19 Dec 2011


Below is an email which RyanairDontCare Campaign received today from Trafford Police regarding Mr Paul Ridgard's Inquest.RyanairDontCare Campaign believe Ryanair Pilots and Cabin Crew should see this email even if Manchester Police do not agree...


Thank you for your interest in this investigation.  As a result of the appeal for information which was posted on your blog I have been in contact with a number of Pilots who both currently work for Ryanair or are ex employees of Ryanair, and, most importantly, personally knew Paul Ridgard and had conversations with him regarding his personal well being.  These people have been statemented and included within the final file which was sent to the coroner last month pending an inquest. 

As the matter is under the jurisdiction of the coroner I cannot disclose to you the contents of this file however all aspects of Paul Ridgards life have been investigated thoroughly to allow the coroner to have an impartial view of issues in his life leading up to his death.  Coroners inquests are often a stressful and sad time for the family involved as they often happen months after the original incident and old wounds can be re opened.  I understand you have some issues with Ryanair, however I would ask you to respect the family of Paul Ridgard and refrain from using the day of the inquest as an opportunity to further your protest against Ryanair. 

As regards this person in ............ who wishes to contact you regarding Paul Ridgard speak to him by all means.  If he has information that is corroborated by physical evidence then we will by all means consider it should he wish to provide his details to the police and make a statement to be read in open court.  In the event that people are coming forward to you with personal grievances against individuals within Ryanair or matters of flight safety these matters are more appropriately dealt with by the Health and Safety Executive or via an Industrial Tribunal within employment law. 


DC Matt Fryer 
Trafford CID 
Stretford Police Station 
M33 0XB 
Trafford Division (M) 

Tel: 0161 8567691 
Fax: 0161 8567678 
Email: matthew.fryer@gmp.pnn.police.uk

John said,
I have forwarded a reply to DC Fryer today expressing my regret that he thinks RyanairDontCare Campaign would ever use the Death of any person to  further our protest against Ryanair.... Protests are used to further our campaign which has been a complete success..I  would never protest at an Inquest into any death,it would be like protesting at a funeral Mr Fryer so please do not think our Campaign is aiming to do so....What i will say is this ''I would hope this investigated into a Real Important Pilots death at Ryanair has been investigated fully without the lies from Ryanair Management which has  been said in open courts before''....( Mr Justice Peter Kelly about O'Leary)...

John said,
One last point DC Fryer, you say '' Ryanair or matters of flight safety these matters are more appropriately dealt with by the Health and Safety Executive or via an Industrial Tribunal within'' this shows crew at Ryanair do not have faith in the Irish Aviation Authority who have for many years turned a BLIND EYE to Ryanair issues....RyanairDontCare Campaign have contacted the IAA many times with issues to which, have been ignored but  will continue in 2012 to protest at Ryanair's Head Office and IAA office.See IAA protest below
High profile protests will continue Mr Bonderman and Mr O'Leary.......

Christmas Gift to Bonderman and O'Leary the SCAMMERS....
Important post will be posted on 25th December 2011 on this blog which will show issues relating to how Ryanair are wrecking so many lives for profit....Not only Probationary Cabin Crew but Pilots

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