18 Feb 2012


Mr Michael O'Leary 2nd in charge of Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young People talks on Newstalk in Ireland...Below is O'Leary...

John said,above video,
As you can hear O'Leary again and again repeats ''lowest fares''most on time flights'' youngest fleet'' the more times you say these words the more chance people will believe you....All interviews with O'Leary the exploiter will be the very same....Repeat after Repeat....
Cutting and Slashing fee's is the Ryanair way but when it comes to Pilots and Cabin Crew O'Leary makes sure Ryanair exploit every penny from them..Training,Uniform,Meals Tax and Salary are all fee's used by Ryanair to exploit their crew daily....
As we know Pilots do a great job in aviation but if you listen to O'Leary ''on sunny days'' easy job, well getting passengers and crew safely from A to B no matter what ever the weather  is a remarkable professional job indeed ''Michael'',more than you have ever done..Pilots and Cabin Crew from all European Airlines have a limit per year to Fly..The health and safety of Crew and passengers is a priority that is the reason for these flying limits at all airlines...As for Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman they would rather crew work more hours per year as Health and Safety of Crew and passengers is not their priority (profit is).
O'Leary will never point out that Pilots and Cabin Crew at Ryanair could work up to 5 extra hours on each rostered day without being paid..
As for being 3rd highest paid Pilots and Cabin Crew at Ryanair you need to look at staff levels.
The majority of Ryanair Pilots are employed by an agent called Brookfield Aviation who exploit with Ryanair these Pilots for every penny they can get..Up to 60 Euro extra per hour which Ryanair PAY Brookfield Aviation for each hour Ryanair Pilots fly will go in O'Leary and Bonderman's Pocket,shareholders being conned in front of their eyes ..Some Ryanair Pilots are employed through Ryanair to keep this SCAM alive.
The very same happens to Cabin Crew.Out of 5000 Cabin Crew, 4000 are employed through agents Crewlink,who are Ryanair and Workforce International which was set up through Dalmac by Ryanair,these are called probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew who in some cases are paid less than 7 Euro per flight after Tax....Extra hourly rates of pay for Ryanair crew through all agents are lining Bonderman and O'Leary's pockets....Never do the press ask these questions....The press in my own opinion are helping Ryanair Exploit so many and they should be ashamed of themselves...


John said,above video,
Michael O'Leary in Politics would not make him an Animal, he is an evil man...NEVER to be trusted.
Tourist ,European apart from UK do not go to Ireland as a direct result of treatment from Ryanair.
Ryanair Chief is a US Billionaire David Bonderman,he is O'Leary's BOSS...Ryanair are an Irish registered airline,that's all.....David Bonderman chief scammer as Ryanair is the largest shareholder.
He and O'Leary are responsible for wrecking so many young cabin crew's lives and Pilots for profit.Lives of crew are in danger at Ryanair to which O'Leary and Bonderman are guilty of....Pilots and Cabin Crew will bring you down O'Leary some day....As for O'Leary being in any Public office,this will never happen because Money is the route of evil and O'Leary is only interested in Money and he is evil....
Ryanair have not created 8,500 jobs cabin crew and pilots,they never mention the 60% rate of crew Termination which is inside Ryanair and all these Terminated crew have paid a large fee to Ryanair through agents...
O'Leary yet again told a lie,40% of Ryanair crew are not Irish of 1000 Ryanair contracted cabin crew and 4000 on probationary contracts through agents Crewlink and Workforce International only 12% are Irish citizens.Do not be fooled by O'Leary creating Irish jobs because most Irish workers as Probationary cabin crew have been Terminated and scammed already...Check out Joe Duffy show 7th and 10th January 2011 were Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew had a voice...
O'Leary gives nothing to the Irish state unless he makes himself,he has no feelings for the Irish people whatsoever....O'leary has just bought a  US$ 7,950,000    Jet to take him and his mates to the races....Check our post below
Government subsidies are paid to Ryanair all over Europe and he feels others should not receive subsidies in any form....
Irish Public should pay for their own health care in O'leary's words,even if you are not in a position to do so.
4000 Young Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair have no health care from Ryanair whatsoever.
Democracy is not a word O'Leary knows the meaning of....
Ryanair have two forms of Stand bys, one is a home stand by which means you need to be at home with your phone for 11 hours in case you are called to work ''this is un paid''.
Then you have airport stand by which is paid 60 Euro for 8 hours at the airport in uniform in case you are needed to flight .If not needed you will help to board passengers.
As you can see after tax you will earn less than 5 Euro an hour as Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew......
What Ryanair do to get this rate of 60 Euro down whilst your on airport stand by,Ryanair will call you for one or two short flights which have a flight pay of 20 Euro (ie Dublin to Liverpool and Back 1 hour 20 mins flight time..You do not get 60 Euro plus the 20 Euro,you get the 20 Euro so Ryanair have you to cover other flights in the airport most of the day and pay you 20 Euro saving Ryanair 40 Euro....Exploitation at the highest level....
Prsi and Tax from all European countries expect UK are paid to Ireland...Other European Governments are not so clever dealing with the Tax issue as they are more interested in Tourist rates,which makes them blind from Tax issues...As for the UK, Tax is paid to the UK Government as they are not an easy target.
This tax paid each month by all cabin crew is kept in a high interest account in the Bank of Ireland making money before it is given to the Tax man in Ireland,this should be paid to the Irish much sooner....Many probationary cabin crew at Ryanair have a Tax rate of up to 40% as Ryanair's paper work is very slow when it makes them money from cabin crew tax,,,....
O'Leary has said he could bring in 5,000,000 extra passengers to Irish airports in a 5 year period,this is not true...His passenger figures in Ireland have been dropping steadily over the last few years,not as a result of Government Tax,which is paid to the Irish Government which O'Leary wants to stop,but as a result of Ryanair bully boy tactics....O'leary will have tried to make a deal with the Government but wanting as high as 25 Euro a passenger to Ireland and free landing at Irish airports,in truth holding the Irish Government to ransom like he has in Europe....I am glad to say he has not got him own way here....
He talked about Bankers guilty of loosing money in Ireland, Ryanair did use Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank over the last 4 to 5 years giving training fee loans to students of 3,500 Euro to pay for Ryanair cabin crew training...As many of these students and we could be talking thousands were Terminated before this loan was paid this Ryanair cabin crew training loan was never paid back to the banks....Ryanairdontcare Campaign were responsible for getting this loan scrapped by the bank in December 2010...

If you are Irish and still think O'Leary and Ryanair are a credit to Ireland think again,
15.00 min of this interview, O'Leary the serial scammer said Children Allowance should be stopped. he then goes on to cover his mistake by talking about poor people,,,,,,,,Michael O'Leary is a evil man that has exploited and wrecked so many young people's lives for profit...He exploited my own child when she was 18 years old and Ryanairdontcare Campaign was born......O'Leary,Wilson and Crewlink had a meeting with me in 2011 over scamming my child and they will be meeting me again that is for sure.......
How far would you go for your children,,,,,I say all the way and Ryanair Be Warned....I HAVE NO FEAR.........You hurt my child.....

Week of Action 12th till 18 th March 2012 Boycott Ryanair...... http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/309679105736928/
This is the reason why Ryanairdontcare Campaign was set up and will continue.....

17 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have called an ''ALL DAY'' Tuesday 21st February 2012 protest at the Liverpool Echo Office old hall street Liverpool....Advert revenue from Ryanair to Liverpool Echo even though in 2008 they investigated our case and did not run it...Alastair Machray the editor we need answers.....

RYANAIR TERMINATED PROBATIONARY CABIN CREW Has a FACEBOOK PAGE For YOU...http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Truth-About-Ryanair/204393519572735

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are pleased to post a Facebook Group page from a Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair...''THE TRUTH ABOUT RYANAIR''..
John said,
This is great news that some Terminated Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew want to warn young people to stay away from Europe's Greatest Exploiters Of Young People ''RYANAIR''.
Thank you...


Ryanairdontcare Campaign will target the Irish Aviation Authority in March week of action in Dublin and we have many former Ryanair employees working at the Irish Aviation Authority which is not right.....The Irish Aviation Authority are turning a blind eye to issues regarding Ryanair and former Ryanair employees may be helping.
We know the way Ryanair work and we can reassure the IAA Ryanairdontcare Campaign will target you for protest and we will blog names of former employees of Ryanair who now sit in the IAA offices in Dublin...
Contact will be made to the Irish government to express our concerns.
I have always said the IAA turn a blind eye to issues that involve Ryanair,now i know the reason WHY..

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have obtained some of  these individuals and are asking if  viewers to our blog  have any other NAMES to add to this list or photos please...You can comment below anonymously or send to  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk

Niall Cummins  Chief Flight Examiner at Irish Aviation Authority

Dave Usher  General Manager Dublin

Atty Mc Kenna   ( never worked for Ryanair we have been informed )

Donal Cotter

Michael Farrell

John Murray Aeronautical Officer/Flight operations inspector

Dermot McCarthy

Terry O' Neil  Assistant Director

Maurice O' Conner Division Manager
Paul Gingell  Captain investigation team past below
 Aeronautical Officer at Irish Aviation Authority TRE B737-200, Capt B737-800 at Ryanair now at Emirates Airline .

John said,
Irish Aviation Authority are you watching.....................Ryanairdontcare Campaign are and will dig dig and keep digging....Below is the last protest which took place in 2011 at The Corrupt Building 11-12 D'Olier Street Dublin 2. Telephone No.: +353 1 671 8655.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s09gSfGKRs&list=UUAYCqhO5mjn4qxGOCScYVPw&index=7&feature=plcp  we will be back soon.....
Much needed Donations for week of action protests in March can be sent through Paypal to  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk  Thank you.

15 Feb 2012


Michael O'Leary has made comments regarding salary payment to Ryanair Cabin Crew in Norway which is a LIE.
O'leary who is not known for his honesty as been quoted as saying.'' senior cabin crew earn €31,000 a year while their juniors earn €24,000. ''.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm 5000 cabin crew work at Ryanair which consists of 1000 contracted Ryanair Cabin Crew who have a Ryanair contract and are paid the salary about.
What Michael O'Leary fails to say is - 4000 Probationary Cabin Crew are contracted through a company called Crewlink ''who are Ryanair'' and a company called Workforce International set up by Ryanair through a company called Dalmac in Rush.Ryanair say these are agents who recruit,take training course and contract these 4000 Probationary Cabin Crew..Yes they recruit,Ryanair train cabin crew at a fee of up to 3,000 Euro and agents give out Probationary Cabin Crew contracts out with over 60% of these Probationary Cabin Crew being TERMINATED before a 12 month period.........So no blame ever knocks at Ryanair's door,
Knock Knock ''RYANAIR''.

As you can see 4000 cabin crew at Ryanair are paid as little as 10 Euro a hour after tax and Polish based Probationary Cabin Crew are paid 7 Euro per hour after tax...
Ryanair pay these agents Crewlink and Workforce International up to 30.000 Euro per hour for each of the 4000 Probationary Cabin Crew and up to 19 Euro is lining David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary's pocket...
Exploitation at a high level....Recruitment for Termination at a high level...Corruption at a high level...
Governments need to act and look at the Termination rate of crew at Ryanair...
RYANAIR are GUILTY of Scamming Young People....

14 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign were called today by Manchester Airport Police regarding are week of action March 2012.......
Ryanairdontcare Campaign's reply to Manchester Airport Police is

''Manchester Airport Police have made a second contact with Ryanairdontcare Campaign today regarding week of action at Manchester Airport.
They were asking for information regarding this peaceful protest.I told them we will not be talking to them on this action..Ryanairdontcare Campaign will have dialogue with the Police IF a peaceful protest can take place inside the departure hall were Ryanair passengers check in.....If this can not be facilitated by the Airport Police then this protest will take place all over Manchester Airport.''and no pacific date will be given.......
Join this protest here   http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/309679105736928/

Plus we have them tracked on our blog below today
Greater Manchester Police ( police manchester    3 returning visits
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14 Feb12:54:20

And tracked on our Pilot blog below,
Greater Manchester Police ( police manchester    0 returning visits
United Kingdom FlagManchester, United Kingdom    
14 Feb12:55:06
14 Feb12:55:15
14 Feb12:55:27
14 Feb12:55:31
14 Feb12:55:34
14 Feb13:02:16
and again
Greater Manchester Police ( police manchester    0 returning visits
United Kingdom FlagManchester, United Kingdom    
16 Feb08:22:11
16 Feb08:23:55
16 Feb08:33:02

John said,
The Government and the Authorities in the UK need to look at Recruitment-Employment and Termination of young people wishing to become Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair...By turning a blind eye will only make our Ryanairdontcare Campaign stronger..........HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO FOR YOUR CHILDREN........ALL THE WAY......


Below is an article word for word by a Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair....New recruits need to TAKE NOTE...These Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew lives are wrecked by Ryanair...Is it right to let Ryanair do this....If recruitment is low then Termination is low ''FACT''.
Join other airlines as no other airlines is like Ryanair..Dignity and Respect to crew at Ryanair is ZERO....

Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew
The same thing happened to me without reason. When I attended the meeting where I was informed about the termination of my contract I was told that I had been late on several occasions, had a no-show and was uncontactable on home standby. None of these were true. I was always early for my shift, had one of the highest selling rates in my base and never missed a call from crew control. My grooming was always excellent, never got a question wrong in my briefing and was regularly praised by my base supervisor on my performance on board. However, according to the person who was firing me there was no way I could fight this as these ‘absent/late occasions’ were on my record. I also found that approximately 90% of the crew that I trained with were also fired without sufficient grounds. It seems that the crew they decided to keep and those they don’t are chosen in a lucky dip. It certainly isn’t decided on performance. When new crew are recruited they are given a 3 year probation period in which time they can terminate contracts at any time. 3 years is not a normal time period for probation in a new job, Ryanair and St. James management are scamming people into paying for a job that they will only keep for a matter of months.

John said,
So very sad....Ryanair are StJames Management and they both are SCAMMERS......

13 Feb 2012


Irish Government ( Irish Government    0 returning visits
Ireland FlagDublin, Ireland    
13 Feb17:51:10
13 Feb17:51:20

John said,
As you can see from our blog today the Irish Government paid us a visit yet again....Think they need to act instead of turning a blind eye to the abuse Ryanair are inflicting on Young People...

International week of action against Ryanair reach 400 with more to follow..12th till 18th March 2012...Ryanair Chase...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm since the facebook group below was set up 2 weeks ago and over 400 people  are getting involved with this week of action at Airports all over Europe against RYANAIR who are wrecking so many young students lives for profit....4 weeks to go and we hope to reach 1000....

John said,
Thank you to you all.....Exploitation of so many young people by Ryanair for PROFIT must be stopped...
Donations not matter how small are welcome and needed for this week of action ....Paypal  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk  Thank you....

12 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign article on http://flights-blog.lowcostroutes.com/2012/02/new-cabin-crew-jobs-with-ryanair-hurry-up-or-not/ was placed on cabincrew.com Ryanair forum below.


''There are plenty of airlines who will want what you have to offer and are more prepared to respect you accordingly.
The excitement of landing that 'dream job' can sometimes cloud our vision.

Whichever airline you decide to work for - don't let them bully you!

Join the union and encourage colleagues to do the same.

Interesting article below:''



Yeah, sure... if in 7 weeks you don't have as many lates as Sarah and as many No shows as Sarah, everyone will be fine.

Ryanair does make money from the workers, mainly due to the training costs and the uniform costs but they have to keep their workers on the company for at least 12 months to make money out of it. Why's that? Most crews choose to pay their training costs by installments, so they will deduct every month (for 6 months) an amount to pay the course. Also, every month (during 12 months) they will be deducting the fee for uniform... so if you left only after 7 weeks they will not be making money... oh but let me add that in the end of the 12 months they will give you around €300 as a compensation for what you paid for your uniform, so in the end it was like if you haven't paid that... the same for the course, over 6 months they will give you an allowance of €1200...

But yeah, bottom line, get to know your potential employer and make sure you know how things works and pay attention to the Assessment/Open Days because everything is explained there... that way we would see less things like "oh they are charging me for training"; "oh they are charging me for uniform"...

Miguel Santos

John said,
In answer to Miguel Santos,
Over 60% of Probationary Cabin Crew WILL be TERMINATED before the Twelfth month ''Guarenteed''
Once Terminated any on board commission made is kept by Ryanair.Any new joiner allowance is returned.The full amount of 360 Euro is taken for the Ryanair Uniform.If you are from UK and based in Spain,you make your own way home.NO FLIGHT.All in all exploited for ever penny...Your last months salary will be ZERO..It is very rare to get Terminated 11th to 22nd of each month as your salary is not large enough..Ryanair in most cases wait till your salary is above 800 Euro...
Do you still want to join Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR'' ???????

Your opinion on what you have read ''you of course have not read this blog'' As for party all night in Dublin were she was based,She lived 20 minutes by bus to airport and 1 hour to Dublin,worked over 42 flights in the first 14 rostered days,think she was a bit over worked to have nights out at this early stage on her work plus she did not know anybody apart from one cc.She did miss her family but was exited to be cabin crew.
As for Sarah's responsability at work,since 14 years of age she worked in a family jewellers at weekends and school holidays,selling- stock checking and banking,,,''non existent you say''...How do you know Sarah had huge amount of attendence issues  in 7 weeks ????? because Ryanair say so!!!!!! Interesting...
Cover up you say,this is a word used to disribe Ryanair by unions, no need to cover up,it was her Job not her parents Job......Jobs come and go right,it is part of life to loose a job sometimes ,it all depends on WHY and What For...Confess to what !!!!!! If you feel scammed no need to confess right....As for making money off workers, No you are wrong workers make a succesfully company and are not their to exploit.
Cabin crew training fee and uniforms are only a very small part of the Recruitment scam by Ryanair...The agent used by Ryanair who are paid millions extra in wages from Ryanair but keep them and do not pass them on to probationary cabin crew,that is one part of the Bigger SCAM....Lining O'Leary and Bonderman's pocket...
Look at this Guy Malchiwka who is on cabincrew.com to answer questions new recruits have...He has been doing this for 6 months as a direct result of Ryanairdontcare Campaign..Telling new recruits the trueth about working at Ryanair will loose revenue for Ryanair and Malchiwka will not tell you the whole truth ''Guarenteed''.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign will help new recruits more by telling you ''Ryanair exploit probationary cabin crew''. and you have been warned.........................
Ryanairdontcare Campaign was set up as a direct result of exploitation of my daughter at Ryanair.Three years on it is still here for you all....................We are not profit orientated we are EXPLOITATION orientated and it must stop....

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are the only anti Ryanair Campaign that Michael O'Leary will not talk about.....

look john http://www.cabincrew.com/forums/general-info-and-questions-about-fr-read-1st/175634/1

UK NEWSPAPERS ''SHAME ON YOU''....norwegian news NORWEGIAN PRESS TELL the TRUTH about GOODISON PROTEST...RYANAIR DO SCAM YOU...http://1solutionrevolution.blogspot.com/2012/01/everton-manchester-city-protest.html

Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to thank the Norwegian press for this honest article below...Just a shame the UK press do not follow suit....The UK press are not as professional as the Norwegian and many UK Newspapers are more interested in advert revenues from RYANAIR...These revenues speak volumes and SHAME on the UK ''newspaper'' press for doing nothing.


Use google translate here   http://translate.google.com/#

John said,
How come the Norwegian press can print a story about my last Protest with more accurate than the UK press.....UK newspaper press are not doing their job which results in more young people being exploited by Ryanair......SHAME ON YOU......
I wish to also thank 1 Solution Revolution's post below