30 May 2011

Ryanair flight FR-449...LIVERPOOL to DUBLIN.......Bonderman and O'Leary are the TRUE EXPLOITERS of our CHILDREN....

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft made a normal and safe landing about 30 minutes after the emergency was declared. Airport emergency fire and medical crews were on standby for the plane when it touched down.

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John Said,
Ryanairdontcare Campaign see the importance of all Crew at Ryanair and a special thought for Probationary Cabin Crew,who as a direct result of O'Leary's exploitation,earn less that 10 Euro for this flight from Liverpool to Dublin.

Ryanair's Probationary Cabin Crew only get paid when the aircraft is airborn.The hourly rate of pay is 16.68 Euro.Take out rental of the uniform-Take out the training fee to pay each month-Take out the Tax and David Bonderman TPG Capital real chief at Ryanair and Michael O'Leary are guilty of paying these mostly young students,under 10 Euro a flight.......SHAME OF YOU BOTH.......................

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John Said 31st May 2011...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign was shocked to see footages of Probationary cabin crew at Ryanair scared on flight FR-449.

My heart goes out to all Crew who took great care and did their best in what must have been a very difficult and terrifying time for them all on board flight-449.

Mr O'Leary and Mr Bonderman have a lack of respect for these probationary cabin crew at Ryanair,payment of less than 10 Euro  will be paid to these probationary crew on flight-449.

This payment is for flight time whilst aircraft is airborn.Once flight - 449 had landed probationary cabin crew do not get paid...Helping passengers disembark after this terrifying  flight..NO PAY.Exploitation for profit of probationary Ryanair cabin crew is what is lining their pockets...Bonderman and O'Leary.....

Shame on you both......

God Bless all Crew.................................

Irish Daily Mirror 31st May 2011........BELOW...


The pilot made an emergency
announcement and oxygen masks
were lowered during the terrifying
incident on board the late-evening
flight from Liverpool to Dublin on
Friday, May 20.
A spokesman for the Air
Accident Investigation Unit
confirmed the incident is being
investigated and a full report is
being prepared.
Ryanair flight FR-449, a scheduled
service between Liverpool and
Dublin, was flying at a height of
18,000ft when the flight crew initiated
the emergency descent.
An Irishman who was on board
the Boeing 737-800 said staff and
passengers were terrified.
He added: “The plane started to
nose-dive and the pilot called out
‘Emergency descent, emergency
descent’, over the intercom.
“There was big panic on the
plane. People were screaming and
crying. Everybody thought they
were going to die. People were
saying their prayers.
“There was awful pain in my ears
and others said it felt like there
were darts inside their heads.
“One of the air hostesses was
sobbing. She was in bits. Her
behaviour frightened the staff and
it made us think, ‘If she is afraid

it was quite a shock.
I was just glad to be alive. We never
received an apology or an
explanation from the airline.”
A Ryanair spokesman said:
“Flight 449 experienced a depressurisation
on approach to Dublin.
In keeping with standard
procedures, the crew
triggered the oxygen
masks and initiated
a controlled descent
to an unpressurised
“The ai r c raf t
landed normally
and taxied to the
terminal where all
passengers disembarked
A n t i - R y a n a i r
campaigner John Foley
blasted the airline and its
treatment of staff after amateur
footage taken on board showed air
hostesses screaming and crying for
Mr Foley said: “When you see
those poor air hostesses crying for
help it is very upsetting. Those
crew are getting paid so little.”

then we must be really in

A MAN told yesterday how he
thought he was going to die
when a Ryanair jet made a
rapid descent during a short

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