23 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been saying safety of passengers and Crew at Ryanair are at risk because of Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman exploiting their workers...Governments must act and act ''NOW''.Report below fromTV in  Sweden...

The Sunday Report revealed that Ryanair did not care for more than half of the Consumer Complaints Board precipitates. Since then, many from them and responded. Now warns more of Ryanair's pilots to their harsh working conditions can be a hazard to flight safety.

-If not, we feel confident and calm in front of you it will be reflected on the decisions and actions as we do. It is sometimes unreasonable demands that do not look for safety first and that can lead to both incidents and actual accidents.
It says one of Ryanair's pilots, who wish to remain anonymous. He says the trend toward worse conditions, the pilots pushed more and more and that the risks are therefore increasing.
-It is at the expense of companies that actually takes care of its staff, because they can not compete on equal terms with Ryanair, it is an unjust competition, he continues.
"A downward spiral"
Another pilot commented:
-If I had to have surgery then I will of course know that the surgeon is well rested, healthy, not afraid to call in sick - we want them flying with Ryanair know that those who sit at the front which does not always meet the requirements. The worst can happen. Most likely, you will arrive safely, but it's a downward spiral.
We have, through our review of Ryanair in contact with several people familiar with the company, both in Sweden and Europe, and they paint a similar picture of the pilots who feel increasing pressure from their work as contract workers, where it comes to delivering under contract, be flexible and ready to movements and changes, to be borne by some peripheral and not to violate any of all the clauses, because then it becomes a breach of contract.
Flying sick
There is also a concern to make uncomfortable by staying at home and be sick too often, because then it may happen that you get questioned by the principal. A pilot we talk to have himself flown ill, another says he repeatedly flew with the crew who had been ill.
Much of Ryanair pilots working on their own contracts, according to the compartment is about 75 percent, according to Ryanair itself, it's less than half. The contracts are written with the English company Brookfield Aviation International, which in turn mediates the pilots to the Irish Ryanair.
Other major airlines say they can not use contract workers in the same way as Ryanair. Lufthansa, British Airways and SAS says to report that 100 percent of the pilots are permanently employed directly by the airline. Norwegian report that 94 percent are permanent but that it will expand the intake of pilots from the agency.
"Excessive pressure '
The Swedish pilot union has no collective agreement with either Ryanair or brokerage firm, so therefore they can not represent Ryanair pilots when they have trouble with his client. Gunnar Mandahl is chairman of the Swedish pilotförening, and he is critical of this type of arrangement, which is not covered by the protection you get as an employee by an employer. He thinks it puts too much pressure on the individual pilot:
-In this profession, I see it as extra bad because it puts undue pressure on the individual in some cases may be unsound in terms of safety. It can also be about the weather, cargo, technical problems on the aircraft. It's never popular to make a machine with 200 passengers somewhere and let the airline pay for hotels, delay money, etc.
Ryanair: False accusations
European pilot union flag now that soon we will take action against Ryanair after a review of critical testimony from low-company pilots. ETUC EFT requires a long time that Ryanair respects the right to collective bargaining and union membership in all countries. But this is all false accusations union says the company's low-cost communications Stephen McNamara in a written comment to the report.
Stephen McNamara admits that they question the sick, but it does, he says, most companies. Other allegations made by the pilots, according to Stephen McNamara false.

John said,
Governments need to act ''NOW''..Ryanair have blood on their hands.......

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