19 Oct 2011


I'm currently crew contracted to Ryanair via Dalmac,Workforce International Contractors.When I went to the interview I asked a very specific question,as anyone would,what was the average salary?The staff giving us the talk told me that it would be £1000-1200 after tax. I was rather excited by this,so I pressed on and accepted the the offer for training.The training cost including accommodation was €2700 plus €200 deposit at the start of the course,which was deducted monthly from my salary as I was informed that my wages would be £1000+.1200 Within my first 6 months my salary averaged after tax £732,then on top of this they began deducting my training repayments direct from my wages in my second month.I also had to pay for my uniform which was a further £25,so all in all from the £732  I was averaging I had £291 + £25 taken directly from my wages. After my third month I was in severe financial difficulties due to the fact that my base was 'over crewed' and we were given roughly 40 hours p/m to work with.We complained and complained to Workforce International that we were suffering terrible due to the lack of hours available to us,but they  kept on sending new crew to the base ensuring that the few hours available were even further divided which added to our woes! I struggled to feed myself for months,I sold most of my possessions,including my laptop just so I could afford my rent and be able to commute to work.The only thoughts in my head day in and day out for months was,my personal finances,wages,rent,food it was an extremely difficult time dealing with all these worries due to the fact that Ryanair and Workforce had put me in a position of being given next to no hours,but yet 'fleeching' me to pay back the 'training cost'.I asked Ryanair and Workforce to reduce my training repayments so I could better survive on the hours we were given,but they refused,even though they knew that we were coming out with £400/500 to live on,pay rent with,feed ourselves and commute work with. They didn't even make any effort to help us with our situation,we were left to our own devices in a foreign country,struggling to survive.
Think twice if you which to join ryanair.

John said,
Any young student wishing to be cabin crew at Ryanair must read the above post from Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair.....As you will see lie after lie from Dalmac and Ryanair...They will tell you so many good things to encourage you to join Ryanair as Probationary Cabin Crew,Once joined it is a very different picture....''YOUR ONLY THERE TO GET SCAMMED OF YOUR MONEY.''..BY RYANAIR Europe's Greatest Training Robbers.....

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