17 Aug 2011


RyanairDontCare Campaign met Cabincrew.com at their Preston office in 2010.We informed Simply Group who run http://www.cabincrew.com/ how Ryanair/StJames are using their site to recruit cabin crew from the Internet,promise LIVE THE HIGH LIFE.
I simply asked Simply Group to look at how many students applied through their site for Ryanair,paid a large training fee only to have been TERMINATED.
It is very easy for Simply Group to monitor this request...At this meeting they did inform me they would look into these issues.After a few months of no contact from Simply Group we did a protest outside their office in Preston, East Barn Clifton Business Park, Lytham Road, Preston, Lancashire.. A manger came out to speak with me and told me,all Simply Group were interested in was Revenues from Ryanair/StJames on their site and are not interested in students being terminated....It is not their problem,i pointed out they are the first port of call from students joining Ryanair in the UK....
RyanairDontCare will to in contact through protests very soon ''SIMPLY GROUP''

John Said,
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dYpMV1CfBo  Protest to follow,we have not forgotten about you..
We call on all students wishing to be cabin crew to view this honest recruitment site below who have informed us,Ryanair do not recruit on their site.. http://www.cabincrewdirect.co.uk/

Do not use http://www.cabincrew.com/  or  http://www.simplygroup.net/   as they are helping Ryanair Exploit so many...

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