12 Mar 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign's boycott has been supported by LowCostRoutes.com who have placed this article below on their website for Ryanair passengers to see before they book a flight.We can confirm that no Ryanair passengers will be sent to the Ryanair website in support of our week of action.
Message to Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman
''Doomed to Fail''
Article below..

How can Ryanair offer such low prices?

Did you know that:
  • 1000s of young people are hired as probationary cabin crew and terminated for profit by Ryanair every year.
  • recruits pay up to 3000 EURO for the training and most of them are laid off without sufficient grounds within a year.
  • Ryanair cabin crew are measured on sales, not on performance. They are required to sell, not to be able to ensure your safety.
  • unlike any other carrier, Ryanair pays cabin crew only for the flight time, not for the flight preparation time.
  • Ryanair employees have to rent for their uniform for £25/month. They even pay for their water on board.
  • Ryanair has no respect for employee rights. They fired an experienced pilot because he handed a union membership form to a stewardess.
  • Ryanair uses their planes almost non stop, but has the lowest number of employees per airplane in the whole industry. They employ 33 people for each plane, half of the number employed by AirBerlin (64) and SouthWest Airlines (65).
All of the above enable Ryanair to cover operating costs and to make profit, while offering fares that are lower than 10 EURO.

Cabin crew member worked for Ryanair starting in 2011 for 4 months, based in London Stansted.
"I was summoned into a meeting room where I was told my sales targets were below average, I contested this as I had received a letter stating I was in the top twenty sales targets for that month. I was then told I must have been late for work, again I contested this as I had not been late and asked for specific dates which weren't provided. I was then told my contract was terminated, I was devastated this was going to be the career of my dreams and I felt like my world had just crashed around me."

Now that you know this, are you still willing to fly Ryanair?


For all of the above reasons, we at LowCostRoutes.com decided to participate in the Week of Action Against Ryanair, between the 12th and the 17th of March, 2012. We decided to inform you about Ryanair's practices instead of directing you to their website so that you can buy your tickets. If you agree with the above practices, you can always google the airline name and go directly to their website.

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