24 Sep 2016

European Aviation Safety Agency - RYANAIR Cabin Crew ID Card SCAM..STANSTED AIRPORT. .Reply.

The reply email below came from European Aviation Safety Agency in reply to Ryanairdontcare Campaign,regarding the issue which was related to a Ryanair/Crewlink employee who sold fake airport id cards to Ryanair cabin crew in Stansted airport..The (Ryanair Buddy Authority ) Irish Aviation Authority have been made aware of these issue's but never sent a reply to this campaign.. Ryanair cabin crew airport ID cards 21 Sep, 2016, 1:11 PM From Confidential Safety Reporting to You + 1 more Details image001.png Subject: Letter received 08/08/2016 – RYANAIR CABIN CREW AIRPORT ID CARDS EASA reference: CSR 16-059 CONFIDENTIAL Dear Mr Foley, We hereby acknowledge receipt of the aforementioned letter related to alleged safety/security irregularities regarding Ryanair cabin crew airport ID cards. First of all, we would like to thank you for bringing this safety/security issue to the attention of the European Aviation Safety Agency (hereafter Agency). We will carefully evaluate the information that you have provided and will decide on the appropriate actions to take. In this context, the information provided by you will be processed under the Agency’s confidential safety reporting (CSR) procedure. This means that your information will be used to evaluate the situation but the source of the information will be de-identified. Please note that the Agency will only get back to you if additional information is required to process the matter further. Yours sincerely, Safety Investigation & Reporting Section Safety Intelligence & Performance Department European Aviation Safety Agency