14 Apr 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley staged a peaceful protest outside Aintree today.
The day of the Grand National were Ryanair's CEO Exploiter Michael O'Leary was in attendance.
The protest started at 8.30m outside the Owners,Trainers and Jockeys entrance and finished at 1.45pm..

John said,
I was glad Merseyside police facilitated this peaceful protest but felt a little embarrassed as a Police video camera van stayed with me plus two police officers stood by me all day whilst i did my peaceful protest...I suppose Merseyside Police had to watch me today after the Ryanair Chase Cheltenham protest in 2011.
I did manage to speak with a senior officer from Merseyside Police a Chief Superintendent and informed him that the authorities must look into these Recruitment for Termination issues at Ryanair...We all understand that the Police must be impartial in most cases but i feel our Campaign is different and i did stress to this Chief Superintendent that i am totally committed to Ryanairdontcare Campaign even though a car tried to drive at me at a Ryanair recruitment office in Dublin in 2011 and 5 security guards jumped on me at Ryanair's AGM in Dublin again in 2011....

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