17 Jun 2011


With regards a victim of the Ryanair Scam Two.
We have informed Ryanair and at last they acted.

Emails to watch out for are  career@ryanaironline.com and hr.ryanair@gmail.com
Full blog post below.


Emails from Victim of Ryanair Contract SCAM Two...

Hi John,

Thank you very much for the link, thank you very much for publishing my situation and thank you very much for your worry. I am glad at least they acted.


Sorry that I answer this email of you now but I was very busy all these days and had no time, sorry.

Your daughter is actually working for an airline?

The police of my country can't help me... they can't do anything. The police of the UK is who has to act. The incident was happened in their country, they have to control these things. I just was only a victim more. Someone is cheating people from their land. But I wrote them, they never replied me.

I hope the same, I don't give up myself, I am still trying to get a job... sending resumes, but it's hard. Your welcome and thank you too for being as kind.

Kindest regards,


John Said,
Email i sent to victim of Ryanair Contract Scam Two...We do hope the Authorities can help this victim...

Hi A....,
Give them all the information and they will reply to you...You can mention our RyanairDontCare Campaign and i will help what ever is needed with these two authorities..
Take care and please keep your dream alive....I will post your comments on our blog.
Kindest regards
RyanairDontcare Campaign...

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