30 Dec 2011


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have contacted British Horseracing Authority and Gloucestershire Police regarding the RYANAIR CHASE at Cheltenham..Email below... 

Dear British Horseracing Authority, Danielle Sharkey, 

As you are aware of the protest against Ryanair on 17th March 2011 at the finish of the Ryanair Chase which has lead to a banning order for 10 years being put in place on 31st May 2011.

To inform you were our Ryanairdontcare Campaign stands on this issue ''RYANAIR CHASE'' we will continue to peacefully protest against Ryanair events in the UK and Ireland if this includes the Ryanair Chase so be it....

The exploitation of so many young people wishing to become cabin crew all over Europe whose lives are wrecked by Ryanair is the main reason  for Protests.
You may feel Cheltenham and the British Horseracing Authority have no involvement in these issues which is now not true.You are aware of the reasons for the protest on 17th March 2011 and would hope any future sponsorship from Ryanair would stop.

I would also ask you to contact Mr O'Leary himself to see how committed Ryanairdontcare Campaign is with regards Protests..One example i refer to is the 2011 Ryanair AGM in Dublin were extra security guards and Police were deployed to stop a repeat of Ryanairdontcare Campaign's 2010 AGM Protest.
This deployment failed miserably and highlighted two points,the danger to my own health by Security Guards who were heavy handed towards me more the same as the assault against me at Cheltenham after  i was arrested and he 100% commitment of Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

A copy of this email will be placed on our blog.

Thank you for your time.

John Foley

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davy said...

I sense that you have a genuine reason for your anger. However, with the greatest respect, your blog needs an overhaul. Direct action maybe your strong point - and it works - were it not for the Everton stunt last night I wouldn't be looking at this now. But the English language is not. There are many paragraphs that I can barely understand because the grammar is so bad. I have browsed around 4 different pages in your blog and I have so far failed to find a clear description of what it is you are angry about. I have no doubt you have genuine reason, or you wouldn' be protesting so passionately. But I think every page of your blog needs a short paragraph or two at the top (written by someone with better English grammar) explaining clearly, with specific examples, what Ryanair have actually done. You repeatedly state that they exploit young people, you also mentioned a suicide of someone. Where is the evidence? Where are the examples? On another page you mention "blanketing their abuse of children" but you don't mention what the abuse actually is. Good luck. I know Ryanair are dicks, there have been plenty of stories about them. I have no time for these massive companies exploiting people, but if you are to fight them, you need to find someone to write your blog with better English and clearer information.