14 Sep 2016


MAIN TOPIC HERE IS CREWLINK IRELAND LTD......... Ryanair cabin crew recruitment is run by companies set up by Ryanair to do so.Cabin crew recruitment in UK was run by St James Management who went into Liquidation in 2014.Ryanairdontcare Campaign main aim was to target St James Management who was used as a tool to scam young cabin crew in the UK which involved the daughter of the founder of this blog. Due to the Ryanair apprenticeship scam involving St James Management which this blog exposed in 2014, this was the reason we believe it went into Liquidation in 2014 to cover this scam.Scam exposed here.http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/ryanair-exploit-apprenticeshipcabin.html A company called Cavok in Portugal was used in Europe with the help of Crewlink to recruit cabin crew in Europe for Ryanair.This only lasted a few years because Cavok started charging a even high price for training which Ryanair were not happy with.Only Ryanair can Scam you... Crewlink Ireland Ltd and Workforce International are used to mainly recruit cabin crew all over Europe for Ryanair now.These companies involved give out their own contract to these cabin crew recruits to work on board Ryanair flights. Crewlink Ltd was set up in 2004 but went into Liquidation in 2008 with a new business set up called Crewlink Ireland Ltd. Workforce International is run by Dalmac in Rush Ireland mainly run by Anne McCrudden who has become a wealthy lady due to recruitment of cabin crew for Ryanair. Crewlink Ireland is run mainly by a Judy Byrne who is the bigger fish in the Ryanair cabin crew recruitment SCAM bowl. Crewlink Ireland in 2013/2014 had 2,571 cabin crew contracts on their books.Supplying cabin crew to Ryanair.None being contracted with Ryanair but contracted with Crewlink. There is many Scams inside Ryanair which make multi millions each year with Cabin Crew per hour rate of pay being one of the biggest.Only problem is that many young cabin crew are unknowingly caught up in this Scam through Recruitment for termination, which does so much damage to thousands of young people that only wish to become cabin crew. Crewlink Ireland in 20013/2014 had a turnover of €52.25 million with €45.5 million paid in salary wages to cabin crew (NOT) and €6.75 million being earned from Cabin Crew recruitment and training fees. Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International and Ryanair have been saying cabin crew will earn from €1000-€1200 a month in their online literature.As of 2016 no mention is made from their online literature regarding the starting salary of new recruited cabin crew by Crewlink Ireland / Workforce International.This is what they say regarding salary below.. Crewlink Ireland Ltd... What's on offer for full-time crew? A fixed-term contract for 3 years with Crewlink who are contracted to supply cabin crew to Ryanair. No planned overnights - Ryanair gets you home to your Base every day ‘On Time’. Shifts are 5/3 - 5/3 - 5 days on, 3 days off followed by 5 days on, 3 days off. 1.66 days holiday per month. Generous travel benefits from day one, giving you the opportunity to fly abroad on your days off. Rome for lunch? Or Skiing in Austria? Competitve salary dependant on where you are based throughout the Ryanair newtork. A ‘New Joiners Allowance’ - an extra €1,200 paid over first 6 months at the start of your new career. Great promotional opportunities: If you are a successful member of crew, you have the potential to be directly employed with Ryanair and, after 12 months, you may be eligible for promotion to a Customer Service Supervisor, earning in excess of €30,000 gross per annum. A Customer Service Supervisor promotion would involve: Increased responsibility as you manage a team of three other Cabin Crew on each flight. Increased pay - Ryanair Supervisors based in the UK & Ireland earn approximately £25,000/€30,000 gross per annum. Increased Staff Travel benefits (including discounted travel on other airlines). The above salary is regarding cabin crew who are contracted at Ryanair by Ryanair which is less than 20% of cabin crew numbers of 5000+. This promotion is very hard to achieve, yet some do but thousands do not.Ryanair use these figures above when ever they talk about salary of their cabin crew. Never will Michael O'Leary talk about the 4000+ cabin crew contracted through Crewlink Ireland /Workforce International because these cabin crew make Ryanair €Millions each month through the per hour rate of pay Scam. Many cabin crew earn can earn as low as £591 a month,
So let us explain the cabin crew per hour rate of pay Scam.We will focus on one of the companies involved(they have two), Crewlink Ireland who in 2013/2014 had turnover of €52.25 million with €45.5 million paid in salary wages to 2,571 cabin crew on their books at the time. At the top average salary of €1200 after tax a month x 2,571 = €30,85 million.With €45,5 million paid out in salary,€14.65 million is in whose pocket? Let us not forget many cabin crew here are paid much less than €1200 a month and some will be getting more than €1200 a month. Crewlink bill Ryanair a higher price per hour rate of pay for the 2,571 cabin crew on their books which in the agency world of recruitment is allowed.The difference here is Ryanair senior management set up Crewlink Ireland and the extra salary payments seems right but they are not.The high lever of terminations of cabin crew at Ryanair has a direct in pack on these salary payments from Ryanair..It is a maze set up no to be detected with young cabin crew's lives damaged forever.With PAYE being one more Scam involved here,Termination of many is inevitable. With the very same thing going on within Ryanair pilot recruitment, Ryanair senior management could be racking in well over €100 million a year from this per hour rate of pay Scam set up by Ryanair. Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International (Dalmac)are very busy trying to recruit as many cabin crew as possible all over Europe to keep this per hour rate of pay Scam going.
Lots more information regarding our seven year campaign below. Youtube Chanel--- https://www.youtube.com/user/RYANAIRDONTCARE Facebook Group --- https://www.facebook.com/Ryanair-Dont-Care-campaign-RYANAIRDONTCARE-327346637276632/?fref=ts Twitter --- @ryanairdontcare

11 Sep 2016


The ethics of veganism and vegetarianism - Millionaire “hobby” farmers are reaping the benefits of the EU’s largesse, claiming enormous grants every year. Ryanair's CEO Michael O’Leary,a hobby farmer with a 200-acre holding in Gigginstown, Co Westmeath, receives €50,000+ each year under a single-farm payment scheme.As we are all aware subsidy is O'Leary's middle name gaining multi € millions each year for himself and his chums at Ryanair. Not only is Michael O'Leary involved in horse racing which won him the Gold Cup and the Grand National in 2016 with Rule The World, but he sure loves his BEEF business which involves annual auction of stock from his Gigginstown herd at his farm near Mullingar in Ireland. Michael O'Leary is a specialists breeder of ''Angus cattle, also known as Aberdeen Angus''. which are a breed of cattle commonly used in BEEF PRODUCTION. They were developed from cattle native to the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland.Quality is key to beef production at Gigginstown and a very important part to food industries world wide. Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary's latest cattle auction http://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/fancy-a-bit-of-michael-olearys-gigginstown-herd/# Up to a couple of years ago Michael O'Leary was never against the hobby farmer subsidy until it was pointed out to be unfair for a multi millionaire like himself and others in Ireland. This is what Michael O'Leary was quoted as saying last year “I don’t have any issue with it, except that I’m opposed in principle to Europe subsidising farm payments as it results in higher prices for consumers for produce.” but continues to cash in each year from this very same subsidy he is against..Hypocritical WAFFLE.. http://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/publishing-farm-payments-ive-no-issue-with-it-ryanair-boss/ Ryanair's Michael O'Leary,a few years ago officially opens the Irish Aberdeen Angus Association's new exhibition unit to which he is a member of .
Now the Big Question we must ask is should VEGETARIANS - VEGANS - ANIMAL RIGHTS Groups BOYCOTT RYANAIR ?????????? Here is a few photos below to help you make up your mind.
March 2008 born heifer, Gigginstown House(O'Leary's Place) Extra Smooth realised a top price of 3,900 Euro, at the herd's annual sale, Mullingar.
Look at the book in Michael O'Leary's hand..SELLING At the Gigginstown House Angus Sale 2016 at Fennor Farm, Mullingar were Mike Madden and Tim Broderick from Freemount , Charleville, Co.Cork, and Michael O'Leary with the Boyle Sports,Crabbies and Hennessy gold Cup trophies won by Michael
VEGETARIANS - VEGANS - ANIMAL RIGHTS ------------------------------------ Next time your booking a flight on Ryanair please remember this blog post and share with others.Not only does Ryanair exploit thousands of young cabin crew but their CEO Michael O'Leary's is involved in the beef food industry.....