1 Apr 2018


Anonymous comment to this blog. I was Joanne Mullaly assistant and I can say she is a bullier and show no respect for the people that works there. Everybody is afraid of her and she intimidates people. As we know Ryanair employs citizens from all over the world (cheap labour). This people come to UK trying to work and live a life with dignity and as so, we accept to be paid less and to be thretened as we don't want to go back to our contries. Joanne Mullally uses this as an weapon and intimidates everybody. Basically modern slavery where she says you have to work after hours without being paid or having extra time off, carry heavy boxes without help or equipments - even if this is not your job. One day I was stuck in traffic and got to my table 5 min later than usual - she called me on my mobile and told me off when I got to the office because I was late. I explained that I got stuck in traffic and she said 'I should have called to let her know`. Slavery! I was always confronting her and she never liked that. I heard that Joanne physically hurt the girl that worked on my job before and because of that I never put my head down to Joanne. I think she know that I would punch her if she tried to touch me. I contacted this girl and she confirmed everything - Joanne yelled at her, calling her stupid, grab her on her arms and shaked her calling her names. This girls reported this to HR and resign. HR never did nothing. I asked if this girl would write a letter saying everything again and all about HR - she did. I sent the letter to HR. After that HR invited me to Dublin to talk about my `performance` - very curious isn't. They said my performance was bad and I was in probation. The next meeting with HR they ignored my complaints about Joanne and ignored the other girl's statement. Some weeks after, another meeting with Joanne and HR to dismiss me. I tried to give Joanne and HR a letter I wrote to them in hands on that meeting and both REFUSED to receive or to sign my copy. I had a cabin crew as witness, but he couldnt do much. Just pathetic. I coundt put them on court as I was on probation period and to sue someone you need at least 2 years in the company - another pathetic fact. And that's how Ryanair works... gets people for 1-2 year max under mega pressure and if you survive...you still working in a crap company. You know why Joanne is untouchable? Looks like she got more than half of the company shares... a proper C***! And she goes to the church in stortford.... lol...should be ashamed.


24601 said...

They fired me for being TWO WEEKS MEDICALLY CERTIFIED SICK within 6 months. She's a fucking bitch and needs to be euthanised

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Sorry to hear that.You can give us your story if you wish.It will remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Complete rubbish why the girl got fired hahaha. She got fired because she was caught smuggling cigarettes into the UK by the thousands!! The girl who wrote this was the meanest BS in Stansted! She deserved everything she got.