22 Aug 2011


The letter to the left is a reply from O'Leary to my 3rd August letter which can be viewed on the link below.Click on the letter to view.This is our understanding of this latest O'Leary letter.
1.  She did not turn up to work for Crewlink when she was on probation. 

2.  As she did not turn up her employment was terminated.

3.  However, not only the fact that she did not turn up - but actually failed to turn up on 27 of 53 days - really makes the case.

4.  That - the 27 of 53 days - meant that she was properly and justifiably dismissed.
Yet again your claims have changed MICHAEL..

As you can see,O'leary CEO of Ryanair does not care about my daughter Sarah's Termination.
He does not care about the high levels of Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair,(who pay a high training fee) Which are the largest in Aviation.....O'Leary has now mentioned 27 attendance issues regarding my daughter which is hard to believe that a CEO of a Airline can and will TALK and WRITE Lie after Lie.
Well Mr O'Leary and Mr Bonderman,you know RyanairDontCare Campaign is the only Anti Ryanair Campaign that will stand up and fight you,not only for my child but for all Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew who are Exploited for Profit by Ryanair.RyanairDontCare Campaign founded in LIVERPOOL by a Liverpudlian and you need to talk to Mr Murdock to see how committed Liverpudlians are O'Leary and Bonderman.
I was informed two days ago that all Crew at Ryanair are aware of our campaign and through fear many will not contact our Campaign as it will lead to TERMINATION.My message to Crew at Ryanair is simple,We our your voice and will never turn a BLIND eye to Ryanair EXPLOITERS and PROTESTS will continue towards Ryanair,Crewlink,Stjames,Dalmac/Workforce and Cavok were ever they do business.
Shareholders need to see the real issues and look at the MONEY trail at Ryanair.
Next Protest is for SHAREHOLDERS.......

Below is my latest reply to O'Leary CEO of Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR''.

                                                                                                            21st August 2011

Ryanair Head Office
Dublin Airport

Dear Mr O'Leary (Mr Bonderman),

In reply to your latest alleged rambling correspondence of 8th August 2011.

I must point out, correspondences regarding termination of my daughter and so many young probationary cabin crew at Ryanair, is a serious matter which as CEO of Ryanair you must deal with.

You continue to blame terminated probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew who are still being left in a foreign land after Termination and penniless at the hands of Ryanair, even though you wish to blame Crewlink for these issues.
You can not hide the fact that Ryanair employ and terminated more probationary cabin crew than any other airline Mr O'Leary, does this make you proud of employment figures Mr O'leary.......
Your continues boastful attitude that Ryanair create so many cabin crew jobs is a poor reflection on the true facts that so many are terminated to make way for new recruits who pay a large training fee for their own job.
Ryanair's probationary crew are commercially abused by Ryanair for profit and the main reason for RyanairDontCare Campaign being set up.

I am astonished that yet again attendance issues you allege regarding my daughter Sarah have increased to 27 out of 53 days rostered. Mr O'Leary you have failed in your attempt to justify Sarah's termination in 2008 and now is the time for an Independent Investigation into all employment records Ryanair,crewlink and we hold in relation to Sarah's termination.
I would hope you agree to this as a way forward in getting to the truth of this termination as your correspondences and meeting with you have fail this truth.
Protests will continue against Ryanair, senior management and so called 3rd party providers of training and recruitment with no fear Mr O'Leary.

As for the love of my children Mr Michael O'leary,i do not think you are in any position to lecture me on loving my children, maybe it is you who needs this lesson of a father's true love,'' just check out our RyanairDontCare Campaign'' for this.

John Foley

RyanairDontCare Campaign.  ‘’An Injury To One Is An Injury To All’’

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