11 Jun 2011


Ryanair Europe's Greatest Training Robbers are putting Passengers are Crew at risk each and every day at Ryanair.

Pilots have so much stress,,,,Read blow....From a Ryanair Pilot....

I have seen a lot from this company and i have noted that there are serious dangerous things going on in this company.
There is a very high level of stress and fatigue The pilots are living in continuous fear, scared to speak up, cause of getting fired. Lot of pilots are forced on a (illegal) free-lance contract, which can be canceled anytime, even after 5 years of duty.

There are multiple things going on in this company that will get headlines on tomorrows newspapers.
most of the pilots are a ticking time bomb... can not cope with the high stress level, sleeping during flights and are not able to perform 100% when necessary.
there are multiple things like (quick example) the incident on 12/04/2009. where a ryanair flight landed on the taxiway in CAG, instead of the runway.
We also had people landing with the wrong flaps settings(very high speed approaches), and people taking off in the wrong configuration...
I hope you understand that is a big safety issue, and one day this will lead into something else....
I have a lot of other colleagues, first officers as well captains, who can not deal with the company stress no more.
Always living in fear; Ryanair can end your contract anytime. Furthermore, its not possible to build up any social life. RYR often changes you around all bases, and your ''home base'' can be changed anytime. This gives a lot of stress for people with a family, and having i.e. a mortgage on a house. Also the aggressive business strategy of RYR includes closing bases from day to day, just to force the government to deal with RYR's demands.
lately they transferred all Pilots from the Marseille base. They are all totally ......, they were also FORCED to take a 30% pay cut. take it or leave it.
You can image, how they feel, having everything build up in Marseille, and now leaving to another base, with a forced pay cut, not being able to fund all monthly expenses no more, not being home with the family.

Another thing is that a lot of pilots are flying out of base,
To get to your destination base for that working week, you have to travel around the whole ryanair network. To get from italy, to i.e. Germany, you have to travel via Denmark and you will be busy two days longer, to get to your work, and to get back from. RYANAIR DOESNT COUNT THESE TRAVELS AS DUTY TIME. This ends up in people stressing around from a to b. to get there in time. often you end up on your destination in the end of evening. Getting in your hotel around twelve, and asleep around 1. therafter you have to get up at 4.15 to start with your early flights.
I think we agree that an 3 hours sleep is not enough to have the responsibility of four flights x 189 passengers.

John Said,
Above i expect From O'Leary as he said in a management meeting one time...Quote.. We could lose 2 aircraft and all passengers on board,before the public would not fly with us,,,

What is very suprising, Balpa-Ialpa-Repa must be aware of the views of Pilots flying with Ryanair and what do they do about these issues??????????? Have these union groups informed the authorities or not...


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