5 Nov 2013


''low cost carrier Job Losses..SAY RYANAIR..
We must all try to understand the way in which Ryanair try to control the low-cost industry to benefit their profit to share holders,with David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary being the largest single share holders. In early September, Ryanair saw €1bn wiped off its share value in a single day plus yesterday a €1.1bn which totals €2.1bn in just over 2 months.Pilots at Ryanair have at last had a voice and continue to be heard even though Ryanair's bully boy tactics continue to fail.As you will see from the Ryanair report below
Ryanair report  http://www.ryanair.com/doc/investor/present/quarter4_2013.pdf
Ryanair are keen to report job losses at other low cost carriers but fail to mention their own job losses.As other low cost airlines employ the majority of pilots and cabin crew directly with PAYE and pension contributions being paid fully,this advantage is clear to see why Ryanair's profit is rolling in.
What Ryanair fail to say is 80% of their pilots and cabin crew are contracted through so called third party agents,which is a FRONT to maintain higher recruitment levels,training fees,hourly rate of pay SCAM and the TERMINATION rate of employees.
At present Ryanair's so called third party providers have TERMINATED well over 10,000 employees all paying €3,000 to €30,000 for training which generates a tidy profit for these exploiters.
The job losses below that Ryanair seem to be proud to post on their report,FAILS to mention the thousands of cabin crew and pilots jobs lost at Ryanair...

Spanair Spain 2,000 job losses

 Malev  Hungary  2,600 job losses

 BMI Baby  1,200 job losses

 Iberia  Spain  4,500 job cuts, 35% pay cuts

 SAS  Scandinavia  6,000 job cuts, 15% pay cuts

 LOT  Poland  950 jobs cut

 Air Berlin  Germany  2,000 jobs cut

 but fail to mention thousands of lost Ryanair jobs ''


3 Nov 2013

RYANAIR the true exploiters of their employees, with profit being priority and not SAFETY.,,, low-cost, maar tegen welke prijs?..NETHERLANDS and BELGIUM Now In PRINT..RYANAIR'S Michael O'Leary ''DOOMED To FAIL''...

 DAVID BONDERMAN and MICHAEL O'LEARY Can Not Stop The Truth In Print..

The Dutch translation of the Ryanair book by Christian Fletcher is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium. With over 40,000 books sold in France,sure to be a big hit in Netherlands and Belgium..This is the only book to show RYANAIR the true exploiters of their employees, with profit being priority and not SAFETY.