15 May 2011


Hi John,  ....... did the first two days flights and absolutely hated it.  She was bullied a little by the no. one of the crew on the first day.  Second day the crew were better but still did not like it.  She said if she had done the flights at the beginning of the course she would never have done the course.  After going on flights myself for holidays afterwards I spoke to a few of the crew and what I gathered they didn't like working for Ryan Air.  

Anyway ....... didn't go in any more.  We are now having to pay for her training but I still have the uniform (maybe fancy dress!!).

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter but when .......... was doing the course 60 staff had just been dismissed - I did query it at the time.  They said it was due to lateness, illness etc. - not sure if I can believe that.

Your daughter was not actually employed by Ryanair but  Crewlink - I would have thought they should have given a reason for dismissal I would take it further if I were you.

Good luck would be interested to see how you have got on.

Kind regards ...........

John Said,
Name of prcc are protected.As you can see 60 Terminated by Ryanair/Crewlink.
SHAME ON YOU BONDERMAN''tpg capital ''hypocrite'' and O'Leary ''the mouth''.

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