15 Dec 2011


RyanairDontCare Campaign have been sent an email from Friday Media Group today...As you can see from the email below, THEY CAN NOT FIND THE ADVERT.....It took RyanairDontCare Campaign 30 seconds to find these adverts.....These adverts are still posted on their sites knowing it is a scam.Many people could have been victims of this dog scam......This shows the general public that Friday Media Group, Friday-ad sites are only interested in profit...People who scam and recruitment scam like  Ryanair  can pay Friday Media Group to advertise on their sites without any checking being done...Friday Media Group are helping scammers make MONEY...
Dear Mr Foley, 
Your Email has been passed to me to deal with the scam advert for the Yorkshire Terrier puppy.
I have searched for this particular ad, and not found it, so I believe it may have already been removed. 
However, if you do find this, or another similar, please feel free to use the report this ad facility present on every advert details page, and we will check them out and remove any that have slipped through.
Kind regards

Annie Lewis  | Internet Support
Friday Media Group | 0844 8710772

RyanairDontCare Campaign reply below.

http://archive.friday-ad.co.uk/AdRef/YI145GD21/FullAdDetails.aspx is the first advert which now has sold on it...Which i have a paper copy of....
Also your dogs and puppies site here  http://www.dogsandpuppies.co.uk/Yorkshire-Terrier/North-East/AC/puppies-for-sale this is the puppy below

''I find it very hard to believe that you can not find this dog advert as it is your site it is advertised on,
It is not my job to vet and check your adverts which are clearly scamming the general public,it is Friday Media Group's responsibility''.

I think Friday Media Group should make it a priority to remove this xmas dog advert at once before any members of the public get scammed...
Can i also ask how long as this advert been on your both sites and do you have any protection against this kind of scam...
I think Friday Media Group need to protect viewers to all your sites..
This email and reply emails will be posted on our blog.


John Foley

RyanairDontCare Campaign
John said,
Boycott Friday Media Group sites..''NOW''

And finally Friday Media Group took the advert down.....and forgot My name......


Thank you for your email, the advert had been removed from our Friday-ad website but could still be viewed in the archive, however the contact details would not have been available to any interested parties. I have now removed it from Friday-ad archives.

The advert has also now been removed from dogs and puppies website.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

If you require further assistance please contact us at any time.

Kind Regards
Stephanie Francis | Internet Support
Friday Media Group | 01646 680720

John said,
Just found this on google

YORKSHIRE TERRIER puppy scam's and probably other in ... - Friday-Ad

21 Nov 2011 ... YORKSHIRE TERRIER puppy scam's and probably other breeds i would like to warn
people of these people out there make out they are ...... ...
www.friday-ad.co.uk/.../yorkshire-terrier-puppy-TW14239E1 - Cached - Similar
So Friday Media Group were informed on 21st November about this scam but did nothing.....
This shows Friday-ad and all Friday Media are interested in is PROFIT...Stay clear of this company is the only way not to be scammed.....

Christmas Gift to Bonderman and O'Leary the SCAMMERS....
Important post will be posted on 25th December 2011 on this blog which will show issues relating to how Ryanair are wrecking so many lives for profit....Not only Probationary Cabin Crew but Pilots....

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