12 Sep 2014


The  first email below is from a young person who is taken the Ryanair cabin crew training at present.Locations written in email have been blanked to protect the person from being identified by Ryanair management.

Dear Mr. Foley, please don't show my name if you ever post this message on the blog, which is actually more an outburst so I don't know how useful it might be, but it's been a while since I wanted to write you. I've always been passionate about foreign languages and travelling, to follow this passion I've been studying 4 languages in 4 different countries, I graduated successfully in foreign languages and put a lot of effort in it. After my graduation I read about a recruitment day in my hometown, so I went and I was successful at the interview. My parents were having really lots of doubts, not for the money but for the way cabin crew are treated. I wanted so much to be independent, to have some money for my own, to make a new experience... Moreover, my country ........... is passing through a really bad economical crisis and I couldn't find a job. So I decided to go. I paid 500 for the registration fee and 700 euro more for the accommodation. But day after day I began to have more doubts... I spent hours and hours on the Internet reading interviews, articles, opinions and I understood that I was taking the wrong way... Especially your blog opened my eyes. I'm so scared now, I'm not scared of hard work but I couldn't stand psychological pressure and being bullied, I would really suffer so much, I recognise I'm to sensitive and I get hurt too easily sometimes but what happens if I can't stand the situation anymore and want to leave immediately? I have to pay... as usual... I have to keep paying my training costs. the uniform and refund 1200 euro that they give you as soon as you begin to work for them. SO basically If  I Leave to soon I will have a lot of debts!! I feel so frustrated and lost, I just wanted to work honestly and my parents paid so much for me... I want to work but I can't waste my dignity for them! All my respect to all the cabin crew, but I have a degree and several language certifications and I can't waste them to be a slave, and I don't say this because I feel better than other people with no qualification but just because I have invested a lot of time and money in my education and I deserve more than being a number. I'm so sorry for having wasted this money, I feel so guilty towards my parents, i feel in a cage, I just wanna lay the whole day in my bed, I wish I never went to that assessment day... and paid the fee.. I don't really know what to do, as I told you I don't want to waste the money that my parents have spent, but on the other hand in this very moment I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stand 3 days working for them according to what I read... but i can't risk because as you know and as I wrote before, if I leave too soon I will have so many debts... I wish this never happened, it was supposed to be a new beginning in my life but it turned out to be a nightmare even before I started... thanks for your blog, i wish I had read it before. Kind regards


The emails below are from a Ryanair cabin crew member who has left recently.I must point out only a few emails are posted here and any locations written in email have been blanked to protect the person from being identified by Ryanair management.

Hi John,
It feels really good to have been able to talk to someone about Ryanair as it has really effected my life and my perception of a sane work environment. Also as you can imagine they have knocked down my confidence and self - esteem  to a deeper level and it felt like I was alone and in no way capable of let the world know the level of abuse , bulling and intimidation we all have to put up with. I have so much to tell and many information to provide to you.
I like to gather some of those and send them to you. Also I recently meet up with some of my colleague in ........ while attending an interview for ........ airways. 20 out of 30 people called for interview where in Ryanair desperate to get out.
They have brought so many memory of frustration , emptiness and defeat I felt so angry and upset that this company is getting away with murder every day.
I am glad I read your Blog and I will do anything to make a valuable contribution in standing up against the cancer of O'Leary and  his gang of criminals in a suit.
I will chat to you soon john and bring other information to you.
Kind Regards
 Hi John,
thank you for your e-mail, it actually makes me feel much better to know that i am not going crazy by saying - i find nearly impossible to get over it right now - but as you say, spreading the words and open doors to awareness is the key to bring Ryanair down.

I truly believe that together we are stronger and our voice will be heard !!
I am reading about your story and i am prepare to be an active part of your amazing campaigns and work.
Whatever it takes! 

You are really brave and thanks to you and your courage i am not feeling defeated anymore!!

Take care John and will chat soon:)
HI John,
How are things ? :)
Thank you for your recent e-mails and sorry for the late reply , I was pretty busy with exam's
I appreciate this info and I will use this info as I did with ............. Journalist.
I also trying very hard now to speak to people I know, friends to make them really think twice before booking wt Ryan. Also I am writing to papers and challenge my own community . I think its awful the publicity that O'Leary is getting on TV an papers and the lies about the Increase in passengers since he allowed an extra hand luggage!! I just hate that people thinks suddenly Ryanair will deliver great customer care with nice smiling Cabin Crew when the reason why is so cheap is because the staff is overworked and underpaid !
I will fallow your tip and let you know.
thank you John and take care , god bless You