27 Mar 2013


As you can see below an article posted yesterday on Bloomberg.com which to people that do not know how Ryanair Europe's biggest  exploiter of their workforce,you would think Ryanair are being generous to their crew.You must look at this article with an open mind and see both sides before you judge.
Firstly below is the article which was only information which has been releast by Ryanair to the press,then look at Ryanairdontcare Campaign's article telling the other side...
Ryanair Holdings Plc Europe's biggest discount carrier, agreed to boost the average salary of its cabin crew and some pilots, replacing pay deals due to expire next month.
Flight attendants will get an average 10 percent increase over four years and a guaranteed “home every night” roster, Dublin-based Ryanair said in a statement today.
Under a separate agreement, Ryanair pilots based in Alicante, Spain, Cork and Shannon in Ireland and working out of Bristol, Luton and East Midlands airports in the U.K. will get pay increases of as much as 10 percent over the next five years. The pilots at these bases, as well those located in Manchester, England and Valencia, Spain, also negotiated a five-day working schedule, followed by four days off, the airline said.
“At a time when high-fare airlines around Europe are cutting jobs and slashing pay and benefits, Ryanair will continue to offer stability, job security” and promotions, spokesman Robin Kiely said in the statement.
Network carriers including Air France (AF) and International Consolidated Airlines Group SA-controlled Iberia are seeking to reduce payroll costs to drive a return to profitability in their short-haul operations. Air France’s main pilot union said March 21 that it would refuse to cooperate with the carrier’s cost- cutting plans.


Ryanairdontcare Campaign said.
Boost the average salary of cabin crew and SOME pilots...Why Some pilots ,well up to 80% of pilots at Ryanair are not contracted by Ryanair,third party so called agents employ them which means 80% of Ryanair pilots get no increase in their salary which in so cases are as low as 30,000 euro per year..
Ryanair use so called third party agents Crewlink and Workforce International to recruit and give flying contract out to 80% of cabin crew,these are called probationary cabin crew (who can and will be TERMINATED in large numbers at any time),their salary is as low as 8000 euro per year.
20% of Ryanair's contracted cabin crew get the 10% which if you look at the bloomberg article,one thinks all Ryanair crew will receive this increase.Over the last 5 years probationary Ryanair cabin crew have had their hourly rate of pay cut by 18% and Ryanair have plans to cut even further.
Probationary Ryanair cabin crew are paid as little as 10 euro per hour after tax which is appalling after Ryanair's profit last year reached 500 Million euro. Ryanair say ''guaranteed “home every night” roster, Dublin-based Ryanair said in a statement today''.
 Home every night is no great thing as Ryanair only pay probationary cabin crew(80% of cabin crew) when they fly..If a flight is delayed for any reason for any length of time NO PAY....
Ryanair give statements to the press that suits them and we all know Michael O'Leary to be a liar as it has been told by Justice Peter Kelly...

John said,
Job secirity when 60% of new recruits are terminated under 12 months,all paying up to 3000 euro to train as Ryanair cabin crew.....
Michael O'Leary and his boss David Bonderman are ''SCUM''...Time for us all to smell the coffee and BOYCOTT flying Ryanair who have and will continue to wreck young lives for profit....