28 Jun 2013

RYANAIR EXPLOIT AND SCAM YOUNG PEOPLE FOR PROFIT..RADIO MERSEYSIDE..http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p019v3lb/Tony_Snell_in_the_Morning_28_06_2013/

Radio Merseyside Snell in the morning had a former young probationary Ryanair cabin crew member talking about one part of the exploitation Ryanair continue to do for profit.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign covered this story a few weeks ago and showed Mirror Trinity Group helping Ryanair to continue to exploit young people..See article below on our Ryanair pilot blog.


Must say Sophie Growcoot from Liverpool had her story told in the house of commons whichis amazing and the Liverpool Echo were paid thousands to spin a story the day before in Liverpool's local Rag ''Liverpool Echo''....Profit priority...Protest below at the Rag 'Liverpool Echo''...

Go to 2.08 min to hear some of Sophie's story below and you will hear Ryanair only let the probationary cabin crew sign their contracts on the very last day,reason being total exploitation contract..The Ryanair trainer will tell you to hurry as your family are waiting to see you get your flying wings, ''CONTRACTS Signed'' Ryanair making Millions through exploitation...


John said,
How great is Sophie....Time for us all to BOYCOTT Ryanair...

25 Jun 2013

RYANAIR AVIATION AUTHORITY...........Irish Aviation Authority Turn Blind Eye To Ryanair Safety..

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm that the Irish Aviation Authority name will be changed from 26th June 2013 with a new logo to show transparency in their decisions when it comes to Ryanair...
Pilots and cabin crew have voiced their concerns when it comes to safety on board,with it falling on deaf ears,reason being 8 former Ryanair employees now work at the Irish Aviation Authority.Someone lining their pockets........

 On Tuesday 18th June 2013 Ryanairdontcare Campaign held a peaceful protest outside the offices of the Irish Aviation Authority..First video below.


Second video below at the Ryanair Aviation Authority...