnoticia-economia-empresas-ampl-ryanair-volara-bilbao-madrid-barcelona-partir-mayo-20120207141702.html

John said,
Great to see the protesters out in force against O'Leary the exploiter.....Wish i was there.....NEXT TIME ''Michael''.

6 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign was set up to deal with the exploitation of so many young people wishing to have a career in aviation.These students wishing to become cabin crew at Ryanair ''NEED A VOICE'' which is called Ryanairdontcare Campaign...As you can see below Microsoft the owner of google are looking in to our campaign.

John said,
I would hope Microsoft would look at the bigger picture of our Blog campaign and see how deep the exploitation is at Ryanair...We are the victims voice ''do not stop this''.
Microsoft Corp ( Microsoft Corp    0 returning visits
United States FlagSeattle, Washington, United States    
(No referring link)
6 Feb15:24:55

5 Feb 2012


David Bonderman--Michael O’Leary’s Recruitment Scam


A couple of years ago we could have heard Michael O’Leary all over British and Irish Media constant criticism of the Irish Government for the property bubble. Mr. O’Leary seemed to have a high degree of expertise on that subject. No wonder he specialises in bubbles himself, especially in his major bubble – the Ryanair Recruitment scam.

I have prepared a simulation of how the airline logistics would have to look like if Ryanair really meant to give genuine and authentic jobs to Cabin Crew they are recruiting.

What are Ryanair annual recruitment numbers??? Michael O’Leary said on the radio that in 2011 Ryanair recruited 1000 Cabin Crew.

From the comment on the Mirror blog we can learn that Dalmac has already 11 courses planned for 2012. Probably there will be more….

If there were only 11 courses the number of Crew recruited by Dalmac in 2012 will be, give and take, 400. However I think this number will be bigger as they add extra courses throughout the year. It will probably reach 600 per recruitment agency.

I have prepared a simulation what the airline logistics would have to look like if Ryanair meant to create genuine 400 new Cabin Crew jobs per year, 600 genuine CC jobs per year and 1000 genuine CC jobs per year.

Simulation for 400 new Cabin Crew

Even if we stay at the minimum number of 400, look what happens. There are four Crew working on each flight. Now, let’s say that one crew works only 22 days a month and has 25% off days in any given month. That would mean 300 crew are operating and 100 of them are on days off at any time.

300 active crew create coverage for 75 flights at one time (there are four Cabin Crew planned on each flight). Let’s suppose all of them operate 4 sectors daily (2 x 2 sector flight). That would mean Ryanair would have to open around 150 new routes in 2012 to create a real work for these people; to create a real flight time.

Ryanair is not planning to open up 150 new destinations. That is impossible to do.

That would also mean that Ryanair would have to add 38 new aircraft to their fleet, which is also impossible. The Boeing will obviously not build and deliver 38 planes for Ryanair in 2012.

One crew operates four sectors a day. One aircraft operates 6 to 8 sectors a day. Depends on the length of sectors. Cabin Crew operate either on early or late shifts (4 early or 4 late sectors). Each aircraft can cover both early and late shifts.

To make this calculation clear. Active 300 Cabin Crew = 75 Cabin Crew teams (4 crew in each team). One team operates an early or late shift (we count each shift as two full flights or four sectors). One aircraft can cover both shifts (8 sectors). Therefore number of aircraft = 0.5 x 75.
0.5 x 75 = approximately 38.

That would also mean that Ryanair adds 38 new planes to their fleet each year, as suggested by Cabin Crew annual recruitment numbers.

Accordingly to their own web page Ryanair has 270 aircraft up to date and they have been in business since 1985, which is for 27 years. So the scale of their growth does not indicate that they add 38 new aircraft annually to their fleet. Yet they continue recruiting in high numbers.

Last winter over 100 planes were grounded.

This is very clear, Ryanair does not need 400 new Cabin Crew in 2012 because it is impossible to give them work.

Yet this 400 people will have to pay 1 200 000 Euro in total for their training. So consequently, after paying their training fees, they will be terminated.

Simulation for 600 new Cabin Crew

Let us do the same calculation assuming that the number of recruited Cabin Crew in 2012 will be 600.

So 600 recruited Cabin Crew gives us 450 active Cabin Crew at each time. This gives us coverage for 112 flights at any time. And again to give these people work would mean adding 56 new aircraft to the fleet and opening 224 new routes in 2012.
A complete nonsense. This is not going to happen. And yet again the total income from the training of 600 Cabin crew in 2012 will be 1 800 000 Euro. One million, eight hundred thousand Euro per one year.

Simulation for 1000 new Cabin Crew

If the number of recruited Cabin Crew is 1000; the figures are as follows.

Out of 1000 CC, at any one time: 750 CC are active and 250 CC are on days off.
750 / 4 = 188 full teams (4 CC in one team).

188 new teams create coverage for 376 new routes. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. They did not open 376 new routes in 2011 and are not going to open 376 new routes in 2012.
(Each team operates 2 routes per shift. 1 route = 2 flights = 2 sectors; one outbound and one inbound. That gives 4 sectors; 2 outbound and two inbound sectors per shift.)

On the web page they claim they operate 700 routes in total. It is impossible to open 376 extra new routes each year.

There are two shifts per day - one early and one late shift. One aircraft can operate both shifts - the early and the late one. Therefore each aircraft can operate 8 sectors max. It depends on the length of the sectors. Sometimes it will be 6 sectors a day. Nevertheless one aircraft can operate both shifts.

The number of new aircraft they would have to buy to give an actual job to 1000 CC is 94. This is absolutely impossible to produce and to deliver.

THEY DID NOT BUY 94 AIRCRAFT IN 2011. This number is impossible. The Boeing would not be able to produce that many aircraft for Ryanair in one year, it would be logistically impossible to deliver such a number of aircraft from USA in one year. It would also be probably financially impossible to buy it or to lease it.

They definitely did not buy 94 aircraft in 2011; yet they grounded 100 existing aircraft this winter.

They did not need 1000 new CC in 2011. Yet the new CC paid 3 000 000 Euro in total for their training.

By the way the number of aircraft they claim they have on their web page is not true. They wrote hey had 270 aircraft while in fact they only have 220.

Now please draw your own conclusions.

Kindest regards,

Ryanair Cabin Crew Member

John said,
I wish to thank the Cabin Crew member for this post above...As you will see Ryanair do recruitment scam young people...Not only scam them but exploit them for every Euro...Time for Shareholders to
                                                                 ''TAKE NOTE''
Share price at Ryanair will start to tumble very soon..Time has come toTerminate the whole board at Ryanair.Let us not forget a Real Important Pilot at Ryanair ''PAUL RIDGARD'' who has total respect and dignity from us all,just a shame Ryanair do not...........


Below is a letter my uncle has sent to Mr Reade

“Squire” Brian
What a shock when I read your comments, about the protest at Goodison Park, have you had a Kinnock / Blair conversion? It certainly seems that way with your turn coat comments. If you had taken the time to check your facts you would have realised what the protester is campaigning for - improved working conditions and to stop our young people being ripped off and being left with thousands of Euros in debt.
The reason why he chose this particular match is because O’Leary was at the game, as he was at the Cheltenham races last year (more research for you) the first thing he did on release from the police station was to apologise to Everton football club, Manchester city football club, the F. A. and all the supporters of both teams -  excluding Mr O’Leary
I would have expected someone like you (who I have always considered to be one of ours) to have supported a working class struggle,  your comments are more Jeremy Clarkson than true scouser, I suppose you will soon be a regular at the London Carriageworks and too embarrassed to go to the Casa.
When the truth comes on Panorama and Dispatches you will no doubt start to be a socialist again. Don’t just believe me check out ryanairdontcare on the web decide for yourself, then apologise.
Keep the faith (don’t sell out)
Our day will come
John said,



As you can see from the tracking information below....Department of Homeland Security have been on our BLOG...Are they looking into the exploiter David Bonderman or are they more interested in our post which supports Mr Leonard Peltier...
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John said,
I do hope Ryanair's chief scammer David Bonderman is getting investigated by the US Government..Aviation Security and safety should be a priority...


Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm the health and safety of Pilots is ignored by Ryanair and the Irish Aviation Authority.....Lives are at risk and Pilots concerns are not getting told....Aviation unions must do more....Below is the article from svt.se in Sweden... http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=svt.se%2F2.22620%2F1.2699932%2Fryanairs_piloter_varnar_for_flygsakerheten

The Sunday Report revealed that Ryanair did not care for more than half of the Consumer Complaints Board precipitates. Sen dess har många hört av sig och reagerat. Since then, many from them and responded. Nu varnar flera av Ryanairs piloter att deras tuffa arbetsvillkor kan vara en fara för flygsäkerheten. Now warns more of Ryanair's pilots to their harsh working conditions can be a hazard to flight safety.
-Om inte vi känner oss säkra och lugna där framme så kommer det att återspeglas på de beslut och aktioner som vi faktiskt gör. -If not, we feel confident and calm in front of you it will be reflected on the decisions and actions as we do. Det ställs ibland orimliga krav som inte ser till säkerheten i första hand och det kan leda både till incidenter och faktiskt olyckor. It is sometimes unreasonable demands that do not look for safety first and that can lead to both incidents and actual accidents.
Det säger en av Ryanairs piloter, som vill vara anonym. It says one of Ryanair's pilots, who wish to remain anonymous. Han säger att utvecklingen går mot sämre villkor, att piloterna pressas mer och mer och att riskerna därmed ökar. He says the trend toward worse conditions, the pilots pushed more and more and that the risks are therefore increasing.
-Det sker på bekostnad av bolag som faktiskt tar hand om sin personal, för de kan inte konkurrera på samma villkor som Ryanair, det är en orättfärdig konkurrens, fortsätter han. -It is at the expense of companies that actually takes care of its staff, because they can not compete on equal terms with Ryanair, it is an unjust competition, he continues.
"En nedåtgående spiral" "A downward spiral"
En annan pilot säger så här: Another pilot commented:
-Om jag skulle genomgå en operation då vill jag ju veta att kirurgen är utvilad, mår bra, inte är rädd för att ringa in sig sjuk - vi vill att de som flyger med Ryanair vet att de som sitter längst där fram inte alltid uppfyller de kraven. -If I had to have surgery then I will of course know that the surgeon is well rested, healthy, not afraid to call in sick - we want them flying with Ryanair know they are located at where the light do not always fulfill the requirements. Det värsta kan hända. The worst can happen. Med största sannolikhet kommer du fram välbehållen, men det är en nedåtgående spiral. Most likely, you will arrive safely, but it's a downward spiral.
Vi har genom vår granskning av Ryanair kommit i kontakt med ett antal personer med insyn i bolaget, både i Sverige och övriga Europa och de ger en samstämmig bild av piloter som känner sig allt mer pressade av sina arbetsvillkor som kontraktsanställda, där det gäller att leverera enligt avtal, vara flexibel och beredd på förflyttningar och förändringar, att själv stå för vissa kringkostnader och att inte bryta mot någon av alla paragrafer, för då blir det kontraktsbrott. We have, through our review of Ryanair in contact with several people familiar with the company, both in Sweden and Europe, and they paint a similar picture of the pilots who feel increasing pressure from their work as contract workers, where it comes to delivering under contract, be flexible and ready to movements and changes, to be borne by some peripheral and not to violate any of all the clauses, because then it becomes a breach of contract.
Flyger sjuka Flies sick
Det finns också en oro över att göra sig obekväm genom att stanna hemma och vara sjuk för ofta, för då kan det hända att man blir utfrågad av uppdragsgivaren. There is also a concern to make uncomfortable by staying at home and be sick too often, because then it may happen that you get questioned by the principal. En pilot vi talar med har själv flugit sjuk, en annan berättar att han vid flera tillfällen flugit med besättning som varit sjuk. A pilot we talk to have himself flown ill, another says he repeatedly flew with the crew who had been ill.
En stor del av Ryanair-piloterna arbetar på egna kontrakt, enligt facket är det cirka 75 procent, enligt Ryanair själva så är det färre än hälften. Much of Ryanair pilots working on their own contracts, according to the compartment is about 75 percent, according to Ryanair itself, it's less than half. Kontrakten skrivs med det engelska företaget Brookfield Aviation International, som sedan i sin tur förmedlar piloterna till irländska Ryanair. The contracts are written with the English company Brookfield Aviation International, which in turn mediates the pilots to the Irish Ryanair.
Andra stora flygbolag säger sig inte använda kontraktsanställda på samma sätt som Ryanair. Other major airlines say they can not use contract workers in the same way as Ryanair. Lufthansa, British Airways och SAS säger till Rapport att 100 procent av piloterna är fastanställda direkt av flygbolaget. Lufthansa, British Airways and SAS says to report that 100 percent of the pilots are permanently employed directly by the airline. Norwegian uppger att 94 procent är fastanställda men att man kommer utöka intaget av piloter från bemanningsföretag. Norwegian report that 94 percent are permanent but that it will expand the intake of pilots from the agency.
"Orimlig press" "Excessive pressure"
Det svenska pilotfacket har inte kollektivaavtal med varken Ryanair eller förmedlingsföretaget, så därför kan de inte företräda Ryanairs piloter när de får problem med sin uppdragsgivare. The Swedish pilot union has no collective agreement with either Ryanair or brokerage firm, so therefore they can not represent Ryanair pilots when they have trouble with his client. Gunnar Mandahl är ordförande för Svensk pilotförening, och han är kritisk till den här typen av upplägg, där man inte omfattas av de trygghetssystem man får som anställd av en arbetsgivare. Gunnar Mandahl is chairman of the Swedish pilotförening, and he is critical of this type of arrangement, which is not covered by the protection you get as an employee by an employer. Han tycker att det ställer för stor press på den enskilde piloten: He thinks it puts too much pressure on the individual pilot:
-I det här yrket så ser jag det som extra dåligt för att det sätter en orimlig press på individen i en del fall som kan vara osunt ur säkerhetssynpunkt. -In this profession, I see it as extra bad because it puts undue pressure on the individual in some cases may be unsound in terms of safety. Det kan också handla om väder, last, tekniska problem på flygplanet. It can also be about the weather, cargo, technical problems on the aircraft. Det är aldrig populärt att ställa en maskin med 200 passagerare någonstans och låta flygbolaget bekosta hotell, förseningspengar etc. It's never popular to make a machine with 200 passengers somewhere and let the airline pay for hotels, delay money, etc.
Ryanair: Falska anklagelser Ryanair: False accusations
Europeiska pilotfacket flaggar nu för att man snart kommer att agera mot Ryanair efter att ha granskat kritiska vittnesmål från lågprisbolagets piloter. European pilot union flag now that soon we will take action against Ryanair after a review of critical testimony from low-company pilots. Europafacket EFT kräver sedan länge att Ryanair respekterar rätten till kollektivavtal och fackmedlemskap i alla länder. ETUC EFT requires a long time that Ryanair respects the right to collective bargaining and union membership in all countries. Men allt det här är falska fackliga anklagelser säger lågprisbolagets kommunikationschef Stephen McNamara i en skriftlig kommentar till Rapport. But this is all false accusations union says the company's low-cost communications Stephen McNamara in a written comment to the report.
Stephen McNamara medger att de ifrågasätter sjukskrivningar, men det gör, menar han, de flesta företag. Stephen McNamara admits that they question the sick, but it does, he says, most companies. Övriga anklagelser från piloterna är enligt Stephen McNamara falska. Other allegations made by the pilots, according to Stephen McNamara false. 

John said,
Stephen McNamara ''THE PUPPET'' from Ryanair is False,he don't care about Pilots or Cabin Crew, all he care's about is his own Salary.....Let us not forget Paul Ridgard....Pilots need to take action now.......Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue to protest against Ryanair who are guilty on wrecking so many lives of Pilots and Cabin Crew and it must stop...
Message to passengers......If you are looking at this blog and you ignore these issues from Pilots and Cabin Crew and still fly Ryanair then please ask yourself '' do i contribute to this exploitation continuing for the sake on a cheap ticket'' if your answer is YES....Time to change not only for your own life,your own children but for the well being of Crew at Ryanair...Together we can stop Ryanair who are Europe's Greatest Exploiter's of young people...