28 May 2011


Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog Ryanairdontcare which was closed by google on 13th May 2011 posted information about the new uniforms at Ryanair.
We can yet again confirm Ryanair uniforms will be changed  September 2011.
This is great news for safety and security at airports.
We informed the Aviation Authority's in UK and Dublin regarding a Terrorist Risk in 2010 and information was posted HERE ... http://www.ryanaircabincrewjobs.com/terrorist_risk_.html
It has taken so long for this change to happen but at least it will happen....
We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to ask the Aviation Authority's,please make it priority,information of safety and security when it is put to you.,,,,,,,,,

Message to Mr Bonderman And Mr O'Leary,Pay Terminated prcc money back for the ammount taken from their last months salary for uniforms and ID cards,also you must  keep correct records of Ryanair's ( rented )uniforms and airport ID cards not returned to Ryanair once probationary cabin crew are Terminated in the future...

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Anonymous said...

they have not changed yet..the iaa not interested in passenger safety..