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Below are true comments from Ryanair Crew,their own words.Ryanair will say they are all disgruntled former employees as they said regarding my 18 year old daughter in 2008.David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary are the chief exploiters and need to be SACKED ''NOW''.

"I've honestly never realised how the things are going bad in this company. I've been working for Ryanair for the last 15 months. At beginning though I was said to get around 1100 pounds a month it was never like that. Fortunately now I'm on the contract and money wise it's not catastrophic. But I'm really sorry for all my colleagues working for agencies who now get something like 500 pounds a month because of the amount of cabin crew in the base. We are constantly on stand by and that means no money. I understand people saying "Quit the job if you are not happy." But I also know it's not that easy, you've invested time and straight in it and you don't want to give up without trying harder. "

-Cabin Crew, UK


"I have been with Ryanair for over 4 years now and yes it's had it's ups and Downs but I have overall enjoyed working there until recently. I have found myself looking else where for work as the conditions in my base worsen by the day. We have recently got a new supervisor who thinks it acceptable to threaten with 'Disiplinary action' for everything! She recently held a meeting stating that safety and sales where equally important! I am sorry but the safety of passengers and crew are my main priority not how many tea and coffee i can sell! The big wigs in head office need to take a serious look at things, as long serving crew are leaving. Yes I know that there is no lack of people waiting in the wings to sign up for 'The dream' but in my opinion you should try and retain experienced staff as after all you cannot buy or teach experience. I am sorry to say that Ryanair is no longer an enjoyable place to work and would strongly urge anyone considering joining up NOT TOO!"

-Cabin Crew, Belgium


"We need to do something its getting worse and worse in this company!"

-Employee, Germany


"New contracts for the 900 hours. First 300 hours 11 pounds, 301-600 14 pounds 601-900 hours 16 pound. Why difference in payment. It is the same work.. I can not believe this. Somebody has to stop this and do something about it. But probably ryanair is bringing to much money into the EU. So everybody keeps their mouth shut. Open your eyes.. "

-Cabin Crew, Belgium


"I've been working as a cabin crew for 10 months and my salary is less than 1000 Euro. I always have at least 10 H-SBY/month. Last month I earned 400 Euro because rostering personnel made a huge mistake and thought that I had resigned and I couldn't work for two weeks. I made complaints everywhere I could but nobody helped me and said sorry. We do feel that we are forced to leave the company, before getting a contract, in order to recruit new "birds" instead of us who would work for free for a year again. Ryanair SHAME ON YOU. THIS IS MODERN SLAVERY."

-Cabin Crew, Germany


"I am an ex-cabin crew member of 3+ yrs service and I am absolutely disgusted that things haven't got any better. I would never fly with them as a passenger purely on principle. Hopefully their bubble will burst one day - this company is not fit to fly. Especially when you're threatened upon leaving that your final pay might be withheld unless you sign a declaration that you will not sue the company in the future and you need to see a lawyer to find out if this is legal (which it is not)."

-Interested Public, UK


"I've now worked for Ryanair for 5 months, moving to London to do my training was tough and with no financial support from Ryanair with accommodation or anything I was already disappointed. I'd like to say most of the staff are pretty nice and all stick together. I have met some of the best people with this company but after a couple of months found myself being bullied by not only management but other staff as well. It got so bad I would ring in sick and when you tried to speak to my supervisor they just said 'is it because she's doing her job properly that she doesn't like you?'. So I thought what's the point of all the money we pay out and hard hours and extra time and Christmas bank holidays we don't get paid extra for and for what...£769 a month..."

-Cabin Crew, UK


"I have worked for Ryanair for 4 months. I thought it was going to be my childhood dream fulfilled but it is just a nightmare. I don't have a problem of being overworked, I barely get enough hours work to pay for basic living. During my training we were lead to believe that we would earn £1100pm on average, but the reality is £500pm, and considering paying for the uniform and training costs you can imagine what is left.

I was assigned to an airport 200 miles from home but exchanged with another trainee so that I could stay at home, this has been the only reason that I have been able to stay with Ryanair, had I relocated I would truly have not been able to survive. At my base I have a very unhelpful line manager who if you phone him he calls it pestering and makes you feel inept. I do love the job but I just don't know who to turn to or what to do. I have experienced many problems but have no support at all."

-Cabin Crew, UK


"I really hope for Ryanair and all my cabin crew colleagues that everything will become good for us. I really want to leave the company to go for a long haul company which has better contracts and a safe system that includes insurance, pension, etc. Ryanair is abusing us the same way they abuse their passengers. I feel so guilty to be forced to be one of the executors that are ripping off the passengers' money every day! Please help us!"

-Employee, Germany

"Hi everyone! I, an ex-cabin crew based first in Dublin and then in Girona, have not had a good experience with Ryanair either. In the 11th month of my working for Ryanair, I found in my pigeon hole an 'Invitation letter' for the Dublin meeting regarding my overall performance. I was still on a Workforce contract at the time. The result of the meeting was that I got sacked straight away without any proper reason given. I was shocked and terrified at the time, but at least there were plenty of great people - my ex-colleagues - who supported me a lot even if nobody understood 'why it happened to me'.

As I was reading some comments on this board, I now know why. It was because I was one of those 'old crew' who after 11-12 months of hard work become less interesting to the company, because they no longer profit from you anymore and it is more suitable for them to recruit new staff who pay every month for the training up to 12 months of their working contract.

I appealed my dismissal and reached another meeting concerning my appeal, but it was good for nothing as they used all the information presented by myself against me. Then I tried to contact a lawyer to classify my dismissal as 'unfair' but the lawyer said 'you must be employed with the company at least 12 months to claim unfair dismissal, that is the law. That is why so many people get sacked from Ryanair in the 11th month, unfortunately even without any proper reason.

Looking back to that time of my life, I have to say, I met plenty of great cabin crew, pilots and ground staff over there, but on the other hand their was a huge rivalry between the company as well.

Now I can say, that it was probably destiny and I am really happy that I do not work for Ryanair anymore.

My best wishes to all the remaining crew! Take care!"

-Ex-cabin crew, Slovakia

"Just got a letter in my pigeon hole about my poor attendance for the last 12 months, because I have 3 sick days in 1 year. I had a meeting with our "nice" BS that if I call in sick 1 more time.. I have to go to Dublin and explain myself. Calling in sick can cause flight delays. And think about your colleagues who get called off standby. What's this about ...come on??? 3 sick days in 1 year is nothing. Fed up!!"

-Cabin Crew, Belgium


"cabin crew need your help! ryanair treat them so bad!"

-Employee, UK

"i know when you wanna become cabin crew you want to fly and all, but this company is no glamorous aviation job: i worked in Dublin base but did a few days and overnights in other bases, but ryanair fly to old army airports apart from the odd few, and you are miles way from everything. so if you don't get based in the majors ones your life is just so boring. i worked for them for 10 months and they are the worst; avg working week 70 hours, avg flights per week 23-30, avg pay per month 1450+ commission. let me just give you a typical day in the life of a ryanair cabin crew member:

you wake up at 3.30 am for an early shift, and you have to report for your briefing at about 5:00. you will be asked safety question and meet your crew which you need to know or you will be offloaded. you could be doing Dublin Manchester, Manchester Dublin, Dublin Newcastle, Newcastle Dublin, Dublin Prestwick, Prestwick Dublin. which means you are doing 6 take offs and 6 landings, 6 drinks services, 6 boardings, 6 safety demos, 6 disembarkments, a million gashs (rubbish

so you could land at 16.30 that afternoon and you would have to go back to the crew room, sign for the bars, go to the base supervisor and show him your in flight report, and blah blah blah. so you are not getting home till like 18:00, and by the time you get home all you want to do is sleep, as you have to be back up to do it all again the very next day. overall, i did a lot of extra days for them and they are meant to give them back to you, but they don't.

no ones cares about anyone, management don't like you and walk all over you if you let them. I'm a very nice person but this company just took everything from me, they ran me so far into the ground it was unreal. you also have to pay for everything, they don't pay for one thing. after paying for your training and not been payed, you do get payed the next month but its just like 700 Euro, which will go on your bills and leave you with 10 to feed yourself for the month.

i just want to say to anyone who is thinking about going to work for these people is to please make sure you know what your getting yourself in for, i know the buzz of the job will make you go for it, but for your own sake just hold out for a little while longer and apply elsewhere and get a job with a company that will look after you."

-Cabin Crew, Ireland

From STN base, Yes FIRED for NO given reason! Simply that there was no more money to be squeezed from "this" lemon anymore. The attitude of this company seriously damaged my thoughts of going to work for another airline but having come back from an interview today with BA I can honestly say that other airlines do ACTUALLY treat people like HUMANS. I now just hope that I get this job with BA so that I can experience what cabin crew is all about. And for all the people out there who seem to think that O'Leary is doing a great job ask yourself this, would you want to fly on board a flight where the crew are so shattered that in the event of something serious happening that they were too tired to bother??"

- Cabin Crew, UK

"I worked for this company for 9 months and managed to wrack up  nearly 10,000 pounds worth of debt just trying to get by and living on my just over 800 pound a month wages, which as previously stated works out to be alot less than minimum wage.  Theses were the most depressing 9 months of my life, being away from family and friends.  It is not the cabin crews fault that they are tired it is the long hours and lack of respect that you get from the company.  I got diverted one night. Finally getting back at 5.30 the next morning i was expected to be at work again at 5.30 that evening as i had my 12 hours rest. to me this was totally unacceptable but unless i wanted the base supervisor shouting i had to turn up. to me the way this whole company works is just unreal."

- Cabin Crew, UK

"Our daughter has joined Ryanair as cabin crew. She has only started working and is already miserable, tired, and is now well aware of the aggressive attitude of Ryanair personnel staff towards crew.  What a pathetic air line.  She borrowed money from us and from her sister for her training, etc.  She was given NO TIME whatsoever to find accommodation at her new base before being expected to start flying.  We are not in the

UK so could not help. She flew to the

UK from her training base on the Friday, on to her work base on Saturday. She couldn't find accommodation and ended up sleeping on a concrete floor on a curtain before getting up at

3.30am to start flying.  Where was the personnel support?  They should at least have a couple of days to find somewhere to live, and there should be a list of "emergency" accommodation for new arrivals. I am disgusted with the way she has been treated. These people seem to be stuck in a time warp - does nobody at Ryanair have any personnel qualifications or training?  If they did, they would be aware that staff work better, more efficiently and willingly when they are treated as human beings, and not as beasts."


"Ladies and Gentlemen,

A very warm welcome aboard your flight today with a company that not only does not know how to treat its passengers but also its staff. How do I know simple I am one of the unlucky ones who was desperate to become a commercial pilot who was told at interview that this would be an ideal opportunity, 11months later and I'm now asking myself what area of work I seriously want to do. Ryanair have been the destruction of what I thought and know to be one of the best jobs in the world, destroyed by management. This man does not care for anything or anyone and I cant wait to quit very soon. It is very true that cabin crew pay for training, uniform, parking, sick days, getting transferred to a different base and all in the name of as STN base manager likes to point out "Face of the company". I decided now that I do not wish to pay to be free advertising nor to be treated worse than an animal. I am well aware no person goes to work to enjoy or be treated greatly but having worked for Barclay's before this company I suddenly realise what a waste of time this has been."

- Cabin Crew, UK

"I have worked for Ryanair 1 month and I'm appalled at the way they treat us. For anyone wanted to be cabin crew i believe Ryanair offer experience only. They do not give you full details of the job and what it entails whilst training. Expect LONG hours with no overtime pay. I spent 1 hour and 30mins waiting at 11.20pm for airport services to pick up a wheelchair passenger which meant that i missed my bus and had to get a cab. Ryanair isn't at fault with the delay in picking up the passenger but will have no say to the airport services about their lack of commitment. I'm glad to say I'm not continuing with the company."

- Parent

As a parent of someone who completed ryanair training course in march and has been flying since I would urge people NOT to do this course.
It is expensive, hard work and stressful.
If you pass 95 percent each exam you will qualify.
That's when the crap happens.
You pay for uniform , training and have little or no support when you are working.
Very few flying hours given. You are expected to be on home standby without being paid at least 2/3 times per week. After all deductions you are lucky to get £800 per month.
If you are living away it is almost impossible to survive!!
Now they want staff to take 3 months unpaid leave....cos aircraft numbers are being cut.
Any new employees will almost definitely be based abroad...I know this because my daughter has a friend who is undertaking this course at present.
This company has a hi dropout rate that's why they keep recruiting...it make sense to me now!!!
If only I knew...I wouldn't have encouraged her to go for her dream job with this sham of a company.
Avoid like the plague!!!!

John Parent Of Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew said,

Reading these comments above bring back all the upset i felt in 2008 regarding my own child's treatment at the hands of Ryanair.My heart goes out to all the crew above and will continue our RyanairDontCare Campaign and Protests.......
Members of the public should think twice before flying with the WORLD'S MOST EXPLOITED AIRLINE''RYANAIR''. Wrecking so many young students lives,the UK government must act ''NOW''.

Contact RyanairDontCare  07521288521

Please look below.Ryanairdontcare Campaign fully support LowCostRoutes gathering of testimonials...No personal information will be given to Ryanair......

Dear John,
We, at LowCostRoutes are committed to support the Week of Action Against Ryanair. During the next week, we will inform all our visitors wishing to book Ryanair flight tickets about this and will not send them to the Ryanair's website. We also started a campaign of gathering testimonials from persons abused by Ryanair. We encourage every person hired and terminated by Ryanair during the probationary period to write a testimonial about it at http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/fired_by_ryanair . In order to protect the identity, every person can hide his/hers personal details, so that this testimonial will not have an impact on their career.


                     '' RYANAIRDONTCARE  CAMPAIGN''

''Warning Termination At Ryanair Will Effect Your

 Career In Aviation As All Airlines Ask For A 5 Year

 Work/Study record''..........

View Our Protest on Youtube Below.

You may also like to view this post below if your thinking to join Ryanair as probationary 
cabin crew.

YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT ME,John Foley A FATHER WHO STARTED Ryanairdontcare Campaign in 2008 as a direct result of my 18 year old daughter being commercially abused by RYANAIR ''SCUM''...With this blog having over 175,000 hits in 16 months not selling anything,this blog is  giving free information which is meant to protect young people from being EXPLOITED by Ryanair ''it is a great success''. 
Contact email.. lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk or ryanairdontcare@yahoo.co.uk

Latest video protest at Ryanair cabin crew recruitment Manchester airport 29th September 2012.

Ryanair ''SCAM'' contract from 2011/2012 can been seen below..We must point out Block hour pay is much lower in 2013....Please look to see how many time TERMINATION is mentioned..Crewlink Ireland Limited and Workforce International contract wording are the same.


Ryanair plant FAKE member on Cabincrew.com in helping recruitment levels of new recruits at Ryanair all paying 3000 euro...See below.


                   Ryanair Shop Protest Manchester 2012...

Ryanair Head Office Protest Dublin 2012...

Please listen below to what Ryanair Pilot say about Safety and how Ryanair management treat their employees...

Video 1 below...

Video 2 below...



Added 28th January 2016..

Three comments from a former Ryanair cabin crew.
I am cabin crew for Ryanair for 2 and a half years now. the money is disgraceful. they deducted 300gbp each month for 10 months when i first started. during the winter you are forced to take unpaid leave and have more standbys than flying days and earn at the lowest 400gbp and highest about 600gbp in summer lowest of about 850gbp and highest is usually averaged our at 1150gbp. please don't work for ryanair air, i can't express that enough to people.
People ask that question, but the truth is, once you've paid for all the training etc, you are then waiting for the contract, and i was next in line for it, so waited my time out. i would have been doing my CSS (cabin service supervisor) training next month (which meant a salary plus flight pay plus commission. overall better money) i wanted this for 6 months/a year for my cv. but we have now had a meeting about reduction of aircraft in Bristol, so they are now transferring half the cabin crew and 7 captains out of Bristol, meaning i will no longer be doing my upgrade to CSS as they won't need any more for this base. Knowing this, i now am looking at other airlines, along with my partner, as there is nothing for me here now, and i'm fed up of being fed so many lies and utter crap from the company. most people will now be quitting from Bristol base due to the same reasons as me, there is only so much people can take.

Ryanair will recruit constantly because they get paid for it, they will keep some crew for 6 months and then sack them. in my base we had too many crew and we were all on standby a lot, but they continue to get new crew as it brings in more money for them. crew are numbers on their screen, so they won't be bothered about getting rid of others, but they usually just keep them on and have everyone on standby.

RYANAIR'S Communications Manager Robin Kiely not wanting to talk about cabin crew new FAKE pay deal in Liverpool November 2015 and then ran away Lol Lol Lol.

RYANAIR FLIGHT DELAY CLAIMS..Ryanair Flight Delay Compensation .Claim for yourself ''NOW''...


 Added 29th March 2016 from Ryanair probationary cabin crew member.

Ryanair cabin crew paid £3.75 per hour...

Good evening! I'd like to message you, as I am currently a Crewlink employee working for Ryanair and am COMPLETELY unhappy from day one of my training. I'm writing this using a different profile just in case I'm fired before I pursue action against them. I trained last year in appalling conditions. We spent 6 weeks in what can only be described as a modern day concentration camp! Through this time we were absolutely exhausted and weren't eating properly due to the lack of spare time and lack of funds (which we relied on family for as the company didn't care about us enough to find ANYTHING). We signed a contract after being given only 10 minutes to read through it, on the very last day of the training. After 6 weeks, I can tell you I was physically and emotionally exhausted, and after paying all the money is already paid, as well as the exhaustion, it was inevitable that I should sign the contract. We got to our base, and on the first day, had to have a tour of the base from base supervisors. These base supervisors, from the moment we met them outside the airport, were rude and in absolutely no way friendly towards us. This rudeness and very often ignorant attitude from them, has continued even up to this day. There are certain ones who, if you say hello in the crew room, they will ignore you as if you're not even there. We are paid only for flying hours, and nothing whilst on the ground. This means we can easily work a 12 hour day and be paid for just 7 hours work. There are home standby days, where we are paid absolutely nothing. And there are airport standby days, in which we are forced to sell bus tickets, tag bags to be offloaded etc. And are paid just 3.75 per hour (well below minimum wage). I am completely unhappy, but cannot resign until I have paid the money I owe to Crewlink for the training, and also the money I borrowed to make it possible to be employed by this company. I feel disrespected and feel that the work ethic of the company is totally immoral and wrong. Surely there are illegal things going on that can be stopped? Thank you for reading this, A concerned cabin crew member.


Anonymous said...

I am an unhappy parent of a ryanair cabin crew. My daughter has been with ryanair (crewlink) for 9 months. She was off work in February for 1 week with a doctors line, she was off again for 2 weeks with a doctors line and just returned back to work. She has been told they are organising a letter for her to go to Dublin having been told procedure had changed and she did not follow it properly. She had never been told about this. They were also told 4 weeks ago that they had to take between 2 months to 5 months unpaid leave in the winter. How do they expect people to live. Her course is due to be paid off this month. My daughter is obviously surplus to requirements now that they have new recruits paying their courses. Ryanair is nothing but a money making scam and should not get to exploit people like this. It is about time that this company was exposed in the papers before it ruins another young persons life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your story above.You can contact our campaign anytime jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk Yet again Ryanair's expoitation continues....SHAME on you BONDERMAN and O'LEARY...

RyanairDontCare Campaign

Anonymous said...

You should contact a union and get an advice.

Anonymous said...

Ryanair are very Anti union..If any probationary cabin crew are found to have union membership,termination will follow..Up to 12 months probationary cabin crew have no employment protection after they sign the SHAM working contract from Ryanair/Crewlink or Ryanair/Workforce.

Anonymous said...

Hi everbody,

I am an aviation journalist and I am highly interested to write an article or more than one article about the common practice of how Ryanair is treating its staff, mainly cockpit and cabin crews. Therefore I am looking for former or present crew members who are ready to talk about their experiences with Ryanair.

You can contact me on:


Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
I read you all, very carefully and I have to say that I feel disappointed and at the same time terrified from your posts. Yesterday I gave an interview to the crew link and they told me that within 7 days they will inform me if I have been chosen for the training. So, let’s say that everything «goes fine» and at January starts my training, I pay 1000 euros (300 and the 700 for the accommodation at the Hahn training center) and after I succeed to the final exams they locate me to a base far away from my country. The big question is…..how on earth am I going to pay the rent for the apartment, the bills, my health insurance, the training and my everyday expenses? They informed me that the salary is 1200 euros. Is this affordable or I will need an economical miracle called “poor poor parents’’? I really need your help on that and I would be grateful if you could give me some examples from your personal experiences. Thank you very much and I’m sorry if you have been tired of my syntax errors. :)
Greek in Crisis ;)

Anonymous said...

Look at below

Salary could be as low as £560 a month in winter if your not terminated.

good luck

john foley

Anonymous said...

My daughter has also just been summoned to Dublin and when she got there was told she was a sales underachiever, when she challenged this as she was in the top 20 sales list they then stated she must have been late for work, again she challenged this and Crewlink/Ryanair couldn't provide dates of these alleged late shows and basically told her that her contract was terminated. Ryanair you are a disgrace. This is now being raised to our Scottish MSP, Mr John Foley I congratulated you on your mission and if I can Help from Scotland please contact me

Anonymous said...

Above comment.
Sorry to hear about your daughter...Please email me i have somthing in scotland that needs your help.

Crewlink are Ryanair and Ryanair are scammers.

john foley

Anonymous said...

My son has just returned from Hahn, not having completed the 6 weeks training course. Besides all the 'wonderful 'comments posted above, may I advise prospective candidates to be prepared for sleepless nights having to study till the early hours of the morning,( as expected to know modules word by word ) to have no wi-fi at the accommodation except at the training centre, to take care when buying a German sim card as might prove impossible to activate, to have to walk/taxi to airport for an ATM and to take a 50 minute walk to a supermarket situated by the petrol station. Surely was not worth this sacrifice, to be treated badly financially once graduated. All the above posts are confirming my doubts, pity I did not read them before we paid the initial 1000 euros !

John Foley.... said...

Above comment thank you for sharing your sons time in Hahn..We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign have done our best and will continue to inform as many students as we can over the internet and at open recruitment days..Students need to know the truth about Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR''.Crewlink,Dalmac,StJames,Cavok are all exploiting our children..One last point,it is bad in Hahn but it is 10 times worse when you start work as Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew,take my word for that...We can loose money but when our children loose hope after being exploited,that is the very hard time for us...
Thank you.


Chris said...

Hi John,

Just put a link up to this page, I hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris.


Anonymous said...


I am working for Ryanair. I get full hours, salary about 1400euros every month. its normal i think. I always check my sells average, and my supervisor ensures me that everything is ok. Should me be concern as well?

John Foley.... said...

thank you for above comment...I hope you continue to do okay.

no name said...

I agree with the comment above, I have been with Ryanair for two years now, I get an average salary of 1400 euros a month, the way I see it is iff you dont like what you see about Ryanair then why get a job with them, I had heard all the rumours before joining the company and alot of it is runours, I have no issues, never been to Dublin, never had grief, I get on with my job, it really is that simple, stop reading and believing rubbish, as most of the above is

Cabin crew Member Belguim

John Foley.... said...

Hi no name,
Thank you for your comment...1400 euro average salary,is this with the two months un-paid leave you were force to take by Ryanair?
How do probationary cabin crew see the bad things going on inside Ryanair unless they start working for them..Recruitment days have no intention to point out the bad points of working with Ryanair,which are many..Once they see the real picture at Ryanair they have already invested over 3000 Euro...You are wrong about Rumors and rubbish,these issues above and much more are very real.As you will see from all comments posted on this BLOG only a couple cabin crew are happy...Most if not all agree Ryanair are the worst airline in Europe to work for ..Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Ask any current cabin crew in "reduced aircraft" base for this winter. In October last year (2011) a forcing Unpaid leave came to the bases, where the amount that Ryanair told to take was up to 8 blocks. Now in january they say to take another 6 blocks. Now you take new joiners (less than 1 year) they still have to pay their course back and they have no income (or very reduced income due to unpaid leave). So the question what they should do now? Bank does not care that you don't have income, loan you have to pay back...
P.S. to "no name" from above. Yes You have your average of 1400 a month if you do more than 70h of flying a month but it does not happen now in winter or it does? And then, fair enough, you have your 1400, but how many %% of base have it?

FR is a good challenge. It also shows You how life can be a b*cth where your own colleges report you for just to get little bonus. How people (passengers) are expecting EVERYTHING for a 10eur ticket and how they will kill you just to get a damn seat. Where manager is with basic education and has completely no skills in communication or has no personal opinion, just You do it or we kick you out!
But again, Ryanair is an employer, in current difficult times that pays on time.

If You survive first 2 years, You will be fine :)

Good luck and enjoy your LIFE!

FR crew.

John Foley.... said...

no name you said rubbish above...is the post above rubbish to......I REST MY CASE...
thank you above for your post FR crew
happy flying...

Anonymous said...

Hi John i did my training in Hann Germany and it was really disgusting i had to study everyday and night ryanair didnt care a thing for the trainees we paid 1000 euros in installment for the training. And once we finished the training we had to pay for the 6 days accommodation at the base which they never told us about and the flight back home as well i didnt start my contract yet and was really frustrated and tensed because i dont have enough money to go there i read the really sad comments on this site it is really really true everything is true and decided not to work for them any more i resign even before i start my contract

John Foley.... said...

11 January 2012 19:57
Sorry to hear your sad story with Ryanair cabin crew training in Germany...They do not care,they are only interested in your money which is very sad...
Thank you for your honest post but please try other airlines...

Anonymous said...

I have been offered a job with ryanair but unsure whether to take it now reading these comments :S

John Foley.... said...

Thank you for your comment...Please talk with your parents and look at the contract.Termination is mentioned 19 times.There is a lot of information over the internet which you can look at.Remember this,I have no profit interest in my blog it is information to protect others.Ryanair have profit as priority not safety,Dignity or Respect for crew....You are just a number,when your number is up...IT IS UP...
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

That is true that there are people been sacked for one late however there are ones who got ryanair contract wit countless lates, no-shows and sick days.
I too had meetings- along with numerous GROOMING DISCREPANCIES for (yes you guessed) stupid things of course and for the same things others wouldn't. (I also know of GUYS who got ones for incorrect HAND BAGS (yes you read it RIGHT) and with no apology, base supervisors have just laught at them. Which might be funny once or up until you request a transfer and will be rejected due to discrepancy, which you only got to give BS a reason to crack up). Very unfair!
But for some reason I've never got sacked (which I would have appreciated sometimes). After the 12 months probation period ends it is almost impossible to get fired. You have to have at least 5 diseplinary meetings..
You right to ask why I wasn't trying to find another job, but the truth is I was.
But it really is not easy to go on interviews, not just because you (usually) don't live in the actual city the airport belongs to, but in a small town where you won't have too much opportunities or the only time you could attend interviews are your standby days (as off days can fall on weekends) with which again, you risk a no-show.
And in lack of savings I couldn't just quit!
To all of you lucky ones who are happy with what this company has given you, just one thing I'd like to add. I see you all get paid in euro therefore is much better than being paid in british currency.
(€1400 is about £1000. Just about, but only in summer time you'd get that amount-for sure)
In Europe (I.e Spain) where you can rent a 3 bed villa for €500/£500 inc all bills it really is a darn good salary, but in the UK where you pay £500 just for a ROOM or approx £600/£700 for a ONE BED flat plus anything between £120-£180 council tax each month which you pay for basically nothing as you'll never see this money back nor is vital for your every day needs like gas/electric/water but you pay it for community services (who for that money could do a much better job, I reckon)
Plus other utility bills, trust me you only work to live. Just to see the differences between salaries.
So you've left with a couple of pounds to travel between home and airport (which is not paid of course nor you get a discount) and buy yourself some food (which also isn't provided) -even easyjet stuff get food on duty and are a low budget airline the same way-
Sorry for the long rant, hope it showed my point.
Good blod, though. Keep up the brilliant job John x.
Ps: I'm sorry for all you BRILLIANT ex crew members who have been sacked simply because you were too good! (Bare in mind only the useless get treated good and go far) and think about it as a blessing -you are no longer a puppet.
Remember! You worth so much more than being just a number. Welcome back to humanity! Xx

John Foley.... said...

Second above i had to change some words as Ryanair could identify you...

Hi there, Even I couldn't read half of the comments properly, I know what they were all about. Although I do understand that there are people with positive experience and I would like to take the opportunity to tell them how lucky they should feel themselves rather than saying these are all just rumours. I think it is fair to say there are more on the disappointed side, still. I myself have worked for the company for more than 1 year ......... and yes before you ask I sure enough am quitting once ......... ........ is taken off!! That is just one thing that their way of treating you is off limit (by them I mean the whole management, base supervisors and fellow crew members as well) some of them does not even have a clue about the english language which is sad. (And I am not trying to be a b*tch here of any kind). So that is one thing they learnt something and understand your questions regarding the briefings they sure enough have trouble understanding the ACTUAL BASICS. (Sadly not only juniors, but seniors as well who is the main communicator between flight deck and cabin). Also there are the ones that are able to speak (well so they say) but unfortunately from the strong accent you won't be able to tell a word of what they are (trying to) say(ing).. (Very disappointing seniors as well, who are like I said the main communicator in case of and emergency -as well- so basically in this case you can only hope nothings gonna happen (I know it might sound harsh, but let's face it.. You just never know, do you). Pay: I would lie if I said I've never had money problems, especially in the beginning, when I couldn't start working for .... weeks due to id being processed (even though we had to send our references off a few weeks prior to actually starting the course, so they had at least 2 MONTHS, and when I called them to ask all they said was they are missing a reference, which I found very hard to believe as .........!!!! Ridiculous or what? -they probs just misplaced it or couldn't be bothered to even open them. Or whatever reason I don't even care! Then obviously by the time I started it was almost winter so I barely flew 40-50 hours or so which is an average of £600, for a FULL TIME job?! Excuse me? Cleaning the streets in part time I'd get more ( and by law). And the best part is they say you have to pay the course for 12 months, however by some miracle I have paid it all in a time of 6 months (!!!) And they took serious amounts, and by that I mean at least half of my actual earnings!!! Fair? Of course not and further more a lie and I might just sue them once I don't profit FROM THEM no more

John Foley.... said...

Anonymous 28 January Wow thank you for your long 2 comments.....As for your lost reference,no they delayed because that is what they do sometimes as many probationary cabin crew wanting to work and pay training,if you and 50 more had to wait 3 more weeks to start thats alot of hours to others....all in the name of exploitation...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for correcting my comment, John. I just wanted everyone to know (who doesn't already) that they will (try to) destroy you and your confidence with such silly little things and I've got a bit carried away :) too many negative things to say unfortunately.
I wish it was a better place though, because there are very nice people in this company who don't deserve to be treated this way.
And with their only mistakes which is their beautiful personalities they will get bullied and threatened by meetings and will never get a contract.
Just the way it is supposed to be, right? Grr
Anyway John, keep up the good work!
And thanks again Xx

John Foley.... said...

Above comment..Thank you for your comments...It is important for new recruited Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair to see what Present Ryanair Cabin Crew think....We have Ryanair monitoring this Blog daily and i guess they will put good comments on here which are not true.....Even though i never worked at Ryanair i have so many passing information to me which gives me a good Knowledge of recruitment,employment and Termination...Termination is high as a direct result of PROFIT...Recruitment at Ryanair is my target and recruitment would be alot higher if Ryanairdontcare Campaign were not about....
Message to O'Leary and Bonderman,
Ryanairdontcare Campaign will step up Direct Action Protests in 2012 and as for failed Campaign or DOOMED TO FAIL ''Michael'' sit back and see what plans we have for you both....
Week of Action 12th till 18th March 2012....

Anonymous said...

I am totally scared right now after reading all those comments!! I am starting my training on the 7th Feb in Dublin airport, and my base is Milan, Italy! but after reading all these comments I don't know what to think any more! I am going to go to the training and Milan ( if I pass exams) and see what its like for myself, but I have to say..... I really hope I am one of those people who like the job!!!...... gulp.....

Anonymous said...

I am adding to the above comment.... I am only 21 and its my first full time job!!!!! I cant back out because my parents really want me to do this because they want me to travel so bad! Any body got any positive feedback on ryanair jobs..... and nyone know anything about the base in Milan???


Anonymous said...

Hi all

My son is about to embark on the training programme in Hahn. Will certainly be filling everyone in on his progress. Feel already I will sadly be another unhappy parent.

John Foley.... said...

I hope he is lucky enough...If your son is aware of our campaign and other bad stories at RYanair over the Internet then he will not be as upset if Termination comes.
As a parent would it be right to see this happen to our child ?
If i had saw an article in the press 2 months before my child was terminated in 2008 i would never had let her join, Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''Ryanair''.


Anonymous said...

I am a very unhappy parent of a darling daughter.we have the most beautiful and kind daughter any parents could wish for.she is an excellent peoples person and would grace any job where people are concerned.She has started work with ryanair and far from encouraging her to do better they seem to concrete on bullying and underminding her at every opportunity.She is on standby more than she is working. She has to do two or three days unpaid at a time.The whole thing is a scam as far as I am concerned. From the so called training,to the job itself. Where else would you get a workforce to pay for all there own training ,work for nothing be treated like slaves. Have supervisors swear at them. why should ryanair care. They are getting slave labour thus keeping there costs down. If a good staff members there are plenty more victams to choose from as there seems to be no end to recruiting courses {this is a sign in itself].I only wish that there could be a television documentary about this company to show the travellers what thy are supporting, Ryanair shame on you I say

John Foley.... said...

So sorry to hear your story and thank you for your honesty...
Good Luck to your daughter in the future and i am so glad you believe your child as Ryanair try to blame them...One day it will all come out and it may be to late for our children, it will help other parents children now and in the future...
By your comment you are helping to achieve this....

Anonymous said...

i have been invited for an interview tomorrow but having taken my time to read all this posts by cabin crew members and ex cabin crew members,i dont know what to do anymore!!!!!!the buzz and the thrills i was feeling earlier on has suddenly gone through the window!somebody help please.

John Foley.... said...

Anonymous 27 February 2012 22:31
So sorry if this blog has upset you in anyway...We need to inform young people of the bad things about Ryanair which they never tell you....I can promise you
''Live The High Life'' is the moto at Ryanair...THIS IS A LIE....

John Foley.... said...

This comment below was placed on our blog today...I had to delete the original post because it identified the person.


I have started a Ryanair trining course and I am misrable, from the beging I knew this was a scam! I feel forced by my parents to continue this job, and the more I say this will end bad, the worse it gets! The insist that I finish the course but I can quit if I want to, but oh, we've spent so much money already. Money has been spend, keeps being spent and my opinion hasn't changed...RYANAIR IS A SCAM and I know this will end bad, this is my first job, I feel so sad that I had to end up here...I feel alone, in a new city, with a family I do not know, and not even metioning the fact that I have to go to Italy soon...please help, I feel preasured to make my parents happy, I feel bad that they've spent so much money, but should I be this unhappy and worried before staring my first new job?

28 February 2012 20:48

John Foley.... said...

As for the comment above.Ryanair will exploit crew when ever they can...Profit is their No 1 goal...
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

I have some good news, I wrote the comment last night, the one about stating that I need help. I would like to give a huge thanks to John Foley, for opening my eyes. Out of desperation I started sending out my CV last night, and today...2 job offers, and in my home town, one at an office, and the other with a great airline, that will not charge me for the course, uniform, and overall has a good opinion. Thank you so much John, for opening my eyes,your blog pushed me towards this and you might have just saved me from a huge disappointment, lost of money, and much sleepless nights...thank you!

John Foley.... said...

That is great news..Good Luck and thank you for posting on our blog...
It will help others...

John Foley.... said...

Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew write a testimonial about it at http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/fired_by_ryanair

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

New probationary Ryanair cabin crew have been paid as little as 560 euro a month,i have been sent the wage slip...Yes you will get 1400 euro but that is summer busy months,3 months only....3 months unpaid leave now,which leads to 6 months slave labour...OPEN YOUR EYES Please.....

All airlines have a 5 year work/study check and Termination at Ryanair could effect your career in aviation...

confused said...

Hi there,
I have recently applied to attend the recruitment day on 8th august in Glasgow and was very excited about this. After doing my research i dont know what to think now. Also i am only interested in working at the Glasgow base which was advertised as having vacancies, would this be the case or would they ship me somwhere else? I know most airlines employ you at your preferred base depending on the positions available.Do not want to be scammed out of my money :(


Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Confused thank you for your comment.Ryanair do not guarantee a base.It will not matter were Ryanair advertise for,you will be sent were you are needed.No other airline has training fees of up to 3000 euro and you need to consider what you have researched
cabincrew.com is used by aviation crew and they have a Ryanair section.I must warn you,Ryanair place paid adverts with this company so some positivecomments will reflect this...
Good luck.

Cabin Crew - Germany said...

Cabin Crew Ryanair - Germany

Started in the company over 5 months ago have been off sick on 3 occasions one occasion which was signed off by my doctor, Have been informed i have to go for a meeting in dublin regarding sick days.

Which will probably lead to dismissal right in time before the unpaid leave what a coincidence.

Based in germany with no help with accommodation or living expenses the company are a joke who do not care about there staff.

There are no benefits of working with this company apart from flying experience which hopefully will help other young people to move on to a better company who actually CARE about there staff, the negativity is unbeleivable. The amount of money each indivdual has spent to get where they are in the company and not one word of appreciation. All they care about is sales, What do they want us to do FORCE a passenger to purchase something?

If i am dismissed from the company i can actually say i will be happy to return home and apply for other companys who appreciate the hard work and the shit the staff have to deal with day in and day out!


Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Hi Sorry to hear you were sick and thank you for your comment..Let us hope you will be okay in Dublin as it will be very hard to work for other airline if you get Terminated and yes you will have to pay back all new joiners allowance and training dept,if you do not pay they will send a dept collector in the name of Danial Silverman Solicitors....Keep me informed and you can email if you need advise. lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Anonymous above,sorry i had to delete your comment as Ryanair exploiters could identify you.
Thank you for your comment and the information is great but better to use at a later date...Can you please contact me lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk or ryanairdontcare@yahoo.co.uk
Thank you ever so much and good luck...

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Latest protest video Ryanair cabin crew recruitment Manchester Airport 28th September 2012... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wxYpcDC0A4&list=UUAYCqhO5mjn4qxGOCScYVPw&index=1&feature=plcp

Anonymous said...

I'm a swedish journalist who is doing some research for an article about the conditions for Ryanair's cabin crew.

If you work/have worked for Ryanair, please contact me:


Anonymous said...

I have been working for ryanair for over 2 years and yes you have to pay for training that's because people do drop out and that comes at a cost to the airline to train you up, this is the same with jet2, in the summer you can earn plenty of money yes doing 70hours a month but in a job now a days you can do 66hours a week 4 weeks and still get paaid a lot less than this, as in the winter I do take unpaid leave and work somewhere else, which means after the winter period which I choose to take off I can go back and have a secure job, as most airlines are seasonal contracts anyway and u then get a performance meeting and not guaranteed to go back, all airlines are becoming the same the industry is changing due to the economy and fuel charges and find anyway to save moneyotherwise everyone would go bust, ryanair are still going and still growing,if u want this job I say make sure you have money for whilst your training as its not guaranteed you will get the job so you should have finances anyway, secondly if you do pass you will need money, as a probationary crew you will be low on hours when you start so they tend to give you a lot of hours when the juniors are on standby so u will make money and all through the summer period and when they do announce unpaid leave get a second job and take the leave they only ask you to take 7 weeks most take more to go home in the winter meaning there's hours for you if you don't decide to go, you can take anything up to 5 months and the reason for thee 500 pound wage in winter is legally you can only fly 900 hours a year so they fall in the winter time as well as the aircraft numbers, if you work for virgin this is also a legal requirement and they get paid about 1000 pound a month cos they have low hours per month, and you do get your training money back in stages after 6 months then a year. If that's for you your crew, if its not then don't apply and look at other options trust I have looked and its all the same and makes sence if your not in the industry then you don't understand how and why it happens,and as for the sickness you can be sick but covered by a doctors note and if it happens regular yes you may be asked to leave, when your sick and people get called off standby means their hours then go up and that's when crew get annoyed as in the winter they will have less hours because they had to cover all those sick people I been off sick and had it covered and nothing happened but its not a regular occurance, ryanair can be harsh but when you sit back Is understandable its a low cost airline with the best training and a qualification at the end of it so you can better yourself as their the only 1 doing nvq in aviation. And I worked at a couple of bases

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Ryanair training is 3000 euro and Jet 2 only 750 euro..This is a big difference.People in all jobs will drop out,a large deposit is paid before you start Ryanair training which covers this drop out and more.
How will it come to a cost to the airline if Ryanair continue to say training is conducted by a third party?..70 hours a month flying at Ryanair is less than 700 euro a month after tax,how is this plenty of money?..You do not take winter un-paid leave,you are forced to take it.Yes some airlines have seasonal contracts but Ryanair offer ''SCAM'' permanent job through so called agents Crewlink/Workforce International.
Since 2004 Ryanair have been TERMINATING thousands of new recruits each year,making way for new recruits all paying 3000 euro..Is it not better to offer hours instead of un-paid leave to present cabin crew that are working there,NO as Ryanair continue to have over 20 recruitment days a month,,,,,A Ryanair probationary cabin crew JOB will cost new recruits over 5000 euro in the first year,if they last that long,the new joiners allowance,uniform and extra charges will be taken from salary once Terminated..If you still own for training when terminated, Solicitors will chase you for the dept..All in all, RYANAIR exploit more young people in Europe than any other airline and that is one of the reasons why they continue...
We do understand not all crew will be terminated and some like yourself 2 years at Ryanair.It would be impossible to run any business if all were TERMINATED..Ryanair at present have a 60% TERMINATION rate on new recruits...Your a number at Ryanair and when your number is up ''TERMINATION''...
Thank you for your comment..

alex tele said...

Hi everybody,

I am a french TV journalist and I am working on a documentary about the common practice of how Ryanair is treating its staff, mainly cabin crews.
Therefore I am looking for former or present crew members who are ready to talk about their experiences with Ryanair.

You can contact me on:

No name will be quote without permission.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

well I was thinking about applying for ryanair open day but after reading all those comments not only here but in other blogs as well I am really worried about what can happen if i really get to work for ryanair and then be dismissed in a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

I have been asked to attend a crewlink recruitment day tomorrow and I do not think I will be attending, I have been put in a holding pool for jet2 for MAN base and when I pay the 700 pound for jet2 training I get that money back when I start work with them they pay it me back, the only money I will not get back Is the money I spend in accomdation jet2 are such a better airline to start off on, all of my friends who did a cabin crew course in college last year are all working with jet2 and some have even been kept on after they have completed the fixed term contract, also they got a bonus at the end of there contact! I will not be going to Ryanair and definatley staying with jet2

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Great news that you are staying away from Crewlink.Crewlink?Ryanair give you nothing back all they do is TAKE your money.Thank you for your comment and good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have been invited for an assessment and interview. Finally felt like a had a plan career wise. After reading a lot of these comments, you have successfully deterred me from going. Thanks for informing us all.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone who's worked for crewlink or Ryanair ever succeeded in changing aircraft carreers?