7 Dec 2011


Comment below was left on our http://www.gopetition.com/petition/26531.html and as you can see Ryanair do not care if crew suffer from Depression or even commit suicide as this gives way for more cabin crew or pilots to be recruited....This shows the true employment abuse suffered each day by Ryanair crew.
No sick days,no days off will not stop you being Terminated by Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR''.
Employment is simply to understand at Ryanair,the more they recruit the more they TERMINATE.
What is more desturbing is crew at Ryanair are suffering high levels of depression which are a direct result of the exploitation in the work place at Ryanair.How do i Know this,well crew members have asked their employee ''RYANAIR'' for un-paid leave to which Ryanair turned a blind eye to..An Exploiter does not help you unless something is in it for them, (check ryanair's own manual) Ryanair do not want the cabin crew member who comments below,any time off to sort out their depression,Ryanair wants them to leave or be Terminated....

I was working for ryanair 4,5 years. I didn't had any no shows, sick days etc. Had excellent sales performance and people liked to fly with me. After 3 years i falled to very deep depression and 1,5 yrs i applied numerous times to get unpaid leave to fix my mind and health, but not even once they replied me back. They fired me in Dublin, they said these are your problems not ours. I went to ryanair 2 hands in my pocket, i came back destroyed, humiliated, depressed and lack of self confidence.

John said
 Paul Ridgard was a Real Important Pilots at Ryanair who was exploited..Shame on you David Bonderman tpg capital and O'Leary...

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