30 Oct 2014

Ryanair.s €8.3m penalty for breaching French labour laws..Exploitation and social dumping by the world's best RYANAIR...Ryanair's Israeli-American boss David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary should be in JAIL.

Ryanair's £6.5m penalty for breaching French labour laws was paid to the French Government in May 2014.

Exploitation and social dumping by the world's best RYANAIR...

For many years now Ryanairdontcare Campaign have posted on this blog information that relates to Ryanair,s breaching of labour laws which relates to probationary cabin crew working at Ryanair.The lack of legal workers protection in Ireland  has helped Ryanair make £ millions each year with no legal threat whatsoever to Ryanair.

Ryanair use companies called Crewlink Ireland (owned by Ryanair) and Workforce International that deal with recruitment,contracts and TERMINATE of thousands of young cabin crew.

It has taken three years to fight this claim by the French,which is great news even though Air France had a massive interest.

Ryanair have said Taxes PAYE were paid to the Irish government even though these workers were working and living in France.The true about the Taxes PAYE which involves Ryanair,Irish Government and The Bank Of Ireland are much deeper.

The media have reported that taxation for crew is much cheaper in Ireland than other European countries were probationary Ryanair cabin crew are working which is simple not true.Probationary Ryanair cabin crew are paying up to 42% tax ( 'E' meaning emergency tax) from their salary each month which is millions of Euros in taxes paid each year,even though young probationary Ryanair cabin crew have filed tax forms with Crewlink and Workforce.Delays make profit.
Thousands of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair who's PAYE has been taken each month have also been held in a high interest Bank of Ireland account for an 11 month period earning Ryanair a mighty profit before handing it over to the Irish Tax Office which may not be an illegal practice but how much of the high Tax rate of 42% is kept by Ryanair ??? which is illegal...Tax levels for probationary Ryanair cabin crew in Ireland should be less that %20.
Ryanair continue to have a policy of ''recruitment for termination'' of young people wishing to become cabin crew which gains Ryanair bigger profits from Taxation of these new recruits.
The Irish government is fully aware of these issues stated above and turn a blind eye..
Every part of recruitment,employment and taxation of probationary Ryanair cabin crew is a SCAM with many young people having their lives damaged forever by Ryanair and the Irish governments continue to turn a blind eye.

Ryanair's Israeli-American boss David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary should be in JAIL.

Letters to the Irish Government two years ago below...   


 Ryanairdontcare Campaign  founder John Foley;s daughters wage slip.

A wage slip below from Crewlink  Limited which was liquidated.E rate of tax in taken because of the delay with Crewlink Ireland Limited.

Crewlink Ireland Limited is the new company dealing with thousands of new recruited probationary cabin crew at Ryanair..

It must be said Ryanair use so called third party agents who pay probationary cabin crew their salary,deduct taxes and continue to go into liquidation every few years.