21 Dec 2017


RYANAIR MEMO YESTERDAY. . They simple don't learn how not to intimidate Cabin Crew.As you can see this is a threat from Ryanair. How can cabin crew not feel intimidated by this memo from Andrea Doolan who we are told is personally responsible for hundereds of Termination of Probationary cabin crew at Ryanair. PLEASE SHARE...



20 Dec 2017


John said, UK Government response to Chief Exploiter at Ryanair Michael O'Leary.. Great Christmas Card Michael for you. Doomed To Fail ....Remember Ryanairdontcare Campaign never goes away and more to follow. Sleep well Michael because I do.

Ryanair agrees to new rights for cabin crew after investigation reveals appalling working conditions endured by staff

Ryanair agrees to new rights for cabin crew after investigation reveals appalling working conditions endured by staff. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5196213/Ryanair-agrees-new-rights-cabin-crews.html This is great news for the thousands of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair.The future and career aspect of young cabin crew's lives could be about to change at Ryanair.This has got to be a posative move and a big thank you must go out to the whole Investigations team at the Daily Mail who did an amazing thing here. Things in the past ,we can learn from so can Ryanair, and I would hope the employment agencies Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac's Workforce International would now be close down. As well as the foul treatment by Ryanair of my own daughter and thousands more like her,the death of a Ryanair pilot Paul Ridgard in 2011 must be exposed and those management Scum at Ryanair involved,be held accountable.. Commons’ work and pensions committee we would hope will now do a full investigation into Ryanair's employment set up which should have been done in 2009 when I first exposed the Recruitment for Termination scam at Ryanair..
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17 Dec 2017


Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Cabin Crew Ryanair,have many more reasons to stay Non-Unionised in the workplace.This latest story from the UK's largest on line newspaper the Daily Mail, regarding cabin crew that work on each Ryanair flight. The threat of libel case's prevent most newspapers fight against Ryanair who's favorite angle of attack is dragging people even their own pilots through a lengthy court case. https://www.irishtimes.com/business/transport-and-tourism/email-sent-by-former-ryanair-pilot-was-reasonable-court-told-1.3317955 So the Daily Mail have watered down their original story,no fault to them with Ryanairdontcare Campaign telling it truly how it is at Ryanair.We must remember libel costs big money and prevents future newspaper attacks.. RYANAIR HAVE TWO TYPES OF CABIN CREW. RYANAIR CONTRACTED CABIN CREW AND SHELL COMPANY (Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac's Workforce International) PROBATIONARY CABIN CREW. THIS POST RELATES TO PROBATIONARY CABIN CREW AT RYANAIR which are 80% of Ryanair cabin crew.60% of new recruits are Terminated under 12 months.More they recruit the more get terminated.Crewlink alone have up to 46 recruitment days a month. With thousands of cabin crew not being a Ryanair employee but recruited, trained(€3000 a head) and contracted through two shell companies set up by Ryanair. Crewlink Ireland registered names -Judy Byrne and Frank Whelan of Laragh,Cliff Road Bray, Co Windgates Ireland...... Judy Byrne now a €Millionaire..
Ann McCrudden now a €Millionaire. Workforce International registered name Ann McCrudden owner of http://dalmaclanguage.com which is not as profitable as Ryanair cabin crew recruitment for termination.McCrudden owns a large family house and three large houses on the main street in Rush Ireland. https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=36s&v=TZAF4er-aZ0
The two main players who for years have given the impression that they are different companies going after their own young people to exploit have now joined forces. Together Ann McCrudden and Judy Byrne are Involved in a company called Nobox HR Outsourcing which recruits cabin crew. They boast on their website of recruitment involvement of 10's of thousands but fail to mention the thousands of Ryanair cabin crew gone through both their companies Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac/Workforce International have been TERMINATED for profit.Is Nobox set up to clean the recruitment scam involving these two below.? Ryanair cabin crew recruitment is a Maze set up to decive and recruitment scam thousands of young people all over Europe. PLEASE SHARE... Together Ann McCrudden and Judy Byrne Involved in a company called Nobox HR Outsourcing which recruits cabin crew. They boast on their website of recruitment involvement of 10's of thousands but fail to mention the thousands of Ryanair cabin crew gone through both their companies Crewlink Ireland and Dalmac/Workforce International who have been TERMINATED for profit.Is Nobox set up to clean the recruitment scam involving these two below.? Ryanair cabin crew recruitment is a Maze set up to decive and recruitment scam thousands of young people all over Europe. These three have all become € millionaire due to very high numbers of probationary cabin crew that have been through their door's since 2004 when US Billionaire David Bonderman became the real Ryanair chief.David Bonderman TPG known as Bonderman to his friends, worked in the US Attorney General's Office in civil rights and learnt a trade in how to exploit a young workforce which Ryanair, Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International put into practice.
Ryanair moto on the Cabin Crew guide Rough Guide is "we always get that extra twist"..So bloody true.
The real reason why over 20,000 cabin crew have been through Crewlink /Workforce International door's is simple.We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign call it RECRUITMENT for TERMINATION which has been going on since 2004. With 60% of newly recruited cabin crew (Not Ryanair contracted) Terminated under 12 months no wonder these two shell recruitment companies have up to 40 recruitment days each month around Europe. As you can see below from the breakdown figures and profit earned,not only by these shell companies but also Ryanair. Breakdown.....2004-2008.....
Ryanair flight has 4 cabin crew 1 being a supervisor (no1 ) and 2,3,4 being probationary cabin crew. As you can see from Crewlink Contract from 2008 TS08981 in my opinion is the ammount of probationary cabin crew from 2004-2008 being 8981. In 2008 Ryanair boast of 14,000 flights a day with 4 cabin crew needed each flight.Average of 4 flights a day for 4 cabin crew. Due to shift patterns days off Ryanair would need 700 no 1 supervisors and (called NO1 on board) and 2100 2,3,4 cabin crew. In 2009 in a letter from Ryanair's communication manager (Scum Bag) Stephen McNamara, he informed a journalist that Ryanair had employed 3,000 cabin crew in 2008 and less than 30% of Crewlink's contracts were terminated in 2008, with my claims being 60%. Going by the cabin crew TS 08981 number on Crewlink Contract in 4 years, Crewlink had 5981 probationary cabin crew gone in 4 years,WHY...Even if 10% terminated for not being suitable after paying up to €5000 to train, it leaves 5383 TERMINATED in 4 years being 1345 a year. Going by the same TS....number (number not show to protect identity of cabin crew) in 2017 on the crewlink contract I have, the Termination rate at Crewlink of probationary cabin crew from 2009 -2017 is more than doubled.
Crewlink Ireland SHAM cabin crew contract below. CREWLINK IRELAND SHAM CABIN CREW CONTRACT.
The termination of newly recruited 2,3 and 4 probationary cabin crew under 12 months at Ryanair is very profitable with their last months salary kept by Crewlink,two months earned commission kept which in tails creates thousands of Ryanair flights which are un-paid cabin crew. Ryanair pay these two shell companies (Crewlink and Workforce International ) €millions each year for probationary cabin crew salaries,with up to 50% being kept by Crewlink and Workforce International.WHO DO YOU THINK REALY OWNS THESE TWO SHELL COMPANIES?????.. THE LOW COST AIRLINE INDUSTRY IS NOT EXPLOITATION OF YOUNG AVIATION WORKFORCE.THE LOW COST AIRLINE INDUSTRY CREATION OF EXPLOITATION IS CALLED "RYANAIR" SO PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE NEXT TIME YOU BOOK A LOW COST FLIGHT.. John said, This is your Christmas Present David Bonderman TPG and Michael O'Leary... It is great news that a major player in mainstream media Daily Mail has run this Ryanair cabin crew story.The intimidation, bullying, exploitation and recruitment for termination of Ryanair Cabin Crew by Senior Ryanair Management must STOP. Ryanairdontcare Campaign was set up in November 2008 after my 18 year old daughter fell foul of the Ryanair Recruitment For Termination and as a father I could not stand still and let this continue to happen to more young people.Let us hope things at Ryanair will change but rest assured if they don't,Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue.. Ryanairdontcare Campaign's first blog got closed down by Google at the request of Boeing and Ryanair.Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Irish Aviation Authority Blog got closed down,this second blog had 120 posts deleted.As you can see Ryanair don't like Ryanairdontcare Campaign. Ryanair's Juliusz Komorek Chief Legal Officer letter to Google in 2012.
Late 2018 I am hoping to release a book about Ryanairdontcare Campaign,a father's battle with £Billionaire Ryanair and it will be the book Ryanair won't want you to see. Many things in this book will send shock waves through aviation.Complicit being Irish Government,Irish Banks,IAA,Airport Authority's and Boeing.Physical Voilence towards me,Death threats,Arrests,High profile protests in getting Ryanairdontcare Campaign on Google first page on Ryanair news and much more. THIS STORY MUST BE TOLD.. Not sure if it will be an e-book or a paperback published in Asia. No UK publisher will touch this book because Ryanair's legal team are very powerful in monies and legal threats are how Ryanair work. Air Scoop team who reported on Ryanair Business model in 2011 and again in 2013 gave information that Ryanairdontcare Campaign posted on this blog and you can see below what Ryanair's legal team did in closing Air Scoop down.A threat of a minimum $50,000 law suit did it's job. RYANAIR COURT ORDER TO SILENCE THE TRUTH..
David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary you will not silence a father from Liverpool,remember in your letters to me Michael,Ryanairdontcare Campaign Doomed to fail and Ryanairdontcare Campaign will have no adverse publicity towards Ryanair (Really),8 years on and I am still here...
You can follow Ryanairdontcare Campaign on twitter @ryanairdontcare and Also on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Ryanair-Dont-Care-campaign-RYANAIRDONTCARE-327346637276632/ Ryanairdontcare Campaign are on youtube.Pop up stall in Liverpool https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GFlwJ7Yawls and Pop up shop in Manchester https://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/ryanair-pop-up-shop-piccadilly.html being some of my favourite videos. The Irish Government are fully aware of the high levels of exploitation of thousands of young people from all over Europe.The law in the Irish Skies are the Irish Aviation Authority who have 7 former Ryanair employees now working there,so you can understand why Ryanair get away with so much. One of many protests Ryanairdontcare Campaign did outside these corrupt offices in Dublin.
Letter from Michael O'Leary to Ryanairdontcare Campaign telling me,rest assured my false and failed campaign will have no effect whatsoever on Ryanair's continuing creation of 1,000 cabin crew jobs each year,
I lose no sleep whatsoever at campaigns like yours,which are based on spurious claims,false allegations and empty threats of adverse publicity.
"Doomed To Fail Michael"...This is what he wants Ryanairdontcare Campaign to do.
No chance O'leary.. Let us not forget Liverpool Ryanair pilot Paul Ridgard who took his own life in 2011.
http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/ryanair-pilot-paul-ridgard-remembered.html YOU ALL HAVE MY HIGHEST RESPECT... A big thank you must go out to all former and present cabin crew working at Ryanair who continue to help our Ryanairdontcare Campaign.
Donations are very much welcome in my continued battle with Ryanair a company that exploit thousands of young people all over Europe. PayPal Account jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk
THE REAL CHIEF EXPLOITER AT RYANAIR Scum Bag David Bonderman TPG a Texas Billionaire.
Fathers Quote:John Foley. “Despite Ryanair’s rhetoric, its cabin crew have inferior pay, benefits, and conditions to those at other airlines, and it is unacceptable to force them to work unpaid hours considering the company’s millions in profits. “Ryanair cabin crew have been scared to speak up because of the company’s intimidation, bullying and threats of termination. “Many of them have their confidence shattered which takes years for them to recover from, and harms their future career development.” Full Daily Mail Story Below. Mail investigations reporters did a great job here.