21 Sep 2017


PLEASE SHARE....PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH... Paul Ridgard's suicide was work related. Intimidation of pilots in Liverpool was calculated, premeditated, intentional and organised by RYANAIR....Ryanair's Senior Management Darrell Hughes and Eddie Terminator Wilson very much involved.Look at youtube videos below when both confronted by Ryanairdontcare Campaign. Eddie Terminator Wilson. https://youtu.be/woCCvUpePcU Darrell Hughes. https://youtu.be/ea7v5MQKXnY The information below came from a colleague of Paul's to Ryanairdontcare Campaign in 2011. Also included is part comment from inside REPAP (Ryanair European Pilots Association ) which dispanded through fear and intimidation from Ryanair management... Ryanair Pilot Group then set up @ryanairpilots on twitter and facebook which has not posted anything in 12 months. This below was posted on Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog 22nd July 2011 and was deleted by Google at the request of Ryanair. In 2014 it was reposted on RyanairdontcareCampaign blog http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/ryanair-pilot-paul-ridgard-remembered.html > Nobody is aware of the real story, > That this guy, already asked RYR multiple times to have > unpaid leave to cope with his problems. > He was divorced, had a 9 years old kid. > After his father died, ryanair forced him to work (as i > heard) on his fathers funeral. [ REPAP note added 09/06/11 @ > 10:00: my understanding is that some days compassionate > leave were granted. More time was requested but was denied. > Paul declined to call in sick having been advised to do so > by colleagues. ] > Due to this big loss in the family, his mother got really > depressed. > He asked RYR to get unpaid leave, but again this was > denied. He was dealing with a lot of stress, and i can > imagine that someone in his position wouldnt be fit to fly. > He was scared to loose his job, not able to support his > family again. and tried to cope with the problem > Recently, Paul was doing his command upgrade. This was > something he was focusing on. > Meanwhile walking up to an aircraft { he was allegedly told > that the outcome of any command training was > "pre-determined" } ... together with all other things above, The company was aware of his situation This is just one of the examples, of course, nobody talks about it. This information below came from REPAP. Ryanair European Pilots Association REPAP 9th Jun 2011 - 00:00 AM > For the first time here on REPAweb I am faced by a > situation in which I am unsure as to what should be done. I > think it best to explain the two sides of my dilemma (and > unease) before indicating what I think is the best course of > action. I hope that my appraisal of the situation will > suffice to guarantee that nothing is being suppressed here, > while also justifying as little additional posting as > possible. (I was accused twice yesterday of suppressing > information about this sad matter). > > On the one hand, I am satisfied that there is at least > prima facie evidence that work related issues were an issue > for Paul Ridgard and that they were an influence on his > state of mind in the period directly prior to his most > unfortunate passing. I have direct evidence for this > statement from colleagues. More importantly I have sources > (other than pilots) within and beyond Ryanair, one of whom > has provided me with some disquieting information. > Nonetheless I am not in a position to evaluate this > information, however upsetting and disquieting it may be. > Nor do I know if other issues, perhaps more pressing than > those that were work related, had a bearing on Paul > Ridgard's state of mind. THE IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY IS FULLY AWARE WHAT IS GOING ON TO PILOT AND EVEN MORE TO CABIN CREW. THE IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY IS GOVERNMENT RUN AND HAS FORMER RYANAIR EMPLOYEES WORKING THERE. THE IRISH BANK OF IRELAND IS ALSO INVOLVED WITH SALARY DEDUCTIONS,RATE OF PAY SCAM AND PAYE TAX SCAM WHICH IS MASTERMINDED BY O'LEARY HIMSELF, WITH HIM BEING ACCOUNTANT. . This exploitation of cabin crew and pilots at Ryanair started in 2004 when Texas Billionaire David Bonderman became the Chief at Ryanair..Bonderman and O'leary are both evil and life of a pilot or cabin crew mean nothing to them. THE MASSES CONTINUE TO FLY WITH THEM WHICH I CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND... TIME FOR ALL TO BOYCOTT RYANAIR.

20 Sep 2017

What it's REALLY like to work for Ryanair: Staff threatened with punishments if they miss sales targets, work for meagre salaries and pay £300 for their own uniforms Mirror investigation uncovers the astonishing details of the tactics it uses to squeeze more from not only its passengers but its staff too. It likes to be called the ‘world’s favourite airline’ but now thanks to unprecedented cancellations, not forgetting its notorious hidden costs, Ryanair has taken the phrase ‘no frills’ to unprecedented heights. Yesterday we revealed how hundreds of disillusioned crew are seeking new jobs with rival airlines - no longer able to put up with the poor pay and conditions. Now an investigation by the Daily Mirror can expose the astonishing details of the tactics the company uses to squeeze more pounds and euros not only from its no-frills passengers but its staff too. From cabin crew threatened with punishments if sales targets on board are not met, pilots under pressure to fly when sick or lose pay and toilet planes only cleaned after EIGHT flights, here Ryanair staff reveal what it is really like to work for Europe’s most infamous budget airline. AND you thought it was just the passengers... Cabin crew Cabin crew are forced to use pushy sales techniques on flights to meet targets - or face disciplinary action. Staff are threatened with punishments, such as being moved to different bases if targets are not met, which the company has turned into an incentive to boost meagre salaries. A Ryanair cabin crew member said: “We have targets to reach every day, which include duty free, scratch cards and food. At the end of duty, if we didn’t sell enough, we have to explain the reasons to our supervisor. “When you are bottom of the monthly sales chart you receive a letter asking you to improve your performance or they will reconsider your position. “Cabin staff are always afraid they will be demoted. Fatigue and stress gives way to rudeness, arrogance and as consequence, conflict.” In a recent memo seen by the Mirror, all crew were ordered they “must sell everyday: one perfume, one meal deal and one item of fresh food and eight scratch cards per crew member.” It warned “the above sales will be closely monitored” and those “not reaching their targets daily will be met with by their supervisor and further action taken.” Another memo to staff based in Barcelona - ranked bottom for on board sales - threatened to move “crew members who were consistently under performing”. The hard-nosed sales tactics are also laid out in a 46-page guide to working at the airline. It sets out how cabin crew “drive Ryanair’s on board sales” to boost “their monthly sales bonus” but also “as it’s an important revenue stream for the company.” It reads: “Sales bonus is calculated on a flight-by-flight basis which is calculated as 10% of on board sales.” But it later explains how disciplinary procedures will occur for “poor on board sales performance.” Hostesses face disciplinary action if they don't meet their sale targets (Image: Alamy)READ MOREHen do 'ruined' after Ryanair cancels flight for bride-to-be and 21 friendsPay and conditions As many as 50 per cent of the airline's pilots and cabin crew staff are employed via agencies on zero-hour contracts. Flight crew must also pay £300 for their own uniform and that’s after many have paid nearly £2,000 for a six-week training course and accommodation in Germany - rising to £30,000 for pilots. A pilot explained: “The starting salary is very low in comparison to other airlines and is topped up by pay for flying hours. “This is a safety issue because if you are a captain or a first officer self-employed or on a zero hours contract, it encourages you to go work when you are ill as you need to get paid. “Nothing is free. We pay for our own uniforms and have to bring our own food and water on flights. You could be stuck on a plane for hours without access to anything. At rival airlines it is a different story. A Virgin Atlantic pilot who joined from Flybe told us: “We only contracted to work 750 hours a year in comparison to 900 [check] at Ryanair so if overtime is needed, we are in a position to do it. “We get free car parking, uniform, private healthcare and pension. We also have a crew cart on board with drinks and meals, as much water as we like and anything leftover from the passenger carts. Although the salary was lower at Flybe, we still got all the basics.” Cancellations Last week 20,000 Ryanair passengers had their flights cancelled due to a strike by French air-traffic controllers, including bride-to-be Leanne Wall, 34, from Liverpool, jetting of with 21 mates for her hen do in Ibiza. Although the flights were axed after controllers walked out in a protest over new labour laws, a Ryanair insider claims the airline will use the scenario to cover-up technical problems to avoid paying out thousands of pounds to passengers in compensation for a cancelled flight - something Easyjet was also accused of last month. The pilot told us: “The French strike was very convenient. Yes, French air space was closed but flights were cancelled from Athens to Rome for example which goes nowhere near there. “They blame it on the weather or say ‘reasons beyond out of our control’. And because of that people think they can’t claim. “Each cancellation can cost the airline up to 77,000 euros per flight.” But the airline's scratch cards don't offer enticing odds, with your chances estimated to be 1/1.bn(Image: PA)READ MOREHow furious Ryanair customers are getting around airline's public Facebook comments ban to vent their anger over flight cancellationsPassengers The company has attracted particular criticism for its draconian policy on the size of hand baggage and the high fees it charges if bags are judged too big to take on board. Now it can be revealed the airline made almost £1.5bn last year through these ‘hidden charges’ - more than any other budget airline outside of the United States. Each passenger is charged on average £12 extra for excess luggage, payment with credit cards, travel insurance and in-flight food and drink, according to a study by travel consultancy Ideaworks. “Fly To Win”, Ryanair’s scratch card game charges players €2 for a chance to win a €1m jackpot. But the heavily stacked odds are 26 times higher than your chances of winning the National Lottery - thanks to a bizarre clause buried in the small print. Only one passenger who has purchased a ‘Yes’ scratchcard is pulled out of the hat for a chance to scoop the top prize. They are then invited to a room where 125 envelopes are laid out with only ONE containing the €1m prize - despite making €18m from the scheme. The chance of winning the jackpot, the equivalent of £893,135, is estimated to be 1/1.1bn - based on the claims of a former cabin crew member who said approximately 15 tickets were sold on each flight. Pilots Being a pilot used to be a glamorous and well paid career but not if you working for Ryanair. According to the crew who’ve broken rank to speak to us this is far from truth. “Don’t wash your dirty linen in public” is the motto we are supposed to obey but after they way we have all been treated, enough is enough,” a British pilot who has flown with the airline for six years said. “We’ve been offered £12,000 extra to work help dissolve the cancellation chaos but the truth of is most of us can’t or won’t take it. The good will has dried up. “140 pilots joined Norwegian Air last year and EasyJet are recruiting from Ryanair too. Their contracts are much better. “It is not uncommon to carry out 12 hours of duty but only have flown for six hours. But you are only paid for the time in the air. “If you are on a basic salary you rely on the flight hours on top which pay an average £40 a hour. “This might sound generous but most have had to fork out £30,000 to the firm to start with and there are no perks. Easyjet pays £20,000 a year more for a captain.” Hygiene Pilots too say that their control decks are not cleaned regularly In May the Irish firm announced an annual profit of £1.1bn after flying 11.8 million passengers on over 600,000 flights. But the length Ryanair goes to bring in those extraordinary figures - and that legendary 25 minute turnaround - are down to some serious cost-cutting staff say. “The company scrimps and saves so much that they do not even clean the flight decks,” a pilot told the Daily Mirror. “This has obvious safety implications as if one of the pilots was to get food poisoning then there would be serious issues for the flight. "We are expected to spend up to 12 hours a day in these conditions. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/what-its-really-like-work-11209793


Ryanair memo clearly shows sales are priority on board a Ryanair flight NOT safety. Email below sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign. .... And here again another MEMO, As usual, only talking about sales, disregarding safety at all times. This memo focuses the role of a cabin crew (which is mainly for safety and security) to a seller. Specially during boarding, cabin crew should be aware of any sign that could cause an emergency and make the cabin safe to take off. Cabin crew are not meant to be taking orders of what passengers will eat or drink as this is a duty that should be done during cruise. Again, cabin are forced to sell and try to get any cent of the passengers at any time possible. If your need further information please let me know. Best Regards, ex-Ryanair worker


Sunday Mail in UK wishes to speak to present or former Ryanair Pilots in Confidence. Email sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign below. Ryanair query Ben Ellery To lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk Tuesday, 19 September, 2017 17:57 Click to view full HTML Hi, I’m a reporter at The Mail on Sunday and investigating Ryanair following the cancellation fiasco. A colleague of mine,......., with whom you spoke for a piece in our paper in 2013, suggested getting in touch. Would you be able to put me in touch with current or former pilots about what is happening? Specifically, I’d like to get to the bottom of what has caused this problem, from an insider’s perspective. I’m grateful for any help you can offer and please feel free to get in touch by phone if it’s easier. Best wishes, Ben Ellery Reporter The Mail on Sunday 0203 6153024 07984 977298 John said, Come on Pilots you have a voice now..

18 Sep 2017


Ryanair's CEO Scum Bag Michael O'leary today continued to sell the lie to 400,000 passengers saying cancellation relate to pilot holidays and no overall shortage of pilots. Norwegian Airline is recruiting pilots in mass and many of them come from Ryanair. 140 Ryanair pilots so far this year have left to switch to Norwegian.Other European airlines are taking the same lead with Ryanair Pilots their first choice. Ryanair pilots like other pilots from other airlines are very professional in their duty, even though many have been tricked through self employed agencies set up by Ryanair. Hourly rate of pay claimed by these agencies for pilots salary from Ryanair have a 50% shortfall, earning Ryanair's senior board members multi €millions each month. The very same hourly rate of pay and 50% shortfall claimed by cabin crew agencies for cabin crew salary is profitable in the very same manner.Ryanair introduce VPOS paying system last year which tracks on board sales of each cabin crew on each flight.What Ryanair have been doing is chipping at the 10% commission earned by cabin crew and keeping it for themselves.Ryanair cabin crew have informed Ryanairdontcare Campaign the money stolen from cabin crew each month ranges from €20 to €50.There are 6000 cabin crew at Ryanair making €millions each year through stealing.Many cabin crew keep their own account on their sales but never get a % sales breakdown from Ryanair.They are scared to complain through fear of Termination and Irish contracts protect that fear. NOT ANY MORE. The ruling by the European Court of Justice regarding cabin crew disputes relating to their Irish employment contracts,now they have the option of bringing proceedings before the courts of the place where they perform the essential part of their cabin crew duties and not Dublin.The vast majority of terminated cabin crew are young and a trip to Dublin to fight these wrongful terminations can be expensive and a daunting task.Ryanair will have no choice but to fight cabin crew terminations in every country it has cabin crew, which is great news and WILL reduce wrongful termination (Recruitment for Termination ). Not only are pilots in large numbers leaving Ryanair,cabin crew are following suit.Read below what a Ryanair pilot told BBC. "One anonymous Ryanair pilot has told the BBC that the leave issue is a red herring and that the root cause of the problem is that too many pilots are leaving Ryanair and the company is struggling to train up new crew." Ryanair's Michael O'Leary sold four million Ryanair shares weeks ago earning him €72 million,knowing pilots had started leaving in high numbers and would effect the Ryanair share price.As of today €2 Billion has been wiped off Ryanair shares, which Ryanairdontcare Campaign predicted. Statement below from Irish Pilot Unions confirms what going on. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/over-700-pilots-left-ryanair-in-last-financial-year-ialpa-claims-1.3225145?mode=amp John said, Today is a great day in which Ryanair Pilots have taking action against a bully,thief and a company that contributed in the death of one of their own,Liverpool Ryanair Pilot Mr Paul Ridgard....