19 Sep 2011

http://www.danielssilverman.co.uk/ DIRECTORS SENT LETTER ABOUT RYANAIR TERMINATION.Daniels Silverman Limited

19TH September 2011
Dear sir,
My name is John Foley who set up a RyanairDontCare Campain in 2008 regarding recruitment,employment and termination of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair.
These mostly young students are paying a training fee of up to 300 Euro to become cabin crew at Ryanair.
A high level of these students are terminated by Ryanair and agents before any employment protection is in place.We believe a high level of these termination are done for profit.Most terminated students are left in a foreign land with no help to return home by Ryanair,Exploited in every way possible by Ryanair.
Ryanair use StJames,Dalmac,Crewlink and Cavok to recruit and supply sham employment contracts out which makes termination a much easyer proses.
Dalmac and StJames are using Daniels Silverman Limited  to recover training fee Dept from these victims of Ryanair's termination for profit policy.
I feel it is important to write to you and would hope Daniels Silverman Limited would consider cutting all ties with the above companies.
I must stress RyanairDontCare Campaign is 100% committed to these terminated students at Ryanair who are upset,not only for the way Ryanair have treated them but now have Daniels Silverman Limited  chasing them for training Dept.
I have been in contact with Elizabeth Keeley on 13th September 2011 stating what actions RyanairDontCare Campaign will take.
Thank you for your time

John Foley
RyanairDontCare Campaign.



web: http://www.danielssilverman.co.uk/
tel: 0151 707 6061
fax: 0151 707 6062
Daniels Silverman Limited
210 Queens Dock Commercial Centre
Norfolk Street
L1 0BG

John Said,
Letter above have been sent to Adrian Witty,Andrew Rattray,Justine Berkeley,Joseph Scott,Simon Scott,Tracy Burgess,Carole Hughes and Stephen Ward who are Directors at Daniels Silverman Limited.
RyanairDontCare Campaign we wait to see if any contact is made from Daniels Silverman Limited  to us before we take action.

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