14 May 2011


Irish Aviation Authority NOT HAPPY WITH BLOG...

Thursday, 17 February 2011LETTER OFF THE IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY 17th February 2011

Dear Mr Foley,

I have just come across a blog entitled 'Irish Aviation Authority Blog'

The blog was not set up by the Irish Aviation Authority,and it appears that you may be the author of it.Members of the public may be misled into believing that the blog is established or endorsed by the Irish Aviation Authority. I an not commenting on the views expressed on the blog,but ask that you change the name and remove all references to the Irish Aviation Authority blog.

Yours sincerely

Paddy Kennedy

General Manager Corporate Affairs

John said,

Very interesting ...........

Saturday, 5 February 2011LETTER SENT TO IAA,Irish Airline Pilots' Association,BALPA and Ryanair European Pilots' Association..

Dear Irish Aviation Authority,

We are a campaign ryanairdontcare that deals with the wrongs of recruitment and termination on probationary ryanair cabin crew.

(We have terminated and present cabin crew at ryanair in contact with our campaign and some facts are given to us from present cabin crew at ryanair.

The message below is very concerning with regards safety on board ryanair flight,to which i would hope,as you are the Aviation Authority in Ireland and ryanair are a registered in Ireland.you would act on this message below which was sent to ryanairdontcare.

(To whom may concern,

I'm currently crew contracted to Ryanair via Workforce International Contractors.When I went to the interview I asked a very specific question,as anyone would,what was the average salary?The staff giving us the talk told me that it would be £1000-1200 after tax.

I was rather excited by this,so I pressed on and accepted the the offer for training.The training cost including accommodation was €2700 plus €200 deposit at the start of the course.As I was informed that my wages would be £1000+ I took the 'training loan' offered by Dalmac(Workforces client training school),the loan covered all costs of the course and would be deducted from my wages on a monthly basis for 11 months.All students had to open a new loan account with AIB Rush branch,even if you already had a AIB current account else where in Ireland or if you were paying on your own accord.

Unfortunately once we started working for Workforce International the reality was a lot different to what we were promised,in terms of salary.Within my first 6 months my salary averaged after tax £732,then on top of this they began deducting my loan repayments direct from my wages in my second month.I also had to pay for my uniform which was a further £25,so all in all from the £732 I was averaging I had £291 + £25 taken directly from my wages.

After my third month I was in severe financial difficulties due to the fact that my base was 'over crewed' and we were given roughly 40 hours p/m to work with.We complained and complained to Workforce International that we were suffering terrible due to the lack of hours available to us,but they kept on sending new crew to the base ensuring that the few hours available were even further divided which added to our woes!

I struggled to feed myself for months,I sold most of my posses ions,including my laptop just so I could afford my rent and be able to commute to work.The only thoughts in my head day in and day out for months was,my personal finances,wages,rent,food it was an extremely difficult time dealing with all these worries due to the fact that Ryanair had put in a position of being given next to no hours,but yet 'fleeching' us to pay back the 'training loan'.I asked Workforce to reduce my loan repayments so I could better survive on the hours we were given,but they refused,even though they knew that we were coming out with £400/500 to live on,pay rent with,feed ourselves and commute work with.

They didn't even make any effort to help us with our situation,we were left to our own devices in a foreign country,struggling to survive.I contacted AIB directly to ask them about an extension on my loan,or reduce my repayments to something more manageable,but I had no access to the account and could not change any part of it.

The training loan offered to students is given with no financial background checks done,the loan is given on the basis that you will earn €17,750 in your first year.But all these facts are completely wrong the fact of it is,that the loan is given to students without any consideration whatsoever to there ability to be able to repay the loan without sacrificing your mental health (Depression)and general welfare.It has been a very dark part of my life and has left me further in debt due to further borrowing to survive.

Students are offered no protection whatsoever should they be unable to work,or be given no work whatsoever.I tried to get partial unemployment benefits to help survive,but due to Ryanairs nature of keeping cabin crew on 3/4 p/w, unpaid standbys at home you are still technically in "Full Time" employment and are entitled to nothing.We worked on average p/w 10 hours,but yet were granted a nearly €3,000 loan!Had I have applied for loan under these circumstances to any other banking establishment,I would have been due to the fact that I could not physically repay the loan without inherent risks on defaulting.Ryanair and agents are benefiting financially so much through us.

At this present time myself and many more probationary cabin crew at ryanair are depressed and no one will help us.The safety of board ryanair flights could be in jeopardy as a result of how we, as cabin crew feel...

Ryanair cabin crew.

Thank you very much for your time,)

I would hope the IAA would look into these issues to which cabin crew have said above.Talking to ryanair with regards these issues,cabin crew feel unable to do with fear of TERMINATION.

I have also informed you with regards the uniform issue of terminated crew,which makes many ryanair uniforms and airport ID cards available in the public domain and could be used to gain access to ryanair aircraft.This is a very serious safety and security issue to which you have never replied to.

Information will now be sent to the Irish press,showing them details of correspondences i have sent to you,with out a response or action being taken from the IAA.

Yours sincerely

John Foley

Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

John Said,

The IAA must act to protect prcc and safety on board each flight at ryanair.Pilot unions must also do more...

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Letter sent to IAA today for action.Never mind ryanairs Law IAA,your the law in the air,so act now.It is your duty to protect all ryanair crew and the general public..

Dear Claire O' Donoghue,

My name is John Foley. I run a website and blog for Ryanair cabin crew and families which deals with cases where cabin crew employment is terminated in an unjust, unfair or illegal way by Ryanair.

As a result I am sent information anonymously by cabin crew who do not wish to be identified. Some information appears to me to be relevant to the IAA.

A source from Dublin has just informed me that crew unfortunate enough to be put on airport standby before Christmas were obliged to SELL "Charity Calendars" in the departures lounge and at baggage drop desks. My source knows someone who was sent to the departures area for 3 hours and while there tried to sell calendars. Cabin crew who did this did so because they believed that to refuse would mean that their employment was at risk. They didn’t just sell calendars, they also sold their dignity!

The example given to me was of a cabin crew member who was called back to do a flight of more than 2h. So instead of the £30 for airport standby the pay was less and all the selling done in the terminal was done for free as there is no pay for work other than flights. This is another example of Ryanairs exploitation. of cabin crew, practices that will be denied but actually go on.

No cabin crew in Ryanair would dream of pointing out to Ryanair what the rules are because it would make no difference and it would “mark” them for trouble. I bet you that Ryanair would say that only volunteers did this selling.We all know about “volunteering” in Ryanair. Here is what YOUR regulations say about standby: While on airport standby Ryanair shall provide to the crew member a quiet and comfortable place not open to the public.

We know from pilot sources that the IAA does not deal with issues like this when they involve Ryanair, but I think you should be told and acted upon by the IAA.

Also as a security issue, terminated probationary Ryanair cabin crew are told verbally by Ryanair supervisors, if uniforms and airport ID cards are not returned the full amount for this Ryanair cabin crew uniform, will be taken from their last months salary.

Many terminated prcc are not returning these items which in effect, in the wrong hands could breach airport security, not only in Ireland but all over Europe.

Our campaign has access to 4 Ryanair uniforms and 2 airport ID cards. We at ryanairdontcare feel it is the duty of the IAA to act on this information, firstly to ensure the return of all these items and secondly Ryanair should be accountable for not holding termination details of uniform and ID cards in the public domain. Thank you for your time.

I wait your reply.

John Foley



John Said.

This letter was sent 4 weeks ago and still no reply from the IAA....


The Irish Aviation Authority are guilty of turning a blind eye to ryanair. .Safety and security issues have been broken by ryanair to which ryanairdontcare have informed the IAA and they do nothing. September 2010 ryanairdontcare arrived at the head office of IAA in Dublin to inform them of issues of wrong doings by ryanair, which fell on deaf ears... As you can see from our photos, IAA tried their best to remove our protest, which failed'' we stayed''. The IAA guy in the white shirt came out to confront me. His foul language and manner was very aggressive towards me, but i stood my ground and told him to stop the bullshit and go inside...What i did learn by this nasty man from the Irish Aviation Authority is, I f he represents the Irish Aviation Authority, GOD HELP ALL CREW in Ireland....

Ryanairdontcare protest at the IAA office in Dublin in 2010 can be viewed below.




Ryanair terminated probationary cabin crew are expect to return the airport id card and uniforms to which students have paid up to £380 for. Terminated Students are asking ryanair to refund this payment after termination for return of these items, which ryanair will not do. Ryanair do not hold records of how many ryanair uniforms or airport id cards that are not returned.

We at ryanairdontcare have excess to 4 full uniforms and 2 airport id cards to which if they got in the hands of terrorists, god help us.

These items could be used airside of any airport were ryanair fly to and would give access to aircraft. Once on board a ryanair flight, terrorists could change into ryanair uniforms to gain access to the cock pit....

I have informed Irish Aviation Authority, UK Department Of Transport,UK Airport Police, UK Police and many more. These items are still out there.

Just shows you, Safety is not a priority by these departments i informed..

The general public and crew are at risk because of ryanair, ryanair should be grounded until all uniforms are returned..



Article with photos posted at  http://www.ryanaircabincrewjobs.com/terrorist_risk_.html 

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