3 Jan 2012


Cavok who are set up by Crewlink who are set up by Ryanair to recruit young students in Europe over the internet had to cancel a recruitment day in Milan last month December.
We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been informed that no young people were interested in working for Ryanair as the message is getting out their, Ryanair cabin crew training is a SCAM and the Probationary Cabin Crew job they offer you is also a SCAM....

John said,
This is great news that no young people were scammed by Cavok in December 2011....We must keep up the Campaign...
Also Scotland were Crewlink always recruit in January will not happen either this year...Last January 2011 Ryanairdontcare Campaign were there to inform students of the Ryanair Cabin Crew Scam....


Anonymous said...

Here is their email if you want to be scammed... recruitment@ryanair.com


Anonymous said...

I came to this site to investigate what a friend is getting herself into after she told me she was paying for her uniform and training. Seems it's even worse than I thought. I always thought that if you are buying something i.e. the training in this case, you have the upper hand as the customer (who is always right)to demand a decent service and should be telling your supplier (Ryanair) what to do if it's not up to scratch. If the supplier does not provide the service described, the customer should be entitled to a full refund.
I've told my friend she is a complete mug if she goes ahead with this. The exploitation is extraordinary, it's on a par with Nigerian 419 scams on emails.
With all the fuss about university tuition fees, this is even worse as it costs far more pro rata and doesn't even have a decent qualification of much significance at the end.
Who on earth in their right mind pays their employer for privilege of spending weeks being trained to earn the employer a profit? Totally mental.
Sorry this is anonymous but for some bizarre reason I don't want to compromise my friend!

John Foley.... said...

Above comment...100% true with the wording of your post.Not only a Fee is paid to train,Not only a Rental fee is paid to work but young lives are wrecked forever...Ryanair are Europe's Greatest Exploiter of young people ''Guaranteed''
Boycott Ryanair Week of Action 12th March 2012 and spread the word..
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Pimps, gangmasters and people traffickers do this sort of thing with vulnerable and naive young people. The people go to work there in good faith and end up working for next to nothing and are intimidated into compliance by constant threats to their job security, their livelihood and bullying. It's absolutely diabolical.

John Foley.... said...

So sad and true.
Thanks for your comment..

Anonymous said...

A very accurate comment above. Thank you. This is exactly pimps and gang masters mentality what Ryanair management are. This is a gang mentality to start with.

People are employed by Ryanair not only to be terminated for profit. They are employed to be degraded, humiliated and debased. They are employed to be made a victim. And this is no different from human trafficking. Human trafficking has the same operational pattern as Ryanair. Employment agencies know very well what they are contracting people into. Yet they continue to do that.

Ryanair is a system which needs a victim. And it creates the victim itself.

I am not surprised that Sarah, John’s daughter wasn’t able to talk to her parents for five days. That really shows the shock she was in. She must have been exposed to Ryanair disciplinary process prior to her termination. Disciplinary process (performed by Personnel Department employees; courtesy of Darrell Hughes and Edward Wilson) is exactly where the evil takes place. This is cynical, premeditated process of humiliating, intimidating and debasing of young, innocent, hardworking people. The objective and a purpose of this process is to create a pretense, which would serve as so called reason for terminating employee’s contract or for forcing him/her to leave.

As we already know terminations and resignations of employees are Ryanair’s technique of creating revenue.

Thank you John for this blog. You have done an incredible job exposing it.

If there are more people who can share their experiences with Ryanair disciplinary process it would be great if they do.